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08-21 10:21 PM
Guys, thank you so much for your replies. Thanks for giving me the ideas on how to address the letter. My parents cannot read/write/speak English (not a single word), so I thought it would be nice for them to have a letter to show at the port of entry. They are traveling with a boy from back home who is a student in a nearby university.

One more question if you guys do not mind, my parents asked for visa to attend my graduation in Dec 07, but they could not come at that time. There were two reasons, 1. did not find somebody to travel with right away and 2. after a month or so, my grandma got sick and was in hospital for a long time. She passed away a month ago. Do you think my parents will have trouble at the port of entry as they did not come for graduation and coming after so many months? Thanks.

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10-15 04:06 PM
Thank you

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November this year (2011).

10-14 11:51 AM
She already has the GC in hand.

She has been maintaining "permanent residence" for 2+ years since she got the GC in hand.

We are a little bit confused about the F4 category bit being about "unmarried and below 21 years of age".

In mosts texts we do not see "unmarried" the restriction - is it that the person for who GC has been filed needed to be bewlo 21 AND unmarried BEFORE she was issued the GC, but these restrictions do NOT matter ONCE she got the GC?

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valentino rossi 2011 wallpaper

12-09 10:34 AM
Here is my letter with names out:
Dear Senator,
My name is -------, and I am a highly skilled technology consulting professional from India. I came to the U.S. back in 2000 on employment and since then, I have made an excellent contribution to all the employers that I have worked for. My current work involves consulting in Public Sector for a State Police Agency. I am involved in developing an information system that will increase officer safety, and boost crime prevention and control.

However, I feel that my human rights are being violated.

My wife, --------, is a CPA - a highly qualified and accomplished individual. She cleared the NASBA CPA exam with flying colors in first attempt.

However, she feels her human rights are being violated.

This is so due to an issue called Employer Based Green Card Retrogression.

In these years, we have earned top notch dollars, paid taxes, made charitable contributions, visited numerous craft fairs and bought American products, and participated in the cultural diversity of this country. Highly skilled and accomplished as we are, we don't have a life.
We don't have a life, because we don't have security and peace of mind. We don't have peace of mind because after toiling for more than six years, we are still temporary workers. We don't have a green card yet.
Because we don't have a green card, life has come to a hold. Here's how.
For the longest time we didn't participate in my employer's 401 K plan because we weren't sure if we will get our green card and become permanent residents and hence be able to enjoy fruit of our labor after retirement. I didn?t buy life insurance, or make long term investments for the same reason - unless we get a green card it seems like we are living in an exotic refugee camp. We haven't bought a home because our H1Bs have always been tied to a particular employer, and there is always this chance where if for some reason one of us loses our job, then we will not be able to afford the mortgage and may also have to leave the country in a matter of days, leaving no time for us to sell the house.
Senator, where is my American Dream? Why has America created a temporary workers' program which is completely unfavorable to the worker's quality of life and long term welfare?
My wife's H1B visa is expiring this February 2007, and since her green card was not filed and mine has no chances of showing up in that time, she will have to quit her job and sit at home - almost under house arrest. I can't even imagine what it would do the morale and self-confidence of a dignified woman who has earned her living through her hard work all these years.
Senator, we are in a crisis.
EB Green Card backlogs have resulted for individuals coming from high-demand countries, even when the overall cap has not been reached and regardless of the fact that these high-demand countries are often the only source of individuals capable of filling high-skilled jobs. Those caught in the backlog are forced to spend up to seven years waiting, unable to become true stakeholders in this country, putting their lives on hold in the hopes that a green card will eventually become available to them. Not surprisingly, these talented professionals often tire of waiting and leave the U.S. to put their knowledge and skills to use in other countries eager to compete with and surpass the U.S.

But this need not be the case.

By passing legislation that provides H-1B and EB green card backlog relief, you will be showing your support for enabling the best and brightest from around the globe to contribute their skills and knowledge to the U.S. economy, which is good for American workers, American businesses, and the country?s long-term economic health.

I request your support for the High-Skilled Immigrant Interim Relief Act of 2006 bill introduced in the Senate by Senator Cornyn. This bill provides relief to legal high-skilled immigrants waiting patiently for their permanent residency and gives required impetus to innovation and competitiveness in the U.S. A similar bill popularly known as the Securing Knowledge, Innovation and Leadership (SKIL) bill was introduced in the Senate by Senator Cornyn and co-sponsored by Senators Allard, Allen, Bennett, Enzi, Hutchison and Lott. This bill has also been introduced in the House by Rep. Shadegg and co-sponsored by Reps. Conaway, Doolittle, Flake, Hoekstra, McCaul, Pence, Shimkus and Tiahrt.

I am a member of Immigration Voice, a national grassroots organization of legal high-skilled immigrants. Our organization is committed to helping the United States maintain economic competitiveness by retaining the world's best and brightest talent in the United States.

My family and about 500,000 others are in urgent need of your action in this matter.


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valentino rossi 2011.

10-04 04:00 PM
Has anyone been to the Mumbai consulate for stamping
Can you let me know the process?
Also website where I can get more info?

Is this a drop docs at embassy .. and they mail it to you kind of thing?


Couple of weeks ago, a friend of mine went for visa revalidation at Mumbai, he requested if he can come back in the evening and pick up the passports(all family). He was let come in the evening and pick them up.

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02-23 12:03 PM
Thanks little_willy


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Ducati 2011 Valentino Rossi

04-23 04:42 PM
Thanks for your reply.

