Wednesday, May 25, 2011

jeff dunham walter pictures

jeff dunham walter pictures. Reasons to watch: Jeff Dunham
  • Reasons to watch: Jeff Dunham

  • ThePimento
    Apr 26, 12:14 PM
    $20/Year isn't bad at all. That's about $1.67 per month. However, unless they have a 'must-have' feature, I'll be sticking with AudioGalaxy to stream my iTunes library to my iPhone via 3G/WiFi.

    That also depends on how much storage I get. My library is currently around 115GB. If they do what they're talking about (just have Apple's service look at your library and load tracks), that would be fine. That's what Lala used to do.

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  • Jeff Dunham Peanut and Vote

    May 3, 08:54 AM
    Woohoo! About ****ing time Apple offered a decent GPU again. The last time the iMac had a GPU capable of playing modern games was 2007 with the 8800GS.
    The 8800GS was actually the 8800M GTS, the second-highest model GPU in nVidia's mobile lineup at the time. The HD5750M in the previous iMac was actually a HD5850M or the second-highest model GPU in ATI's mobile lineup at that time. So Apple hasn't been skimping up to now on top-end options. Admittedly, the HD6970M is notable because it's actually the top-end mobile GPU, so we have climbed up a rung in the ladder.

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  • Jeff Dunham and Walter talk to

  • archer75
    Apr 26, 01:44 PM
    Love the 27". I'd love a 30" more. And I really like the glossy screen.

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  • jeff dunham walter puppet.

  • triceretops
    May 3, 09:15 AM
    The i7 isn't the default processor?:confused:


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  • jeff dunham walter joe biden.

  • Hans Brix
    Apr 14, 08:46 PM
    I just broke my 3GS. So, I'm itching to get the white one and swapping it with the black 4 my wife has now.

    jeff dunham walter pictures. jeff dunham walter joe biden.
  • jeff dunham walter joe biden.

  • SciFrog
    Nov 30, 07:59 PM
    But you have to run windows... GPU3 will apparently allow macs to run the gpu client because of open CL, and also help ATI which are fairings very poorly right now in Folding.


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  • Crunchyroll - Jeff Dunham#39;s

  • twoodcc
    Nov 12, 03:39 PM
    i sure hope i don't lose that bigadv unit

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  • Jeff Dunham and Walter Arguing

  • Rodimus Prime
    Apr 30, 01:25 AM
    I guessing you been living under a rock.. Because my Truck CD Player plays AAC, PS3, Xbox360, PSP, DSi, 3DS, my wife and daughter's Android phone all play AAC.. The list can go on... Google is your friend....

    notices something. Most of those devices are a lot newer. Like I said my car from 2004 can play MP3 but not AAC files. Things from back then it was iffy at best if it it could play AAC.

    Mp3 plays on everything. AAC does not. MP3 is supported on older devices. AAC is not.
    AAC is just not as widely support as MP3 end of story.

    Top it off Mp3 is smaller at the same bit rate

    At a certain point you really are not gaining anything. Amazon VBR is a great way to give great quality sound for a smaller file size.


    jeff dunham walter pictures. jeff dunham walter joe biden.
  • jeff dunham walter joe biden.

  • toniv
    Dec 2, 01:50 AM
    Hi, you all!

    This iAdware thing is old news and has been already fixed in latest security update by Apple.

    Greetings from Finland,


    CVE-ID: CVE-2006-4404

    Available for: Mac OS X v10.3.9, Mac OS X Server v10.3.9, Mac OS X v10.4.8, Mac OS X Server v10.4.8

    Impact: When installing software as an Admin user, system privileges may be used without explicit authorization

    Description: Admin users are normally required to authenticate before executing commands with system privileges. However, the Installer allows system privileges to be used by Admin users when installing certain packages without requiring authentication. This update addresses the issue by requiring authentication before installing software with system privileges.

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  • Scruff
    Jul 26, 11:13 AM
    I'm going to assume it doesn't mean that you actually control the thing without touching it, rather it just makes the wheel disappear when you aren't holding it. That seems to be a more useful idea.

    I mean, otherwise, it's a useless feature, except to prevent screen scratching.


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  • Jeff Dunham- Walter Blooper

  • yellow
    Dec 4, 08:59 AM
    That is different then having AppleTalk active on a network connection.

    How so? That means the AppleTalk network stack is loaded.. needlessly, and potentially wasting resources, no?

    Regardless, I find it rather odd that the service should be enabled by default given it's depricated status. I mean.. MacTels cannot run Classic, yet a major banner of the Classic OS (pre-8.6) is enabled by default? No one else sees that as odd? <shrug>

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  • Porchland
    Jul 28, 08:28 AM
    If the hints are any indication, I think Apple may be getting ready to one-up Zune before Zune hits the ground.

    * iTMS has been featuring Woody Allen, M. Night Shyamalan, and a "Clerks 2" celebrity playlist since Tuesday. All three are related to current releases. iTMS had an exclusive clip of "Superman Returns" and a Brandom Routh celebrity playlist several weeks ago. (Fred Armisen from "SNL" had a celebrity playlist the week before "SNL" became available on iTMS.)

    * Warner Brothers television shows were added to the store this week, so all but one of the major studios (Columbia/Sony) that make movies and television shows are represented in the TV Shows store.

    * WWDC starts in 10 days. (I know; it's a developers conference and not a consumer conference like Macworld, but it's a major platform.)

    * No new iPod so far this year, so it's about time for a new one. The previous rumors had been that a movie store won't arrive without a new wide-format device for playing video content.

