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11-23 05:01 PM
Hey Friends,
I got an I-485 interview in next month. I have few questions...

I have the two issues....

1)Selling tobaco to Minor,happened in 2002(when I was helping one of my friend who is running a Convenience store,by mistake I handed Over a pack of cigarett without asking his ID.Unfortunately he was one of the Kid arranged purposefully by the department people who checks on toboco sale to Minors)

2)retail theft happened in 2005(when we went to walmart with our 4 year old daughter,we did not see a considerbly small toy in her hands,while we are making payment to the other stuff we bought)

Both the Incidents occured accidentally,we did not do anything purposefully.Both the cases were dismissed as Nolle proscue. the 2nd case was expunged too .I do have the documents stating that they are dismissed and 2nd case was expunged.If you want to have a look at them,

And also i pointed in I-485 application---No in the field of cases....

can you guys suggest me,if anybody have the similar situvation...


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vanessa Ins ugly betty

08-03 10:00 AM
I was wondering will we get the I-485 Receipt notice directly or Lawyer or both?

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Ugly Betty Profile Photo
06-22 12:31 AM
Thank you.

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11-13 01:28 PM bank didnt quite help though. Had to find a public notary and spend $30 for 3 signatures only to find later that my company does it for free..:mad:


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09-21 10:50 PM
That should be straightforward to do using buttons and a scrollviewer. The two buttons would be for the Left and Right arrows, and the scrollviewer would be the parent container for your images.

If you need more details, I can try to provide you with an example, but I may be delayed a bit with that :)


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ugly betty forum

11-06 05:06 PM
I?m in EB2 and My I-140 was approved on March 2009 through Employer A. After which I moved to India and now am back (Nov 2010) with Employer B. My old Employer A has my apporved I-140.

It would be great if I get answer the below my Question:

1. Can I apply for I-485 with my new employer B based on my approved 140?? OR
2. Do I need to go back to my old employer A to apply my I-485. If yes is there any specific time period to go back to my old employer A.

Thanks for your help.

Hello Preety :
1. Since you are asking the question for applying for I-485 with employer B, I presume that you have not filed for I-485 with employer A. If this is the case then you will have to apply for new labor. Once you have new labor approved, then you will have to apply for I-140. You will be able to maintain the same priority date from the old approved I-140 (please make sure you have a photocopy of approved I-140 from employer A).
Now, if in case you had already filed for I-485 with employer A and the case has been pending for more than 180 days, then you can switch jobs using AC21.

2. I do not personally feel that there is any need to go back to the old employer to file for your I-485.


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08-29 07:09 PM
Your employer need to submit company's Previous year W2 and also it is better to submit ur w2(couple of years).


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ugly betty news

04-12 02:20 PM
In the last few weeks, as we worked to get our amendments in, USINPAC ( has proved to be a tremendously important ally.

Read our joint press release (

We view their continued support as critical to our efforts once the Senate returns from recess.


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This star, of Ugly Betty fame,

07-29 09:55 AM

Can the work experience without H1B be countable when you apply for I140 (EB2, BS + 5yrs ) ?
I kept my part time job about 3 yrs while I was working as a full timer at other companies. But the problem is I was getting paid but didn't file H1B as a part timer. I know that I should have filed for H1B but I just had a H1B as a full timer with my other company. If I can count my part time work experience ( 3yrs part time / 2 = 1.5 yrs as full time) along with my full time experience (3.7 yrs), It exceeds 5 yrs of related work experience that requires for EB2.

Thanks, dbn

To be working on part time while on H1-B for an employer that is not the one who sponsored your H1-B is not legal. Please refer to a heated discussion currently under way in the Away-Qxter discussion topic.

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ugly betty after. no #39;Ugly

04-21 03:08 PM

Thank you fro the reply!

She has a Pending I-485 application!

Some people are getting an I-94, which will be valid for an year from date of entry!. Does that mean her parole status expires after one year of re-entry. If so, what should I do to extend it?


