Wednesday, May 18, 2011

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  • 7on
    Jul 25, 08:53 AM
    Yeah no kidding. If it's one thing that NEVER wowed me in the Apple department it's the Mice. Always very expensive and ok at best. Mac keyboards are great however!

    And for those of you who bought the expensive, one-button bluetooth mouse, sorry but...what the hell were you thinking!?

    I bought mine on eBay for $30.

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  • Komentra
    Apr 14, 01:57 PM
    Does anyone know if the home sharing play count bug has been fixed? I'd upgrade if it has but if it hasn't I'll stick with my 4.3.1 jailbreak.

    For those who don't know what I'm talking about there was a bug where home sharing to device was not updating song play counts in iTunes like it's suppose to.

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  • YoNeX
    Nov 4, 11:07 AM
    I'm on a PPC but plan to go MacTel next year when Adobe releases Universal versions of Creative Suite. I have some questions about VMware & Parallels if you don't mind me adding it to the thread:

    1. Do they require Windows partitions, and if so how much disk space is needed?

    2. If a partition is needed, can you run the partition on an external drive so as to free up space on your internal? (I'll be using a MacBook Pro so that's why I ask).

    3. Can anyone tell me anything about syncing a Palm device with Parallels or VMware? In particular I'm wondering how easily (if at all) I could sync my Treo with Windows apps as well as OS X apps. This would be huge to me.


    1. Currently VMware fusion only allows you to do to create a VMware image. This acts as like a virtual hard drive, so you would then have to partition accordingly. There is a network install, but VMware has not enabled the feature (to my knowledge).

    2. See above

    3. You should be able to sync with it, because like Parallels and VMware it allows you to connect it to the XP just by checking a tab to tell it to connect to it. So no issues here.

    The main feature it is lacking for me right now is the shared folder. This would be very uself for some of the stuff that I would be doing.

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  • HahaHaha321
    Apr 28, 03:57 PM
    Well, us Apple folk have to find something to bitch about don't we?

    So you don't think it's a problem that a regular iPhone 4 case doesn't fit the white model. Ok.

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  • Hisdem
    Apr 9, 01:03 PM (
    Yellow Beast ( by Hisdem (, on Flickr

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  • daneoni
    Jul 24, 03:44 PM
    Frankly i think the Bluetooth version should have been relased August 2005. Bout time though and i hope it comes in white/black/aluminium (silver plastic?) variations.

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  • BRLawyer
    Dec 2, 10:37 AM
    Up to the point, RacerX...I am tired of these "security warnings" that carry little more than vaporware and a thirst for publicity and hacker-like "fame"...

    If a kernel panic is a "serious issue", think again...and go Vista...and please, no market share arguments anymore...we have probably more than 50 million Apple users out there...I am sure a few hackers are still trying hard to make a virus in the wild for them.

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  • DeathChill
    Apr 30, 10:55 PM
    Great. But that doesnt mean that tablets and PMPs should be lumped with smartphones when you're comparing smartphone OS.
    But there is no such thing as a 'smartphone OS' for iOS. The OS runs across three devices (four if you include AppleTV). Just like there's no laptop OS for Windows or Mac OS X.

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  • skunk
    Apr 27, 12:50 PM
    Obviously taking everything out of context, when we are dealing with the bleeding obvious there is no reason not to suggest it. I watched the video before reading the comments, so your point has no substance.You must have seen a lot of people having fits to be able to make such a confident judgement. Personally, having only lived with a severe epileptic in the household for nine years, I would unhesitatingly defer to you expertise. What do I know?

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  • TuffLuffJimmy
    Apr 24, 03:59 AM
    If I worked there I would have stopped it. The employees there handled that situation the wrong way. They should have at least separated the people fighting. They didn't do anything besides saying stop. What is that going to do?

    Sadly, that's company policy. Had any of those people had a gun and an employee was shot or stabbed with a knife the company would have quite a lawsuit on their hands. If the employees intervened further they would likely have lost their jobs.

    When I worked retail I was told I would be fired if I chased a shoplifter out of the store.

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  • Detlev_73
    Jun 6, 10:22 AM
    You sound like a wonderful human being.

    Your sarcasm is inappropriate. This poster has a right to her/his opinion. There are plenty of folks that think that kids are a bad idea, especially in their case. I'm proud of the fact I don't have kids: I'd beat them just like Joan Crawford did in Mommy Dearest. :mad:

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  • SmileyBlast!
    Apr 13, 02:13 PM
    ATV + dock connector is much more realistic.
    ATV = All Terrain Vehicle?
    Now you are talking. I could see Apple Vehicles.
    Way Cool.

