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I#39;ve got 3 funny gift ideas

04-23 11:57 PM

1..I would like to know if an employer revokes 140, and if the AC21 is not submitted at the time of many days are given by USCIS?

Is it 30 days?

2..If I go to another emplyer and try to do interfile, still I need to file AC21?
And if the new category is EB2(my old application is EB3), still is that ok?

For eg..EB3 title is system analyst, and if I want to go for Eb2 then which could be more apprepriate..?Senior SYSTEM ANALYST

appreciate your response..


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03-04 02:14 PM

I am qualified in finance;started my career in finance & continued for 4 yrs. then switched over to SAP implementation ; for over 3 yrs now, i have been into SAP implementation projects. I have H1B approved for SAP work.
Now, can I take up a job with a different title - say, "Finance Analyst" or "Corporate Finance"? I have been talking to various clients in California that are interested in offering me finance positions.

Please fill out your profile so people can answer your query in a better way.

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funny gift for all ages.

04-18 07:17 PM
Thank you Glus. It turns out that the RFE was because the kid had turned 14.

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01-15 12:45 PM
Since when has more money than the prevailing wage been a problem?

If they pay you via a check to the company you own, then they will be paying for services rendered. They will not be paying employment taxes(SS+Medicare) on that check amount. You will end up paying Self employment taxes amounting to 15.2% on this amount instead of the 7.6% had it been part of your W2.

As far as the impact to the GC process. I dont think the excess amount should be a problem, but pls confirm with an


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04-22 04:59 PM
30 viewers and no single comment..................

Any idea of how eliminate such gap when we do not want spaces between images?

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Blog Feeds
11-08 03:30 PM
The House of Representatives on Saturday night passed a sweeping health care bill by a vote of 220-215. In the next few weeks, this bill will be analyzed and there will be various summaries online regarding this important piece of legislation. I would like to focus on the Immigration related matters in the Bill.

The Congressional Hispanic Caucus staunchly oppose including a provision that would bar undocumented workers from using their own money to buy health insurance policies available through the exchange.

The measure is already included in the Senate Finance Committee's version of the bill and is backed by the White House. Some conservative House Democrats have also indicated their support for the Senate language.

Several Hispanic Caucus members who discussed the issue with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Friday said they had received assurances the Senate language would not be included. Rep. Charlie Gonzalez, D-Texas, warned Thursday that several caucus members might try to block the House bill if it's changed to conform to the Senate measure. Pelosi's bill includes various requirements for immigrants to verify their citizenship before getting federal subsidies to buy health insurance. Conservatives, however, have called the requirements insufficient.

We will review the Bill and report on more important points that will be of interest to Immigrants.

More... (


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08-04 06:40 AM
my name was not interview with my family.
my family gave interview and embassy asked for original I140 and I824 approval notices to check my eligibility.

i submitted and now after 2 weaks got the follwing reply:

In your case , the I-140 was filed on sept 10, 2001 and approved on october 08, 2003. The visa became available on october 08, 2003 . Form I-824 was not filed within one year of visa became available. <my name> was born on January 03, 1986. because he (me) is above 21 years old an immigrant visa as a derivative beneficiary of Employment third prefrence (e3) immigrant visa category cannot be inssued to <my name>. In order to qualify for a visa, he (me) would need to benifit from CSPA. Since form I-824 was not filed within one year of visa becoming available on October 08, 2003.
<my name> cannot be processed under CSPA.

but i think and i am not sure if i am right or wrong that I824 can be filed after issuance of green card, but at that time my dad ddnt got green card.
SO plz help me with right advice and solution so that i can travel with my family.
my mom and bro got te visa and it will expire in 6 monts and i want to go with them, can i be able to get visa in any case before their visa expire?

i badly need help.

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08-11 12:57 PM
I have a 16 year old should I sign his immigration forms or must he?


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11-24 07:41 PM
Does any one know how a company from a foreign country(India) can open a bank account in USA.

There is a possibility to register as a company in US and then apply for business account. But being still on H1 dont feel comfortable to register a company in US.

Are there any other ways a company in foreign country can open an account in USA to do the business at least to get the payments from the US customers.

Are there any suggestions to specific banks like wells fargo or so that would help in the process?

