Tuesday, September 27, 2011

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10-05 04:55 PM
IV Core.

Another visual proof of your dedication to the cause.

Please continue the great work.

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Wow This Is Hot Live Wallpaper

01-07 01:10 PM
We expect people to decide whether they would like to come forward with a sense for the community.

So please come forward if you care. We are not expecting anyone to be a die hard IV volunteer, but to express your support and your commitment and your help in nay manner.

IV is your/our organization and we must have a sense of oneness.

We stand for unity, peace and strength. Lets all unite "wholeheartedly"

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09-22 03:20 PM
Just gave you green
44 Red dots for requesting people to call :mad:

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09-14 09:05 AM
Our checks were cashed yesterday. Receipt notice date for application is 9/8.


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WoW has had two expansions so

08-15 10:52 AM
I have one advice for you in this retrogression arena. I do not advice you to convert your BEC EB3 to PERM but just wait for it to get approved in EB3. At the same time file PERM application for a different job in EB2 in the same company or a different company it does not matter and get its I140 approved. Once BEC is approved apply for I-140 for that too and then you can port the date of EB3 to EB2 and apply for I485 which will fetch you GC faster. Good Luck.

I am also thinking to either file EB2-PERM or convert my current EB3-ROW Regular LC PD-04/2002 to PERM.

I received 45 day letter about six months ago. Do you think I should go with any of these options. Will appreciate ur comments

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World of Warcraft 3

07-12 01:30 AM
The following comment made by other member looks inappropriate to me:

"Schwarzenegger cares for Kali-4-nia. He should support legal immigrants as a lot of this community lives there. Where? In Kali-4-nia."

I learned that it is not difficult to meet governor; he also have good reputation with Bush ( so things might change in our favor).


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10-14 12:25 PM
Also, a minor correction to the answer on whether all have to wait for 5 years after GC to get naturalized...the only exceptions are military personnel *and* those who married US Citizens (marriage based GC's) - these categories have to wait only 3 years

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09-15 11:09 PM
Hawaii is an outlying US state. Going to Hawaii should be no different than flying between two cities within continental US.

Please double check on the advice before traveling. I know from personal experience that when you travel to South Padre Island, which is very much a part of the US, on the way back you are stopped at a check point. If you are not a citizen, or a permanent resident, then you have to show your papers.


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09-15 01:38 PM
Where did you get the numbers from?

Just think that 40K green cards went to India last year and this year it will not exceed 10K by much. That was before BECs.
It is a truly daunting situation.
I however do feel there will be some solution to this mess within the next year with some sort of legislation that corporate america will push.

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08-23 11:49 AM
These are good suggestions. What can we do as a group ? Can we arrange a demonstration in DC ?
We are currently trying to work with the government and not go against it It might prove counterproductive. We as a group need to expand further. Strength is also in the numbers. While we are only 5550+ we represent half million people stuck in the greencard process. We need to reach out to all those people and get their support.

Each individual here on the forum pls. try to connect with your friends who also share our plight and urge them to become members.

Pls. post IV posters in your local grocery stores, temples and restaurants.
Poster is here http://immigrationvoice.org/forum/showthread.php?t=694

If you are an alumni of a US university, connect with your student organization so that they can post info about Skil Bill on their listserv. This bill affects all the US educated international students too and getting those students as members would strengthen our organization.

When you do something, please post it on the forums so that others can know and do the same.


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30k: wow wallpaper

03-05 04:42 PM
You didn't mention how you got paid. Cash? Check? Did you get a 1099? Did you file taxes? Does the IRS have a record of your earnings?

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Wallpapers: The Ultimate

10-14 05:13 PM
Canada attracting educated and highly skilled immigrants
12 October 2006

Canadian immigration policy is doing a good job of attracting skilled immigrants to this country, a Queen's University expert said. The U.S. Senate recently invited Economics professor Charles Beach to provide testimony as part of a major debate on U.S. immigration policy, driven by the large number of illegal immigrants in that country.

Beach told a U.S. Senate committee recently that the growing importance of education, business and work experience as admission standards to Canada has significantly raised the education levels of the 230,000 immigrants who come to Canada annually.

The result is a group of new immigrants who are better educated and experienced, younger and more fluent in either English or French than the whole immigrant population.

Only about 20% of U.S. legal immigrants - one-third the level of Canada - enter the country under independent or economic status based on rules which reward education and work skills. The study did not deal with another touchy issue: making sure that more of these well-educated newcomers get jobs to match their skills.

Some U.S. politicians are considering joining Canada and many other countries in adopting a similar point system tied to credentials.

Beach said "Ironically, our findings have attracted more interest south of the border than from government officials in Ottawa."

Beach said in a separate interview yesterday that Canada has to do a better job of recognizing the credentials of foreign-born professionals and easing the transition to the Canadian job market. "Some training, adjustment and wage subsidy programs were cut because of government deficits in the mid-1990s. I think that is a factor in the slower integration of some well-educated immigrants."

