Monday, September 26, 2011

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07-13 06:22 PM
Why does everyone think it can only be something that the USCIS has the power/authority to act on by themselves. It's been almost two weeks since this fiasco started and they may have been meeting with the right people to put something together.

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03-14 10:54 AM
Hi everyone,
I have a related question. I am a canadian citizen now and am still maintaining an H1b. My H1b stamp had expired in 2007 though.

I had applied for AP in january but its still pending at NSC.
Now I have to go to India for my brother's marriage.

My question to you all is-Since I am still on H1B (and If am not wrong, canadian citizens do not require H1B stamps)-- will it be ok if I travel without an AP.


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05-21 10:31 AM
Hi All,

Last year, my company's lawyer had filed EAD and AP for me. This year, the lawyer is giving me an option to file it myself or pay additional 500 dollars for her to file.

What all supporting documents would I need from my lawyer to file EAD and AP this year. Do I need a copy of pending I-485, approved labor and approved I-140? Any insight would be helpful.

Also, any guidelines on filling EAD and AP online would be helpful. How do you submit supporting material if you e-file?


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06-07 01:35 PM
In NJ this is how it has been for last few years.


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09-12 03:23 PM
Where do guys see the LUD? And what number do you call the USCIS on? Thanx.

Register in and then enter the I140 info in your portfolio and you will see the LUD(last updated date)
and then press 12126

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10-15 11:48 PM
Again always track ur al aplications and DONT depend on lawyer .


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Munna Bhai
01-08 03:38 PM
They are in mid-30s and if they apply for residency they will finish at age 35yrs and then post-residency is another couple of years. Does mid 30s age in their favour?

Would like to get more insight on this issue.


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11-02 09:33 AM
Finally my AP got approved yesterday !!


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10-23 10:58 AM
Thanks a lot Ragunath. You saved my $1150. Sheila was asking $1150 for processing.

If you don?t mind will you please share your case?
How did you proceed further after denial?

Thanks again.

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09-09 01:28 PM
I had applied for PERM in 2006 with software programmer title with 8 yrs exp in EB2 and got it approved so i don't think it should be a issue. I have applied my second PERM in April 09 as senior software engineer with 10+ exp in EB2 still waiting to get it approved. My lawyer never raised any issue with my current labor in EB2 so i think we should qualify in EB2 with software engineer position. Where did you find this information about limiting EB2 to managers only? If you want to get in the line for GC don't waste time.. do it ASAP. It is taking a long time to get PERM approvals, don't know whats going on at DOL and why it is taking this long. There are hardly any approvals after Nov 08. Did anyone with PD after Nov 08 got their PERM approved recently?

The fact that there is no approval and you don't know what they are going to do with your new perm application is the concern raised. As long as we are seeing any EB2 approvals for SW engineers how can we conclude that nothing has changed and everything will be so easy going. My sis has applied for perm in apr2008 and she got 3 RFEs to which she responded 6 months ago and still waiting.


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07-17 10:24 PM
Do you have the link? Thanks! :)

If you look at the rules closely on the website, pregnant women are exempted from taking shots. The medical tests should not be a problem.

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03-10 11:12 AM
I have same problem with SBI. Planning to use wellsfargo expresssend from now on.


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02-08 12:38 PM
In a move that could ruffle a few feathers in the Barack Obama administration, American entertainment giant Warner Bros has said it will be outsourcing jobs to India.

I think this kind of a thing is going to happen more and more in the future. If you cut-off H1-b supply, choke green card process for legal immigrants (would-be), throw spanners into the wheels of a slowing economy by ill-thought restriction-ist policies, how are the companies going to survive (and rake in the moolah for the investors, get fat bonuses to the CEOs etc)? Its just not possible to hire some citizen who happens to be lying around without work, it just doesnt work that way. Skill-set counts. Otherwise, we would have seen a lot more citizens (whites specifically) around our work-places (software/hardware development). It is not pure coincidental and only to reduce wages that one finds tonnes and tonnes of Chinese/Indian folks slogging around in tech offices. Around 2005 when our company (big storage giant) was trying to hire for our Software development team, we couldnt find many candidates even to interview for regular Network programming (C/C++ types) we had to go and hire an entry level graduate (MS), a white guy who had no programming skills (was a Project Mgr earlier, and looking for job) and another Developer from Canada. Ofcourse, I didnt even clear the guy with no programming skills but my manager took him anyway as we were not even finding folks to interview..and the guy left after a couple of months unable to cope with programming related challenges..Long story short, you need the right set of people to work the right set of jobs!

