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cool tattoo ideas for girls

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cool tattoo ideas.

10-09 07:30 AM
Dessoya gets my vote, I like the morbid approach.

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08-13 02:32 PM
It is important to see July 3rd receipt dates which confirms the time and applications required to completed July 2nd apps and is the important statistics for rest of the dates.

cool tattoo ideas for girls. Flower Tattoos Tattoo Designs

Flower Tattoos Tattoo Designs

03-11 09:09 AM
It is minimum 60 days I guess. My PWD request was lodged 1st week of Jan and still waiting.

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Word Tattoo Ideas for Girls Of

10-26 04:09 PM
Applied at tsc on 2aug card prodn. ordered on 23rd oct. But I have received 3 lud's after that on 485 and 2 on 765, my 140 is still pending at TSC applied on 29 of july.
can anybody guess what is it for?


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Tattoos on Girls Tattoo Ideas

03-17 12:58 PM
kudos to all the members in the IV team. Within 3 months a massive effort as this should definetely reap rewards in the near future. My heartfelt thanks to everyone. Special thanks to the IV core team to pull this through.

cool tattoo ideas for girls. Cool Cross Tattoo Designs

Cool Cross Tattoo Designs

07-14 01:46 AM

Good job on your letter to her. I am trying to write one to her also and will use yours as a template.


cool tattoo ideas for girls. Upload your Tattoo Ideas and

Upload your Tattoo Ideas and

10-12 08:47 PM
Question is why make it mandatory ??

There are thousands of prevention medicines and vaccines in the market. Do all of us take all of them !!!!

I think it is safe to assume that answer is NO

We have an option of making choice and it is upto us to either go for a vaccine or not. So fair thing should be not to enforce this on immigrants.

By the way, CDC has approved lots of medicines which are not safe and we figure their side effects later on. Please check the following link (few side effects of gardasil)

I am not saying that this vaccine is bad for every women, I think it is unfair to make this mandatory and that too just on immigrants.

lawsuit?? oh come on. This is for a CDC recommended vaccine which might help prevent cancer!!
To my mind this is the ONLY fees that we are paying which really means something useful to us... After paying thousands of dollars in fees to USCIS (H1/485/EAD/AP), hundreds to DoS (visa stampings), and sponsoring multiple trips to Hawaii for my lawyer (his fees would make you faint) this is finally a fee that actually does something useful to the applicant, and I would gladly pay this for my family members.

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cool wrist tattoo designs 9

07-18 03:21 PM
Hello guys,

First of all thank you very much for your answers in advance.

I am currently on H1-B (valid till 2010) and recently applied for PERM LC. I work for a non-profit organization and the category is EB-2. Nationality: Turkey.

I was planning to go for my GC but my plans have recently changed. I am planning to get married in 2009 Summer (earlier is not possible). I have done my research and found out that if I receive my GC before I get married, it will be very difficult to get my spouse here.

I am expecting to get the LC in about 4 months. Then, most probably I can file I-140 and I-485 concurrently as the visa numbers will be available for my case. However, I am not planning to do it anymore due to the reasons mentioned above.

So, here are my questions:

Now, the new rule tells that LC certification must be used within 180 days. So, can I just file I-140 while single and even though my visa numbers are current for I-485 (Can I seperate I-140 and I-485 and save I-1485 for after marriage - Summer 2009). Does it matter for the purposes of I-140, if I am single - and then add my spouse to I-485 in the US (She will be on H-4 with me here)?

I am not planning to change my job. So, would my I-140 have an expiration date?

Do you have any other suggestions? Thank you!
Apply I-485 as soon as you are eligible to apply you never know when they change the rules, getting your wife here is in future, she can always educate herself and come to US on H-1 or any other visa just to accompany you, this is just a suggestion decision is yours.


cool tattoo ideas for girls. On LA Ink Tattoo Designs

On LA Ink Tattoo Designs

05-18 11:17 AM
Start with contacting another attorney. Let another attorney review your case and give his/her opinion.

Just don't rely on one attorney.

