Friday, September 30, 2011

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04-25 12:48 PM
I am from Memphis too

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06-17 12:58 PM
NJ Members who are in the process of filing I-140s after May 2007, please write to sertasheep AT (replace AT with @) with details, and a phone contact number, with the subject line "NJ member, filing I-140 after May 2007"

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09-07 06:23 PM
Thank you so much for responding! I appreciate it

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07-17 06:16 PM
Is there any risk in rescheduling a fingerprinting appt? I am travelling when the appointment is currently scheduled for:(. Does that impact the overall processing times of 485/EAD/AP?

I don't know how it affects the overall processing times, but there is no problem rescheduling the appointment. Just follow the instructions on your notice.

1 disclaimer - you MUST reschedule it before your original appointment date. Failure to attend your appointment without 1st rescheduling is considered an abandonment of your AOS etc.


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05-30 02:51 PM
Hi everyone

Can you please help with these questions

1) My GC was sponsored by company A. 240 days after my 485 was filed [I] moved to company B. Filed AC21 and using EAD. I am travelling on vacation using AP. At POE if I am asked who is sponsoring my GC, would my answer still be company A?/other

2) Do I need to carry AC21 docs? or will the employment letter from Company B suffice?

Please advise.


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02-21 02:33 PM
It appears that US CIS lost my I-90 application a year ago and subsequent attempts to get a replacement GC failed thus far. Best course of action?

Here are the details...

Received GC in 1999. Last year when I tried to get a re-entry permit (I-131), US CIS mailed me a notice saying that my GC had the wrong A-number on it (US CIS administrative error), and needed to be replaced via I-90.

The notice also said that while waiting for the replacement GC, I could go to the district office, obtain a temporary GC, and then re-file for I-131.

So in January 2007, I filed the no-cost I-90, where the reason was, "My card was issued with incorrect information because of a USCIS administrative error. I have attached the incorrect card and evidence of the correct information." The application included the original GC with the "bad" A-number, and was sent via certified mail, receipt requested. Later, I received a confirmation from US Mail that the application was delivered.

Subsequent multiple requests to US CIS produced the response, "We have no record of your application". Subsequently mailed copied of the I-90 application, produced a response, "denied, your did not include a GC with your application".

I did another "Service Request" with US CIS yesterday, and am pretty sure the response will be the same, "We have no record of your application".

What would you suggest as the best course of action? Just file a full cost (about $300?) I-90 declaring the GC "lost", and forget that it was the US CIS error?

Thanks for any help!


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09-24 06:35 PM
We are in the process of building the Tri State Chapter(NY/NJ/CT). We plan to organize a lot of events like Attorney conference calls, social, publicity campaigns, seminars and many other things.

If you are not yet a member of the Tri State chapter(NY/NJ/CT) please join the yahoogroups at (


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09-17 06:35 PM
hi all !!
my husband concurently file I-140 and I-485 (along with EAD and AP) on 22nd June 2007. We got our I-140 approved on 30th August. I have two questions

1. When can i expect my EAD ?
2. Is there any rule that i shud start working within some stipulated time after getting my EAD or i can take my own time ?
1. it should take another week or 10 days...

2. you could start when you want....


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03-05 01:05 PM
Good job Bee,


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11-01 08:02 AM

My labour got approved but we still have to file for I-140. My h1b is going to expire on May 2007.

Can I get H1b extension based on Labour approval? If not, is it necessary to file I-140 soon.

Thanks in-advance for any update.
yes, if your labor was filed more than a year ago you can get an extension. However I would advice you to first only file 140. get it approved. these days it is fast. and then apply for h1b extension in january. you will be able to get 3 yr extn instead of 1 year. it will save you much extension headaches and legal fees.hope this helps.


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11-06 06:32 PM
I am applying for a green card and my lawyer sent me a case number starting with an A and in the format : A-#####-##### for my PERM.
I tried but it does not accept case numbers starting with "A".
Can you please tell me where I can go to look at the status of this application?

The attorneys have a login when they file the PERM electronically and only they can track or the employer can track it. As far as i know it is not open to public.

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July 1st, 2004, 06:30 AM
Welcome to Dphoto...........Yor shot is stunning, so lets see more of your work!


