Wednesday, September 14, 2011

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03-28 04:04 PM
I agree that you guys should push for an ammendment that one should be able to file 485 and join the queue and get the derivative benefits once 140 is approved. If we get that alone it is better than nothing.
However let me put it to you guys that without the green card in hand, living in limbo land albeit with some mobility is no fun either. Isn't that sort of what the illegals have now at their own labour level. We will be 2nd class citizens to be discarded at a fire brand politician's whim and fancy.If that wait is many years it will not be good. Further those applying later and later will eventually end up with inordinate waits leaving them the choice of waiting for decades like in some family based categories.
I am only saying this since it was stated that this should be the number one priority. The absolute number one priority for all of us should be to quicken the time to a GREEN CARD.

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07-07 12:40 PM

Good luck to ur son.

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09-02 08:03 AM

you dont need any special form to make FOIA request to DOL.

"The Department of Labor does not require a special form in order to make a FOIA request. Requests must be in writing, either handwritten or typed. Requests may be submitted by fax, courier services, mail, or to Although, as discussed immediately below, certain information may be required from a requester. "

U.S. Department of Labor -- Freedom of Information Act Guide (

I wanted both Approval notice and Application(ETA-750), please tell me how to make this request?

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08-20 02:11 PM
How about an apology from an Indian Prime Minister saying he is sorry that you were born in India and are not able to get greencard.

Why should USCIS apologize to you? Did USCIS force you to apply for Greencard?

I agree with rajuram. We are all tax payers. The whole concept of democracy is taxation with representation. People who get paid from my tax dollars are answerable to me as much as they are to anyone else. Even when cis is not forcing me to file gc, its still equally answerable to me for my tax dollars to tell me why they are not doing their jobs properly. And for that cis owes us all apology. What's wrong with that?


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06-21 11:26 AM
for your quick responses!

I am not SURE that my 140 will be rejected, but historically the attorney/paralegal has made mistakes in almost every stage-- which is why I would not want to take chances.

The best option right now seems to be to premium process the I-140, and see what happens to it before applying for the 485. There can be issues doing this for ME, bcos of the thing I said here:

Doea anyone have any advice on the situation I tried to explain in the above thread?

As a general rule, I am beginning to think that the idea of concurrent filing is a bit misleading. Your 485 can be rejected bcos of your 140 being denied. This is not well understood by people (it was not by me) when the think about concurrent filing.


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01-17 11:30 AM
i would recommend --

its worth going to a tax filing rep ( HR block or any local re closer to you ) who'll get your job done easy. bec this involves not only adding your spouse to your tax records for the first time to get rebates etc. they will also help fill required forms / pappers to apply a new ITIN for your spouse, which is supposed to go to a diff address for requesting ITIN and once after an ITIN is assigned, it gets forwarded to the right place where it should be filed etc.

Having copies of all forms this time, may be it will be easier for you next time to do it yourself. my 2 c. good luck


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09-21 07:11 AM
I am really amazed how some guys do not even know how to search house on internet and posting 10 messages for very basic question and dreaming of owning house during one of the turbulent times in the history.

House is not an appreciating asset anymore for atleast another 5 years and it is luxury item which could loose value anywhere 10 to 30% by 2011.

Salaries will go down all across board for most people, which could make less people to afford.

Try to learn 1991 housing crash in US ,Japanese 1955 housing and curent UK turmoil.

Then look into Japan 1980's and US 2001 to 2005 housing boom which will help.

Do not spend 50% of your salary on housing which may loose by 2011 and you might not have anything on saving as well.

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03-06 02:35 PM
Yep, email id please


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08-15 12:11 PM
USCIS does not seem to be corrupt. It seems to be running by proxy with no accountability, no follow ups on what they do, and they always make excuses to show that they follow rules ...(which are breakable).

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09-17 11:27 AM
Few things to remember
1. It is good for us if EB1 remains current for India and ROW - chance of some visa numbers trickling down.

2. The H1B cap is still 65,000 + 20,000 + some extra for non profit and a sizeable portion of this is Indians meaning other nationalities are not applying in large numbers. What this means is that the whole 45,000 EB1 and 45,000 EB2 will likely not get used from 2008-9 (by that ROW EB3 ROW will start becoming close to current and people from ROW will not try to find a way to apply for EB2 like they are doing now).

3. People will try to port their EB3 date to EB2 and some will meet success but others might fail. This will be particularly true for Indians.

Put all this together, I think any Indian who applied for GC in Eb2 or 3 post 2004 will probably have to wait the same amount of time in either category, maybe a year less in EB2. Given that you are anyway going to have to wait 7-8 years minimum, one year more or less does not make any difference.

I think people from India with post 2004 Pri dates should
a) Actively work for some meaningful legislative change, contact all your friends and make them aware of this problem, please do not just sit there and hope for a change

b) Make solid backup plans, whatever they might be - consider UK, Australia, Canada, Singapore as backups. Learn as much as you can in your present job and change jobs if you feel you are stagnating. Do not keep your career in limbo for GC when the earliest you will get it is after 7-8 years. Imagine this - if you are 25 now, you will be in your mid-thirties doing the same job if you wait for your GC.

c) Save, save, save - I cannot reiterate this, basically do not spend a dollar more than you need to. Buy a full efficient cheap car, rent a place (house prices are stagnating) etc. Do your due dilligence and post new ideas here.

d) Find a way to lobby to get back your SSN and Medicare taxes - Indian govt. is making noises about this, use your connections to make the noise louder.

e) Last but not the least, If married and planning to start family, do not wait until they change law to ban birth right citizenship :).