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cool tattoo ideas for

03-09 02:22 PM
Even though this is the wrong thread, can somebody please recommend a good attorney in Oklahoma City Area. I need to hire a different one since the one I am with currently is not good.

I would appreciate if somebody would point me to the right direction.


cool tattoo ideas for girls. Cool Tattoo thoughts for

Cool Tattoo thoughts for

07-09 07:55 PM
I did self filing of EAD and AP and sent the docs using USPS express mail. When I checked the status this is what I found

"Status: Notice Left

We attempted to deliver your item at 10:59 AM on July 9, 2008 in MESQUITE, TX 75185 and a notice was left. A second delivery attempt will be made. If unsuccessful, we will hold it for five business days and then it will be returned to the sender. Information, if available, is updated every evening. Please check again later"

So if nobody picks it up after the second delivery they will send it back - Was it a mistake to send by express mail?


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tattoo Pink Girls Bedrooms

07-27 07:17 PM
When applying for H1B did u also apply for change of status? if you did you can start work on H1B from october onwards. If not you have to get out of the country and get it stamped.

I came to USA on L1A through company A in February,2008 and working on L1 A till date.My I-94 is valid till feb,2011.

I filed H1B through company B in April,2007 in India and got approved petition in August,2007. That approved petiton is with my company B in USA.I have not gone for H1 B stamping.

Now I want to switch to H1 B in USA.I was told by my friends that,I can work on H1 B with my approved H1 petition.and I need not to go for H1B stamping.
I need to get visa stamped only if I goto India and to come back USA.

Can I work directly on my H1B petition with out stamping visa?

Incase, stamping is required, Shall I go to canada/Mexico for H1 B visa stamping.

Can I come back to USA with my L1 visa from canada/Mexico incase H1 b visa not issued? or shall I need to go back to India from Canada/mexico it self?


house Cool+piercing+ideas+for+ cool tattoo ideas for girls. Cool Tattoo Ideas

Cool Tattoo Ideas

10-17 06:05 AM
Dont do that. Get H1 stamped in india and then come to USA.
If it is by a desi company, it is not good to come right now. Let him continue in the current job and when the economy/market is good he can come.


tattoo Cool Cross Tattoo Designs cool tattoo ideas for girls. College Girls Chest Tattoo

College Girls Chest Tattoo

05-04 09:12 PM
I wanted to share my success story of getting I-485s re-opened with the help of IV last week. Let me start with the end result first and those interested in details could read further!


After 4 months wait since the wrongful denial of our 485s, I contacted Immigration Voice (IV) core team for help on April 25, 2011 as a last resort. On the next day morning (April 26th), I received a phone call from USCIS Headquarters in D.C. and the officer informed that Service Center approved my MTR and reopened 485s, and I should receive system updates in a day. At the end of the day, I got email updates confirming re-opening of 485s. It was an incredible moment in my life to receive a call from USCIS about my case. I am very grateful to the IV leadership and its deep relationships within USCIS and DHS. Prior to contacting IV, I filed an expedite request with USCIS, contacted Ombudsman, and contacted my Senator as well. I received standard responses but no positive result. Adding fuel to the fire, my EAD was due to expire in July 2011.
At the end, even though I never anticipated issues with my 485, I was very happy to see that my active participation with IV?s advocacy efforts over the last few years opened up several options for me to seek help.


During the middle of last year my attorney moved their offices and we filed a new G-28 for address change. After couple of months of this address change, during early Nov?2010 USCIS apparently sent a NOID asking for AC21 employment letter to the old address of the attorney. USCIS did not send text or email even though both me and my attorney subscribed to the notifications. USCIS did not even send a copy of this notice to me. After 30 days of original notice, USCIS updated their system that their mail was returned. This was the first time we came to know about the outstanding notice from USCIS. We immediately contacted USCIS and requested for a copy of NOID. In the meantime, 33 days elapsed, and USCIS promptly denied I-485s of me and my family. I have been working on EAD and it was due to expire in July 2011.

