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04-02 09:50 AM
First apply for H4 asap. It is simple to file H4 extension. I also forgot to file extension for my wife. I realized after a month and applied. luckily her h4 was approved. my attorney told if we dont get the extension within 180 days she has to leave the country and get stamped. Any way talk to attorney. apply for extension and wait until another 3 months.if you dont get it then leave the country and come back.

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05-30 04:14 AM
Most of the time you will hanlde referential integrity checks via SQL constraints or a double layer via your business objects and constraints together. If you wrap your update statements in a try/catch you can always catch any SQLExceptions first.

Self incrementing IDs shouldn't be a problem - the data objects should be smart enough to know not to try to insert a key, and they will let SQL pick it. You shouldn't need to worry about these at all.

As long as SQL has the constraints you shouldn't have any problems introduced by the application - the worst case is that the application throws an unhandled exception after trying to do an illegal insert. Of course if this causes any problems within the application and the data display it should be handled, but the actual underlying data shouldn't be affected.

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10-06 10:49 AM
Dear All.

I have a couple of queries and would appreciate your guidance in the matter.

-I have an approved H1B extension but my H1B visa in the passport has expired. Presently I do not want to use my EAD. When travelling outside the country can I re-enter the US using my Advance Parole or do I have to get my H1B visa stamped in the passport.

-Our son is 15 years old. He does not have a social number as we did not apply for EAD. His H4Visa on the passport has expired. Now when he travels outside the country, can he use his travel document. How does it work, or does he have to maintain his H4 status and get his visa stamped. Please advise.:)


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01-14 12:51 PM
i had been to SBA and the free seminars for entrepreneurs conducted by them. They hold one-one meetings and try to know what you exactly want to do and tell you how to proceed. It is an goverment organization with volunteers who are reteired high ranking officers from different field. They gave me brochures and booklets and told me to write a business plan. Anyway, you can google SBA and find the nearest local office and ask them for a appointment.


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05-02 08:39 AM
It seems no one else is in this boat. Strange.

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08-02 11:54 AM
I am wondering if there is a potential issue for the applications filed between July 3rd to july 17th. This is the period when everything was in limbo. Is there any disadvantage for these folks?

So far I haven't seen anyone getting checks cashed or recipted in this period. We do see July 2nd notices comming in.

I had my 485 application received at NSC on July 3rd. And now we are hearing that they may transfer cases to TSC if I-140 was approved from there. Another delay! This wait is getting me restless.

Yeah so far only TWO notices though. I am seriously beginning to wonder if filers between July 2 - July 17 are actually going to be penalized coz NOTHING in USCIS is ever "FIFO".


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07-21 02:00 PM
Thank you katrina for your response.
My fear is that if I have an interview, I would fall to pieces and get so nervous to answer questions.
I also wonder if my entries from 1986 will show up when they check the records.

It probably will not show up, but if you think you will be that nervous then you may want to get an attorney. But your case looks ok. You have maintained status since your last entry.

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09-18 10:36 PM
AFAIK if your Perm is approved then you can do premium processing of I-140 and get H1 extension after 140 is approved
I have already moved to company B. Have an i-140 approved from company A in 09/2006. Now that my 6 years are over in 5 months, waiting for Fragomen to determine appropriate strategy for extension since new Perm has not been pending for 365 days. Anyone have experience with extending H1 using company A I-140 when with company B?


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12-09 10:34 AM
Here is my letter with names out:
Dear Senator,
My name is -------, and I am a highly skilled technology consulting professional from India. I came to the U.S. back in 2000 on employment and since then, I have made an excellent contribution to all the employers that I have worked for. My current work involves consulting in Public Sector for a State Police Agency. I am involved in developing an information system that will increase officer safety, and boost crime prevention and control.

However, I feel that my human rights are being violated.

My wife, --------, is a CPA - a highly qualified and accomplished individual. She cleared the NASBA CPA exam with flying colors in first attempt.

However, she feels her human rights are being violated.

This is so due to an issue called Employer Based Green Card Retrogression.

In these years, we have earned top notch dollars, paid taxes, made charitable contributions, visited numerous craft fairs and bought American products, and participated in the cultural diversity of this country. Highly skilled and accomplished as we are, we don't have a life.
We don't have a life, because we don't have security and peace of mind. We don't have peace of mind because after toiling for more than six years, we are still temporary workers. We don't have a green card yet.
Because we don't have a green card, life has come to a hold. Here's how.
For the longest time we didn't participate in my employer's 401 K plan because we weren't sure if we will get our green card and become permanent residents and hence be able to enjoy fruit of our labor after retirement. I didn?t buy life insurance, or make long term investments for the same reason - unless we get a green card it seems like we are living in an exotic refugee camp. We haven't bought a home because our H1Bs have always been tied to a particular employer, and there is always this chance where if for some reason one of us loses our job, then we will not be able to afford the mortgage and may also have to leave the country in a matter of days, leaving no time for us to sell the house.
Senator, where is my American Dream? Why has America created a temporary workers' program which is completely unfavorable to the worker's quality of life and long term welfare?
My wife's H1B visa is expiring this February 2007, and since her green card was not filed and mine has no chances of showing up in that time, she will have to quit her job and sit at home - almost under house arrest. I can't even imagine what it would do the morale and self-confidence of a dignified woman who has earned her living through her hard work all these years.
Senator, we are in a crisis.
EB Green Card backlogs have resulted for individuals coming from high-demand countries, even when the overall cap has not been reached and regardless of the fact that these high-demand countries are often the only source of individuals capable of filling high-skilled jobs. Those caught in the backlog are forced to spend up to seven years waiting, unable to become true stakeholders in this country, putting their lives on hold in the hopes that a green card will eventually become available to them. Not surprisingly, these talented professionals often tire of waiting and leave the U.S. to put their knowledge and skills to use in other countries eager to compete with and surpass the U.S.