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12-01 03:48 AM
Hello All:

In good faith to your request for help, please do include more details of your case :- EB2 or EB3, country, PD, date I-140 filed, etc. So us IV readers will be in a better position to assess situation and help.

I got an RFE to send copies of my degrees on nov 15th. my attorney sent the copies and my status changed to Response to request for evidence received and processing is resumed. How many days will it take for I-140 approval after the response to RFE to received by USCIS ?

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01-29 12:22 AM
FP is not needed for EAD or AP.

Thanks. Where do I file for renewal? At the service center where my 485 is pending (in my case that's TSC) or follow the instruction given in 765 instructions?


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ryan piers williams america

11-02 09:14 AM
I believe you pay 10% penalty if you withdraw before retirement age, irrespective of whether you reside in the US at time of withdrawal.
However, note that it *might* be possible to save on taxes because you might have very little other US income in the year you withdraw. One dependency here is what tax laws and treaties your home country has on foreign income.

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06-21 01:36 PM
Hi All

I have a question regarding filling of I485.

My wife got her H1 approved in November 2006 and she got her SSN in december and her company has not put her on a project.

I would like to know will there be any issue if I file her as my dependent on my I485 application.

Her H4 visa on the passport is already expired.


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dresses Ugly Betty america

06-13 08:32 PM
Hey people , i need help. as EB-3 is current , my spouse who is on H4 ,applied for change of status(H-4 to F-1) ,so can i file her papers along wth mine in I-485 or not? change of status is in process.
Reply soon!!!!!!
If you can then retract her COS application and include her in 485. But I am not sure how you would go about donig that. Check with attorney.

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Spring jan features ugly betty

10-16 10:39 PM
I am in a confused situation, any thoughts / guidelines are greatly appreciated..

The question is : If my h1 is with company A and my GC is applied for future employment by company B, can I use EAD to take up full time employment with company C (or Self) ?

The full story is : The client company, I am working with is processing my GC for future employment. 485 was applied and I received EAD. It has come up that the current employer has an agreement with the client that , the client should not employ any of their employees for 1 yr after the termination. So, I need to quit the current employment, work else where for a year and then join the GC sponsering company.The I140 will not be revoked.

Since I am not currently working for GC sponsring company, does any of the AC21 issues matter ?

Thanks in advance


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Ugly Betty

02-13 08:13 PM
We need a handle to kick start a similar plead. In the last one year and quarter here at this forum, I had never seen one that CIS has done injustice to us by mis-interpreting a rule or law or act. If somebody knows otherwise, please state and cite facts. The class action suit ("Schneider vs. Chertoff") was filed by Shusterman on behalf of a group of international doctors in response to CIS regulations implementing the Nursing Relief for Disadvantaged Areas Act of 1999. Section five of the Act provides that "any alien physician" can qualify for a green card through a "National Interest Waiver," provided they practice in a federally designated health professional shortage area. The National Interest Waiver program is intended to accelerate the hiring of international doctors willing to serve in such areas.

In its regulations implementing the Act, the CIS stated that only primary care physicians, not medical specialists such as surgeons or radiologists, could qualify for green cards through a National Interest Waiver. The agency's regulations therefore eliminated the right thousands of international specialist physicians had to petition for green cards through the National Interest Waiver program.


Can Carl Shusterman help us get USCIS release the numbers allocated and how they were allocated?

He below argued how USCIS interpreted the law and won,60087.shtml

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of #39;Ugly Betty#39; filming in

08-21 11:23 AM
Any word yet on the Processing Dates.

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michael brea ugly betty

10-01 07:32 PM
American is spreading false information. It is time we start to do something to stop it. Maybe we can register on it and spread the truth.

08-11 05:20 PM
Got an RFE to produce employment verification letter from my current employer. Yes, i changed the employer recently but didn't file AC-21.

Do you know how long USCIS takes to update the status online?



03-27 02:04 AM
yea that is weird.... tried saving it differently

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