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bubonic plague doctor

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07-16 07:05 PM
There's already a thread floating in the forum to discuss this. Did you search the forum before conveniently created this dupicate thread. Please be considerate to resources on IV. It will be very difficult to desseminate the information all over the place.

Please request admins to delete this one if you could not do so.

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07-11 12:02 PM
Well, I disagree - I am sure they have certain number of work force dedicated to work on I-485 cases. They will not accept any I-485 till tell me one more time what are they going to do till October?
I agree with rest of your points about family based AP, EAD etc.

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Bubonic plague

04-07 02:45 PM

My mother-in-law applied for a B2 Visa and she was granted a 10 year/Multiple entry visa. At the POE, IO gave a 6months stay on her I-94 form. So far so good!

We wanted to extend her B2 for another two months so that we can go around a bit during Summer months. We applied for an extension ( I-539 Application to extend Non-immigration status) and we received an acknowledgement from VSC.

The question is, VSC is processing I-539 for August 07 and I dont think we would be getting her approval before her I-94 expires at the end of this month.

Some folks might have gone thru this situation before. Based on your experiences, can you pls. let me know what are the possible options here?


Keep the receipt in hand. She can leave when she is ready to leave. If VSC responds or has an RFE after her departure, you can respond to that RFE and also provide proof that she has left the country already.

But, the fact is, USCIS does not take it kindly when people on B2 Visa extends beyond the 6 months. She may have trouble coming back a second time. Please be advised of this.

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Anthrax, Bubonic Plague

06-09 08:25 PM
Can you be more specific. In India you have 3 year diploma and then 4 year BE. The 4 year BE is same as 4 year BS here, plus the MS puts you in form for an EB2 category if the job requires a MS.

If my post helped, please contribute to IV. You have just entered the mess, support IV and help yourself get out of this mess soon. Best of luck.

Hello All,

I was reading at some of the posts in this forum and they seem to have been quiet helpful.

My company has decided to go ahead with my GC process.
Its in the very early stage, but my immigration specialist gave me a heads up regarding something.

She said, that as I have a 3 yrs BE degree the USCIS may not recognize me under EB2 category :confused: So I explained her the education system in India, but she said that it depends upon the Credential Evaluation Agency which will process my educational qualification and prepare a report and submit it to USCIS.
Following this USCIS will make a decision whether to grant EB2 or EB3 category.

I am sure many of the members may have faced a similar Dilemma....Is there any specific solution to this?

To be precise I completed my Diploma from Mumbai & Degree from Pune University, followed by MS in US and currently working on H1B.

Please Advice.



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ubonic plague (builenpest)

09-28 09:02 PM
Has anybody travelled TO India with personal gold jewellery? I am not concerned about theft/security. My question is about Customs clearance at the airport. Do we need to declare it or pay customs duty?

If you have any experience doing this, please do share it here.

Thank you.

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The Plague Doctor#39;s Garb

09-14 03:44 PM
i understood that. I was just kidding :D

The newly acquired ART OF BASHING has kept me on toes.
Scared to post .:p


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Bubonic plague is not properly

12-25 12:35 PM
At present till now based on the talks i had with my employer i donot have any hopes that he will be running the pay stubs.

The pay specified in my LCA is $44000. I have been paid on hourly basis of 43$/hr till now and the pay stubs reflect that. If i go to DOL or go through attorney will i be paid at $44000 or will the previous pay stubs help in getting me the rightful salary.

Sure i will let know the employer name. I am just waiting to have my H1B transfer.


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Bubonic Plague Map.

08-07 10:52 PM
and bump///



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The Plague Doctor became a

02-05 10:12 AM
Shahuja and Raju,
thanks for your reply, let's hope you get them soon.

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Bubonic Plague Doctor Nurses a

08-13 06:05 PM
I saw some information somewhere, but don't have the link right away to post here.
But here is the crux of it.

Basically the guy said that : assuming that the wife is working on EAD, and the moment she gets an H4 extension approval, she automatically comes on H4 status, but the very next day if she goes back to work on EAD, the H4 status gets invalidated and person comes on AOS status instantly.

Now should she force the company to update the I-9 on that date, is the question.

The bottom line I think is : there is nothing called as a STATUS field in any USCIS or DOS computer system. Its what you do that determines your status. I believe USCIS allows dual intent.

Does anyone think that I am wrong?


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ubonic plague doctor. plague

07-27 05:04 PM
Once i use my EAD can i work accepting 10/99 (contractor) with same or some other employer I am on H1b

Can my wife work as contractor she is on H4

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1348 Bubonic Plague Doctor

04-10 02:34 PM
I went thru the tracker to see how many are there before Jan 2004 EB3-I. And the news is not good.

Out of the total cases of 27, 389 (All-no filtering), 757 is before Jan 2004 for EB3-I. That's a % of 2.764%.

Now, let us extrapolate this figure to find out the total remaining EB3-I cases. If we take that there are 400,000 pending EB cases, the count of Eb3-I prior to Jan 2004 would be: 400,000 * 2.764 = 11, 056 cases.

With a country quota of 3000 visas, it would take 11056/3000 = 3.69 years to clear this backlog.

Now a word on the potential visa date movement. I have noticed that there are many PDs in the latter months of 2003 - there are very few people with PDs before June 2003. This points to a very strong possibility of the DOS setting the EB3-I visa date as June/July/August 2003 in the coming months.


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Bubonic Plague Doctor Nurses a

11-15 11:08 AM
I am having tough time in getting an appointment with my local Representative and let them know what out problems are. And now this DEC bulletin is making my head spin.
---may be this bulletin will push me more in getting just an appointment--
:cool:God bless America:cool:

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Bubonic plague; ubonic plague doctor. Plague doctor, France

04-04 09:02 AM
bumping it up... Friends I would like to hear from others.. thanks in advance...


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Plague Doctor

03-04 09:31 PM
It's not like he suddenly realized something. The only reason they changed the policy is that they got sued. Period! :mad: They continue the sabotage with processing dates going backward (which is never supposed to happen!), etc, because they feel no threat to their well-being.

Now USCIS has started finding other reasons , so that their processing times can become sane. "Additional Review" , "RFE for documents issued by INS 10 years ago" etc.

And one example :

dresses 1348 Bubonic Plague Doctor bubonic plague doctor. Bubonic Plague Doctor. doctors

Bubonic Plague Doctor. doctors

05-14 10:55 PM
Ok...ok...I am working as an attorney partime... for myself...kidding.

"may not make the cut easily" - what do you mean?


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LA for ubonic,

09-19 01:00 AM
Unfortunately Bitu72 did not have answer to my specific question, so the question is still Open.
Any appropriate response is much appreciated !

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a plague doctor! The Black

04-21 10:34 AM
Hello fromnaija,
I don't think we need to start out GC process everytime we move to a different location. I believe that GC is for future employment so according to me we don't need to re-start GC process when we move from east to west and north to south.


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from the Bubonic plague or

09-24 06:21 PM
I checked the site, couldn't find this info any more, probably its got archived. Thanks for your efforts in letting the group know.

No worries,

go and check here: The Oh Law Firm (

in the above link go locating the following news line, read and enjoy

""08/14/2009: Will USCIS Discontinue Concurrent I-140/485 Filing Procedure, Replaced by Preregistration and Two-Tier Filing System? ""

07-27 10:33 AM
Thank you everyone!
I have decided to apply.

08-06 01:47 PM
Bang on

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