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desert food chain diagram

images Grassland+food+web+diagram desert food chain diagram. food web diagram desert,

food web diagram desert,

Queen Josephine
May 25th, 2005, 06:45 AM
So here are three more from the same "session" last evening which do include some foreground framing/interest. (slight adjustments on these to levels, color, etc. no cropping though)


Number 3 is by far the better pic to my mind. Re: Destroying your cloud....
yeah, just playing with some new scatter brushes that I didn't have control over yet :D...was aiming more for something like your pic 3 above.

In cases where there is no natural framing (Flora, fauna, dock posts, etc etc), on a sunset shot you can use people (silhouttes) to add elements of interest. Or maybe shoot from ground level; just suggestions and it's always fun to experiment with these things.

wallpaper food web diagram desert, desert food chain diagram. picture of food chain and food

picture of food chain and food

10-29 01:53 PM

You have been threatened
You have been fired
You have been unemployed...
...You want to try something against them. But what are we trying to prove?

Take it to court only if you think you want to sue them and get money. As other said, it is an expensive process on your side too.

If you just want to prove it is a "wrongful termination", you don't have to. In US eveyone knows what is "fired" means in this economy.

If you just want to be reinstated in the same position, it is difficult to continue the job in a private company, if they are not willing to employ you.

In few days, the urge will go away.

You will realise that your new job is much better than the one you left. Just enjoy.

You can lodge a complaint with DOL, USCIS, sue your employer, prove 'wrongful termination' etc. But unncessary load to carry.

Good luck with your new job.

Hi Guys,
I am based out of NJ and was working for an imports company for more than 8 years. I have an approved I-140 with this company. This company wanted me to sign an overly broad non compete agreement which would be valid for 5 years after termination. I refused to sign this agreement and I was verbally threatened with dire consequences if I did not sign. They fired me yesterday for not signing it and also stated that they are canceling my H1. Would this be treated as wrongful termination? Is there any way that I can file a complaint with the DOL? Has the complaint to be filed thru an attorney or can I do it myself?

Good news is another company has already applied for my H1 transfer.

I will appreciate all suggestions and advices for which I thank you in advance.

desert food chain diagram. For example: brown  desert,

For example: brown desert,

02-09 09:29 PM
"US Masters degree has no value anymore. Don't pursue a masters degree from US . You won't be able to find a job due to protectionist agends of US law makers.. Take your money somewhere else.Foreigners won't get jobs in USA "

Let us make at least Indians run from Higher education industry of America and colleges will feel the heat as 50% of them have revenue stream out of foreign students. This will make these clown senators o understand the repercussions of protectionism.

2011 picture of food chain and food desert food chain diagram. desert food chain diagram. and fooddesert food webs

desert food chain diagram. and fooddesert food webs

04-13 12:23 PM
Recently travelled through EWR using AP without any issues. No questions asked. Only issue was the wait time in the secondary inspection room. There were about 25-30 people waiting infront of me. It took one hour 30 mins to finish the process at the secondary inspection room.

On a side note, if you are travelling through Frankfurt airport, don't buy liqour either in US or India b'coz the security people won't allow liqour bought on non-European countries and non-european airlines.I have to throw away the stuff in the airport.


desert food chain diagram. Fish+food+chain+diagram


07-17 03:04 PM
!!!!. Hopefully you'll be still around encouraging others.

desert food chain diagram. 2010 food chain diagram.

2010 food chain diagram.

07-27 05:25 PM
Hi Guys:

One of the forum member AbhijitP has a signature that I could not understand. Can anyone give me a little bit more info on his signature.

"I-140: EB-2, approved as EB-3: pending resolution
Successor in Interest I-140: Pending"

Does it mean that his I-140 is approved under EB-2 or EB-3?

So if someone has applied under EB-2, how come it is approved as EB-3



desert food chain diagram. Food+web+diagram+desert


09-02 10:52 AM
There is place in the I-9 , Alien Authorized to work unitll, you need to provide the H1 information instead of the EAD information. Also instead of Alien#, you need to provide Admissible # which is on I-94 of new H1B. When some one submit I-9 form you need to show the Passport and you H1B copy. That way you are sure that you are using H1B.

2010 For example: brown desert, desert food chain diagram. Grassland+food+web+diagram


03-23 04:22 PM
With a fast and swift response, one of the moderators from IV provided me with a general format.

