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07-14 01:58 PM
Your priority date is not yet current. It will be in August.

Also you need to prove that you have exhausted all ways to get it adjudicated.

InfoPass - Eitherway its useless
Approaching your senator.

If none of these work then you apply for WOM
Otherwise your case will be weak and be thrown out

HI Gurus,

I need advice from you guys,

My priority date is June 2005 (EB2) and my I-485 receipt date is July 7th 2007 at TSC

My questions regarding Writ of Mandamus are
1. Would I be qualified to file for Writ of Mandamus (WOM)?
2. If I am qualified, would it be of any benefit for me to file WOM based on my criteria as
detailed above?

Thanks a lot.

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Julie Benz Saw V

10-20 06:12 AM
Get it Notarized with photo and send the document.There are standard formats available.
If it is Power of Attorney to deal in property matters on your behalf, then the notarized copy also needs to be stamped by the Indian Consulate in your area.

So there is one more loop involved - to get it endorsed by Indian Consulate, after you have done the notarization. I believe this is something that has become applicable recently as I had to do it last month. A few years ago when I had done the first one, it was just preparing the POA document, and getting it notarized.

julie benz saw v. images SAW V#39;s Julie Benz!

images SAW V#39;s Julie Benz!

10-18 11:00 PM
If Indian Govt asks for more PR / GC numbers make sense. with current economic status rather asking for more H1B numbers.

India to ask US for more H-1B visas- Visa Power-Travel-Services-News By Industry-News-The Economic Times (

Guess more pressure from Big guys like Wipro / Infosys / TCS for this on Indian govt.

2011 Julie Benz Saw V julie benz saw v. Interpretada por Julie Benz.

Interpretada por Julie Benz.

08-09 01:00 PM
My Lawyer said that the Premium Processing for I-140 will be again available from 08/16/2007, he said he knows that 100%. Did someone have some information about this ??. Can this be true??


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Scott julie benz saw 5.

08-20 03:56 PM
Thanks. Send a note to KanMe about this

Thanks pappu, I just messaged him

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julie benz saw v. julie benz

11-30 09:47 AM
Hello PRA...

Did you call the uscis and got the First name and last name corrected? ( Fname and Lname interchnaged)

Please advise?



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Saw V Stills.

02-08 10:02 AM
Dear 17, head back home.

Wait until you become 18 and get GC. You can always run away again. But I think you are not ready (age wise and GC wise) to to do this act now.

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09-23 03:25 PM
__________________________________________________ ________________________
When changing from EB3 to EB2 (same Employer), experience with the same employer is considered only when the job duties are >50% different from the existing job.
__________________________________________________ ________________________

What if you change the employer ?

We can apply in EB2 with not much difference in old job and new job ?


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Starring Julie Benz, Meagan

02-06 08:34 AM
It looks as though they have updated their page. Previously they were suggesting people apply 180 days in advance.

You are right a month ago it used to say 180 days as I have a print out and now it say's 120 days...since we are dealing with notorious USCIS who are very popular of doing such silent updates and there won't be any track of updated time stamp or date stamp anywhere on this website...(which is another useless page) I guess they do it on purpose and not sure if you remember recently how they changed dates for NSC & TSC for 140 processing dates etc....

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03-03 09:33 AM
I am trying to network with people in Detroit area. I am currently on EAD/H1 and looking to switch jobs and wanted to see if there are people who can provide job leads/contacts
What is your skill set? We have openings on SharePoint at all levels.


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saw LUD julie benz saw 5.

March 3rd, 2005, 07:47 AM
I think this would be improved by cutting off the top part of the sky, where the blue is showing through and the clouds are burnt out. Try scrolling down in your browser just enough so that the top of the image isn't showing to try it out. :)

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07-25 01:30 PM
It wouldn't hurt your GC process or your status even if your employer revokes your approved I-140. If you are so worried then check this info from USCIS -

This will answer all your questions and take worries away.


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Brit (Julie Benz) - quot;Saw Vquot;

07-03 02:31 PM
I have sent in my I-140 + 485.. SO i hope that they accept the 140s atleast... I hope they dont outright refuse the boxes... Atleast I haven't seen anythin about refusal on UPS website yet ..

Just read that if you have sent one check for 1-140 & 485 then the whole package will be returned and you would have to refile your I140. If you have sent separate checks then they will just return the I485 part of your package.

Source: Either Fragromen or Murthy. Check their websites.

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julie benz saw v. julie

07-31 05:41 PM
This is to track TSC. NSC is sailing ahead with receipt notices while TSC is crawling.


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09-07 05:58 PM
Perfect!! Thank you. So that means that the next time the visa bulletin says that it is at atleast May of 06 my green card could be issued? Is that correct?

other things being equal.... YES!

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dresses julie benz saw v. quot

01-07 10:48 AM
My wife is from Bangalore, however since Chennai did not have available dates till Jan 20th she has scheduled her H4 appointment at New Delhi for Jan 9th. Please share experiences.



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Saw 5 julie benz saw 5.

12-15 02:34 PM
To buttress IV strategy any tasks for members during the holiday season..I understand we dont dicuss any strategies in open Forums..but to support your strategies during the holiday season?..people will have a little more free we can involve in writing / meeting senators!??..

There is only lill time before the senate opens again!

Pani_6, thanks for offering to work on IV action items for the holidays. We definately need people like you to help prepare ourselves for next year. Here are some tasks everyone can help.

1- pls update your account information. That includes you too pani_6.

2- Take active role in your state chapter. If your state chapter is not active, then make it active yourself. Contact other members from your state through the state chapter thread and start working on action items

3. Participate in membership and funding drive. Contribute towards IV during the holiday season.

4. Visit IV site regularly. If there is any news or campaign, we may announce it here and request members to help asap. If there is any update it will be put on IV site. We want to encourage members to visit IV site regularly and help keep it active

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tattoo Saw V julie benz saw v.

08-26 09:45 PM
It is normal not to have PD on the receipts.

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Saw V. Genre: Horror

04-05 11:19 AM
My wife went to US consulate in Kuwait for her H4 stamping on Feb 18th. During the interview she was informed that some administrative process on their end was not completed and asked to pay for the DHL service and was told that she would be contacted by DHL who would collect her passport, get the visa stamped and return it to her. She was also told that it should not take more than 2 weeks.. On her application form, the interviewer wrote NO PIM.

Since then it has been a harrowing time for us. It has been 6 weeks, since then and we still have not heard anything. We have tried contacting the consulate using phone, email and at times my wife personally went to the consulate but she was not allowed to enter. We do not hear anything back from them.

I can understand a couple of weeks, but now its more than 6 weeks and counting. We have already cancelled her and my son's flight tickets once. We have rescheduled my son's doctor's appointment. This delay is having a domino effect on our lives.

My question is - Is there anything that we can do to expedite this process.

Thank you looking at this thread

06-14 06:56 PM
Lawyers suggest renewing H1B as a backup in case 485 is denied. Having one more 140 or 485 is better than that. If he was going to get 2 GCs I would call it greediness, but one person is going to get only one GC and it doesnt howmany applications one person files. Moreover, people who file two applications are paying twice the money which will be used USCIS to increase capactiy. How about that?

01-29 08:57 PM
Take it easy, USICS is not going to crosscheck your address. That's okay.
Anyway now you can do change of address online from USICS website.

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