Thursday, September 29, 2011

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07-25 02:24 PM
Please let me know. My lawyer has taken my personal checks and sent them to USCIS...
Yes. My friend gave personal check and no issues. he finished his FP and waiting for his AP.:)

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04-03 03:49 PM
I'm in my 3rd year of my first H1-B which will be expired Sep. 2011.

If I transfer my H1-B now to another company, then do I automatically get another 3 years or do I have to file an extension after my H1-B has been transferred?

if you get transfer, new employer will have new LCA with new dates in it (as applied) and employer will fill I-129 with new dates. So when USCIS replies with I-797A there will be I-94 attached that matches new requested dates. So it will get extended to the end of new contract or 3 years, whichever happens sooner, because USCIS does not grant you presence for more than 3 years at once.

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06-08 12:31 AM

I am about to start my process for green card. Not the best of times to file, but I absolutely cant afford to lose more time. My filing would be in EB3 as I have a 3 year bachelor degree. I have a professional accounting degree also but I dont think I would be making use of it. My approach right now is of least risk.

What I am little concerned about is the designation / job code to use. Though I have worked as a Programmer Analyst till now for 8 years now with some elements of Business Analysis - my idea is file as a Systems Analyst (Onet code - 15-1051.00 ). The reasons are two fold - one, to allow me to work as Business / Financial Analyst when I decide to change my role couple of years down the line and second, to limit the number of responses to advert given present market conditions.

I am not sure if what I am trying to do has any risks. My lawyer suggests that I should put only and only those elements in advert, for which I can provide experience letters at I 140 stage. So the exact business analysis elements may be difficult to get, but I see the job description at Onet site can quite fit my profile well. (I have done requirements analysis in my last job)

Also I am wondering if I need this approach at all. Like if I would want to work as a Business Analyst later on, I could file an another labor in anycase - the time lags to get 485 cleared are so long that I can get another labor approved before I apply for 485. This way right now I can get the priority date crystallized first up and care about job role later on.

However I dont know if the other reason - to prevent too many applications by posting this job code is a pragmatic one or not.

Please advise. Thanks much in advance.

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10-15 10:12 AM
I dont think this is going to affect non immigrant community (read as H1s, GC etc). This is all about politics to gain the support of rich and influential Indian American community for the DNC and upcoming elections.


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09-07 02:23 PM
I just went to Mumbai for H1 stamping and my previous visa on the passport had expired in 2006. So even if you are going for H1 stamping but your visa on the passport has been expired for more than 12 months...then you have to answer NO for this question.

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Jennifer Lopez ft. Pitbull

04-12 05:04 PM

I just added an "IV In The News" menu item to our left links (see left hand side of home page).

Learning01 and others who are following media closely, please let me know if I have missed anything.



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Jennifer Lopez On The Floor ft

03-04 03:48 PM

I am qualified in finance;started my career in finance & continued for 4 yrs. then switched over to SAP implementation ; for over 3 yrs now, i have been into SAP implementation projects. I have H1B approved for SAP work.
Now, can I take up a job with a different title - say, "Finance Analyst" or "Corporate Finance"? I have been talking to various clients in California that are interested in offering me finance positions.

You can, depends what you can give up for taking the finance job.
You may have to give up your PD depending on your status of immigration.

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09-26 07:23 PM
I didn't get the EAD too...

I am in the same situation.........
Labor : EB2 PD March 2005
I-140 NSC 10/2006
I-485 & I-765 - NSC - signed by R. Williams at 7:55 AM
Self & Spouse
I-485 July 2nd Filed - WACXXXX - Case Transferred to NSC.
I-765 July 2nd Filed - EAD Received
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Jennifer Lopez ft. Pitbull

02-23 03:37 PM
Thanks for the replies...

his parents are gc holders...they are sponsoring him on unmarried son quota...

