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selena gomez sisters and brothers names

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selena gomez golden globes

09-01 10:04 AM

Write a detailed letter explaining all the issues. Get an experience letter as required from company A or from co-workers of company A. And talk to a good attorney , you should be fine.

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selena gomez sister desperate

06-19 10:55 PM
Be cool my babies....
Be nice to the guy
It may or may not. No one knows. Dont act like you know it all!!

selena gomez sisters and brothers names. Selena is a hit with Justin#39;s

Selena is a hit with Justin#39;s

March 28th, 2004, 11:49 PM
It's always good to catch someone when they have no idea.. :-)

I'll post up my attempts from the fan perspective.. I'll start another thread and share my thoughts on shooting from the stands.

-- Matt

2011 selena gomez sister desperate selena gomez sisters and brothers names. Siblings:Renesmee noah

Siblings:Renesmee noah

10-29 02:03 PM
stylepoet, while I don't speak for the core-group, I think I represent the majority when I say this: Realistically speaking, if you plan to stay in the US for a very long term and want to do so without any visa hassles (or kids aging out issues that you mentioned), then getting a Green Card (GC) is the best way to go, instead of jumping around non-immigrant visas. And if u r financially capable of being an E2 why not just file for a EB5 GC (which is way faster than EB2 and EB3 these days -- please check out this site for more info)? Sure, there is a difference in the minimum investment reqs. E2 = 200K+ and EB5 = 500k. But if you have lived here for a couple of years (assuming this from the implication that your kids recently turned 21 or are going to turn 21) surely you can makeup the 300k difference. No?

Please feel free to educate if I am out of line here.


selena gomez sisters and brothers names. Selena Gomez and Jake T.

Selena Gomez and Jake T.

02-18 05:11 PM
Its been more than two months I applied for my H1B visa extension, it got approved and I received I-797 also but online status still show 'Application Received and Pending'.
Now I applied for Advance Parole and EAD, they have deposited the fee checks also but don't see any change in last updated date for AOS application... I wonder if they update status at all....

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Jona Brothers Bad Boys Ep 5

04-10 03:26 PM
Even she is 13 years old. She still need to purchase PIN and go for an interview.


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is starring Selena Gomez

10-02 03:14 PM
Excellent. http://flex.funkyolive.com/im/cool.gif

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selena gomez little rother.

07-25 01:21 PM
I changed jobs recently and retained my attorney from previous employer even though I had the option of using the current employer's attorney for free. The reason being

1. I had good relationship with my previous attorney.
2. I never know when my dates (EB-I 06/03) will be current and in case of a layoff or future job change, we need to update USCIS with the new attorney information which I thought will raise a few eyebrows and was not comfortable with this option.
3. Even though you change attorney and send the updated details to USCIS, chances are that they don't update the system and any RFE or information may still get sent to the original attorney that filed your I-485.

Note, that I am not suggesting you one way or the other, these are the reasons for making my decision, hopefully this will help you make an informed decision.


I like your reasons.I have good realations with my employer.
My attornety is through my company though I paid her.
I'm still concerned with this 'what if my employer and through him my attorney do something that might harm my case if I move to another company'( as my old company will not have me and that will make their business a difference)
And it's attorney who will have to let me know if there is any RFE in future.
For the same fear I'm not even asking my attorney any AC21 related doubts that I have as she may go to my employer , tell him about it and that would be like giving him reason to believe I'm moving out even before I made any move.
If I changed the attorney then there is other set of reasons to be concerned about.

I would really appreciate it if any one could suggest something on this dilemma that I'm going through (having gone through this themselves or otherwise).

Thank you.


selena gomez sisters and brothers names. and stars Selena Gomez,

and stars Selena Gomez,

02-02 12:52 AM
Hi Sunny1000...Thanks for your reply and I have moved down a day and going to get in on Jun24th, that will get me 3 days...Just to be safe. I have read other threads with immig.voice and most of them are saying technically they can get in on last /Final Day of the Validity.

