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Acura Tsx 2010 Wheels

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2011 Acura Sport Wagon Photos

12-28 09:51 AM
To my understanding, if a person holding EAD is allowed to change jobs, he is not really tied to any particular employer. But the job description according to the I-485 form should hold true to anything you do till it is approved.
I am not sure if you can take a leave of absence, though. My hunch, would be 'no'. I am also in a similar situation and looking for some advice. Let me know, if you find an answer.

Thank You.

All the gurus on this forum,
I have this questions and I have feeling some of you are considering doijng this;;;;

My I-140 and 485 was concurrently filed in Dec2002. I-140 got approved. 485 is pending.
As i decided that this GC process should not hold me captive i went ahead made plans for my MBA education. Now I have an admission from INSEAD france for classes starting 2007.
IF my employer gives me Pesonal Leave of Abscene for one year....without pay
can I take off for studies without impacting the GCprocess?

Since I will be moving out of my residenec should I inform the INS of a new address friends) so that they can send EAD/AP etc..

I would love to connect to anyone who is similar situation......

PLEASE respond

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2009 Acura MDX Photos middot; 2010

07-29 11:23 AM
Nowhere did I say I am not sure. In fact I am as sure as it can get :)

The original poster is talking about adjusting status to F-1 but not already being on F-1. Understand that difference here.

For FYI: If one is already on F-1 and applies for I-485 he/she is no longer on F-1 for all practical purposes but in a "period of stay as authorized by the attorney general". In such a case he/she can anyways use a EAD but have to have an AP while re-entering and continue studying as usual.

Note that F-1 and applied for I-485 is a highly debatable topic amongst the legal fraternity.

If you are not sure, don't give untrue info!! His F1 will be unaffected until and when he starts using EAD. He will not be able to re-enter on F1, but as long as he does not use EAD he can maintain this status. To re-enter he will need to use AP and at that point he is no longer in F1.

Also, once you file I485, there is no problem going to school as long as he maintains the job he was originally sponsored for.

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New for 2011, the TSX with

11-30 04:00 PM
I am agree with you. But my question how can we correct this issue? Called no of times and they are not able to correct the issue. If she travel with that status any issue?

Write to CISOmbudsman <> and local congressman.

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2010 Acura TSX in Toronto

07-12 09:50 AM

Hi Can I send you the latest template based on several suggestion, that you could load it on you website?


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New 2010 Acura TSX for sale in

03-07 09:25 AM
Visa stamping interview --> First week of Feb
Was asked to submit technical questionnaire and other documents as per 221g which I did
Received email confirmation that they have "received" the documents and sending it to DOS for further processing and will email me in sometime

After waiting for one month and no sign of the elusive email, I flew in to LAX and used my Advanced Parole successfully. I had not cancelled my pending H1B application.
The POE officer was very polite unlike the officer at the Mumbai consulate. They didn't ask me even "one" question about my pending h1B application or the H1b in general, had to wait in the secondary inspection room while they looked up my information. Was out in 20-25 mins.
When I asked the POE officer what happens to the H1, he said it gets void. But as per earlier INS memos(Cronin Memo) and threads on forums, this is not the case right ? although I didn't start a discussion on this with him, because I didn't want to confuse him. My I-94 has AOS written on it which probably puts me in a Parolee status.

Now my question is:
I really would like to get back on the H1 status, so when the email arrives from Mumbai, does anyone know if its possible to withdraw the application .
Then arrange for the h1B visa stamping interview at say Tijuana, Mexico. Wouldn't I be in the PIMS system now (since I would have received the email from the mum consulate) and make the stamping faster at the regular timelines. I have my multiple entry AP as backup, so I can be back if I need to.
I'd really appreciate if anyone can shed any light on this, I really hate to work on my EAD and would like to continue on the H1 as a backup for my entire family's sake.

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2010 Acura TSX Acura

01-07 11:29 AM
its a gray area....

If your I-140 is not aproved after 180 days and if your emplyer does not respond to RFE..then your GC is gone for a toss...!!!!

its always recomended to wait untill i-140 is aproved and 180 days are over...!!!!

Not to scare you..i have also heard of emplyers revoking i-140 after it is approved which has caused tremendious pain to emplyees later in getting GC.

