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06-19 06:28 PM
Im still stuck neck deep in the PBEC quagmire.
for PBEC - What numbers are you guys calling ?

PD - Oct 2003
NOF - received March,
NOF - PBEC received April 2

My HR called DBEC to get the final status of LC. They replied that "notice of forward" had been issued and since there is no query from that position. They have asked my Hr to call in 15 days to hear the final status.

Have you guys heard anything like "notice of forward"( it was something like this)...

These LC people in dallas are killing me..!


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11-17 01:23 PM
And you are betting that EB will be in CIR. May or maynot be the case.
CIR may just have H1 B .

Seems bleak.SKILL is the best bet. Politically, they will want CIR to linger on so they can bicker......

if EB reform is discussed as a part of CIR in 2007, i am sure it will be 2008 by the time they start implementing it and 2009 by the time you will see any tangible benefits from it. CIR is not something that will be discussed and approved in a month. After CIR is approved (thats big if) it will take a few months for CIS to come up with the guidelines and prepare itself to handle the increased work load. Look for substantial delays.
IMO, Our best hope is if EB relief is picked up earlier and approved on its own before they talk about CIR.

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07-22 09:34 PM
5 start rating

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10-11 01:08 PM
Our applications reached to TSC on July 27. I have received my receipts. But no receipts and no checks cashed for my wife's applications. Is anyone in the same situation?


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11-11 02:30 PM
where can i find this free attorney on net and do u have a number that i could call at.

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10-05 06:49 PM
Another important thing whole EB2 and EB3 classification is , it does not matter how much experience or educational credetials a benificiary has. The job should require it too...


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cristiano ronaldo hair. facial

11-14 04:03 PM
Do you guys see what happens after January 2nd (or after 6 months of receipt date)....Most of the contractors (who applied their 485 in july) will look for permanent job OR demand more money from their employers...OR more benefits from employer. Employers try to be calm and don't conflict with us. What do u guys think??

Is it going to be tough for desi consultants to earn more money by placing their employees as consultants? Because there are already so many people ready to do permanent job.

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11-21 10:29 AM
In the context of Premium processing of H1B?s, I-140, EAD?s etc can we press our demands to newly elected Dems to have I-485 premium processing by paying extra $$$ to USCIS?

"Premium GC processing" will work as follows:

Pre-processing Condition/Base Rules:
If your I-140 is approved & you have filed I-485 and your I-485 is pending for more than 575 or 600 days (whats ever USCIS website says of # days..) is mentioned against your case#.....

...THEN pay USCIS e.g. $1000 or $0000 & get your "GC" !!!

USCIS will assign temporary VISA# for such "Premium Paid GC" and when VISA# will be available that VISA# will be assigned to your " Premium Paid GC"..

Premium Paid GC - Few base Rules:
Before issuing " Premium Paid GC ", USCIS will ensure/check their existing GC process along with following additional checks:

1. Pre- adjudicated:
Your case is Pre-adjudicated, I-140 approved, file is complete & case is waiting ONLY for Visa# availability

2. Income Tax & W2?s:
Applicant pays Income Tax, files W2?s for say 3-4 years

3. EAD?s more than 3:
I 485 applicants are repeatedly applying for EAD's for more than 2 to 3 years

4. Check Legal entry in USA:
Copy of I-94 to ensure that I-485 applicant is ?Legally? entered in USA

5. Security Threat/Name Check:
Name check is complete & applicant is NO longer a "Threat" to National security, if Name check is NOT done, expedite it to FBI. If Name Check is not completed by FBI, request I-485 applicant to submit ?Local? Police station ?Clearance records? from all the ?Address? where he/she stayed in USA (address specified in Labor). If a person is here for more than say 4-5 years, have clean ?Police clearance record? and law abiding ?Legal? Tax payer, how he/she can be threat to National Security?

6. FP:
Finger Printing at least once (NOT over by 15 months etc..)

7. Biometric:
I-485 applicants Biometric 2 (or 1,2,3) has been done at least one time

8. H1B/H4 extensions:
I-485 Primary applicant (his/her derivative) are completed their H1B extension more than 6 years and repeatedly extending H1/H4?s (to say enough, he/she is here for more than 6 years legally)

After applying this Basic Thumb Rules, issue " Premium GC" to applicant & assign VISA# later whenever VISA# is available.

Sorry if that title is misleading.

How many people here are positive that USCIS will come up with premium processing feature for I-485 stage?

Don' worry about the available visa numbers. Just express your hunch feeling.

Incrementally the waiting game is being reduced by incorporating premium processing for H1-B, Labor and lately I-140. Why not for I-485?

I am hopefull of this happening next year.
What about you?


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01-03 04:02 PM
Can we make it flexible so that the jump in amount can be as low as possible with a $20 minimum

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08-25 02:17 PM

I do appologize. I have made some donations today, will be making in the future.
i will be more active in the posts and compaigns.

will you please encourage others to respond to my questions?

Thanks for giving me a wake -up call.

Greencardfever5, first of all I don't think you needed to apologize. Everyone has their own schedules and priorities, and just because you did not spend enough time on IV, does not mean you are not welcome here.