But this need not be the case.

By passing legislation that provides H-1B and EB green card backlog relief, you will be showing your support for enabling the best and brightest from around the globe to contribute their skills and knowledge to the U.S. economy, which is good for American workers, American businesses, and the country?s long-term economic health.

I request your support for the High-Skilled Immigrant Interim Relief Act of 2006 bill introduced in the Senate by Senator Cornyn. This bill provides relief to legal high-skilled immigrants waiting patiently for their permanent residency and gives required impetus to innovation and competitiveness in the U.S. A similar bill popularly known as the Securing Knowledge, Innovation and Leadership (SKIL) bill was introduced in the Senate by Senator Cornyn and co-sponsored by Senators Allard, Allen, Bennett, Enzi, Hutchison and Lott. This bill has also been introduced in the House by Rep. Shadegg and co-sponsored by Reps. Conaway, Doolittle, Flake, Hoekstra, McCaul, Pence, Shimkus and Tiahrt.

I am a member of Immigration Voice, a national grassroots organization of legal high-skilled immigrants. Our organization is committed to helping the United States maintain economic competitiveness by retaining the world's best and brightest talent in the United States.

My family and about 500,000 others are in urgent need of your action in this matter.

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07-27 11:08 AM
Can some one please confirm. I hope I am not confusing everyone here. I am filing my I 140 now, I want to be sure that this is safe.....

thanks for the kind replies...


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Dakshini R. Sen
06-25 10:33 AM
Yes, until her I-485 application is approved she can apply for the EAD as well as the AP. Provided you have received the permanent residency card, you do not have to do anything. AC21 filing is irrelevant in your case.

Dakshini R. Sen, P.C.
Law Offices of Dakshini R. Sen P.C. , Immigration Lawyer US. (

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10-25 05:27 PM
It is hard to say. I am in the same situation as you (filed concurrently by June 21). I believe it is not worth giving them an extra $1000, and for what. You already have filed your I-485. What is the downside?


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05-28 07:57 PM
Thanks Ryan for reply but I am bit confused... Do I need to have US Visa for working with Canadian company, even if company don't have anything do with US.

It's canada based company and will be working remotely.

Let me get this straight; You're working "remotely" for a Canadian firm whilst living (full time) in the United States?

You shall require a US work visa or a legal resident status to live & work in the US - because (like I said) your status in Canada is irrelevant whilst living & working full time in the US (for a US or foreign Company) I'm not quite sure why that's confusing?

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07-23 01:50 PM
K Larson


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10-07 12:51 AM
:( that's bad... I confess I voted for myself yesterday, just couldn't resist the mischievous evil inside :evil: I can't change my vote can I? We can count one off me and I give my vote to Coppertop. ;)

If you disqualify me I will totally understand. :sigh:

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Blog Feeds
10-04 11:10 PM
VIA The New York Times

"Although President Obama has put off an immigration overhaul until next year, the federal agency in charge of approving visas is planning ahead for the possibility of giving legal status to millions of illegal immigrants, the agency?s director said Thursday.

?We are under way to prepare for that,? Alejandro Mayorkas, the director of the agency, the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services, said in an interview. Mr. Obama has told immigration officials that a legalization program would be part of legislation the White House would propose, said Mr. Mayorkas, who became director in August. The agency?s goal, he said, is to be ready to expand rapidly to handle the gigantic increase in visa applications it would face if the legislation, known as comprehensive immigration reform, passed Congress."

Continue reading (

More... (


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05-25 09:05 AM
there were only 4 fax sent , when i sent it yesterday. i am not sure if many sent in faxes and just did not pot. if not it is very important to send out this word. moderators what is plan of action?

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10-06 11:39 AM
Its an honor to have such prestigious members on IV Advisory boards..

Great to know that we are in good hands..

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09-26 12:48 PM
FBI is going to tell only if your FP results are gone back to USCIS or not.
They do not tell about the Name Check.


I read that you have called FBI to know about the name check status.Whats thier contact no ?What inputs do they ask to get your case status ?

Let everyone know


07-11 12:52 PM
Hello friends,

My prority will be current in Aug, next month. I filed I485 last july and my I140 is also approved long back in 2006. After filing I485 i do not see any LUD or anything on my case.

What will be the chances to get my I485 approve ? Do i need to followup / take appointment ( Infopass) etc ?

Appriciate your thoughts...

Well, one of my colleagues with EB-2 India PD of Nov 2003 took an InfoPass appointment as soon as the bulletin came out with his PD being current. IO told him that he is all set and should get his I-485 approved as soon as his application is picked for processing as per the processing dates....He did not see any LUDs...He applied his 485 in Jun 2007...He got the welcome email in the first week of the month when his PD was current...

So I am not sure if his InfoPass appointment triggered anything or his application was picked randomly..Whatever it is, its worth taking an InfoPass because it is the only thing in your control...Good luck..

08-23 04:34 PM
I talked to the contact person at

According to him They won?t vote on any immigration bills till after the election.

So it seems it will be after november only.

But look at the positive side. We have more time to contact the law makers.

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