My advice....give your career high priority and just go with your gut feeling that things will be fine...!!!!

Good luck


Acura Tsx 2010 Wheels. 2010 Acura TSX Acura

2010 Acura TSX Acura

10-05 11:07 PM
yep .. that was my thinking.
Have seen a lot of posts where people insist that on EAD the job that you do needs to match the one you did on h1 .. at least 50%.

So am looking for documentation on what the exact rules are related to an EAD.
Any weblinks on this?

I think there is some confusion in the way you have asked your question. Your question is really about AC21 and not EAD. AC21, among many things, allows one to change employers 180 days after the filing of the I-485 as long as the new job is same or similar to the job description in your Labor Certification. If this is what you are asking - then this has nothing to do with EAD. You can invoke AC21 even on H1B.

EAD stands for Employment Authorization Document. It is a means by which a person can work legally in the U.S. Students who have completed requirement for a degree are eligible for EAD, anyone who has applied for I-485 is eligible for EAD, anyone who has applied for refugee status is eligible for EAD. Anyone who has an EAD is not restricted to a job category or classification which is unlike the H1B which is specific to a job, its classification, its location, employer, wage requirements, etc. If your I-485 is employment based and you have an EAD, you can quit your job and work in McDonalds as a cashier. The EAD will not prevent you from doing this. However, your I-485 application is no longer approvabe and it will be denied (this does not mean that you should quit your job and take up a waiter's job to see if the above statement is true - if you do - you are doing so at your own risk). And once your I-485 is denied, then your EAD is automatically invalid.

What you really need to look up is the American Competitiveness In the Twenty-first Century Act (in short - AC21). This is the one that governs if your I-485 is approvable (a.k.a "getting a Green Card") or not after you change your job. Again, this applies to only if you are the primary applicant for an Employment Based I-485. If your I-485 application is based on marriage to a US citizen or is based on Family Ties to a US citizen or is based on application for Refugee Status (or any other category like finishing 4 year degree or higher in a US university), then the job you take up will not affect your I-485 application. Even dependents like spouse and children of an employment based I-485 applicatant can take up any job with an EAD and it will not affect the I-485 process.

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2010 Acura TSX Acura

11-27 12:42 AM
I recently used the AP to enter the US. There were no issues in the US. However, the immigration official in India had some confusion trying to understand the AP. I had to show him a letter that my company's lawyer had given me listing the details of the AP and that I could use it for entering the US.


Acura Tsx 2010 Wheels. 2010 Acura TSX Acura

2010 Acura TSX Acura

08-08 07:49 PM
My H1 has been denied on Master's quota as I filed for H1 in April and I graduated in May. The reason for denial is that "on notice day, I was not graduate'.

My EAD will be expiring in May 2008 and even If I apply for New H1 in next April, I can not start working till October 2008.

In this bad situation, what are the option I have not to leave the country. Please advise as soon as possible

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2010 Acura TSX Tech V6

09-22 08:54 PM
Mine is in TSC.



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2010 Acura TSX 4dr Sdn I4 Auto

06-29 09:46 AM
My friend

What else we lose if we stand up the plate to express some legitimate concerns?

Most of the members of this forum (and so many more) have already lost the prime time of their lives because we just followed the path of playing by rules.

Unless some compelling personal reasons, i do not see any thing wrong to raise the voice

Yes, once "They" identify "You" the consequences can be severe.:rolleyes:
Beware! Big Brother is watching.

That is the reason I didn't support the US soccer team at World Cup.
US team is so unpopular in Europe :p Given a choice between popularity and doing the right thing, I guess popularity always wins :D

Hilarious! Couldn't resist :o

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2010 Acura TSX Sedan in Fort

04-12 07:17 PM
If you have an attorney represnted and you ahve signed a G325, you will not get the RFE your lawyer rather would get it...

This is correct. Only your attorney will get the RFE.


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2010 Acura TSX 4dr Sdn I4 Auto

03-06 09:41 PM

tattoo 2010 Acura TSX Acura Acura Tsx 2010 Wheels. 2010 Acura TSX | 7 miles

2010 Acura TSX | 7 miles

12-18 07:24 AM
Hi All,

I am also in similar situation. My labor says title as "Programmer Analyst"
and I have an offer as a Database Administrator.