Now to your question - I was in similar situation last year , may be even more complicated than yours. First I got promoted (developer to Architect) in my GC sponsoring company in 2007 and then in 2008, I changed employer and took another promotion (Architect to Manager). In the first case, my GC employer filed an amended H1-B and in the second case, I used EAD to switch employer.

I got RFE last month for employment verification letter. My current employer responded with my current position, salary (more than 50% higher than LCA), and job responsibilities. The USCIS accepted that response and my case has resumed processing. So if I were you, I would have no problem taking the Engineering Manager title.

Hope this helps.


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cristiano ronaldo hairstyle

09-12 08:15 PM
Unpaid vacation is acceptable. Consultants working on hourly basis do not get paid when they do not work. As long as you come on top of prevailing wage rate and the annual salary quoted on the LCA at the end of the year, it does not matter. USCIS understands that you need a vacation too and can not work like a machine throughout the year.

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07-15 01:06 PM
EAD is not a status. So how does her status change?

Well, the first statement is true; the second, however is not. When one starts to work on EAD, his/her status changes to AOS, assuming his/her I-485 is pending. So, in this case, she will no longer be considered being on H4.


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03-28 10:01 AM
Great for us...aren't are Indian PHD's in the US are as scholarly and motivated as before? lol To think that there are left over visas in this category beats me ! :D

Having a PhD alone doesn't put you in EB1. Everything depends on the job requirement. You can have a PhD and still be in EB3 if the job that you are working doesn't require an advanced degree.

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08-04 03:47 PM
Need him up or go to his office(i recommend this) because we sound different over the phone..try to talk him/her out on this matter..he violated some labor rules, it doesn't mean he/she cannot come after u on this matter..court and labor department are two separate issues..any evidence against him/her can only be used by the discretion of judge..there are several loop holes in this contract experience i have only got to know a few of them..don't be scared..coz that doesn't help u..finally sorry to tell that i am not able to help you in giving a straight answer..but please do contact a legal attorney in this matter..just consult him/her and get their first hand opinion..also talk to ur employer face to face(if possible) and tell him/her u made few mistakes and i have done one mistake..tell them to get it over with..if u run away from him, he/she thinks ur scared and will try to scare u more..lastly please do not lose ur control by threating / abusing with emails or voice mails or any of that kind..coz that can be used against u inspite of his/her mistake..

Good luck..keep us posted..btw when ur working in calif..which state tax ur paying..was it calif or texas??

Thanks for your response.
Earlier when I was working for my employer it was texas and now as my h1 transfered, the taxes are being paid in california.
By the way what are free lawyer conference calls?


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10-20 12:01 PM
Not understanding why can't any Democratic Pro-immigrant Senator reply to these kind of ignorant blaberrings and order USCIS to act as per LAW? How this grassley gets USCIS internal draft memo! need to inverstigate.

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07-05 12:58 PM
possible reasons

(i)USCIS dont want to see a large number applications - as Ombudsman report indicated their performance is measured based on how much time it took to process an application. If they accept 485 applications only to keep them longer it will skew their performance benchmarks to their disadvantage. (ii)Also they just dont want to work for the rest of this financial year. By making visas unavailable their work load might have come down dramatically.
(iii)Ego clashes between some higher ups between DOS and USCIS; OR the communication gap between these two orgs is just too much.
(iv) Too may anti-immigrant who wants to screw legal-immigrants at any given opportunity. This is possible too...on numbersusa website there are special instructions/appeals to USCIS staff to do a few things and also to get some info on H1b filings, I140 filings etc. Maybe these activist employees have grown in size with tacit support from higher ups.

Of course all of these are just speculations. BUT I still could not understand why USCIS went out of its way (processing 60k applicaitons in one month; 18k in one day is certainly going way toooooooo much out of their way based on their normal efficiency) to process. I am sure they might have approved many cases which they could not have done normally. Finding out this aspect should might yield a very good story for a journalist - we should highlight this aspect in our letters to media.


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09-23 04:41 AM
Buying a house is a big decision and there is nothing wrong in asking others. This forum is all about sharing views if you don?t have something nice to say or don?t have any idea about housing stop commenting.

He has never shared his opinion or thoughts about economy or housing, simply wants to buy a house. we need people like him to move housing inventory and spend most of his monthly income on housing payments

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10-04 02:03 PM
I 140 can processed through premioum process from last week.
Can you tell what was state of filing your GC labor. My company filed from IL in july 2004 in EB2-RIR case. My Labor is still in process. Though I got 45 days latter in March.


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04-27 10:15 AM
Ok, lets ignore or shut this down.

03-13 01:02 PM
Congratulations !!

Looks like TSC abandoned online status updates and emails. My case has been assigned to an officer (again) and enroute to I-485 manager as of Feb 3rd 2008 ( senator feedback ). So far no LUD's or emails.. Looks like instead of checking for emails every other minute , I have to wait for regular mail now.. unfortunately I can do that only once per day !! :( ..

That exactly happened in my case. I was looking at my online status almost everyday. Not even a soft LUD..the regular mail finally arrived last week with approval status..Online staus still not updated

03-28 09:41 AM
guys, Murthy says EB2 will move forward in May 2008 bulletine. Reason is getting leftover visa from EB1 India's category.

hoping big forward move.:D

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