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funny exam answers. funny exam

06-13 10:47 PM

My PD is Dec 2004 EB2 for a future jon offer. I won't be able to start the job until July 2008 as I am still completing my fellowship. I have read somewhere in the past that I can file I485 for this future job as the dates have now become current. Can anyone confirm this and any idea what is the general recommendation for the duration that I have to stay with this employer once I start the job.

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08-02 11:22 AM
If you have recevied at least AP notice, you can use that for 1 month or so till you get another card..

When I read Approval Notice it says that...However, please note I may be wrong...

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zoom. A certain psychologist

08-07 01:20 PM
How about filing writ of mandamus

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My Time Lord Name

07-21 07:18 PM

thanks to everyone here for the kind input, I am almost done with my GC application under NIW. Since I have a load of documents for primary evidence,
how should I arrange them and where should I mention the "table of contents" so to speak. I have a detailed cover letter also.



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**It was also funny when the

08-03 03:09 AM
It's interesting that people rely on consultants and body shoppers to enter this country and then curse them.
I doubt that so many people would have entered the US if it hadn't been for these very consultants and body-shoppers. Everyone knows that they pay less and take a cut of the salary. People curse them all the time and yet when it's convenient, they'll use them to get things like H1B application, labor substitution, etc. done.

I am on an H-1B visa I had a confusion regarding my wife's case. She is on H4 visa and her H4 visa was extended to September, 2009 when I changed my employer (XXX) last year. However, her passport carries H4 visa which expires in Oct. 2007 (this was through my previous employer, YYY). Both our I-485 are pending and we both received our EAD last month. She wants to use her EAD to work in future.

A twist is that a consultant had filed for her H-1B this April and we don't know if her H-1B came through or not. He is not telling us. We just don't want to deal with that scumbag. Can we just ignore him and forget about it? Since her I-485 is pending she has a lawful status (Pending AOS), right? Please let me know what you think.

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Names are funny. It#39;s me.

07-16 01:35 AM
Hey guys

I just wanted to let you know that all the San Jose members are thrilled that other people have been inspired to hold their own rally.

We are working on a document that details what gives advice on what we did and how we did it. As well as things we learned that we should have done!

Hopefully we'll be able to post it in a few days time, but please bear with us, we need sleep, to catch up at work and make sure we cover all the details.


funny doctor names. Doctor Prunesquallor Steerpike

Doctor Prunesquallor Steerpike

March 9th, 2005, 12:16 PM
Thanks for your suggestions.
It is from our mistakes, that we learn.

handless's Stamp [Archive] - kirupaForum

View Full Version : handless's Stamp

04-16 03:10 PM
Hey new to kirupa saw the stamp thing figured id throw something up here. not sure if it meets the guidlines or not but ill leave that for you to decide. later.

2010 zoom. A certain psychologist funny doctor names. �And your last name is Beaker

�And your last name is Beaker

06-11 12:55 PM
... But the consulting firm advised against it as according to them if she re-enters in H4 (even before Oct 1) while her H1 approval is pending, her H1 application will be cancelled and she has to restart the process all over again. Something to do with the last status on re-entry.

I think this issue used to be there. Why do you think otherwise? COS is not computerized to happen on Oct 1. It is manual process, while approving H1B, it is done. When someone enters after that on H4, then that COS is overwritten.

What lawyer is telling in this regard?


funny doctor names. Going to the doctor#39;s office

Going to the doctor#39;s office

06-25 06:09 PM
Hi All,

First of all Congrats! to all people who are eligible to file 485 in july..

i have strage problem..i am not weather its a problem or not..i have filed my GC in 2004 December and you all know that after that the BEC process came in every thing went to BEC's..and i had no hope on that file and i asked my employer to process my GC under PERM process in 2006 april and i got the Labor and I-140 approved in 6 months...and mean while i got the 2004 labor approved in Feb 2007 and asked my employer which one will be the best and he recommended me apply for I-140 for 2004 labor and wait untill the dates become current and he was expecting the 2004 will become we have applied for I-140 for 2004 labor on May 1st 2007 and the status is my questios is..

1) Is there is any problem if i use the 2004 labor and apply for I-485.

2) When attorney file for I-140 did they mention any where in that forms that i do not have any immigration petiton has been submited before?

3) If they mention no (miss communication) and applied for I-140 for 2004 labor but in fact there is a petition (I-140) submited for me for my 2006 labor.will this be a problem for my 485 approval?

4) which one will be the best for me to use now 2004 or 2006?

5) I spoke to my attorney on this and he said as long as you have not filed for 485 for 2006 labor then there is no harm.But i am concernet about that if my attorney (2004 labor) mentioned that i have not submited any immigartion petition when he filed for I-140,which is not correct since i have appled for I-140 for 2006 labor will that be a problem for my I-485 process?

you help on this is greately appreciated

Thanks in advance!

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cod black ops emblems funny.

01-11 09:18 AM
Does anyone know what is the current count on H1-B Visas left for the year 2006-07 ?

I know I may sound stupid and probably the answer is that it is already complete, but wanted to confirm.

Also, when would the next years quota become available and when can one start working at the earliest ?