But i dont have any application pending with USCIS.
My I-140 is pending but that belongs to my employer,correct?
So I am confused if I should use InfoPass or not.


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valentino rossi 2011 ducati

05-28 02:35 AM
Good thinking Mr. Jacob , being spent thousands of hard earned dollars on these applications and renewals, I agree with you 100%. However, do you think anybody (in the govt) will listen to this? I lost that confidence long back. (I just sent a check for US$ 915 for AP renewal for me and my family, by the way, this is my 3rd EAD/AP renewal process but I never used them till date).


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Valentino Rossi-2011 Ducati

02-09 09:29 PM
"US Masters degree has no value anymore. Don't pursue a masters degree from US . You won't be able to find a job due to protectionist agends of US law makers.. Take your money somewhere else.Foreigners won't get jobs in USA "

Let us make at least Indians run from Higher education industry of America and colleges will feel the heat as 50% of them have revenue stream out of foreign students. This will make these clown senators o understand the repercussions of protectionism.

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01-06 10:29 AM
Please be advised that the above date ranges are only estimates which are subject to fluctuations in demand during the coming months.

Unless, USCIS advise them on the low demand from ROW. Until then DOS is not going to do any spill-over other than FB left-over from last year( 10K).


valentino rossi 2011. DUCATI VALENTINO ROSSI 2011


06-03 12:48 PM
What happens if the current company withdraws the labour after you have moved to the new company.

Is your h1b 8th year extn invalid..

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Valentino Rossi 3 2011 Ducati

10-07 07:36 PM
My wife is in a similar situation. I-94 validity matches passport expiry (Dec 2008) , but H1 visa stamp is until Mar 2010. She has a new passport, but we are not sure if she will be out of status if she does not get a new I-94 and stays in the country beyond Dec 2008.

Get your I-94 corrected - BTW, staying beyond I-94 date is unlawful and you will be barred from entering US.


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Valentino Rossi and Ducati

10-01 09:30 AM
search forums here, people haven't gotten their FP renewal notices even after requesting number of times to USCIS. Request from congress member compels uscis to move their butt.

Congressman for FP, you may want to contact USCIS first. They may not expedite your I-485 but they are good in sending these things...

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house Valentino Rossi-2011

07-26 08:08 AM
Okay, I applied for an H1 transfer late June 2006 on my own. Started at new job after receipt. Late August went on maternity leave. Came back to work in December. During maternity leave, my application was sent back due to wrong fee and no LCA (I didn't use a lawyer and was given somewhat bad advice.) By the time I did a re-application for transfer it was April 2007 (with the help of lawyers, this time). My H1 expired (6 years) near the end of June. But I was told I was okay as long as I was pending. Mid-July got a request for evidence with a date of September 20th being the latest date I can send in the stubs, tax returns, etc.

1. Am I currently out of status or okay because of the RFE?
2. If I apply for F-1 status now (thinking of a second Masters or PhD) will I need to send in the evidence for the H1B before that or will that not matter? It will take me a while to get all of the evidence, but I don't have time to wait in regards to getting the F-1 for school this Fall.

My lawyers suggested leaving the country, but I am fearful of that? Any suggestions, answers, advice?


Could you please detailed RFE? It is difficult to suggest without the RFE details.

Not a legal advice.


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08-20 09:07 AM
My 140 was approved in 2007 and today I got a text message on phone that my application is sent to Nebraska, NE to review and status changed from Approved to Initial review.

Had any one been in same situation or had seen this before with some one else?

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valentino rossi 2011 qatar.

10-10 04:34 PM
Hi Ps57002 good to see you here.
I saw you in . I was h12GC in .

My case also similar:

PERM Applied - 04/24/2007 - EB3.
Perm Approved - 08/14/2007.
I-140 E-filed - 08/16/2007. Got Online Receipt. Sent the required Documents to USCIS after a week.
I-485/EAD/AP - Posted on 08/16/2007. Included the Online Labor Approval Petition without signatures and Online receipt of I-140.
Received USCIS on 08/17/2007.
Waiting for Receipts.
Don't know whether it will be accepted or will get an RFE.
Hey keep me posted on your status.
I can be reached at or 862-754-8326.
Good Luck.


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ducati valentino rossi 2011.

gimme Green!!
07-12 02:43 PM
Lot of times, I scan through the main threads, and only login if I have read some 'secret "for members" only' stuff, or have to post. :)
A lot of the 1300 could be like that too.

There are over 1300 guests and our strength is (sadly) in our numbers. How beautiful would it be to see reduction in this number of people in different types of limbo in their life, but that would require a concerted voice of legal immigrants to cause any ripple anywhere.

Come, join in this novel and noble struggle for self-respect and fair treatment. There is no financial commitment needed, though members could contribute as they deem right and through their participation in various IV activities.

girlfriend house Valentino Rossi-2011 valentino rossi 2011. valentino rossi 2011 team.

valentino rossi 2011 team.

09-02 11:11 AM
As amitkhare77 mentoned that you need to inform the your payroll department. probably you needto file the I9 again. Please consult some lawyer.

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December 21st, 2007, 06:35 AM
Interesting post.
the new 5D will eat everything that currently exists I am guessing (Apart from my 1Ds3.. hehe)


09-10 06:43 AM
yes...really what might have happened that day?..

February 12th, 2004, 09:41 AM
Am I the only one who thinks it would be sheer genius if Kodak was to license the Canon mount? Imagine if they offered both Nikon and Canon mounts (even better - an interchangeable mount plate so you could have it both ways on one body)!

Surely this is possible. Perhaps Canon is blocking them or it's just not cost-effective?


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