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01-24 10:04 AM
Annual Report of the Visa Office for 2010 has been released here...

Report of the Visa Office 2010 Table of Contents (

Table V Part 2

India Received

EB1 6741
EB2 19961
EB3 3036

Other Info
EB1 received a total of 41026 which means there was no spillover from EB1.

Last year the annual cap was 149200, so EB1's share by 28.8% rule is 42963
EB1 as you say received 41026.
Spillover from EB1 was 42964 - 41026 = 1944 ~ 2K.

This year we are back to the regular cap so the spillover from EB1 last year was on account of FB Spillover being added.

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09-15 01:18 PM
if they take the bill, they might listen to us and include our provisions in this bill because our provisions are part of the CIR bill which they passed it.

but they will make changes to 'secure act' and pass it in such a way it goes to conference committee (big chance of this going because senate wants 370 miles fence, house wants 700miles) and they wont have time for that committee now, so they will work on it next yr after elections. again after elections, it is diff game as you said. anyhow we caught in the middle of their game.

Now that the "Secure Fence Act" has been approved in the house, will senate take on this bill and pass its own version? Has there been any indication at all from the senate leadership that they intend to pass something similar and if so, when? The reason I ask is that I strongly believe that if this bill were to taken on by the senate then our friendly senators like Specter might include some relief for us. This is the only chance I can see this year and next year is a whole different ball game.

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03-16 05:12 PM
Faxed mine a few mins ago

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07-27 04:20 PM
Your lawyer is correct. Until you get a negative response for your MTR you can work.


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09-10 08:26 PM
I had no experience with a prior employer when my employer applied for PERM in January 2007.
Education: MS
PERM Category: EB2
Company Sector: Finance
Job Profile: Technology

PERM & I140 were approved by DoL & USCIS respectively without any RFEs. I485 pending since Aug 2007.

hello every1,

I was wondering how many of you are here who had applied their labor with MS + 0 years of experience for EB2 category..

Could you please shed some light on your profile and current standing in GC process ??

Thank youu....

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10-20 10:48 PM
Censoring yourself now dan?


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04-07 07:29 PM
A reputed university = very few or no gultis. TVU had only did not qualify.....

Stupid. Don't bring up specific community here.

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05-25 08:52 AM
Jazzy2, please talk to staff if you can - they like personal interaction. Best of luck. Called Sen. Graham, and Sen. Alexandar. Also, call the business friendly repubs and immi friendly democrats more. Called patty murray, maria cantell, Harry reid, Sen Lieberman, Sen. Salazar, Mccain, Cornyn, Martinez, Obama, Leahy.


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11-06 09:38 AM
Any one knows which Airline is good (Cost & Service) from Newark to Bangalore? I have flown AI with stop over in Bom, but would prefer something direct to Bangalore.


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12-06 11:42 PM
I think Eb2 is much better. Retrogression is hardly more than 3 years and moves fast sometimes. Best thing is get a preapproved labor if available in your company


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02-16 08:39 AM
Hi Everyone,

I will be laid off from an american company by the end of Feb 2009. I spoke to my previous desi employee as my H1b with his company is still valid and he din't revoked it until now

But he agrees to let me join his company but at the same time he worried about few things

Q1) I was with him for 6 months of 2008 and moved to an American Company so the total pay in the W2 for year 2008 is less than LCA amount.
Would that be a problem as i din't work with him for an entire year in which case it is bound to be less than LCA amount..
Mind you i'm looking at the Yearly wage if you look at month wise it is much higher than mentioned in LCA.

Would that be of any problem to both me and employeer.

Q2) He also said that when somebody re hires any one , the employeer is liable to pay back wages for the period of time he was out.

It sounds illogical atleast to me because he didn't terminate me from the job it was me who quit the job and transferred my H1b on a good note , but there is no official document saying i quit the job or he terminated me ....

I would appreciate if some could throw some light on this ....

My future is relied on these issues


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02-07 12:57 AM
Hello there

I am student from Tri-valley university. On Jan 20th the college got shut down. I am working on CPT. I came to know about the shut down through my friends, with whom immigration officers met. Although no immigration officers contacted me by any means, my friends suggested me to look for another college and get enrolled as soon as within 30 days. While I tried to enroll in another college, I came to know that still the sevis is not yet released. Until the college releases our sevis, we are unable to enroll in any other college. We are elible to work only if we enroll into the college, get an I-20 and CPT. Now I am worried because until they release our sevis, the admissions in other colleges will meet deadline and what happens if they no more take admissions. Do you have any idea how long can it take for them to release our sevis ? Will it be safe for students like me hereafter to work fulltime on CPT ?

Thank you

Looks like your only worry is to get admitted to another college so you can continue to work on CPT.....You show no concern what so ever regarding the credits you earned so far (if at all any), courses you are currently enrolled in and the fee you paid......It seems you are one of the students who knowingly enrolled at TVU so you can work from Day1......


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11-14 09:36 PM
I scheduled an infopass appointment for tomorrow to discuss misspelled name on my EAD and AP. Several of my friends are saying that since these documents carry A #, and picture, in addition to name, I should be fine if I ever need to use them. But I just wanted to play safe, hence took this appointment. Will let you know guys, the outcome of my visit.

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06-11 05:59 PM
trust me if there wasnt a bra in the pic I used then there wouldn't be a bra on the pic I posted lmao.


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03-22 09:15 AM
Your post is confusing. Can you please add details. Is her visa (stamping) denied or her I 797 (H4 approval I forget the number its I5XX something) that was not approved? I am assuimg its the later. Any case its always prudent to exit the country immediately in order to maintain status.

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10-10 10:03 AM
Thank you!

I am not quiting my company but I am moving to India. In that case what will happen ?

Your valuable inputs are greatly appreciated.

Thank you very much!


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11-28 01:19 PM
Fee : $305.00

Applied on line, printed the form.

Attached the following and sent them to USCIS
1) 485 - copy.
2) Old APs 2 - Copies.
3) Cover letter explaining that I need to visit my parents as they are old.
4) DL - Copy.
5) Photos : 2 (write A# and name back of them) (I forgot to send the photos with the application)

I forgot to attach the photos and got RFE, sent photos and approved yesterday. Waiting for the physical copy.

Item (3) the cover letter, is not required, but there is no harm to include one. Besides that include photo page of your passport (to confirm you are who you say you are) help speed up the process.

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02-23 01:21 PM
Can H4 dependent join college without changing his/her visa status to students visa.

Also what are the implecations for this on the green card process if one is waiting for the PD to be current.

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08-03 10:55 AM

My wife's EAD is expiring on 8/3, and the renewal was filed on 5/19 w/ notice date 5/24.
We have just requested expedite request but may not get it in time.

She just entered into USA using AP in July.
485 was filed in Aug 07.

If she continues to work till the EAD is processed, would she be protected under rule 245K? Does she need to stop working immediately?

And what happens if she does not get the EAD by Aug 19 (90 days)? Would the infopass office issue an interim EAD based on the application?


08-04 10:36 AM
Yes...i am july 2nd filer...still waiting.

PD Feb 2005

09-12 08:15 PM
Unpaid vacation is acceptable. Consultants working on hourly basis do not get paid when they do not work. As long as you come on top of prevailing wage rate and the annual salary quoted on the LCA at the end of the year, it does not matter. USCIS understands that you need a vacation too and can not work like a machine throughout the year.

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