Life after denials

I requested my company for AC21 letter and after receiving the employment letter, my attorney filed I-290B MTR around the end of Dec?2011. I continued to work as usual using my EAD. After couple of months of waiting, I requested USCIS to expedite. Their response was to wait 30 days. Nothing happened. Then, I simultaneously contacted my Senator?s office and Ombudsman. I promptly received responses that they would look into this and I should expect a response from USCIS within 15 days. Based on these responses, I should have received approval by the first week of April. Again, nothing happened until the 3rd week of April. I was becoming wary of my EAD expiry and applying for renewal within 90 days of expiry.

IV?s Advocacy Days in D.C.

I have been a donor for the last few years and actively participated in advocacy days of 2010 and 2011. During this year?s advocacy event, I met IV core team and explained my case. Based on their advice, I waited to see if USCIS responds by mid of April. After long wait and exhausting all options, I requested help from IV. As I mentioned, within 24 hours, I got the approval of MTR and our status was restored!
Though not everyone gets into this kind of trouble, it is very heartening to note that there is someone (IV) behind us to help when in need.

Final Request to Readers:

As someone who associated with IV for the last few years and after going through this ordeal with USCIS, I recommend all those waiting in line or waiting to be in line (for GC) to start associating with IV. No matter how little time or money you could afford to work with IV, every minute and every cent is well worth it! Please Get Involved with IV! Thanks.


pictures Upload your Tattoo Ideas and cool tattoo ideas for girls. tattoo cool girls room design,

tattoo cool girls room design,

11-22 03:09 PM

I am working in University in US and my I-140 (EB-2 Sch-A) is approved and my I-485 is pending. I have H-1B approved from March-06 but yet not stamped.

I am planing to Go to India some time next summer.

But before that I am planing to go to MEXICO ( MATAMOROS) for H-1B and
H-4 stamping for my family.

Do I need to carry any extra documents apart from those needed for H-1 B stamping?

DO I need to Get Advance parole before going to mexico for H-1B stamping?

Does the my going out of country with pending I-485 without taking AP will affect pending application of I-485?

Your experienced advise will help me a lot.

dresses tattoo Pink Girls Bedrooms cool tattoo ideas for girls. pictures Cool tattoo designs

pictures Cool tattoo designs

08-31 09:21 AM
Please do not spread a bad word about Indian companies. Infact 90% of us are working for Indian companies and we very much know we can not go with others due to the fact that experience or openness or waterver the reasons I don't like to mention here. I hope you can understand my request. Thanks.


makeup On LA Ink Tattoo Designs cool tattoo ideas for girls. Cool+piercing+ideas+for+


05-11 01:25 PM
on which one? all of them?

appreciate the comments/critique :pleased:


girlfriend College Girls Chest Tattoo cool tattoo ideas for girls. Posted by admin in cool tattoo

Posted by admin in cool tattoo

03-19 02:20 PM
Mine was filed in Jan and still waiting :).....

hairstyles Cool Tattoo thoughts for cool tattoo ideas for girls. Tribal shoulder tattoo designs

Tribal shoulder tattoo designs

03-17 01:18 PM
I took out a mortgage with BOA while on EAD. Initially they said they don't recognize EAD but after talking to a supervisor they proceeded with approving the loan. So I do not see any issues.

03-15 01:55 PM
u r kidding - u think these blood suckers will sponser a ticket after u leave them - he heee. AFAIK, even American companies won't bother after u get layed off

Thats is the law. They have to provide no matter how much blood suckers they are. Of course it depends on how you make them realize that.

I was offered one when i was in that situation way back in 99.

11-08 12:24 PM
Hello Everyone,

Thank you everyone for the responses.

RBharol, My parents did not overstay last time. Even though they have 10 yr multiple entry and 6-month validity on I-94, they stayed only for 3 months. My concern was that my brother who had sponsored their visa is not living in USA anymore and was questioning the validity of their visa.

I had posted this question on other forums and the general consensus has been that my parent?s visa is still valid and should not be a problem. I am trying to talk to a lawyer and will post the response I get.

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