How about credit unions like DCU? Do they offer such provisions?

Any thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated..

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07-22 02:23 AM
Given the fact that we have a sum total of all Applications in the system :
We should have a pretty good idea soon how the PD would stand.

We should be able to fill in a quick poll to see how the numbers get split up with our members to get a rough idea of the % age wait. The goal is, most folks now are aware of IV and atleast visit IV frequently. They should be able to add 1 unit to the count, so we have a rough idea of the wait times to calculate to understand realistically How long to wait for the GC Visa # allotment.

We have waited long enough on BEC

Myself : Same Employer since 1998 till now :
BEC - EB2 Dec 2000, (Recd on June 18 2007)
PERM EB2 Dec 2006 (Recd on June 1 2007)
Filed 140 + 485 on July 2 2007

Associate Prof :
Wife : EB2 - Jan 2003 (BEC )
We are filing each as Primary but adding each other as dependents.
Filed 140 + 485 on July 2 2007

India : EB 2
2001 - BEC ---- Approx
2002 - BEC ---- Approx
2003 - BEC ---- Approx
2004 - BEC ---- Approx
2005 - BEC ---- Approx
2005 - PERM ----
2006 - PERM ---- Approx
2007 - PERM ----


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01-29 09:23 PM
Thank you for the info! Should I give my lawyer a heads up or not worry about changing address on the application (if they still can do that)?

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02-17 07:04 PM
Thanks to All :)


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07-30 01:16 PM
Hi Experts,

I will really appreciate any reply on this.

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02-28 11:01 AM
Hello everyone,

There is conference call on Thursday March 02, 2006 at 9.00 p.m. PST for people who are in Western part of US and in PST zone. Please join the conference call. If you don't have login and password please call us to get one.

It is time to get up and do something for ourself instead of sitting and waiting and seeing what others are doing. There are lot of things that we have to do so please join the conference call.


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10-05 04:19 PM

direct image URL:

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and Kids Funny Gift Mug by

06-23 10:09 AM
You will say 'YES' for yourself and 'NO' for your dependents. Immigration petition is nothing but I-140, if any of your family members have filed I-140 then answer would be 'YES'


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Funny gag gifts for lawyers.

03-02 04:57 PM
Looks like there is a huge backlog of perm applications. I am not sure if they will look at your application anytime soon. If your application is pending more than a year at least you could apply for extension of H1.

It will be delusional on our part to think that perm applications will have an easy approvals.

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10-02 10:41 AM
Hi, I just got my 3 Years extention and planing to co ouside of us. I know I need to get the visa stamped. I need to know where should I start. Do I have to cotact the embassy forst. Thank you for your help.

1. Where are you planning to go? CAnada. or Mexico or your country of origin.

Depending on the above answer the process will be different.

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Tags : funny gift; ,secret

12-13 05:34 PM
It'd be great to get some more IVians to express their opinions/ideas and vote on this thread:

The idea being bounced around is whether IV should be made an organization funded by membership dues, and benefits provided to members only.

The benefits:
- Logistics: Members identified/verified, not anonymous
- Communication: Improved one-to-one communication rather than hunting for information in forums. Perhaps even a newsletter updating you on what's going on, what's being planned, what are the activities.. and action items.
- Funding: Sustainable funding for lobbying efforts, media relations, etc.
- Live Nag-Free! No one asks you what you've contributed in every second post, you don't have to wear the ID tag of your contribution amount around your neck to prevent such questions
- Community: Be part of a community with a national presence, with local chapters.
- Legal advice: Get free legal advice in monthly/quarterly/periodic conf calls/webinars
- Jobs: Job postings or referrals on IV members-only site
- Business opportunities: Come together with other IV members to explore common business opportunities
- Myriad other benefits that memberships in professional organizations come with, such as travel discounts for instance.

The down-side:
- We may lose about half of our "members"
- Others???

Voice your opinions, share your ideas, and vote FOR or AGAINST this proposal here... :



08-20 10:10 AM

search for threads before starting a new one

08-06 03:26 PM
same with me. I was the only one to be recruited after months of efforts.

Now they started my LC with Manager's approval. Lawyer is doing the same thing.

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