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08-07 12:30 PM
Hi ,
I want to change my wife's H1 to H4.

She got her first approval in oct 2006 and was working as fulltime. after that she coverted to H4 when we visited india. her H4 is valid through oct'09. then we file for her new H1 from company B in march 09 (COS) and she got approval but due to bad market condition she never got project and her consulting company never paid her so she doesn't have any paystubs. My company file for my H1B extension and I got approval.

Now I want to change my wife's status back to h4. I had in impression that she never worked on new H1 so her H1 will not be activated. but I came across some posts and learn that it is automatically activated the day she got her H1B approval.

Now please suggest me what would be the safest way to convert her back on H4 ?

1)File form I-539 without her paystubs using my new 797 document? is there chances of RFE without paystubs? and what could be the next step if RFE comes? can we go to home country and get it done or it will make more complications? and VO will ask more questions because of RFE?

2) go out of county and come back again on existing stammped h4 (I am hoping that will convert her status back to H4)? and then file for I-539 for H4 extension using my new Approval notice? she has canadian PR as well. should she visit canada or india? somehow her I94 on passport has expired in Feb'09 but she has valid I94 on her H1 pitition. should she give her new I94 when going out of country? if she visits canada will they issue her new I94 if she returns back within 30 days?

3) should she go outside country and apply for new H4 using my new approved 797 ?

Please help me ASAP. I am really confused what should I do!!!

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Funny Halloween Costume Ideas

12-16 10:43 AM
What are you smoking?

I realize it may sound cranky, but many good ideas start that way until they prove themselves

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08-29 01:50 PM
I sent her an email today to ask her to mail the originals and she refused.
"We usually keep the original receipts. " was her answer.

What to do? This is so frustrating. ARGHH!!!!
I know I have the right to ask for them but I want to keep it civil and not antagonize her. Is there any reason I can give her, like travel, to make her send me the originals without getting into a fight?

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03-07 12:34 PM
A hypothetical, but important debate on worst case scenario in changing job using AC21
================================================== ======
Assume changing jobs using AC21 has some risk, debate is what is that risk. I am not expecting response like pack up and leave back to home country as I already know that. I am interested serious debate from people who used AC21 and bought houses and simulated in American culture and have family reasons to stay in US.

Lets assume USCIS send some RFE and rejected 485 that new job was not same or similar. Now -
a) How many days I have to leave country ?
b) After the rejection of adjustment of status how many days I have to wrap up my current job or I must leave it same day when rejection letter received from USCIS ?
b) After those number of days can one acquire visitor's visa for up to six months to pack up stuff, house and family on the ground of rejection of adjustment of status?
c) Can one change status to some non immigrant visa such as new H-1B or F-1 by traveling back and reentering to USA ?
d) After the rejection of adjustment of status can one still port priority date in a new green card processing ?
f) I am also interested to hear feedback on what one can do to mitigate the risk of Ac21(I already know that use attorney's advise when changing job or donot change the job)


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June 7th, 2005, 09:51 PM
Certainly nicer than watery milk. .........nice photos!

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06-19 03:56 PM
Hi Guys,

One of my friend is working on L1 visa in chicago. He has approved H1b from last year. He is planning to go for stamping in mexico. Question is, After H1B stamping can he work for same company on L1? Forgive me if it is stupid question.


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A funny Halloween candy

06-09 10:57 PM
Hi Gurus -

Am eFiling this my EAD renewal - and want to know what I should enter for -

1. "What is Date for Application?" - is the "Received Date" in my EAD receipt?

2. "Manner of Last Entry" : I put H1B - Speciality Occupation. Hope that is fine as I entered last year using H1B (am on H1B and there was one more H1 option there)

3. Current Immigration Status - "I put H1B - Speciality Occupation".

4. Eligibility Status - "I485 filed" - is that right? Am a July 07 filer.

Sorry if these questions have been asked before - if yes, please point me to the thread and better please try to answer these ASAP.


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funny halloween costume ideas

06-14 01:26 AM
Can I apply for 485 and then travel abroad, without getting advance parole?

I am on H1B and must travel to India to take care of a sick parent and would like to apply for 485 and then travel abroad....will this jeopordize my greeen card process?

Looking for your inputs

You are OK if you are travelling on H1B. I never used my AP and always used H1B


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Funny Halloween Costume

09-25 01:29 PM

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08-25 01:22 PM
This is not the appropriate place to ask this question. Most of us here are still waiting to get our green card. You may find answer to your question at another forum that have people who already took the oath.

It is ok in my opinion. This is a 'Ask a lawyer' area and people can ask any immigration related question to the panel of IV lawyers for free. We now have 15 lawyers in IV panel.


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Funny Halloween Costume:

11-02 09:09 AM

I want to start entirely unrelated but important topic here.

Is it worth saving in Traditional IRA when we are uncertain about our stay in this country.

I also want to know if we have to pay penalty if we decide to leave the country and take our retirement investment with us.

Experts in investing, please help

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06-21 10:36 AM
what should we fill for the 10th question in I 134,

They are asking did we submit visa petition to CIS on behalf of following persons


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house funny halloween costume

08-20 10:05 AM
As per my knowledge based on the forums your wife will also receives EAD.

Be patience?

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Photo. Megan Fox as a

10-21 01:25 AM


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February 2nd, 2007, 08:46 AM
Hi Antonio, I have the 70-210 AF (non-D). It's from the first generation of Nikkor AF lenses. I've also got the 18-70. The focus on the 70-210 is pretty sluggish. It can't keep up to fast moving targets, at least w/ the D80 (I've heard the D200 has a better focus motor -- this lens uses the old in-camera focus motor rather than the newer/quieter in-lens focus mechanism). I've shot some sports with this lens, and it's fine when you can pre-focus on a spot, or when the action is moving perpendicular to you (rather than towards/away) -- it can keep up. If you can live with these limitations, then the lens will work for you. I can't really comment on how the 70-210 AF-D works, though I've read the same thing, that it's geared for faster focus.

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This dog#39;s Halloween costume

07-11 10:45 PM
It is stating the obvious to say that blogs have been playing an ever important role in creating awareness of issues and shaping public opinion; yet we've not had a good representation of our issues in the blogosphere.

The flower campaign got a lot of attention in mainstream media but we did not have a good co-ordinated effort going on in the blogging community.

As we go forward, I think we should have a communication medium so that all the bloggers interested in these issues can discuss and execute strategies.

So if you are a blogger or are interested in becoming one, please join this Google group. Hopefully for future campaigns like rallies etc. we will be able to create more awareness in the blogging community.


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05-10 02:02 PM
Not quite satisfied with these. The font doesn't fit. The first stamp is nice, others are so-so: images are bad. :hat:

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Halloween Costume Hat is Pylon

04-02 02:01 PM
I am not sure if this works or not, but try to create a yahoo group id and add these email addresses as the members of the group.
Then you can just shoot your e-mail to this group address.

hmm..nice try, but I would not like to send the email 60-70 times..

have to do that tonight, if there is no other option.

any other ideas for hacking yahoo?

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Collection of Funny Halloween

08-13 06:35 PM
Thanks fromnaija for your suggestion.

Actually forgot to mention that two weeks back there was LUD's on my and my spouse case. But so far no LUD on my kid's case. So I doubt my kid's application has seperated from ours.

Any other comments, guys?

BTW, taking an info pass, is it mandatory that our dates should be current?


05-22 12:09 PM
Refer to:

180 days starts from the date the name is sent to FBI by USCIS.
And apart from this ur PD has to be current.

01-28 09:02 AM
tks a lot sir..!

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