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03-30 10:32 AM
A few months ago, BEC would respond to emails from the beneficiary regarding case status if the beneficiary mailed from the company email Id. They would send a screenshot of your case details. You will have to include your name, company name, state applied from, and DOB. I did that several months ago and got a reply from DBEC. I sent them an email with my details requesting them to send my case details so I could file for my 7th year H1 extension and got back a reply with screenshot after 2 or 3 days. You can give that a shot but no guarantees that BEC will respond as I heard they stopped doing that now. You can get the email Ids for 7th yr H1 ext email queries from the DOLs site. Good Luck.


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On the FLOOR � Jennifer Lopez

09-26 02:30 PM
whats funny is he emails me this right, then when I go to reply, he blocks emails

So I may ask... If you don't want emails, what makes you think I want yours?

dude that hillarios.

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12-12 01:42 PM
According to USCIS field manual for Adjudicators (IOs who approve 485), they should use DOL O*Net Codes, to determine same or similar, while approving. This code is mentioned in your LC.


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09-21 01:59 PM
yes i had receipt number for 140 but employer was not giving me 140 approval notice and labor certificate approval copy.

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01-15 11:04 AM
Honestly, if the Democrats lose this seat, it is because of taking their voter base for granted.

Hopefully, this will light a fire under them and make them more focused on their promises.

I agree that if they lose this seat, it will be the end of CIS and it will be hard to pass any meaningful legislation for us either.

- JK


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03-01 08:18 AM
Thanks for the reply. What I understand even there is no position for EB2 currently, EB2 can be filed for future employment.

Do you know anybody who was in the same situation and converted from EB3 to EB2.


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03-20 11:42 PM
TSC online system is down. Any update on this ??


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08-09 04:32 PM
From what I know, it is not mandatory to file AC-21 but if you think your previous employer who filed for your I-140 can create problems for you, it's safe to file AC-21. Although, your previous employer can not withdraw your I-140 by law, some employees attempt to withdraw/cancel I-140. Sometimes, USCIS behaves in an un-expected manner and they might issues a NOID on your 485. If that happens, you will have to appoint an attorney who fights for you to repeal USCIS decision. You will win in the end, but you will go through some unwanted stress and will loose some money to the attorneys. In such cases, if you have filed for AC-21, it acts as another strong point to your fight against a erroneous decision from UCSIS.

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07-24 02:16 PM
This date is very important and you do not want to enter the wrong date.

I-94 dates are available on the I-797 reciept as well as if one enters the country via air. The latest I-94 that the applicant gets is the one that is valid.

For example, you applied for H1 and got an approved I-797 reciept. Then you went to India and got your visa stamped in your passport and you then came back to the US, and at the port of Entry you filled up a New I-94 form (white card). Then this white card takes precedence over your I-797 notice, since this was the last one obtained. Legally you are permitted to stay in the country till the expiry dateon this white I-94 card.

The later assume if you went in for your H1B extension and then recieved a new I-797 approval with a I-94 stub attached at the bottom (green I-94). Then since this green stub is the latest I-94 you have recieved , you are permitted to stay in the country legally till the expiry date on the green stub.

In case this is just your first I-94, and you haven't gone out of the country yet for any stamping of the visa on your passport, then the green stub I-94 on your I-797 is the one you ought to be referring to.

But once again, please consult your lawyer about this, as there can be various interpratations and you must understand all aspects of it.

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04-18 12:20 PM
If one applied for his I-485 before the H-4 visa was expired, then not a problem. The minor could obtain a new h-4 visa stamp overseas. He / she should take AP with her / him just in case they can't issue a visa for any reason.
Generally speaking, one who has a pending form I-485 is not obligated by law to maintain any other status such as H-1 or H-4 and the time after the expiration of such a status is not counted as unlawful presence as long as the pending i-485 is not denied.

July 27th, 2005, 10:15 AM
The image also has the leaning-to-the-left feel to it.

Absolutely! I wonder if it could be those trees again. It looks like the barn is straight compared to the slanted tree in the middle.

Maybe a chain saw is called for? :D

12-07 08:43 PM
IV Folks,
There are a bunch of people who want to send webfaxes, but they don't want to register.. these are green card holders.. please change it so that people cn just type in their NAme and address instead of registering like

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