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alabama tornado 2011

alabama tornado 2011. alabama tornado weather

alabama tornado weather

03-18 04:26 PM
Yesterday I went to SSN Administration office to apply SSN for my wife to get the tax rebate, you definitely need EAD if that person doesn't have work permit. So it automatically changes the status from H4 to EAD. I have also confirmed this the officer about the status, he confirmed that the status will automatically changed to EAD. So H4 no longer exists for spouse if the spouse carried H4 earlier. Hope this will answers your question. Regarding the tax rebate, you have to have SSN to qualify, so that's the main reason I went to SSN administration office for my wife.

there is no status called 'EAD' .. it is AOS/I-485 which gives the status. EAD just gives you work authorization. Probably the person who you talked to didn't have much idea about immigration.
FYI, I just got H4 extension for my wife (she got her SSN after showing her EAD few months back). So when you say that , getting SSN automatically changes status, is incorrect. What changes the status is if your spouse starts WORKING using EAD.. then she forgoes her H4 status and switches to AOS/485.

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f5 tornado alabama 2011.

03-25 12:08 AM
How will that help resolve housing market problem? If you are going to make a claim then make sure that you can back it up with facts/figures/evidence.

alabama tornado 2011. alabama tornado 2011.

alabama tornado 2011.

10-24 02:17 PM

I have a baby in US. We have applied for birth certificate and ssn. we plan to travel to india in December. I plan to apply for US passport once i receive DOB and ssn certificates. I have following Q's -

If baby has to travel to india, do i need PIO or OCI?
What is difference b/w two?
Can i simultanesously apply for PIO/OCI along with US passport?
What documents would I need to apply PIO/OCI along and US passport?
How long does everything take?

you can only apply for PIO and NY consulate issues it within 4 days (if you submit and collect in-person) or two weeks end-to-end if you apply by mail.

alabama tornado 2011. Alabama on April 27, 2011

Alabama on April 27, 2011

05-27 10:22 AM
I don't think the letter was of any help, it said my case is still pending, and as I mentioned above DMV told me they already knew that, they had access to USCIS database.

Thanks Bfaldia for sharing the info..



alabama tornado 2011. The 2011 Alabama Tornado

The 2011 Alabama Tornado

11-03 06:57 PM
I disagree. I think that we will see an another attempt at CIR bill. Dems will want to capitalize on their surge among the hispanic bloc; see the comments by Nancy Palosi [sp?]. An attempt will be made to cast it as an aid for economy: to bring people out of shadows so that they can buy houses etc.

But then this is just my opinion which, like yours, is just an opinion. Heck even my 5 year old these days does not seem to hold my opinion in any regard :)

Thats the concern. CIR pits illegals vs legals. The CIR bill allocates quotas from legals to illegals.

alabama tornado 2011. alabama tornado 2011.

alabama tornado 2011.

04-06 07:54 AM
People over 5 years will be eligible to apply for green cards after 6 years! This bill puts illegals in the place where they should be put, and I would not call it amenesty by any measure.

With this bill, if the thought is that about half of the illegals (<5yrs) will have to leave the country and return, and that too without any guarantees, they are not going to do it unless the consequences are drastic. Some, even then may decide that staying illegally is a better option than going back.

IMHO, this bill amounts to saying,
1. Let's legalize some of the illegals
2. Let's push the the rest of the problem away for another 10-12 years
3. A compromise

But the question that arises is that, what prevents people who have been here legally (>5yrs) from applying for GC thorugh this method?


alabama tornado 2011. the damage Alabama Tornado

the damage Alabama Tornado

02-04 10:27 AM
Today is the 22nd calendar day.

Is this your first time application for H1 or is it a renewal?

Its been over 3 weeks since my wife have H4 interview and the passport is still under "admin processing".

Is this your wife's first time application for H4 or is it a renewal?

alabama tornado 2011. alabama tornado 2011. alabama

alabama tornado 2011. alabama

12-31 10:32 AM
Dear friends,

My h1 is valid till Dec 2009. H1 stamping is expired in passport in Oct 2007.
My AP is approved. I am planning to travel in Jan 2008. Can I us AP to reenter in Feb 2008 and continue working on H1 or do I have to use EAD to work?



alabama tornado 2011. alabama tornado 2011. alabama

alabama tornado 2011. alabama

03-26 02:07 PM
I wish this date business was like the money market - we could have done some Technical Analysis, drawn some Fibonacci expansions, looked at Bollinger Bands, plotted the MACD and RSI along with the Fast & Slow Stochastics and PSARs with the Pivot Points and trend lines ...

But it is nothing like that... it behaves like every day is a news day - and hence - all analysis fails ... things work on sentiments...

Even NASDAQ could be more predictive than this...