I modified it and have posted here below. I had already sent to Nedra Pickler ( and Elliot Spagat(
). I have all the emails of media contacts and in the process of tabulating them alphabetically, so that viewers in a hurry can see them easily, before posting here. Comeback and check again.
Network Program Anchor Email:

Coast to Coast
Abrams Report
Hardball Chris Mathews
Hardball Chris Mathews
Countdown Keith Olbermann
Countdown Keith Olbermann
Scarborough Country Joe Scarborough
The Situation Tucker Carlson
News David Shuster
News Brian Williams
MSNBC Investigates
MSNBC Reports
Meet the Press
Viewer Services
Imus in the Morning Don Imus


desert food chain diagram. desert food web diagram

desert food web diagram

02-14 04:48 PM
Violation of regulations is also affirmative misconduct.
Here is an extract from my brief

8 CFR ? 103.2(b)(18), titled ?Withholding adjudication?:
?A district director may authorize withholding adjudication of a visa petition or other application if the district director determines that an investigation has been undertaken involving a matter relating to eligibility or the exercise of discretion, where applicable, in connection with the application or petition, and that the disclosure of information to the applicant or petitioner in connection with the adjudication of the application or petition would prejudice the ongoing investigation.
If an investigation has been undertaken and has not been completed within one year of its inception, the district director shall review the matter and determine whether adjudication of the petition or application should be held in abeyance for six months or until the investigation is completed, whichever comes sooner. If, after six months of the district director?s determination, the investigation has not been completed, the matter shall be reviewed again by the district director and, if he/she concludes that more time is needed to complete the investigation, adjudication may be held in abeyance for up to another six months. If the investigation is not completed at the end of that time, the matter shall be referred to the regional commissioner, who may authorize that adjudication be held in abeyance for another six months. Thereafter, if the Associate Commissioner, Examinations, with the concurrence of the Associate Commissioner, Enforcement, determines it is necessary to continue to withhold adjudication pending completion of the investigation, he/she shall review that determination every six months.?

The legal alien?s application has been pending for over 2.5 years at the time of filing his complaint with the District Court. So, according to the requirements of 8 CFR ? 103.2(b)(18), his application should have been reviewed twice by the USCIS district director (at 1 and 1.5 year marks), once by the USCIS regional commissioner (at 2 year mark) and once by the Associate Commissioner, Examinations, with the concurrence of the Associate Commissioner, Enforcement. There is no evidence on record that these procedures have been followed. Therefore, the USCIS have violated the Federal regulations and ?unlawfully withheld? adjudication of the legal alien?s application. Furthermore, 8 CFR ? 103.2(b)(18) is not part of the Subchapter II of the Chapter 12 of the INA, therefore jurisdictional bar of ? 242(a)(2)(B)(ii) does not preclude review of the withholding of adjudication.

hair desert food chain diagram. and fooddesert food webs desert food chain diagram. Desert Food; food chain chart.

Desert Food; food chain chart.

02-21 04:49 PM

I was working for Company A from 2000 to 2004. Company A applied for my GC in 2002. However, the company was not doing well until I left it. It was not paying me the salary which came out in PW. Company A continued with my GC processing and I filed for I140 and 485 last year in June. Now received the following RFE for I140:

Please submit documentary evidence that you, the petitioning employer, have the financial
ability to pay the wage/salary you offered the beneficiary. This evidence must show that you
have this financial capability on the date you fied the ETA with the Department of Labor and
cover up until the visa is issued. The petitioner may submit evidence that their net income is
equal to or greater than the proffered wage, evidence that the petitioner's net current assets
are equal to or greater than the proffered wage, or evidence that the petitioner not only is
employing the beneficiary but also has paid or is currently paying the proffered wage. The
service wil also consider copies of audited annual reports of the employer, or copies of
audited financial statements of the employer. Evidence is needed for 2002-2003.

Does anyone have some idea how to get the audited financial statements or audited annual reports?. I know that the company never had any audited reports. I had submitted the bank statements of the company and the tax returns with my I140. However, it seems that they want the audited reports. The company was not doing well in 2002/2003. However, it is doing well now. So any input will be highly appreciated.

sorry to burst the bubble..this is v hard. i'd a friend worked for a small company and was denied 140. if you filed for 10-15 ppl company chances are u will face the prob.

i'd suggest u file a fresh labor. uscis is v strict these days and will scrutinize.
well its all these body shop companies who have created this mess.


desert food chain diagram. hot rainforest food chain

hot rainforest food chain

04-07 10:18 PM
H1B extension beyond 6 yrs is possible under 2 circumstances:

a) Labor was filed atleast 365 days before H1B expiry date - which makes you eligible for 1 year extension (NOTE: this does not depend on priority date being current/retrogressed).

b) I-140 has been approved and priority dates are retrogressed. This makes you eligible for 3 yr extension.

So CADude should get 1 yr extension is worst case.