The study found that those with university and post-graduate degrees jumped to 34% of all immigrants in 2000 from only 8% in 1980, while the proportion with only a secondary school education dropped from 59% to 35%.

The proportion with college or related training was flat at 16%, while the balance has little formal education.

The reason for the big shift is that 59% of all immigrants in 2000 entered Canada under independent or economic status determined by a point system - up from 35% in 1980.

The proportion that entered under family unification status dropped from 36% to 27% and those who entered under humanitarian or refugee status dropped even more sharply, from 28% to 13%.

Beach, along with Professor Alan Green of Queen's and Professor Christopher Worswick of Carleton University in Ottawa, studied Canadian immigration after separating out the impact of business cycles and unemployment rates in Canada and the U.S. "It appears that changing Canada's immigration policy to the point system had the desired effect of improving the quality of skill attributes of incoming immigrants," Beach said.

The point system has gone through many changes over the years, giving greater weight to education levels, work experience, the age of entrants and their fluency in English or French. It will likely change again in the future to attract more skilled building and industrial trade people.

Opening the immigration door wider - always a touchy political issue - has a small but negative impact on education levels.

Increasing the total number of immigrants by 100,000 per year - about 35% - reduces the average education of economic immigrants by 2.6% and increases the average age by 1.7%. Canada has a current target of attracting and approving 200,000 immigrants annually.

Last year, approximately 240,000 immigrants were granted visas. There has been discussion during the past summer of increasing the official target to 300,000 annually, in part a response to slightly off-setting Canada's low birth rate.

But increasing the portion of economic immigrants by 10% raises the education and language levels, and reduces the age of all immigrants by about 2% each.


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07-17 04:46 PM
Kaisersose thank you for your reply. Is their a time limit for how long I have to work for the GC filling employer? what worries me is if they fire me in lets say 1 month after hire during their probation period am I safe? Even though i was working part time some where else.

No minimum period is necessary and firing will not have any negative impact.

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Tags: world of warcraft

08-18 10:45 PM
Sorry to hear about this.

This is so ridiculous - I have had friends who had degree in metallurgy and they successfully got their h1 and even green card :mad:


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Windows Wallpaper WOW 06

03-18 11:37 AM
Received a USCIS email notification today, for my pending 485 (EB3), priority date not current. Waiting for the RFE details, the RFE was only for the primary applicant not for the dependents.

Please update your profile

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WOW Night Elf Rough iPhone

03-10 10:54 AM
My wife when she went to india did the same. Means Submitted all the i-94 including the one which was with the 797.

While returning from india she did not get the i-94 upto the 797 approval date, she got it upto the Visa expiry date.

When i went to the Border Security Officer mentioned that the i-94 which you receive with 797 is for your reference, you are not supposed to give it to anybody.

I had to apply for the extension because i did't have any proof with me for my wife on the i-94.


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World of Warcraft iPhone

06-02 09:20 PM
audit is only on pending applications..i dont think it is on certified..

also they may process fugmon cases fase..hope they dont denied any..

what is supervised recruitment

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09-17 11:07 AM

I am a F1 student and am on OPT now. I got my H1B visa approved from Oct-1 2006 to Sep-30 2009.

But my school said I cannot get my degree certificate till December 2006.
My question is when I apply for my Green card will I be considered into EB2 list or EB3 list. On what basis will this be decided.

Please suggest.

Thank you,

There are two requirements of EB-2. First is the minimum requirements of the Job and the second is the degree that you have earned BEFORE you joined the job.

So if the minimum requirement of the job is M.S. degree and you also had earned a M.S. degree before you joined the job then it will be EB-2. Remember, the US CIS & DOL consided goes by the date appearing on your diploma as the graduating date. No amount of letters from the dean or your supervisor will convince then that you earned your degree on a date before the date that appears on your diploma.

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World of Warcraft iPhone

10-30 02:33 PM
I was in the same situation until a few days ago. Those who are still waiting for this unreasonable period of time, may want to signup for Ombudsman's conference call on:

“USCIS Receipting Delay II – How Does This Affect You?” – November 2, 2007 2:00-3:00 EDT

by emailing your questions in advance, to: cisombudsman.publicaffairs@dhs.gov

I attended last call, which was very helpful.

03-11 11:50 AM
I have no issues with SBI, transferred last month.....always the best for me in terms of every thing......

tyr logging into your account and see if you get that message now.

11-22 07:21 PM
Dear my friends Can I get copy of LC filing copy and 45 letter copy through
FOIA? I recently got laid off after working 4 years in same company. My employer is refusing to give LC filing copy. In my knowledge to get new H1 as I am 8th year extension from my new employer, I need to have copy of LC filing. I am in dilemma; please guide me if you can. I will really appreciate any guidance from 1V members.

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