    * Recent rumors of book publishers prepping material for an iTunes bookstore, which would only make sure for a larger iPod device.

    * Apple is running an iPod nano promo, which may indicate that they're thinning the stock. (A new video-capable device wouldn't be the nano, but Apple may want the marketing pop of reintroducing all of the iPod lines at once.)

    I know that's a lot of random things to string together, but everyone knows that Apple will eventually launch a movie store and a handheld movie player. I'm just saying there's a lot of evidence that it may happen before Zune gets out of the box.

    Also, Apple's new content announcement from E! Entertainment this week really makes me hopeful that Apple is working with Comcast to integrate iTMS with an HD on-demand service. (Comcast is the majority owner of E!) I could see an arrangement where you download a movie on iTMS and get to view it on an Apple-branded Comcast on Demand service.


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  • Jeff Dunham Walter Dolls Jeff

  • CEAbiscuit
    Jul 24, 03:43 PM
    Make it easy to clean, or I'm sticking with my Kensington Trackball. 10 years, the same design. And I can replace the white trackball with my favorite snooker ball.

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  • Still of Jeff Dunham in The

  • Ljohnson72
    Apr 13, 07:24 PM
    It's a shame it's taken this long to be released, the iPhone looks gorgeous in white.


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  • Jeff Dunham Peanut Cake

  • Padraig
    Aug 18, 04:28 PM
    Yet that doesn't change the fact that the BSOD still exists in XP.

    Ive never experienced the BSOD in 5 years, which is remarkable given the problems i had with 95. Bought a Rev D ibook when they were released, had two kernal panics within first week. Was not impressed with the stability of Panther, Tiger seems somewhat better. Applications still seem to shut down without warning.

    jeff dunham walter pictures. jeff dunham walter pictures
  • jeff dunham walter pictures

  • Btrthnezr3
    Jan 31, 06:52 PM

    Turned sideways and with the slanted edge toward the back of my desk...

    Airport Extreme perched atop, ISP router and various cords hidden within.

    Yummie! I love cord-hiding goodness!


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  • Jeff Dunham – Achmed the Dead

  • wmk461
    Jan 30, 02:08 PM
    Save your liberal banter, chicken little.

    Liberal banter = common sense and simple logic for the intelligent.... Too many people are so caught up in their lives that they forget the trauma of the past. History repeats itself and the market is like a roller coaster... remember the 1980's? Or even worse the 1930's.... Tech Stock is not going to hold. I am betting on Gold to hit at least 1500.00 in the next coming months and then upwards to the 2000.00 range.

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  • Ventriloquist Jeff Dunham

  • IJ Reilly
    Jan 26, 04:43 PM
    So, where is AAPL going from here? Hard to say... I'm currently "long" on AAPL, so obviously I'd like to see it go up. However, it's quite possible that it could go lower from here -- perhaps much lower (below $100 even). One of the most common valuation statistic for stocks is the price/earnings (P/E) ratio. Right now, AAPL's P/E is around 30. Compared to competitors like Hewlett-Packard (HPQ; p/e: 16) and Microsoft (MSFT; p/e: 21), AAPL's multiple is high. Over the last few years, AAPL's higher P/E has been justified because earnings have been growing much faster than the earnings of its competitors. And if earnings continue to grow robustly this year, the current high P/E will have been justified. However, if earnings stall, you could see the stock price fall rapidly.

    You can't tell much about where a company is going by looking at P/E, as by definition, this is a backwards-looking statistic. All of the companies you mention are growing far more slowly than Apple, which is why their trailing P/E ratios are lower. This is sort of what you said, but it's worth clarifying that you can't necessarily compare P/E ratios between companies with vastly different growth rates.

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  • Jeff Dunham Walter - less

  • Foucault
    Apr 12, 11:25 AM

    Oct 18, 04:51 PM
    Still not sure where you're getting this "less than half the total" figure... :confused:

    This quarter, Macs accounted for $2.213 billion in revenue. iPods accounted for $1.559 billion, plus another $452 million in music-related revenue, for a total of $2.011 billion. So, even without counting Mac peripherals and software, music revenue was less than Mac revenue.

    Last quarter, Mac revenue was $1.866 billion, while iPods sold $1.497 billion, plus another $457 million in other music-related revenue, for a total of $1.954 billion for the music end.

    Nov 5, 12:31 PM
    so i just installed vmware... and ive got to say... its really not up to par with parallels... its sluggish on my MBP 2.0ghz with 2gigs of ram.... and i mean real sluggish... rebooting doesnt seem to want to work.... i do like the interface though but overall, its not that great to work with compare to parallels.... i do realize that this is a private beta but even in the beta stage parallels was much better.....
    hope that the next build is more promising

    also... i didnt see a way to change the amount of ram dedicated to the virtual machine other then by creating a new vm....

    I have to agree, the Video Refresh rate is also noticable compared from Parallels. The Mouse is more sluggish and it just doesn't give you the feel that Parallels does.
    I didn't notice any difference from running 2 Cores either :(

    It is only a Beta right now so maybe they will have everything up to par soon enough. :)

    Aug 15, 01:44 PM
    i like the new Preview look :)

    Mar 17, 12:40 AM
    Anyone got an AT&T model they wanna trade for a 64GB white wifi?

    Apr 4, 05:56 AM
    My 1 year-old a couple of days before his first birthday (click for larger).

    Give him the "high five" from all us here. I wish you all the best. :)

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