Is there any other way to file for H1-B now and work..?



funny doctor names. Doctor in Petticoats

Doctor in Petticoats

Blog Feeds
11-01 09:10 AM
According to a recent USCIS guidance an employer may not hire an H-1B worker prior to USCIS approving the H-1B petition unless the employee (i) is currently in H-1B status, or (ii) is the beneficiary of a timely filed H-1B ( extension of status petition. If the employee is in another nonimmigrant status, such as F-1 (student) or L-1 (intracompany transfer), the employer must wait until USCIS approves the H-1B petition before hiring the foreign worker.

Under section 214(n) of the Immigration and Nationality Act, a worker who "was previously issued a visa or otherwise provided [H-1B] nonimmigrant status" is authorized to begin working upon the filing of an H-1B petition by his or her new employer. This provision is often referred to as H-1B portability. Congress passed the law to allow employers to hire H-1B workers without having to wait for the government to adjudicate the H-1B petitions (, a process that can often take several months.

The issue was raised to the USCIS Verification Division after employers received nonconfirmations from the E-Verify system when they hired H-1B workers under H-1B portability and the workers were not, at the time of hire, in H-1B status, or were not the beneficiaries of H-1B extension petitions. In the exchange, the USCIS Verification Division stated that the agency does not consider those employees to be work authorized. Please contact our office for further information.

More... (

hot **It was also funny when the funny doctor names. aka Mean Doctor (that name

aka Mean Doctor (that name

09-13 02:01 PM

(San Jose rally pictures and videos, and Aman's messages from Milpitas, CA meeting can be found at (

cheers, and see ya'll in DC!

Simple answer to so many questions..."Should I attend the rally?" "will this make a difference?" "Will I have to mae up my day off?"..etc! No matter what your questions are, here's the answer: JUST COME! Come on guys! We need you! Please come and help, we wouldn't ask if your presence weren't so important!!! We ask because we know this will greatly benefit you!

Do it out of moral convictions. ATTEND BECAUSE IT'S THE RIGHT THING TO DO!!!


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I believe these names have

February 13th, 2005, 03:23 PM
Had a very disturbing photo trip to an abandoned TB sanatorium

22 mm
ISO 1600

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funny pics of pugs. funny dog

01-21 12:33 PM
Hi guys,

I know this is Off Topic (OT), but I was wondering if ALL Tax payers including immigrants on H1B will be getting the proposed tax rebates. This had happened in 2001 as well and my citizen co-workers remember getting checks.

Does anyone who was on an H1B in 2001 remember getting a similar rebate check? I definitely dont remember getting one.

For tax purposes, you are considered a "US resident" and will get all the breaks or rebates that a US Resident will get.
I think I did get the 2001 year rebate


pictures Doctor Prunesquallor Steerpike funny doctor names. Name: Vicki

Name: Vicki

08-16 11:28 AM
That seems really nice! I haven't actually messed around with the DWM, so I was actually hoping you could provide some tips instead :P

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�Doctor, my throat hurts.

02-15 10:22 AM
Will see how it works out for me


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DR Uba: The doctor who will

06-25 12:08 PM
The date you sign the form.

What date should we write on the form beside signature if we are planing to send the packet by 1st july .

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-His ship#39;s name is the TARDIS

07-26 07:36 PM
ahaha well..whoops

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My name#39;s Geneva. I#39;m a chick.

07-19 12:38 PM
My wife's 485 is rejected with the following reason "The application/petition was filed on the outdated version of this form". The rejection notice has a receive date of July 1st 2010 and a LIN number. Now the problem-

My 485 was approved on July 8th, 2010 and I received a "Welcome to USA" notice on July 12th. My H1 has expired on July 14th, 2010 along with wife's H4 and our I-94's. We applied for both the H extensions in may. Now if we resubmit the 485 with the new application will the USCIS honor the July 1st receive date?

My main concern is on her status, any input will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

I assume you are concerned about your wife's status so you are specifically asking if USCIS would consider July 1st RD. Now if you file again they will not consider the July 1st RD. They will stamp the actual date that they receive. Don't worry about that. Your wife is covered by the H1/H4 extension filing, have you received the receipts for the H extension filings? I assume you would have, it is almost 2 months now. Don't worry your wife's status is all valid.

Stay cool and apply for I-485 for your wife ASAP.

Good luck

09-30 04:57 PM
I applied for my first labor in 2004 Feb, due to backlog center processing and I140 RFE so I applied for second labor from same employer in 2006 Sept.
Second labor and I140 cleared with out any problem, mean while during in 2007 July I applied I485 based on my second labor.
Later after six months my first I140 was cleared.

My question to IV Guru's, Is there any process to interfile older priority date to the second
labor. I mean is there any process to restore priority date of first labor to second one. As my I485 application is based on second labor.

Any suggestions are appreciated.

11-24 08:55 AM
Not sure about what can you do by yourself ? in this situation would contact some immigration attorney.
More than likely you need to file Motion to reopen (and gain some time)? otherwise you would end up in a one way street ?-however not sure about who will need to file (you or your father)? Also not sure about what would be the basis for filing such a case .

Deportation ? Since (I assume) you are in the US legally since 98 even if they start the deportation process probably you can file for some relief (I guess if you are here for 7 or 10 years -legally! -then in a case like that there could be some way to avoid deportation, but this would not be automatic).
I would consult with a immigration lawyer....

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