Any body any additions to this...if you can please register your thoughts.


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selena gomez sister desperate

10-26 01:03 PM
It is difficult to obatain approved vacation from my employer.
Apartment from leaving the country and recapturing, are there any alternatives.

Please advice


selena gomez sisters and brothers names. Name: Selena Salvatore

Name: Selena Salvatore

11-11 10:20 AM
hey all i can't find where to post a new thread so hopefully I can hijack this quick.

I called the USCIS number for info but can't speak to an operator.

My wife is planning on traveling to hawaii in december. She will have her drivers license by then. She has her I-485, I-130, I-765 and some other M109109 (whatever that is).

she wants to know if its ok for her to travel to hawaii (from florida). it's in the united states so i can't imagine there being an issue. she will be traveling to ohio later that month and to me its the same thing. I'm just trying to get the opinion from someone who would know for sure.

thanks for any help!

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Selena Gomez, Jonas Brothers

04-27 01:21 PM
Unless there is a formal document like Unauthorized Immigrants Pay Taxes, Too | Immigration Policy Center (http://www.immigrationpolicy.org/just-facts/unauthorized-immigrants-pay-taxes-too)

http://www.immigrationpolicy.org/sites/default/files/docs/Tax_Contributions_by_Unauthorized_Immigrants_04181 1.pdf

a post has no significance. If you wish to work on such a study, it would be make the arguments stronger. It is something some volunteers can take up as an action item.

Yes it would be a good idea to debunk these posts and similar ones and at the same time compare with employment based immigrants. That should be a good way to get heard, since illegals are always in the news.
I'll check for volunteers on the action item

Blog Feeds

Fear Mongers are the ones who are relying more on Govt for the social safety net benefits,
blog feeds is an attorneys blog


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Selena will be co- hosting the

04-09 12:33 PM
Thank you GC Struggle for your thoughts..
But I don't live/work in Miami,FL.

tattoo Jona Brothers Bad Boys Ep 5 selena gomez sisters and brothers names. Full name Skylar Grace Black

Full name Skylar Grace Black

07-20 09:11 AM
My attorney said e-notice is fine and applied.
but in enotice it is written

Please note that this e-mail message is being sent as a
courtesy and cannot be used as evidence of nonimmigrant
status. Nor can this message be used as evidence to procure
an immigrant visa

I am worried if my packages comes back after aug 17?

My lawyer refused to file with the e-pproval and I agree with him. Why take a risk with such an important matter. If you're approved, you should get your approval notice in a couple of weeks at the most. File your 485 after that.


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2011 what is selena gomez

12-08 04:13 PM
It will not have much impact if any president comes in the case of immigration. Anyhow most of them are not going to Veto. It is the congress who plays important role. President can just initiate the process. Bush tried his best to pass some immigration reform but divided congress defeated all the bills. Who is the reason? Not just anti immigrants but also pro immigrant groups. Expectation from pro immigrants was too much and in some cases impractical. Anti immigrants used those and defeated every time. Also anti immigrants used division in various groups like legal vs illegal, high skilled vs low skilled and H1 vs green card. Some unbiased leader need to bring a bill which should work compromise at the same time that compromise should benefit all the groups. But unfortunately most congressmen are busy in other works. Next congress is critical for any immigration reform

Agreed. However due to the Iraq war. Bush is very unpopular. His conservative base revolted and the republican party did not tow the line and did not support him on this issue, in truth the other side was more helpful than he could have hoped. I agree Bush tried his best, but if he tried in 2001 the result would almost certainly have been different.
A new president comes with a mandate and some fresh political capital. It just depends on what issue he wants to start spending it upon. Given how controversial and virtually radioactive this issue has become, I would not blame the next president if they started with something else. However if things start to go well then he/she could start pushing for this and he/she could provide political cover for congress on this.
Our issue ought to be less controversial but in congress, anything pro-immigration seems to be sneered at right now. Everyone is set on this enforcement first policy and don't want to hear a thing else. It is unfortunate.
All said, we and our issues cannot wait until 2009. We have to push and try to get this done whenever an opportunity come up. Even after 2009 nothing is guaranteed and we might just find that things get worse too, especially if there is an economic downturn.
That is why we need to push hard now.