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  • END3R
    Apr 22, 05:29 PM
    Looks very un-Apple to me. Yeah, same basic resemblance but I don't see the iPhone looking like that. I agree with previous posters, impossible hands-free talking without a headset. Why wouldn't they do away with a home button and make touch screen extend down further and have the full width be an area for gestures rather than that confined area shown in the horrible mock-up. Or better yet, enable the entire screen to recognize specific gestures as we've already been doing for years in apps themselves? And even like side-swipe to change to the next page of apps. Just brainstorming.

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  • Brien
    Mar 15, 06:44 PM
    If im eligible for an upgrade ill be there. Love my iPad :D.

    I think it'd be awesome to organize an Orange County iPhone 5 run. When the time comes, post the thread, and we'll figure something out.

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  • Yvan256
    Jul 28, 09:37 AM
    iTunes, iPod, Music Store, TV Shows, etc.....

    Apple's efforts have been just as long term as Microsoft's. Apple just seems more segmented because they don't disclose info ahead of time. Apple had the advantage of being the first with all of these.

    In think the main point of view of many people here is that when Microsoft makes long-term plans, it's because they're planning to drive the competition to the ground with the help of a big pile of cash instead of innovation and good products.

    The fact that they started this whole new thing by dropping their own PlaysForSure DRM isn't a good indicator (for the users AND commercial partners - they have to switch hardware again).

    Apple, on the other hand, has switched three times (68K->PPC, OS 9->OS X, PPC->Intel) and has always tried to keep compatibility with the previous system. A first generation iPod can play iTMS-bought tunes, too (unless I'm mistaken).

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  • Mystikal
    Mar 16, 08:59 AM
    I know what your avatar is, and I saw them last year in concert they were ****in amazingggg

    Ahahaha yes! I am overly obsessed. I wont even get into it. Someone in line asked me yesterday at FI :D.

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  • iHateWindows
    Nov 4, 11:47 AM
    Maybe I need more RAM, but I was dissapointed to be reminded of Virtual PC, the way it totally slows the rest of my Mac down... (
    [click for bigger image]

    Take into consideration that you're running a beta OS on beta software. Both Fusion and Vista will get faster and more bug-free over time.

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  • SkyeHack
    Jan 30, 12:55 PM
    You're also part of the insanely big spender family if that entire group is your last purchase.

    lol, not really.

    I couldn't afford the 27 inch Apple Cinema Display.... :'(

    I'm envious of those who have it...

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  • RichP
    Oct 24, 07:53 AM
    Just as I said and expected, only minor changes. I think its great Apple is giving 2GB of memory in standard configs, that is hopefully a sign of things to come in the pro line overall.

    Apr 30, 09:55 AM
    The Xbox360 is only one year newer then you car, so it is not that much newer... The same for PSP too.. the first portable digital audio player to play MP3 was 1998. MP3 1995-96. AAC was 1997...

    Mar 31, 10:39 AM
    Finally. This Calendar needs a CHANGE!
    Hopefully, the skin could be changed,,so not get stuck with faux leather etc....Bring on the "flip" effect from ipad....would be one click will "flip" the page....make it cleaner....and more options of colors etc.
    Come on Apple...we know you CAN do it!:)

    Apr 28, 11:47 AM
    how many people held off on the verizon iPhone 4 thinking there would be a verizon iPhone 5 in June?
    Apple's takeover of verizon is still in the early stages.

    Apr 18, 01:32 AM
    So how many people can't update their iPad 1s? My wife's 16GB wifi model updated with no problem. My 64GB wifi model still says "device incompatible with this build". No amount of reseting or restoring will change that.

    Jul 11, 02:18 PM (

    Last week, a Bloomberg story ( cause some excitement with claims that Microsoft was planning to release an iPod rival by Christmas of 2006. The new digital music player was said to include a wireless Internet connection allowing users to wirelessly download music. Microsoft is already meeting with Hollywood and music companies to license content for the upcoming device.

    Steve Jobs predicted ( in January that due to the lack of iPod competitors, that Microsoft was "going to have to get into the hardware business of making MP3 players". Currently, Microsoft relies on 3rd party manufacturers to develop around a common hardware specification.

    This week, more information ( about the upcoming Microsoft device was revealed. According to the Seattle Times article, Microsoft is actually developing a line of Xbox-branded digital media devices. The project is called "Argo" and under the Xbox development group.

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