Tuesday, September 27, 2011

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02-25 11:45 PM
Dear Friends at forum:
My husband was an Asylee (approved asylum) when he got married to me. But he got the Green card through me. I am a US citizen. Now he wants to apply for Citizenship through me.
when we applied for his Green card he had to renew his passport of his country of citizenship. it was one of the requirements. That country of citizenship was obviously also the county of his persecution. there was absolutely no issue about it at the time of his Green card interview.
But could it be a problem for citizenship interview?
He never traveled to his country of citizenship nor to any other place. He has never left USA ever since he came here. Does his asylum case will again surface at the time of citizenship even when he is applying for citizenship through me?My understanding is that the asylum thing is no more the issue if he got the GC through me??

Your advice, input and suggestions will be highly appreciated.
Sincere replies only
Thanks a lot in advance!

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06-14 12:01 PM
I went to graduate school in the US, (majored in Architecture) and was on an F1 visa from the period 2006-2009.I graduated in Aug 2008 and applied for an H1 through a consultancy firm.The petition for an H1 visa was approved, but I decided to return back home anyway and came home in 2009.

2 weeks ago, I visited the States for a week for a conference on a B1/B2 visa. I eventually want to return to the States and work there and therefore, need advice in this regard...

Given that my petition for an H1 has been approved, will the company that offers me employment have to reapply for an H1 for me?Or can the H1 be transferred from the Consultant company(that got me the H1), to the new company easily?!

Any help in this matter will be highly appreciated!

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funny positive quotes. Inspirational Quotes

03-20 08:16 PM
Hi Jinlaw,
Please break both entries up into separate threads. That makes it much easier for me to link to your submission :)


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08-26 11:28 AM
Please hear this to try and appreciate the magnitude of the problem
And please come to DC and join your friends, coworkers and fellow members of iv in registering our protest over the broken system.


Don't miss the IV members taking part in the discussions!!


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03-24 09:22 AM
No reply yet!!!!

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08-14 08:59 PM


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05-19 02:24 AM
I fail to understand one fundamental thing with Immigration , GOP and Dems .

The GOP was againt latino immigration and had workplace raids with ICE agents and Dogs and Armed soilders ( we all know what they did ) . They Lost the elections and everyone said it is the lationo vote that caused their downfall.

Now come the Dems who are just dodging the ball cleverly , with Economy , healthcare , Wars all over the globe and so on and also care little about immigration. At tlest the workplace raids have stopped .

I am not latino and from India , as an outsider and onlooker to the entire immigration drama , I would want to ask what real choices do the latio voters have ? They just came out from the Fire( GOP Days earlier ) to Boiling oil( Dems Days now) and now they are complaining that they want to vote the govt out and bring back the old govt that had them in fire . I mean what is these threats all about , when either party does not seem to be interested in doing anything except for paying lip service ? With the current attitude of both the parties they have to either select Fire or boiling oil .

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09-07 08:01 PM
I don't intend to get anyone's hopes high as I am not sure if this page on the USCIS website is an updated one or is an older one, but it says PP is available for 129 & 140.

http://www.uscis.gov/portal/site/uscis/menuitem.5af9bb95919f35e66f614176543f6d1a/?vgnextoid=011a59f5eca9e010VgnVCM1000000ecd190aRCR D&vgnextchannel=a9243529fdb7e010VgnVCM1000000ecd190a RCRD

Anyone knows about this?


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09-04 11:53 PM
surprising....no answers after 71 views??

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05-26 09:50 AM

My father (over 60 years) is coming to the States in June 15, and his B1 visa expires on June 24. However, my father is planning to stay until August 20.

My question is:
Will he be able to stay after his visa expiration date?
In other words, when will his I-94 expire?


Once your father enters the US, the expiry of the visa does not matter. Your father will be able to stay in the US till the expiry of the I-94.

The expiry of the I-94 will be determined by the officer at the port of entry. Usually, for parents, it is granted for 6 months, but there is no hard and fast rule and it totally depends on the officer who is stamping the I-94. However, I think for B-1, the max. duration is usually six months (again - not 100% sure about this - it could be longer too).


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10-20 05:52 AM
Get it Notarized with photo and send the document.There are standard formats available.

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12-16 04:52 AM
What are you smoking?


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12-27 02:24 PM
Can you please advise your processing center?

Mine is at Nebraska

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07-18 03:41 PM
What is the website where you can e-file EAD?


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11-02 11:31 AM
Since we are uncertain of our job as well as status in USA,
is it really worth to save on 401K? More input will be appreciateI.

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03-21 08:55 PM
They are asking for Company Tax returns


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04-01 09:43 AM

My current situation is as below

I -797 and I-94 expiry date: 10 Jun 2011
Passport expiry : 28 Oct 2011

I am filing for H1 extension through my company immigration cell. However, they informed me that my passport had to be renewed before filing the extension !! else the attached I-94 in the extended I 797 will have the expiry date only till my passport expiry :confused:

In that case, if they had to wait for my renewed passport to arrive (which can take longer) to file the extension and my I-94 might expire before that.

Can someone please provide some advice if that's the case?

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06-04 01:22 PM
Thank You Jay..

I wish members spend more time on action items then spending time on finding bill text... Bill text is already on IV home page.

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03-14 07:29 PM
Thanks for the quick reply. I was reading that getting approved I129 means you are cap exempt for next 6 years. As the petition for visa was filed in 2007, so according to this cap exemption should be for next 6 years i.e. 2013. Would be really nice if you can clarify this.

09-18 06:58 PM
Hmmm, why is this in Job Offers? :h:

10-29 12:12 PM
Hi friends,

Based on the predictions for the November 7th 2006 elections for the House, looks like the democrats will grab a considerable amount of seats,
viz - Democrats - around 228, Republicans - 205

What do you guys think based on this? I hope starting from January 2007, there should be some light.

Thinking ahead, We should work with the democrats, rather than republicans. Citizens of US, who immigrated from India should vote for Democrats and make them win this elections.


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