Wednesday, May 18, 2011

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  • twoodcc
    Oct 27, 12:30 PM
    At 43 mins you get a 100% bonus, 17k PPD...

    alright then. i'd say that's reason enough to run bigadv units on your 920 at stock speed

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  • biggerbearbrian
    Oct 19, 09:03 AM
    *sigh* How many times do we have to refute your assertions with facts before you stop repeating them?

    To wit, the iPod is not Apple's "cash cow". By definition, if there is something that gains more revenue/profit than the iPod, then the iPod cannot be the cash cow. 58% of Apple's revenue still came from sales of Macs. Gross margins for both Macs and iPods has always been similar (hovering a bit below 30%), so the Mac also generates the majority of the profit for Apple.

    As for Apple's innovative spirit lacking when it comes to the Macs, let's just point out that it Apple updated the iPod in October 2005 to the 5th generation, and we JUST got the 5.5th generation last month. Apple took a year to add slightly brighter screens, better battery life (only for video), and games. The nano just gained the anodized aluminum exterior -- wow, Apple's reaching back to the past for it's innovation now! And the shuffle got slimmed down and consolidated into one product. All this doesn't sound exactly like innovation to me. (Of course, Apple doesn't really need to innovate, since they're already selling iPods by the boatload.)

    In contrast, Apple brought all of its Macs over to the Intel processor. The Mac Pro was dramatically higher value, what with double-wide graphics card slot, dual optical drives, 4 internal hard drive bays, etc., etc. All Macs (except for the Mac Pro) now have Front Row and a remote, which is a great feature. Built-in iSights have also migrated across the entire product line. The MacBook and MacBook Pro now have MagSafe -- a great innovation. Boot Camp is now supported on all new Macs. The Xserve has new features like lights-out management, redundant power supplies, etc. And we've seen some great things coming for Leopard, what with Time Machine and Spaces and iChat Theater and Core Animation and iCal Server, etc., etc., etc.

    It seems to me that Apple is innovating more on the Macintosh side of things than they are with the iPod. What are they going to add next on the iPod -- wireless? *gasp*, so innovative!

    Seriously, can we stop with this myth already? It's the same thing with all of Apple's "woes" with quality control (which was busted by the recent consumer reports articles where Apple has actually brought DOWN the number of new computers needing repair in their first year). It's something that's repeated ad nauseum by a few vocal people, when it's really not a problem at all. Same here: everybody gawks and writes about the iPod precisely because more people can afford it and more people can use it with whatever computer they have. So, obviously, you will hear more about the iPod.

    Let's see if repeating myself again has any effect: the iPod is not Apple's cash cow!

    Understood now?

    OK, now fire away :rolleyes:

    I think the argument can go either way. While iPod (which I love btw) is less than half Apple revenue ok. But if they were to just add the iPod line today, and have the amount of revenue they are reporting from it, the financial report would be "iPod has given us nearly a 100% increase in revenue".

    So get some hershey's syrup, cause we got milk.

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  • budfoot
    Apr 22, 09:25 AM
    Not sure I understand, I've had 4G on my Evo for over a year now...


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  • stroked
    Apr 24, 07:06 PM
    Define "dude".

    anyone born with a penis

    except a child of course

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  • Applechild
    Jul 28, 12:08 PM
    Never too late.

    Isn't that what people said when Apple released the iPod - its too late... Now look.

    I'ts too late;)

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  • SciFrog
    Oct 30, 07:20 PM
    -16 is better for Intel processors.

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  • Butler Trumpet
    Apr 13, 02:44 PM
    How does one get to become an analyst? And what gives this guy any credibility? Seems like they just come up with crazy claims for the purpose of having something to say.

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  • appleguy123
    Apr 17, 08:55 PM
    Read post #3 in this thread :)

    I really don't know how I missed him in the list. I swear, I did read it. :eek:

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  • YoNeX
    Nov 11, 12:33 AM
    Does VMWare for Windows and Linux have direct access to the physical graphics hardware? A friend would use that instead of Parallels or Boot Camp in a heartbeat if it did. He's a gamer.
    The feature currently doesn't seem to exist (or may be hidden).

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  • tktaylor1
    Apr 24, 09:14 AM
    I just found that the person that was beat up was transgender and this was a hate crime. How come this is not all over the news? I guess hate crimes are okay now by black people but if a white person did this it would be the end of the world.