Coming back to your scenario, i don't think you neccessarily need copies of I-140/LC to get H1B xfr. If you have receipt #s of either, you attorney should be able to file H1B xfr case. I know of people who did that in my company. Take a printout of DOL/USCIS case status information if you have receipt # available. If you don't have receipt # as well, then i am afraid, you are out of luck and AC-21 is the only option.

ok gurus here's my situation..
1) Employer A filed my green card and I140 is approved and its been more than 180 days since 485 is filed.. no issue here... recently got my 3-year H1 extension from employer A till 2011. this extension is for 7th, 8th and 9th year... so have already crossed 6 year limit.

2) got an offer and accepted the offer from employer B and employer A does not provide any info regaring labor or I-140...

3) Since H1 extension is based on my green card application, to do a transfer or renewal, copies of I140 and labor is required (according to company B's lawyer)

4) So in this case i'm forced to use EAD and company B's lawyer are evaluating if old and new job description are same or similar...

so now my question is, is it true that transfer/renew of H1 after 6 years without the copy of I140 or labor from employer other than the one filed for your green card, not allowed? is there anything that can be done in this case?
thanks guys..

hot Fish+food+chain+diagram desert food chain diagram. in a desert food web.

in a desert food web.

10-23 08:08 PM
My wife got her EAD but mine has not arrived. No AP yet for either..

Online status still shows 'Application received and pending" for both...have they stopped updating USCIS online status.

Is it normal or something to worry about..

Thanks for any updates/comments..

PD Sept 2004
July 26th Filer.
RD 26th Sept07
FP 16th Oct07
EAD (spouse) 17th Oct
EAD self..none

AP none


house Use the diagram to answer each desert food chain diagram. Desert+food+chain+diagram

09-30 08:05 PM
All the above answers are favor to the employer and not to us (employee).
Can any of you help by posting some ideas (for changing the employer before 180 with the approved i140 and EAD cards) in favor of the employee bcz i am really very sad about my situation. plz help brothers !!


tattoo 2010 food chain diagram. desert food chain diagram. rainforest food chain diagram

rainforest food chain diagram

08-15 09:56 AM
Why are there two "Priority Date" columns?

There is onlly one. The other ones are for the notice date and receipt dates


pictures Food+web+diagram+desert desert food chain diagram. Simple Food Chain Diagram.

Simple Food Chain Diagram.

09-28 05:04 PM
graj012, thanks for your input. You phrased it nicely.

Actually, I was trying to avoid kanhaiya's we say in our country, barking does does not affect the walking elephant.

Being a professional, I think everyone realizes here how to talk and what to talk. So guys lets not try to ignite sparks against each other...we are all here in this forum for a common cause.

Good luck!

dresses in a desert food web. desert food chain diagram. simple food chain diagram.

simple food chain diagram.

10-02 06:17 PM
It kept reloading the page.


makeup desert food web diagram desert food chain diagram. Use the diagram to answer each

Use the diagram to answer each

07-11 03:10 PM
Not every member here is a MAN (to be a Gentalman), some are women, do they not count? :)

Pople like you does not count :( ... only man and woman counts.. hope this helps you.

girlfriend rainforest food chain diagram desert food chain diagram. Tara Landry#39;s Desert Domes

Tara Landry#39;s Desert Domes

05-25 01:52 AM
yep, thats why I am planning to do a masters. If all else fails.. migrate to canada :D

hairstyles hot rainforest food chain desert food chain diagram. girlfriend Desert food web

girlfriend Desert food web

05-28 06:29 PM
I keep reading about how immigrants are important and pay taxes and contribute to the economy so they should be given rights/important and all that. There was even a thread that said if GCs were given to EB based immigrants the housing problem could be solved because of this buying power. STOP IT.
The US does not need you, you need the USA. No one put a gun to your head and told you to come to the USA, you chose. You need to follow the tax laws so roads and other sevices you come to this country for can be maintained. Your buying power is less than 1% of the US economy. The laws do NOT prohibit you from buying property here so you can buy a house without GC.
So STOP trying to potray it like you are doing a favor to the USA. Be realistic and solve the real problems instead of trying to find loopholes of hw to get the US govt. to give you GCs.

01-10 08:12 AM
I have mentioned details about Murali Bashyam in some other post. I was introduced to him in a IAFPE seminar on immigration and stayed in touch with him for last three years (and he is finally on my file too). In my AC21 processing he helped me even though he was not my official attorney and did not charge me a penny. I found him a thoroughly gentle person and he always replies very promptly.

Here are contact details: -

Murali Bashyam - Managing Partner
Bashyam Spiro & Edgerton LLP - Immigration Law Group
919 833-0840 x28
919 833-4722 fax

10-08 04:49 AM
Originally posted by Coppertop
Thanks! *insert extra large grin here*

can a mod please edit the poll as asked by Phat7

[Deniro voice] youuuuu, you... [/Deniro voice]:beam:

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