Friday, September 30, 2011

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10-22 03:51 PM
i'm not recommending any site, but someone mentioned the following site before (check/use it at your own risk) :):

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09-14 11:36 AM
The idea of a H1 transfer is a misnomer. Every application is a new H1. However, if you already are in a valid H1 nonimmigrant category then your new application is not subjected to the cap.

Whats the difference between H1 transfer and a new H1?

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07-23 07:24 AM
not sure where you got taht info..i believe u still contact ur lawyer...or post question on immilaw website..

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05-01 04:19 PM
also see this for detailed rules

Electronic Code of Federal Regulations: (;rgn=div5;view=text;node=20%3A3. ;idno=20;sid=690987c0156ce32c189d9ec09319aa2b;cc=e cfr)


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07-27 04:13 PM
I am not seeing any LC approvals nowa days at Atlanta. anyone know what's happening. :confused:

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12-29 12:39 PM

Good to know that H1B transfer can be done from India. What is the procedure to get this done? What form we need to fil? can you please give more details?

Thanks in advance.


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05-12 01:14 PM
Thank you all for your responses.

Actually I wanted to know if one doesn't go out of the country and stays back in the US, and remains unemployed for whatever reason for say 6 month or more- medical, personal etc or perhaps just take a break.

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06-22 07:38 AM
Thanks for your update. Sorry about the LOE. Lately, I had been doing lot of project management. I meant RFE.


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10-25 02:30 PM

I have received the EAD card yesterday with No finger prints available. But we have done our Finger printing before the EAD is approved. Approx 4 weeks before.

Is this normal? Or i should contact USCIS about this?

I know some applicants getting their EAD cards before finger prints were taken for them No finger prints available makes sense.

Any responses are appreciated


Same happened to me. I had my FP before receiving the EAD card but the card still showed FP not available. To be honest I didnt care so much ;)

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06-15 12:38 AM
I have not heard of a single approval date of someone applying on June 1st!

According to the processing dates, they are all in RD of 06 sometime.

People HAVE been getting receipt numbers, but thats an entirely different kettle of fish.


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12-14 06:50 PM
In my job search (banking and finance jobs) there is this one question i come across on each and every job application-

"Do you now or will you in the future require sponsorship to legally work in the united states?"
and options to tick on the form are 'yes' or 'no' with no space for explanation.

So i mark 'yes' and i guess thats where my job applications get stuck.

Should I answer yes or no, since i am on L2 (visa valid for next 2 years) and currently have 2 years Employment Authorisation (EAD) where i can work for any employer in the United States ?

I understand that companies ask this question because some of them are not allowed/ do not have a policy to sponsor visas.

I want to know whether i am legally required to say 'yes' beacuse i am on L2 ( since after 2 years, my visa renewal depends on whether or not my spouse's L1 is renewed)


Do I still have a choice to say 'no' since my visa renewal gets done if my husband's gets done or i manage it on my own through a consultant... and the company i will join in both cases does not have to sponsor or pay for my visa either now or in the future.

I do not want to misrepresent any information and get thrown out of the organisation after i join, nor do I want to lose out on opportunities because of answering this question wrongly.

(There is a separate question that asks if i am legally allowed to work in the US and i answer 'yes' to that since i have an EAD)

Let me know please, it'll help a lot.

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06-19 09:37 PM
Thanks Panky72, where should I file the EAD

Sorry cant help you in this regard. I filed at NSC for 485 and EAD/AP.


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07-08 05:49 PM
I'm getting a visa stamping date in Kolkata embassy but I'm from New Delhi. I dont want to take a chance and wait till the dates in New Delhi embassy are available. Can I schedule interview in Kolkata and later when dates become available in New Delhi change it ? I mean can I change the venue of my appointment ?


I was in a similar situation last year.I had stamped my intial H1 stamps from Mumbai and Chennai. Last year in June i booked my appointment with New Delhi Embassy for stamping in Sept end when i was to be in India. i think appointments were a major issue at that point of time. Returning workers can apply for visa stamp at any consulate/embassy .

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07-01 03:30 PM
What to do, what to do!!! :D

Btw, why didn't you take the poll? :)

Sledge hammer nobody is interested in the poll it seems ;)


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06-28 08:37 PM
Does the "Receipt Rule" apply if an approved EAD is lost in email and a replacement EAD is applied for. The documentation mentions that it is valid to accept the EAD receipt for upto 90 days after joining date or for 90 days after reverification(which I presume happens after the current EAD expires)

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07-24 11:43 AM
Can please someone help me? Thanks

Are you on which company payroll?



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08-09 12:40 PM
Bs+5 or masters+1 years of experience

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03-20 08:49 AM

Legal immigrants should be considered eligible for GC faster if they invest in a house depending upon the salary structure. This might be a topic for discussion if and when Obama decides to take up immigration.

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02-10 05:22 PM
Dear Fellow Posters

After 12 months of toil I have finally completed the narrative and evidence that I need for an EB-1a (Extraordinary Alien) application. I ab about to complete the I-140 paperwork to go with it.

My questions is this - I have contacted a small number of Immigration attorneys who have quoted me approx $6000 for the whole process. How many of you value think that USCIS would look at my application more favourably if I used a reputed attorney rathen than putting in my own application and paperwork ?

Thanks in anticpation of your replies


USCIS will be interested in the content of the application rather than the reputation of the attorney submitting it. You are free to submit your own application if you are comfortable researching immigration laws required for your application.

06-25 09:07 AM
Can someone explain how the lawyer files I-485(Does she e-file? or mail it to USCIS?) and how we know about it? How long does it take to know you have filed it? and how do we know about it?

07-03 02:10 PM
Hello all,

My I-140 was approved in EB2 with company B from TSC with PD:01/26/2004 and I-140 pending in EB2 with RFE in the present company A. I do not know at this point when it will be cleared. BTW receipt no# is with EAC. Does it mean it went to NSC for processing? It is high time for me to shift to company B on H1 transfer as per our understanding. Presently I am on 7th year extension and left with 2 months for 8th year ext.


(1) Can I transfer to company B based on recent I-140 approval and get 3 year extension?

(2)If I have to get 3 year ext. I have to wait until I-140 is cleared from present company and then got for 3 year ext. then transfer to company B. But I guess it will be long wait and no one know what happens until the RFE is get okayed and I-140 will be approved. So my choice here is very limited in that aspect.

Crux of the problem is that I have better opportunities out side the present company and running short of time to make a firm decision to tell the present employer that I am looking out side which is very sensitive issue to handle on all other aspects.

I just received copy of I-140 approval notice from my attorney. So time is running out for me to make a decision in shifitng company from A to B.

I need your guidance and suggestions in making my future decisions?

Appreciate every one here.

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