Tuesday, September 27, 2011

funny roller coaster pictures

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Funny Roller Coaster Photos

06-21 05:46 PM
that's one leet template! :thumb:

Good luck!

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Funny Roller Coaster Photos

10-07 04:35 PM
First time I applied Labor Certification (LC) in 2004(pending, not approved or denied) and second time I applied on PERM without porting the first Labor application date with same company, same catagory(EB3) and same job description which approved with PD Feb 2006. I applied 485 on july last year when all PD were current.

Question: Can I port my PD from the first Labor application date now.

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Teenage Roller Coaster

01-05 02:32 PM
It would be not hard to make an IV facebook application that contains
- an install page,
- a page where our core issues can be listed and members can express support for each issue
- a page where running issues can be listed and members can sign petitions online (see capital fraternal caucus app as they push their greek related issues via Patton Boggs in Washington)
- and optionally a facebook bolstered discussion board.

The newsfeed feature/invite friends should help viral spread of the app.

A member suggested that it maybe a good idea to have IV presence on facebook. This will help increase our publicity among our friends whom we can recommend to join. Our aim is to get as much publicity and membership at this time so that we can succeed in our upcoming campaigns.

We have a group called 'Immigration Voice' on Facebook now started by IV core.

Could you now help us increase the publicity of IV on facebook among your friends so that we get more participation on IV site

Someone who knows facebook well, pls post ideas how we can use it best to our advantage.

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05-02 04:50 PM
You must get paid by your H1B employer. Middle or another middle is not valid on the face of the law. You cannot ask any one other than your employer for pay also. If you didn't get your salary, file a complaint agaist your employer with the labor department. Do not mention about any entity other than your employer. You have no right to interfare into company matters.

Recently my employer written a mail saying that he is closing the company and said to look for new employer.Previously i am working through a middle layer.When i found new employer he directly approached main vendor regarding contract.Now i am working without middle layer.Mean while middle layer hold my 45 days pay .The middle layer is not willing to pay.It is almost 8 months.I worked more than 20 months through middle layer.Can i get my money back?The middle man Threatening saying there is contract which you cannot go and it is breach.Can you please advise.


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funny rollercoaster times

08-14 01:14 PM
Can forum members help me with the following query. If you see the same question has been asked by other members as well.
Can you look at the LUD and say that your Name Check is clear or not?
This is what is goig on. Withing 1-2 days of your Biometrics the LUD changes. This is I guess that your biometrics were recieved by USCIS or sent for Name check or whatever. Then there is a LUD change in a week. Is this the reply from FBI saying that no record found? I mean everything is ok?

I ahve seen people who are stuck did not get the email after a week. Is this the right assesment?


The majority of name checks submitted on a data tape are electronically checked and returned to the submitting agency as having "No Record" within 48-72 hours. A "No Record" indicates that the FBI's UNI database contains no identifiable information regarding a particular individual. Duplicate submissions (i.e., identically spelled names with identical dates of birth submitted within the last 120 days) are not checked, and the duplicate findings are returned immediately to the submitting agency

Thanks in advance,

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03-16 11:25 AM
Hello all,

I am looking to consult an attorney.
Does anyone know anyone around Edison area in NJ.
I did google and found
- Tewari
- SK Gupta

Does anyone have any experiences with these attorneys. Please advise.



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12 Funny Roller Coaster Photos

09-09 01:16 PM
My case was approved on Aug 19, 2010. I received my card on Aug 26, 2010.

Unfortunately, The EAD card had a wrong start date. I have sent my cards back for correction on Sept 2, 2010.

(I do have approval e-mail of my cards and the case.)

So, Question is, Can I work while my cards come back with the correct date. I don't have receipt of the replacement cards in my hand yet.

Please let me know.

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outdoor roller coaster

05-12 06:59 AM
Dear All:

Details: Indian, in H1-B status. Current visa stamp in passport expires in mid July but employer is applying for the extension.

The situation: I want to quit my job late this summer and relocating to Asia. Before I leave this continent, I'd like to travel around South America and maybe even do some volunteer work. I'd love to travel for at least 1 and maybe even 2 months.

Ideally, I would like to re-enter the US after this trip and collect my bags before flying to India.

What are my options for re-entering?

1) Get new H1-B stamp in passport before quitting the job (though this would be kind of a pain/expense). Quit the job, ask the company not to cancel the visa and re-enter the US after the trip on the new H1 stamp. I am guessing this is a somewhat risky option as I would technically be out of status, right?
2) How hard would it be to switch to a tourist visa and get a new stamp in a country like say Argentina or Mexico?