If I look for onetcenter I am not seeing a direct code for "Programmer Analyst" but I see

a) 15-1051.00 Computer Systems Analysts
Sample of reported job titles: Systems Analyst, Programmer Analyst, Computer Systems Consultant, Business Systems Analyst, Systems Engineer, Computer Specialist, Computer Systems Analyst, Data Processing Systems Analyst, Information Technology Consultant (IT Consultant), Information Technology Specialist

b) 15-1021.00 Computer Programmers
Sample of reported job titles: Programmer Analyst, Programmer, Computer Programmer, Software Developer, Internet Programmer, Web Programmer

And when I search for the database administrator, it gives

15-1061.00 Database Administrators
Sample of reported job titles: Database Administrator (DBA), Database Analyst, Database Coordinator, Database Programmer, Programmer Analyst, Systems Manager

So should we look at the sample of reported job titles? If thats the case all the above mentions programmer Analyst.

Appreciate ur inputs


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2010 Acura TSX V6: More Sport

11-24 04:50 PM
Same here too
Stuck in EB3 though - I-140 Denied in Aug 2008 and filed an Appeal.
And to make it worse, no time left in H1 either, as I have been here since 2001.

Is there any alternative to this?
As in, can we apply for another I-140 while the appeal is still going on?

I seached in the AAO decisions website and the signs are not very encouraging. attached link has Jul 30 2009 decision in regards to 3 yr bachelor with diploma. I am seeing a lot of these.,%20Professionals,%20and%20Oth er%20Workers/Decisions_Issued_in_2009/Jul302009_07B6203.pdf

Is there nothing we can do to tackle this situation?
I would REALLY appreciate if you anyone can provide more info or share their experiences, provide an opinion, ANYTHING.


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Used 2010 Acura TSX

07-20 10:06 AM
I am a July fiasco survivor. My 485 has been filed through AOS, so no worries there. I was supposed to get married in a few months, but my fiancee has rushed down to the US on her tourist visa. The plan was to get a civil marriage certificate done and have her atach her AOS with mine. Lawyer has now informed me that she needs to stay here till she gets AP otherwise the application is considered 'abandoned'. She has a life in her home country that she needs to get back to, She can't just drop everything and park herself here for the 4-6 months that AP is likelt to take for July applicants. Does anyone have any advice, or a similar situation? As I see it, my options are -

1. File AOS for her and let her leave, and take the chance that they will track her departure and cancel her application. If this happens, is she allowed to refile if the PD becomes current later?

2. Rush out of the US with her to get her back in on H4 visa. Challenge here is that it is near impossible to get an appointment at a US consulate before the 17th Aug window closes.

3. File her application through CP. She doesn't get interim benefits that way. Given my PD of EB3-June 2006, I'm not expecting a GC for at least 3 years, so this option really sucks.

Any suggestions from the community out there?


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2004 Acura TSX (Carbon Gray

Munna Bhai
01-10 06:00 PM

girlfriend 2010 Acura TSX | 7 miles Acura Tsx 2010 Wheels. 2011 Acura TSX Sedan

2011 Acura TSX Sedan

09-22 09:25 PM
Did you guys have to go through FP for the APs? Will they take FP again even if they have done that before.

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2010 Acura TSX Sedan in

08-30 01:33 PM
did you ask them if the processing date on the website includes applications received on July 2 also? I know it is not clear... but maybe if you had asked them...?
Mine is July 2 and he said my file is with in processing dates and they should be working on it so I wd assume it is <=

09-20 10:13 PM
can any one give some information on this

04-27 01:35 AM
SDL is not really that confusing at all.
I never said it was. What I am saying is that it's off topic considering what he wants to achieve.

And he will have to learn it at one time or another, and why limit a program to one OS.
He will? Why?

DirectX/OpenGL can be used in a windowed environment
Again, that's got nothing to do with the desire to learn Win32.

so even if you just want to do Win32 stuff DirectX can enhance it.
And so can using the WPF in .NET, but how does that help with learning Win32?

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