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funny christmas

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Funny Christmas Card Ideas

02-14 07:01 PM
Thank you.

Based on your response, my understanding is that so long as I am with my current employer, travel on H1 /H4 is fine. When she gets back, I can consider using my EAD to switch jobs.

You mentioned "if you or your wife don't want to use EAD in the near future..." - to your knowledge, will there be a problem if I use my EAD during her trip to India?

Thanks - Sunil

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funny Christmas tales from

10-21 05:33 PM
very good! i love it. i need to find a good font site,,,anybody got anything?:q:

mike :cyclops:

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Funny Christmas Images

07-25 05:36 PM
H4 to H1 transfer - how will that happen?

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Funny Christmas Cartoon

08-27 01:50 PM
Hi guys,

I am in real need of suggestions for attorneys in the area. I am in PA, and need a good attorney (since mine just dropped off the face of the earth). Don't really care where he/she is, but I want to go with someone that it's been suggested by other immigrants, rather than other attys.
Please reply with suggestions. I appreciate it.



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20 Funny Christmas Cartoons

12-04 01:15 PM
My Labor or I 140 I forgot but one of them says my salary should XXX. but I am on H1b and haven't filled 485 file yet and I am receiving lesser salary than XXX.

At what stage should I receive XXX salary ?

don worry...GC is for future employment...u don fall into my Q category...

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Funny Christmas 9

06-10 05:28 PM
Hello all, please share your thoughts/advice on my case.

Worked for Employer A from May 2004 - April 2007
I-140 approved for Employer A in January 2007 (EB2 Category)
Changed job in April 2007 to Employer B (my current employer).
I-485 filed in July 2007 using approved I-140 from Employer A, and a letter for future employment.
Employment verification RFE received in June 2009

My lawyer advises to use AC21 and provide employment verification letter from my current employer (Employer B) for this RFE response.

Since my I485 filing was based on future employment and I did not work for Employer A for 180 days after filing I-485, this causes some complexity.

AC21 invocation letters typically state that you're using AC21 for switching employment after 180 days. What argument should be used to invoke AC21 in my case?



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Funny Christmas Pictures

04-10 10:52 PM
Hi! I need a help.. and I mean HELP. Cause my gc is still pending. we (my family & i) are still waiting for it to come and my problem is that I am planning to go back to my country to study college in there.. Classes will start on the first week of June, and i guess that I cannot wait for my green card to come. My questions are:
1. Can I use my H4 visa (that had been issued in US embassy in my country of origin) to leave US?
2. Do I still need to get AP?? Even if I am a dependent of my parent?
3. Incase our (family) GC arrived in our house here in the US, can they just go home in our country of origin with the green card? (my greencard?)
4. Can I use my green card (brought by my parents from US) to enter back to US???

thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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Posters-Funny Christmas

10-13 11:35 PM
that sounds great, but where can i find dog sounds (flashkit only has 1)??


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Funny Christmas Wallpaper

02-05 04:41 PM
Thanks Chantu
Thats ok even if she doesn't have AP. That is perfectly fine. Don't worry her H4 is already stamped and she has time till next year. She is totally safe even if she does not have AP.

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Funny Christmas E Cards

06-13 08:02 PM
If anyone has gone through a similar situation, please share.



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Christmas Humor �.Sooo Funny!

04-23 07:40 PM
I dont mind the main font, the ammount one is cool. I think you need to find some way to make the contrast beter towards the right side of the main text, amybe with a different fill or a stroke. I like it!

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Funny Christmas

08-14 01:32 PM
/\/\/\/\ Bump


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Funny christmas pets 1

07-19 03:00 AM
I have already sent my 485 application
1-140 cleared

In the field I94# and expiration I entered I 94 number which is on the white card on the passport and it is the same as the number on my renewed h1 papers.However I entered expiry date from the i94 on the passport,which is oct06 instead of the 010 date in the renewal.

will that be a problem..? CAN I CORRECT IT AFTER I get the reciept no or will thay be able to verify with the latest h1 paper that i94 is valid

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Funny Christmas Illustration

10-31 04:28 PM
Is It Not Funny? It is not funny ItIsFunny!

I hope you sent mails.


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Funny Christmas Trees

08-01 09:02 AM
How long on average does it take to get labor approval into my lawyers' hands from BEC once it is approved (certified status shown on the BEC website).

dresses Funny Christmas funny christmas. Funny Christmas Trees 2

Funny Christmas Trees 2

Mak Valley
01-29 01:12 AM
very niice


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Funny Christmas Decorations

10-07 08:21 AM
Hi All
I am on a B1 - Visa visited 4 times to USA.But last time (4th time) i over stayed for about 20 days after the i-94 expired.

Normally first 3 times they gave i-94 for 3 months, last time it is only for 2 months, so it's my mistake i haven't looked it till iam

back. All this happened in June 2009. Now i am aproved for H1 - B for the year 2010. I need to face a visa interview. In DS 156

Application, Question No 38. ( Have you ever voilated the terms of a U.S. Visa or Been unlawfully present in,........)
I am checking the option Yes. Can you all help me in this please. Does 20 days extra stay will effect my H1 - B visa or if i get

the Visa, when i go to USA on H1 - B Visa does immigration stop me. Please help me on this case. Thanks a lot for all your


Please post this in the lawyers section so that the attorneys can respond.

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stock vector : funny christmas

04-07 09:21 PM

I am in the US now. Can I change to F1 visa in August and get the new F1 stamping or the approved transfer as you said, when I visit my home country later some ?

thanks again.

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Funny christmas pics

06-22 12:37 PM
My friend has a GC since Sep 2004. He recently went to India and married a person who has a stamped F-1 Visa though she has not entered the USA yet. They are planning to enter US this month. Is this legal? What should they be worried about and what are my friend's options if he wants to settle down with his wife in the USA. Will there be an complications if he applies for her GC or should he rather wait till he gets his Citizenship. Any comments would be appreciated

04-05 03:27 PM
Hi all,

My insurance company (Progressive) is charging a ridiculously high rate for liability only insurance for my H4 spouse who currently holds a valid permit. They say the rate will go further up when she gets a perm license after passing the road test.

I have heard this issue from other H1Bs who have different insurance carriers than mine.

Have you guys found a cheaper alternative? Insurance agents etc??


Cool... surely it is not because of H1&H4. Some factors like
accident history
worth of car
zip code
previous claims
etc may infulance.

01-30 11:43 AM
Thank you for the info! Should I give my lawyer a heads up or not worry about changing address on the application (if they still can do that)?

Changing your address using AR-11 does not affect any existing petition. To change your address on any outstanding application you need to call the USCIS customer service number. So relax, this has no effect on your application.

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