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  • EazyWeazy3
    Jan 25, 09:00 PM

    Round Table Pizza buffet.

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  • AppleScruff1
    Apr 13, 07:57 PM
    baaaaaaaaaaaad joke

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  • firewood
    Apr 18, 12:29 AM
    So for .17 GHz upgrade we are sacrificing around 30% graphic power?

    The i5 can retire more instructions per clock cycle, and so could actually run real software faster at even a lower GHz clock speed than a C2D.

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  • leekohler
    Feb 28, 04:26 PM
    According to this, he's demanding a 50% pay increase...


    Oh yeah, he thinks he's underpaid. :rolleyes: They're gonna tell him to hit the road and end the show.

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  • MythicFrost
    Nov 26, 05:09 AM
    I'd say one of the biggest reasons why Apple won't let flash on iOS is simply because flash doesn't mix well with multi-touch.

    People are going to encounter lots of flash that doesn't work or doesn't work well, and it will cause potential security issues, crashing, etc., Apple doesn't want their named tarnished -- your typical user isn't really going to understand that flash is crashing, not the actual browser, so Apple gets the blame instead of Adobe.

    The fact is, flash is useful for somethings but is also being used for many things it shouldn't (or would be better suited for something else), flash is everywhere, and personally, I think it needs to die so we can start anew with HTML5 or another codec which fixes Flashes shortcomings.

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  • Cartaphilus
    Oct 1, 12:18 AM
    I'm not questioning those reporting their first-hand experience with an unacceptable level of dropped calls, but the posted repair report drafted by a Genius Bar tech is hardly documentation of AT&T's service levels, much less an official tolerance of that level. This tech was only reporting that he examined the iPhone and it was performing according to spec, and that its performance in use would be consistent with whatever level of service AT&T was providing at the time.

    I realize this is beside the point for those disappointed with their AT&T service, but someone was wrong on the Internet, and it's my lot in life to stay up past 1 a.m. to straighten things like this out. <sigh>

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  • Goldinboy17
    May 1, 10:10 PM
    Killed in Islamabad, Pakistan. He was inside a mansion with some family. Can't believe he was hiding in plain sight, especially when It could have been easier for Pakistan which had been supposedly proactive in fighting the Taliban as well as Osama. Can't imagine this will help Pakistan-US ties in the least, rather strain them.

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  • ariechel
    Jul 29, 11:35 AM
    My only fear: M$oft and the music companies are going to sign deals and this is what could hit Apple very bad... Major labels do not care where the music is bought... Apple... M$oft... the money goes into their pocket... So Apple need to have an idea to keep the Ipod owners their side.... The fact that Apple is proprietary is not a factor...

    I think the music companies are at least a little worried about Apple's dominance of the music download and mp3 player markets, particularly after Apple strongarmed them into continuing the single 99 cent price scheme under iTunes.

    It would not be unreasonable for them to provide preferential treatment to competitors in order to break the quasi-monopoly Apple has in this area and thus provide themselves with more leverage in price negotiations. Whether they will be willing to throw in their lot with MS, on the other hand, is somewhat questionable.

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  • pmz
    Apr 22, 05:30 PM

    Jan 25, 11:27 PM
    bought a 40D + a tamron 17-35 last week. Sold them both yesterday on FM and bought these today (also bought an OM>EOS adapter (fotodiox), E1 handstrap, Zuiko 28mm 3,5)..

    Apr 28, 04:46 PM
    Does this mean the white iphone is 10% more durable?

    May 4, 07:53 AM
    A sales rep reply is now how low the credibility standards have fallen?
    While you are collecting more hard data like this, I'll be prepping my Black card for the purchase of a pair of new iPhone 5s in June.

    Jun 9, 10:20 AM
    Good thing that Apple takes parental controls as seriously as they take porn in their Disney store... Oh, wait. They don't.


    Why it is Apples job to "control" kids?

    Typical attitude these days:
    Somebody "f#$%^%$ up and it's just gotta be somebody elses fault!

    There's got to be a way that they can sue Apple for several millions over this.

    After all Apple allowed somebody to log into itunes.

    Mar 31, 11:44 AM
    Awesome! Yet ANOTHER interface style.

    Hey Apple at this point, why not just give new cutesy styles to every built in app and every iWork and iLife app?


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