This is something that idiots like Grasslet/Sessions/King etc will never understand. All they are trying to do is pander to a particular vote base and thats what they will continue to do.

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11-12 08:49 PM
Just a thought.... Don't waste your time with dishonest employers. I have wasted 2 years on my previous employer. I would have my PD 2001. My friend wasted 3 years. Now and me and my friend work for different companies, with very good relationship, having no problem interacting with lawyers or having our employers sign any paper CIS might ask. I had victim mentality until I realized that it's a market economy. You sell, your employer buys. If you don't like to deal with him, start looking for another "buyer". Don't rush. Find a good job, transfer your H1, and start everything afresh - I know it's hard, but that's a way to go. Don't be stuck to your employer for 5 years and later cry "my employer didn't want to apply for I-140, didn't give me latter for I-485", "my lawyer didn't respond to RFE, now I'm in trouble", etc. etc. CIS/DOL will give you enough headache even without employer's "assistance".

And, btw, I have waited 9 months for my PERM to be approved. No RFE, no nothing - just 9 freaking months.

I fully agree. Its a market economy. Everything depends on demand and supply, your SKILLS and value to the employer.


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04-26 11:06 PM
Many of us came here because an American University admitted us and sent us invitation (aka I20) to attend the program and many are working here because american companies invited us and sponsored our work documents and pays us very well at par with other knowledge workers. The company and industry we work in, needs our skills (even in this recession) and that's why we are here.

Believe me, most of us won't let GC situation drive our lives and will succeed no matter where we will be and will make sure to be helpful and grateful to all people and the country we are in. May be it's India or US or Canada or else ...

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07-15 03:03 PM
I have used AC21 to change jobs
I have a closing statement from my previous employer mentioning the exercisable options.

Here it goes:

Exercisable Options

Price $30
grant date 1/10/2007
Shares exercisable 400
total price =12000

Last date to exercise

However the market share value for the company now is 26.00

now my question is if I were to exercise before the last date will I be getting the total amount of $12000 or 26 x 400 = $10400 or the difference between the share values which is infact negative or nothing?

I find it difficult understand this financial terms. I dont understand clearly the term 'Exercisable options' Is there a hidden treasure am going to get?????

$30 per option price seems very high at the time they were offered unless they were trading around or higher than 30 at that time. Usually ESOP (Employee Stock Options) are offered at a lower end of the annual stock price fluctuations - e.g. if a company is already public with stock trading for the year highs at 50 at year low was say 20 at any point during that year then employees get it at 20. something like this. If a company is pre-IPO, the options are offered at a much cheaper price of a 1c to 10c per option.
You should be able to place a call to your HR and they would be able to explain any questions you have. If the value is negative, no point exercising options now.


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02-23 11:25 AM
If you currently have health insurance, you can continue it using COBRA in case of a layoff. With the recent stimulus bill, the premiums has been slashed by 65% for 9 months which is significant.

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12-05 02:10 PM
I can understand AILA/AILF not taking interest in class action (WOM money). May be ACLU will be more receptive?

Same here, as I've got my GC recently and my citizenship application is 5 years away. On top of this, an individual cannot file a class-action lawsuit, it should be an organized group. Otherwise I would've done it. For whatever reasons neither ACLU nor AILA/AILF want to take on I-485 class action.

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07-16 12:10 PM

My wife's I-485 got a REF and I have received the alert. I have not received the actual document. When we went for medical exam in 2006, she was pregnant and one of the vaccine was not given. I am expecting the REF would ask for the remaining tests.

Right now my family is in Hyderabad, India. Is there any provision in Hyderabad to complete medical exam ? or I need to bring them back to US ?

Thanks for the help.


11-20 12:56 PM
Teacher H1 is same as any other H1. There are consultancies hiring teachers. You can join based on your qualifications and experience. You get a 3 year certification based on your evaluation of credentials. I mentioned a company GTRR. You can contact them. Their site is My cell number is 404-704-2455.

All the best

10-24 09:20 PM
No Ap As Yet

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