What do you think my best option is or am I out of luck?


funny roller coaster pictures. Tags: photo, picture, roller

Tags: photo, picture, roller

09-14 04:51 PM
My Husband?s priority date is Oct 2003 (EB3). My Employer is willing to start for GC in EB2. Can We use my husband?s EB3 Oct 2003 priority date ?

I agree with the other answers - you cannot recapture someone else's priority date. See here (http://martinvisalaw.blogspot.com/2009/08/faqs-on-recapturing-i-140-priority.html)

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17 Funny faces during Roller

02-05 07:23 PM

I am considering move to a different state in few months (work from home) keeping my existing job for health reasons... My employer has been nice to me.. so Iam not considering changing job for now... My concerns,

1) Will this situation cause compulsary RFE? Anything I need to be careful of?
2) Do I need to invoke AC21 or just amend my H1 or start using EAD? What is advisable... Any personal experience??
3) Can I claim moving expense (when filing taxes) if moved with same job??



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Emotional roller coaster

01-12 06:30 PM
Whichever petition is latter is valid.

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On a roller coaster

09-11 06:02 PM

I have an approved I140 and a PD of Apr 08. I am planning to change company .

Some where in May I heard the news that end of this year USCIS is going to halt concurrent filing of I-140 and I485 and introduce an extra step called Pre-App for I485 and which can only be done after I140 approval.
1) what are the chances that this would happen?
2) What will happen if one switches company after 180 days of PreApp of 485.
can he/she invoke Ac21 ?
3) will Pre-App makes one eligible for EAD/Parole ?



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Funny Roller Coaster Rides

08-14 11:49 AM
One other question. CAn I submit a query to DOL and find the status of it. Are employees allowed to do that. I remeber sending them email a while ago, and they never replied. if there is a method of obtaining this information, can somebody pleae direct me to that.


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Roller Coaster Pictures With

12-18 05:14 PM

I did it for my wife. If your spouse plans to use H1B even after 6 years of its expiry, then having her own I-140 will help to get 3 year extensions


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Rollercoaster monks

01-21 10:32 AM
I am on F1 status in US, My parents are green holder..... I am also planinig to do PhD..... can i apply for green card now....?..... If yes..... on what purpose and with what requierments...?

You can not file GC based on your F1 or your parent's GC. Either you should go for family based or employment based.

Family based - your parents should have Citizenship (may you need to be under 21)
Emp based - You need to have job.
or marry US Citizen.

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Homemade Roller Coaster

11-04 01:58 AM
Maybe some of you can help me with my problem. I was directly hired to work in the US with two other colleagues. Our PD was April 04. We got our LC?s last year. My two friends and I applied for I-140 last December 2006. (same job, same employer sponsoring us). The two got their I-140 by June and were able to receive their GC courtesy of the July fiasco.
Last May 07, I was told that I was mailed an RFE. I never received it. As you may know, you can only follow this up after a month. Three phone calls (and months) and two faxes (two months) later, still no letter. My lawyer is at his wits? ends. The other day, he gets an appointment at a USCIS center near our area. He says this office ?has no jurisdiction over my case? and that this was a long shot. An immigration officer looks at the computer system in the office and says that the system?s list of RFE cases does not include my name, and perhaps there was an error. Perhaps?
Has anybody heard of a similar case? My lawyer is now suggesting that I write a congressman for help. Do you think this will help?
My husband and I filed our I-485 + his EAD last July 19. Today we received acknowledgment receipts for both and a notice that we have to go thru FP next week. . Is this a positive sign , or does this mean nothing at all? I noticed that current PD for 3rd preference visas has rolled back to Aug 02. Can anyone hazard a guess as to how long we may reasonably have to wait for a GC? Or for my husband?s EAD?


makeup Tags: photo, picture, roller funny roller coaster pictures. Roller-coaster-photo-1


07-13 09:37 AM
Very very clever. This one is my personal favorite...Great job!


Thanks MagicFlasher and FrostBite :)

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Funny Faces During Roller

06-30 05:04 PM

hairstyles Emotional roller coaster funny roller coaster pictures. Life is like a roller coaster,

Life is like a roller coaster,

03-25 05:55 PM
I did some research and found out that American sentinel is not in Sevis approved list:


Check out the universities that are approved by SEVIS.

Accreditation and SEVIS and different entities. Hope this is helpful for others.

05-09 05:05 PM
Mine is around 10K for Europe so I should be fine...

Best of luck to you...

07-29 08:31 AM
Looks like there are 27 co-sponsors for HR 5882 and 7 of those joined this month. That is a good news I guess.

Looks like the bill is still alive and something might happen before the end of this year.

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