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08-21 11:25 AM

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08-28 12:48 PM
Just a question.......... I just got my receipts for my 485. When I checked the receipt number on uscis it says that an approval notice for the ead was sent out 2 days ago. Any idea how long it takes to actually get the card??

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12-20 07:56 PM
With full due respect to the extremely hard IIT JEE and the brilliance of the students that make it to the IIT , the reason that only 3500 make it from over 150,000 is because of India's staggering population and staggering student numbers . The US has less than a third of US's population and hence Harvard accepts 10% . It is simple math.

I feel that just because a person could not crack a question in IIT JEE and gets rejected makes him any less smarter than the ones who make it given the small number of seats that used to be sometime back .

It is good that ye government has now opened a lot more IIT's and IIM's so that more people can get the privilege of going into these elite institutionalism , the ones who missed the Institution because they could not crack one question in the JEE .

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08-22 12:04 AM
Please join the Texas IV group for more information.

Thank you


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03-30 11:45 PM
Hi Becks,

Thank you so much. I am much relieved now. So, As long as I work for the sponsoring employer(even though the labor location is different) is it ok to file Ac-21 and move to another employer.? My impression was that I was obliged to work for that exact position(the one on the labor) to prove the 'intent'.


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09-19 12:34 PM
Hello All,

The Washington Post - Metro Section - has an article on the rally in today's paper.
Have others come across any other papers carrying articles on the rally?



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03-07 12:34 PM
A hypothetical, but important debate on worst case scenario in changing job using AC21
================================================== ======
Assume changing jobs using AC21 has some risk, debate is what is that risk. I am not expecting response like pack up and leave back to home country as I already know that. I am interested serious debate from people who used AC21 and bought houses and simulated in American culture and have family reasons to stay in US.

Lets assume USCIS send some RFE and rejected 485 that new job was not same or similar. Now -
a) How many days I have to leave country ?
b) After the rejection of adjustment of status how many days I have to wrap up my current job or I must leave it same day when rejection letter received from USCIS ?
b) After those number of days can one acquire visitor's visa for up to six months to pack up stuff, house and family on the ground of rejection of adjustment of status?
c) Can one change status to some non immigrant visa such as new H-1B or F-1 by traveling back and reentering to USA ?
d) After the rejection of adjustment of status can one still port priority date in a new green card processing ?
f) I am also interested to hear feedback on what one can do to mitigate the risk of Ac21(I already know that use attorney's advise when changing job or donot change the job)

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04-07 10:05 PM
Please do not start meaningless threads.
Moderators Please delete this thread.


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08-26 01:27 PM
FYI, just came acroos this. EB2 India/China Visa available in plenty

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07-21 06:35 AM
I just did that, from Sr sw engr to sr sales conslt. Corporation would not care for details of AC21 , however if and when u send in AC21 letter to USCIS, make sure your job duties match that of ur previous job. rest shd be all cool. The new job u r getting into, is it a big firm and small?


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12-17 08:54 PM
I ran into a very strange situation today. I have been working for a big reputed company for several years. I started as an engineer and now I am an engineering manager. My labor was filed when I was engineer. Recently my lawyers found out that my position has changed and they are rigorously working to file amendment(I think this is AC21). Lawyers convinced HR that this doesn;'t impact my application - but I highly doubt that given the history of issues I had with these lawyers. Please let me know your opinion on the possibility of my application either getting rejected or getting delayed due to this change. One good this is my field hasn;t changed - I am still working in the same filed listed in my labor application.

My application is pre-approved and waiting for visa number.I am also thinking about getting back to software engineer position to avoid all the potential trouble, but my career is going to take two steps backwards.

Thanks a lot for your time.

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07-05 05:12 PM
Hi Almond and dilbert_Cal,
I am in my seventh year of h1. I applied for one year extension.Not granted yet.
So do I have to wait to get the extension approved ? Can I get my 140 approval and re-appy for 3 year extension and then make the move ?

I am really grateful for that bit of info previously.


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08-21 11:53 AM
It seems they want to make some progress before updating the dates :rolleyes:

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05-15 12:35 PM
Hi IV friends-

I am preparing to apply for my EAD througth E-file online. I am on H1-B currently and my I-485 was filled under my husband's EB2 application in July 2007. I did apply for EAD at the same time and got approved EAD for a year but never used and it it expired in December 2008. Now My H-1 B cap will reach in March 2011 and want to go on EAD ASAP so I can save the remaining time on H1-B ( advised by my company lawyer.) . My questions -

Should I apply for reneal of EAD or new EAD?

How difficulat is it to apply online? Do I need to send coyp of my H1-B etc as supporting deocument?

Thanks in advance for all the help.



do some reading around here and you will find answers to all your questions. you will be renewing your ead.


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07-01 10:03 PM
My PD is Sep 2004 EB3. If I decide to move to another employer who could also file an EB2 labor for me, how long should I wait before they could file a EB2 perm application for me?
Suppose I apply for a position by replying to a job posting (advertisement) on or and I get that job, can the company use the same ad for applying for my PERM labor?

Hi, Could anybody answer the above question?

I have found a new employer who is willing to file EB2. The new job requirement is as follows:

MIN EXPERIENCE: 5 or more years’ professional experience in software engineering.
EDUCATION: BS degree required, prefer higher levels of academic achievement – degree in Computer Science.

Will I be eligible for EB2?

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03-15 07:06 PM


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11-14 04:14 PM

Would you know the minimum wage level needed to qualify for EB2?

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12-30 02:19 PM

Thank you for your reply.

But I do not want to loose my H1B status, mean not to use EAD.It has been almost 1.5 year since I140 approved but I never work for the company who filed greencard for me. Does it matter? What is final solution to get greencard since company is closing.

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12-03 10:20 PM
Sorry for off topic post but I need some help. I am applying for INDIAN passport for my daughter born in India. We are sending application via mail.

There is a mention of Consent letter from parents on CG NY website. If anybody has format/template for consent letters by parents, can you please share the format?


08-13 07:37 PM
Southern California members,

We have organized an Immigration Voice booth this Saturday August 18th at Pierce College, Woodland Hills at the IALA (India Independence) event. 14,000 people attended this event last year. Our aim is to talk to the general public about our issues, increase our membership and to generate publicity for the DC Rally. We will be handing out printed material, giving presentations and discussing our issues with the public.

The booth will be open from 3pm to 11pm. Come volunteer at the booth or visit us on the day. For more information on how you can volunteer, join the Southern California chapter here:

Note: We are aware that retrogression is a problem that affects people from all nationalities, however, due to the vast number of visa holders of Indian origin, the idea to take part in this event was proposed by a few members in our group. The So Cal IV group will gladly take part in membership drive events by other nationalities should those members come forward and propose such ideas.

01-22 05:41 PM
No responses so far!! Please repsond if you know

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