Use this thread to post new ideas.


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11-09 07:17 PM
The only reason that I can see for not filing yourself, is if company is offering to pay. EAD & AP filing are simple and do not require to be done my employer.

If you think that the lawyer sucks, and you have a good relationship with your bosses, see if they will let you expense the fees and do it yourself. They save the lawyer's fees too that way.

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05-17 04:58 PM
Would anyone please share contact info of Good and proven lawyer whose legal fees is reasonable or cheaper. My lawyer asking $1800 as legal fees (not filing fees) for H-1B extension which I guess is too much.

Thank you very much in advance.
I'm using the service of Brikho & Kallabat...till now did not have any issue with my extension...currently on 8th my employer pays my extension fee...not sure how much is the total cost...have asked them...will update as get info.

...recd info fm the attorney's office...

The H-1B processing fees are as follows: Attorney Fees $900, Filing Fees
$2,190 for companies with 26 or more employees and $1,440 for companies
with 25 or less employees, Office Expense $50.

so, for may still be $900.


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11-17 12:38 PM
Thread: If EB Reform happens it will happen in 2007
We should instead call it "When will EB Reform Happen"

1. The best time was 2006. This was becasue of economy with full swing ahead needed more H1B visas and companies are trying hard to resolve the black-out of H1B and we had a chance to piggyback on it. This didn't happen unfortulately because our fate was tied to CIR. There has been constant effort since Aug/Sep 2005 to increase H1B/EB (S.1932/CIR), but it has been strongest in last few months.

2. If you have noticed the press release of TechNet summit it was clearly requesting 109th congress to enact SKIL as opposed to 110 congress. This is becasue first few months will go by just to take care of other priorities. There could be other legilative hurdles with CIR even with Democratic majority.

3. As pointed by others even if CIR is passed with our provisions it will be another 5-6 months before actual implementation will happen. That puts eveything in 2008 time frame.

The biggest toll order in this whole mess is EB2 India. While most of the world including China is moving along quite well. India EB2 is all but stuck affecting the careers of so many who would be stuck for another 1-2 years with the same jobs. The sad part is this is the best case scenario !!!!

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10-17 01:14 PM
No, you are expected to fill up all the forms and only once you confirm the appointment (I do not know how much time) - but you will be able to go back in later and print out all the forms. Or if you provide the e-mail id, the system automatically sends you the appointment confirmation along with DS-156 and DS-157.


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03-14 04:36 PM
You are right. I checked it with Germen consulate in DC few days back.

Please clarify what I am right about?

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06-11 01:49 PM
I assume you mean "Be prepared for some grilling ....".
I don't see why US would care if I am returning back in a week with a valid GC. I can imagine canadians asking me if I have abandoned my canadian PR status or not.

When i came back from canada the US POE made me wait for 4 hours and asked me questions, whether i am thinking to abandon my US green card application and move to canada etc.. They will check you baggage and later after 2 hours of sincere answers they will let you in. Don't worry too much about it.
In your case you have a US GC in hand i don't know about those issues


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01-06 04:39 PM
My wife is on H4 and is exploring the posibility of converting to a H1. She recently went for her first interview and the people over there told her that there is a new rule for H4 to H1B conversion. According to them, she needs to go to India and get her H1B stamped before she can start working. Is this true? As far as I know, all one needs is an approved I-797 (for I-129 petition) indicating that the approval is for change of status to H1B (meaning that the approval notice has a I-94).

Please let me know if there is any merit in the above statement?

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12-24 09:03 AM
Celebrating 2nd IV anniversary: IV action Item

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07-16 10:50 AM
You need to hand over the I-94, only when leaving the country. No need to send it. If you didn't hand over, you need to send it. Always to have AP, if you want to go abroad or emergency travel, if your H1/H4 stamping in the passport is expired. USCIS prefer AP over other visa document when you come back from abroad (if you filed I-485).

Thanks A lot Dealsnet.


05-06 03:05 AM

I received a Transfer notice today for both me and my wife suggesting that our I-485 petitions have been transferred to the local USCIS office. Below is the exact message.

Current Status: This case has been sent to another office for processing because it has jurisdiction over the case.

On April 30, 2009, we transferred this I485 APPLICATION TO REGISTER PERMANENT RESIDENCE OR TO ADJUST STATUS to our LOS ANGELES, CA location for processing because they now have jurisdiction over the case. We sent you a notice of this transfer. Please follow any instructions on this notice. You will be notified by mail when a decision is made, or if the office needs something from you. If you move while this case is pending, call customer service. We process cases in the order we receive them. You can use our processing dates to estimate when this case will be done. This case has been sent to our LOS ANGELES, CA location. Follow the link below to check processing dates. You can also receive automatic e-mail updates as we process your case. Just follow the link below to register.

From what I could find through browsing through various forums is that usually one ends up getting an interview when this happens. Does anybody have any other thoughts? or has anybody received a similar notice recently?

To get an answer just visit this thread

06-03 01:57 AM
This came up to my mind : In senate there was voting on whether to bring immigration bill or not on to table , voting is around 60+ - 30+ , now these 30+ are sure they are going to reject it atleast with 90% confidence. we need to target the remaining 60 more compared to 30 who are already against to senate bill. This is very imp i dont know how to gather those details any help please ?

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