I beg to differ my friend. Stock market now a days is also run pretty much on sentiments without logic. One day up 300 next day down 300...pretty much like USCIS!!

alabama tornado 2011. geiger alabama tornado. 2011

geiger alabama tornado. 2011

Munna Bhai
01-09 12:44 PM
I have filed I-140 in May 2007 and it is still pending. Is there anyone in this same situation??Please let me know to whom to contact.



alabama tornado 2011. alabama tornado weather

alabama tornado weather

01-24 11:27 AM
Filing for I-485 is better as after six months, the employers can not do much. Disagree with this post altogether.

alabama tornado 2011. Tuscaloosa, Alabama Tornado

Tuscaloosa, Alabama Tornado

07-01 05:45 PM
if you are in California then fwd this to your employer

Non-Compete agreements are void in California. I had the same situation as you and in my case my vendor (new employer) helped me based on this law. I m in California


alabama tornado 2011. Tornado Warning Northern

Tornado Warning Northern

05-18 07:16 PM
Good job! However, like I and some other people on this forum have mentioned before, there is the need to de-emphasize our course as an Indian course. We know the majority of people in the GC process are of Indian or Chinese origin but we should recognize we need an all-inclusive approach to this struggle.

I clicked on the link and the headline read "Indian immigrants in US raise voices" While I understand that this might have come from the reporters who put togther the news, it is important that the members of IV at the forefront of this campaign and indeed all members on this forum, portray our course as as a high-skilled immigrant course and NOT an Indian or Chinese course.

Just something to think about!

Great work IV core team! EB immigration will be benefited by the work done by IV core team sooner or later. Keep it up!!

One will wonder that Indian Government will do something as the India and her economy are benefited by EB immigration big time in last decade. In the global economy the overseas workers are the greatest strength India has and as usual they are completely ignoring the problems faced by EB immigrants in the USA.

Just a thought,

alabama tornado 2011. View full sizeAlabama Gov.

View full sizeAlabama Gov.

07-28 10:00 PM
Checked the USCIS Website today and there is no Soft LUD on my 485. But i did notice that the "Request for Evidence" Message changed to "Request for Evidence Respone Review" . This is a new status message.

I got an RFE on Sep 3rd 2008 and Attorney's filed the response with in 3 days. I did not get any other update beyond that. I did open a SR on July 11th regarding status of the case.

Did anyone who had sent their response to RFE get their status changed like the above today?

Here is description of the "Request for Evidence Respone Review"..

"Once a timely response to the request for evidence is received by USCIS, we review the evidence or information you submitted. If you submitted the requested evidence, we continue with the adjudication of your application or petition in light of the new evidence"..


alabama tornado 2011. Alabama Tornado April 27 2011

Alabama Tornado April 27 2011

09-14 03:43 PM
Jay is going to speak now. Its an interview.

alabama tornado 2011. Tuscaloosa, Alabama Tornado

Tuscaloosa, Alabama Tornado

08-27 02:26 PM

My company filed for I-140 around Dec-2007. During first week of Sep-2008 USCIS case status page was showing "I-140 is approved". After that since third week of Sep-2008 case status page is showing "Documents mailed to applicant".

But neighter my lawyer not my employer had received the approval notice in mail.
How to obtain the duplicate or copy of this approved I-140? What form need to be submitted? where? and how much time it takes?



alabama tornado 2011. Sharing Spree Helps Tornado

Sharing Spree Helps Tornado

03-01 01:51 PM
All you have to do is scroll down the home page.

Let me know if you still have difficulties.

Another improvement if I may:

Wondering if the website administrator has the ability to send a mass email to all its members. This is to inform and urge all its members to send web faxes and be more involved in planned activities.

Also, I sent a webfax to all three required personnel, but was hesitant to act since I was under the impression that I have to type the matter, choose the letter format, find the fax number for the official, etc. But later found our thats its as easy as clicking your mouse thrice.
We could have a section that tells people and members just how easy it is to send a web fax, and not having to search for the officials' fax numbers and not having to compose the letter, and such.

Lastly, launching a concerted and a planned membership drive and to reach all immigrant communites. For the fund raisers, and for memberships, we are still relying on a word of mouth which is not as efficient. IV could post some ads in those media that are immigrant friendly and has good reach.

It could also start assessing a fee for membership, and also try to reach corporate sponsors like those businesses that are immigrant owned and run. When these businesses contribute, IV can advertise them on its website as contributors, so they (the sponsors) get the business of immigrant friendly customers.

alabama tornado 2011. alabama tornado 2011.

alabama tornado 2011.

03-28 12:29 AM
I was on bench for 4 months in 2001. I have 2 times H1 transfer after that and visited India couple of times. I have regular pay stubs from 2002 onwards.

Can this create an issue while IO is working on my 485 application?

They usually check tax returns last three years. Some time go up to five year. 2001 just forget it.

alabama tornado 2011. alabama tornado 2011.

alabama tornado 2011.

08-16 02:52 PM
I guess we dont have a choice but to pay.

Thank you all for your advise.

One more thing, no form G-28 was given to me to sign. What does this mean?

That is strange. When a legal attorney represents you, you should sign G-28 authorizing the attorney to act on your behalf. Check with the attorney.

01-18 04:40 PM
I'm the other voter,

Guys, it is the time to show up your support and contribute to this effort.

I only see one vote and that too mine on the attendance poll above.
Don't let anyone take your vote and your voice for granted.

12-24 01:23 PM
Congratulations to everyone!!!...Nothing is impossible if we are united..

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