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03-03 01:51 PM
USCIS Abandons Current Policy of Requirement for Approval of I-485 Cases Pending in Excess of 180 Days from FBI Name Check Request

Adjudicators must obtain definitive FBI fingerprint check and the IBIS check and resolution before they can approve I-485, I-601, I-687, and I-698 applications

For the full text of the February 9, 2009 memorandum,
click here (

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08-09 10:50 PM
My Lawyer said that the Premium Processing for I-140 will be again available from 08/16/2007, he said he knows that 100%. Did someone have some information about this ??. Can this be true??

If this is true then some of the concurrent filers will try to upgrade them to PP.I will be surprised if they do that. But crazier things have happened.


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Buy HCG Resources

06-06 12:52 PM

Please discuss this citizenship issues with other forums or good attorney, you will get good response from them. Man, you are talking about the next level, members in this forum are fighting long for getting their green card and discussing retrogression related issue only.

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10-10 12:17 PM
NOT YET, but OCT bulletin is archived. so NOV may come out soon.

Does anyone know when is the November 2006 visa bulletin gonna be out?


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Buy hcg drops online|

06-10 10:57 AM
USCIS is going to issue two year EAD starting at the end of June 2008 for those AOS applicants whose cases USCIS expects to get deleyed more than a year.
I'm also pleased to announce that we will be extending the validity period of the employment authorization documents that we issue to individuals who are waiting adjustment of status to lawful permit residenture or in colloquial phrase, the green card.

Currently, adjustment applications are granted employment authorization documents with only a one year maximum validity. Beginning later this month, we'll start issuing these documents with a two-year validity period for aliens who are waiting adjustment of status if their application is expected to be pending for more than a year."

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03-18 10:51 PM
My PD is Feb 2007, EB3 category.
My I-140 is approved and I485 was filed in July 2007 (pending more than 180 days)
I have an EAD.

My employer revokes the I-140 for people they lay off. Does the RFE come immediately when they revoke the I-140 or does it come at the time of adjudication - which in my case is a long time away since my PD is Feb 2007 in EB3 category.

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06-16 10:58 AM
I have current passport with valid I94, my lawyer asks for copy of all expired passport which has visas on it. But I ccannot find the expired passport, can I still file the I485. I appreciate your help.

Better give them both there is no harm, because they are gonna check the validity period on them.

But u can ask a attroney, that was my opinion.

04-06 11:36 AM
WASHINGTON - Senate Republicans and Democrats closed in on a last-minute compromise Thursday on legislation opening the way to legal status and eventual citizenship for many of the 11 million immigrants living in the United States illegally.

Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., said he had been assured President Bush supports the measure, and would publicly say so later in the day.

As outlined, the measure would provide for enhanced border security, regulate the future flow of immigrants into the United States and offer legalized status to the millions of men, women and children in the country unlawfully.

"We've had a huge breakthrough" overnight, said Majority Leader Bill Frist, R-Tenn.

Not done deal yet
Sen. Harry Reid of Nevada, the Democratic leader, agreed, but cautioned that the agreement had not yet been sealed.

Even so, the presence of both leaders at a celebratory news conference underlined the expectation that the Senate could pass the most sweeping immigration bill in two decades, and act before leaving on a long vacation at the end of the week.

The developments marked a turnaround from Wednesday, when it appeared negotiations had faltered. The key sticking point involved the 11 million illegal immigrants in the country, and the struggle to provide them an opportunity to gain legal status without exposing lawmakers to the political charge that they were advocating amnesty for lawbreakers.

While final details were not available, in general, the compromise would require illegal immigrants who have been in the United States between two years and five years to return to their home country briefly, then re-enter as temporary workers. They could then begin a process of seeking citizenship.

Illegal immigrants here longer than five years would not be required to return home; those in the country less than two years would be required to leave without assurances of returning, and take their place in line with others seeking entry papers.

04-15 08:42 AM
One of my minor dependents appears to have been out of status due to non renewal of their H4 visa. We thought that like the original application, dependents were covered by my renewal, found out too late that this is incorrect. Since then we have obtained renewals and the dependent in question now has an approved H-4 status, plus pending 485 and advanced parole.

I have been told though that time out of status is not counted against minors. Is this true?
Is there any risk in travelling out of the country to get visa stamped and returning? I understand this resets the clock. Can the embassy look into the history, find out that previous issue and deny the H-4 stamping because of it?

I am very discouraged by this long drawn out process. Any information would be appreciated.

PS: The minor in question just turned 14 years old. Could this be the reason?

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