dresses Selena Gomez, Jonas Brothers selena gomez sisters and brothers names. Selena Gomez Demi Lovato Jonas

Selena Gomez Demi Lovato Jonas

11-17 10:46 AM
Hi -

If we go to mexico by road, do they take my i-94 at the U.S border and issue a new i-94 while coming back?.

I knew lot of IV members went to mexica for H1 stamping.. Please advise.



makeup and stars Selena Gomez, selena gomez sisters and brothers names. The cast like Selena Gomez and

The cast like Selena Gomez and

02-03 02:55 PM
Abbe fairyangel ,

Who the hell are you to tell to leave and all..Remeber one or the other day we have to go thru bad time. Nothing is secured in this country...For a matter of fact you may as well loose your job, andif you dont get a job in the next 180 days will you leave ?..And the answer is NO.

Stop blady shit...and concentrate on yor work....mental Ididiot


Even if you try to wrte incorrect english and spellings to make it look like some Indians who are not that good with the language, you will still be caught. :D

girlfriend Full name Skylar Grace Black selena gomez sisters and brothers names. Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber

09-01 09:59 AM
Thanks for your response, one of the RFE about my letter of experience from company A that it is not date, I mean that I have the starting dates and ending dates of my work but the letter itself does not have issue date, the RFR says that since the letter is not dated it cannot be considered, also that letter is my proof of 2 years experience prior to join company B. In your opinion how should I rectify that , should I go back to company A and ask them to issue me another letter with issue date on it and also should I ask any of my coworker from company A to issue me affidavit that I was working there. Will these options work.

Please advise.

hairstyles Name: Selena Salvatore selena gomez sisters and brothers names. Brother(s): everyone on this

Brother(s): everyone on this

05-18 01:30 AM
I also got the magic email on Fri 15th May, 2008. I'd like to extend my sincere gratitude to all fellow members of this great community in guiding me through this tough journey. I wish all of you the best and will stick around to help other members out.

12-21 12:24 PM

I and my family members have EXPIRED STUDENT VISA on the Passort. I have H-1 (H-4) approval till 2008 but no VALID VISA STAMP on our Passport.

I am planing a TRIP to INDIA in Summer. Since My I-140 is already approved and I-485 pending, I will have ADVANCE PAROLE in my hand when I visit India. I will also attempt to Get H-1B/H-4 stamp at Mumbai, while I am in India.



YOUR input will help me lot in be prepared and planing for my summer trip.


09-18 09:50 PM
My 140 is Approved from Company A.I haven't filed my 485 yet.
My H1 6 Yr period ends in Mar 2009.I am planning to move to company B and request a 3 yr extn based on my approved 140(with Company A).

My qn is what if company A cancels my 140?
If I get my 3yr H1 extn approved (before 140 cancellation) will my status be valid?

Thanks for your help.

I am not a lawyer, but this is what I can tell (as far as I know):

1. You will get 3 yrs extension of H1B for company B as long as your 140 is not revoked by employer A at the time of adjudication of H1B AND your PD is retrogressed.

2. If company A revokes 140 AFTER your H1B with company B is approved, this will not affect your H visa/status. what I dont know is: will this create any problems in getting a VISA stamped at the consulate in future or not.

3. Once your 140 is approved, PD is urs. No matter what happens to the original I 140, as long as you save a copy of approval notice, you can port the PD any time in future.

4. As you have not filed 485 yet, you are not eligible for AC21. So, once you go to company B (and company A is not ready to co-operate and/or revokes 140); you will have to start your GC process from scratch (new PERM and new 140). However, PD will be urs forever!

Good Luck.

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