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michele bachmann quo

images Rep. Michele Bachmann#39;s michele bachmann quo. Michele Bachmann rallies

Michele Bachmann rallies

06-07 07:44 PM
Some how from past 6 years in US I have not applied AR11. Please let me know if I apply right now it impact any way to me. Yes I understand it was a mistake. Please provide me your guidance.

Apply now it does not hurt.

wallpaper Michele Bachmann rallies michele bachmann quo. Obama hits Michele Bachmann,

Obama hits Michele Bachmann,

10-12 05:36 PM
Hi All

I know a lot of July 2nd filers and some other who have been waiting for receipt notices...

There was an update yesterday by Mathew at www.immigration-law..that of the 800,000 applications only 400,000 have been receipted so far....May be it may take 2 more months for all the receipting updates to be done....

So everybody who is frustrated ..hang in there..have patience

Good luck ...

10/11/2007: July VB Fiasco I-485 Receipting Delays

The USCIS has yet to release the detailed progress report on the receipting delays in terms of the numbers that have yet to be processed for receipting. The only thing people know through various private websites just indicates that there are a plenty of people who are still waiting for filing fee checks cashed or receipt notices received for the cases which were filed as early as July 2, 2007, not to mention any later cases.
We reported earlier that the USCIS had allegedly received total of 800,000 cases for the July VB fiasco cases. There is an unconfirmed report that they have completed the receipting only half way through of the total, meaning approximately 400,000. There are no sources of information to verify or confirm the figures. However, if it is correct, the USCIS has yet to process mountains of receipting workloads ahead and the filers have some additional sleepless nights which they will have to endure for a while. AMEN!

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Michele Bachmann at a rally in

04-15 04:18 PM
It was a mistake by the guy who stamped I-94 (at CBP).
Her H-4 must be expire on your expiration date.
You need to go to nearest CBP office to get it corrected.
She need deferred inspection to get it straight. USCIS will not do it.

OR Do nothing about it and file H-4 extension along with your H1B extension.
If you do not extend her with your petition, even if she have valid I-94, she may end up in trouble later.
Read Murthy's

I am a resident physician on h1b visa which is expiring on 6-30-2010 . I am in process of applying for H1B extension for my fellowship. My wife is on H4 visa (expiring in 3-20-2013 since she got 5 yr multiple visa). Recently she visited Kuwait and on her re-entry she was given entry (on her I94) up to 3-15-2013 (up to 5 days prior to her visa expiration). Will she also need extension in this case along with my extension or can she stay in US till 2013 with out extension Thanks.

2011 Obama hits Michele Bachmann, michele bachmann quo. Michele Bachmann enters

Michele Bachmann enters

01-06 08:13 AM
You should speak to an immigration attorney. That's the best I can tell. False claiming to be a U.S. Citizen can lead to a permanent inadmissibility to the US. As such, it is a serious matter and should be discussed with an attorney.


michele bachmann quo. Michele Bachmann

Michele Bachmann

03-05 11:14 PM
now suddenly I got "Red". don't know what's the bloody reason.

michele bachmann quo. How stupid is Michele Bachmann

How stupid is Michele Bachmann

08-12 09:27 PM
Check the below web site, it has got some useful info including the appointment website link.

I have been trying to access the mexico visa appointment website at but it is not available for the past fortnight. Is it down or has it changed to a new website. Could please someone let me know. Thanks for your help.


michele bachmann quo. wrote for Michele Bachmann

wrote for Michele Bachmann

03-01 01:52 PM
Its been updated

2010 Michele Bachmann at a rally in michele bachmann quo. Rep. Michele Bachmann#39;s

Rep. Michele Bachmann#39;s

08-07 04:49 PM
I have a question on the receipt number. If we get the receipt number, does it mean "The application is accepted" (All the supporting documentation and fee are coorect)?


Are there any cases where receipt numbers is issued though the supporting documentation / fee is not correct?


michele bachmann quo. Drug Money Drives the 2010

Drug Money Drives the 2010

02-26 01:58 PM
Discussion about Skil Bill

Here is the article about Skill shortage

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Michele Bachmann#39;s turn.

11-18 10:45 AM
It actually reminds me of those socks that they make that are all different colors that have the little spot for your toes!


michele bachmann quo. Michele Bachmann is shown.

Michele Bachmann is shown.

11-09 08:44 PM
Should I? I do kinda like the this._x button....haha

Great competition though...I had a lot of fun with this one!

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than Michele Bachmann#39;s

08-20 03:38 PM
jaime you rock!
please post it on the main thread for "partner to increase attendance"
see url below:


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michele bachmann son lucas.

07-01 12:39 PM
Immigration - (

tattoo How stupid is Michele Bachmann michele bachmann quo. Top Opinion

Top Opinion

07-13 09:37 AM
Very very clever. This one is my personal favorite...Great job!


Thanks MagicFlasher and FrostBite :)


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Dump Michele Bachmann: 08/06/2006

07-25 04:06 PM



Sorry if this is a repost.


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Michele Bachmann grabs the

08-17 10:11 AM
I was gonna say Job offers....beat me to it!


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Michele Bachmann %0

08-22 05:50 PM
I've recently filed my 485.

In my labor and I140 I have my job title as ' Data ware house architect'.

My H1 says 'Programmer Analyst'. So while applying my 485 I menationed my current occupation as 'Programmer Analyst', which is different from what my labor and 140 says.Will this create any problem?

Please advise.

girlfriend Top Opinion michele bachmann quo. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.)

Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.)

10-31 12:23 PM
Hey guys,

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I am a little kid want halloween treat not trick. Please give me some....

Is It Not Funny? It is not funny ItIsFunny!

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Michele Bachmann was born in

08-23 06:09 PM
Hi !
Our lawyer had posted our application on July 2nd and we had our fingerprinting scheduled for 21st august which was completed.

I checked my status on the USCIS site for the very first time today. And it says. "On July 30, 2007, we received this I485 APPLICATION TO REGISTER PERMANENT RESIDENCE OR TO ADJUST STATUS, and mailed you a notice describing how we will process your case" . Can anyone kindly explain me what this means ( how July 30th and what mail are they talking about ?we never received any! ) ...


10-27 08:43 PM
Sure, you can apply for a new H1 petition with another employer..But do make sure to include the copy of H1 receipt from your pending H1 with a letter quoting you being in status based on the pending H1 petition...If you don't, there are chance that you might get the H1 approved without an I-94 attached as your current I-94 has already expired. In this case, you will have to leave the country, get the H1 stamped and re-enter US before being able to start work with the new employer...Btw, there is nothing like transfering a H1, thats just the term commonly used...Each petition is independent..

I would also make sure to address the issues from the current RFE so that another RFE is not received for the new petition.


My H1 and I-94 and My Wife's H4 and I94 expired on Sep 30th 2008 and applied for extension on July 7th 2008 with Company A. But Company A received an RFE on H1 extension,

At this movement I have a good offer from company B , can I transfer H1 using Receipt of H1 extension?

I appreciate your input


03-12 02:27 PM

My company applied for my H1B extn and after 3 months the status got changed to RFE... when the company lawyers recieved the letter, they reviewed it and emailed me the text below....

"Our office just received the Request for Additional Evidence from CIS by mail. What they requested in the letter is not applicable to your case and we believe CIS issued this RFE by mistake. We will respond to CIS to clarify this issue and will keep you informed if there is any update."

I have requested my company lawyers on the specifics...

Is it even possible to get an RFE by mistake? - (may be - yes)

have you seen any such instances?


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