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07-14 01:46 AM

Good job on your letter to her. I am trying to write one to her also and will use yours as a template.

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08-20 02:18 PM
goel I know that, I have already done that twice in previous stampings at Canada. Each time I went a day before to the Scotia branch prior to my appointment. What concerns me is this statement.

If you have already scheduled to attend an appointment through NVARS, please pay your MRV fee prior to September 1, 2010

My appointment is for Sept 8. To pay MRV fee prior to Sept 1, I need to be physically in Canada at a Scotia bank branch before Sept 1. Today it is Aug 20, and I still havent gotten my passport back in mail yet with Canadian visa stamped on it. My scheduled arrival in Canada is Sept 7 so I can take care of Scotia bank receipt prior to appointment. But their statement says, the fee needs to be paid prior to Sept 1.

See my point?

Btw this just came out I think yesterday.

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10-24 09:32 PM
The date in 'Receipt Date' field on your 485 form is the start date of your 90 days calculation.



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06-30 06:11 PM
Do not start new thread to respond back or add to what gc_hoga_re has said. His post was offensive to members and detrimental to the organization.

That thread is now closed and gc_hoga_re has been banned.

To those who dont like censorship and moderation of forums:

Immigration Voice neither promises nor practices "Free speech" and "First amendment rights" claimed by members who dont like moderation and censorship.

We are an organization for Greencard backlogs advocacy, not civil rights like First amendment rights and free speech. In order to worship civil rights like free speech and first amendment rights, please join the ACLU (

Also, Immigration Voice is in its full rights to censor its own site as the site is owned by organization and it is not a public property. Your first amendment rights to "Say whatever you feel like" are guaranteed by the constitution to protect you from congress passing laws that can take away those rights. The constitutional rights dont guarantee you the right to say whatever you want on other citizen's/organization's property/website/domain. So please do not come back to preach the US constitution to the core group. There are thousands of blogs, sites and discussion forums that practice much higher level of censorship. The only way to guarantee the retention of online material is to start your own website and we encourage members who find Immigration Voice as a "Restrictive" or "Non Democratic" website to do that.

Immigration Voice will ban users, ban posts, delete posts, close threads and remove material that is detrimental to the organization.

Also, gc_hoga_re has been banned for posting offensive material.


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03-24 09:00 PM
Friends any more suggestions regarding my problem here. Plese share ur knowledge.

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01-06 09:52 AM
Just say "All izz well" and watch out for the bulletin :)


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My Spiders N Diamonds Tattoo!! 5/8/2010. In this photo:

06-08 01:03 AM
I think its your LC job requirements which governs EB2/EB3. For EB2 classification on your I-140, your job must require 'Masters' or 'Bachelors+5Yrs Experience' on Labor Certification.

My Job ad says: Sr Business analyst wanted ... with MS/MBA or foreign equivalent with 5 yrs exp.

I have
BSc in physics - 3 yr India degree
PG diploma in Instrumentation - 1 Yr India PG diploma
PG dip in marketing mgmt - 1 Yr India PG dip (E learning)
PG dip in buiness admin - 1 Yr India PG dip (E learning)
MBA - 3 Yr India PG degree (E learning)

6 yrs in healthcare, 2 yrs in sales, 5 yrs as Business analyst with Indian s/w vendor. 13 yrs in total.

Does my job ad allow me to qualify for EB2? Will I have any issues at my I-140 stage? Pls share your thoughts

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Steve Mitchell
March 22nd, 2004, 01:45 PM
Actually they are very loose regarding cameras and fans. Can't say I've seen any L's on fans. I have seen fans with 10D's however.


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Diamond Tattoo � Tattoos

10-07 12:47 PM
Your daughter is a citizen ?
How she filed your I-485 ?

My daughter is now 22 years old and filed I-485 on behalf of me in the year 2007. That time she was only 19 years.

Now she is planning to get married before getting a green card. Her bride-groom is H-1 visa and not applied for labor. Will her I- 485 application be cancelled?.

I am also porting to eb-2 in the next three months. I am hoping to get green card may be after Sept 2011.

Suppose she gets married before the green card what will happend to her case. Please I need advise.

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02-17 12:37 PM
The new PW system seems to be taking about 4-5 weeks, not months.

Have you or your org. got any PW responses in 4-5 weeks?


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pictures Tattoos 2 diamonds tattoo. Ace+of+diamonds+tattoo

07-19 08:20 AM
I am not entirely sure but there is a provision called "Follow to Join" that allows you to apply for spouse's 485, 6 months after your 485 is approved. The only condition you need to satisfy is that you should have married your spouse before your 485 approval date. Ask your lawyer about it. I think you should be fine. About legal status since your spouse's 485 is rejected and ur h1 is invaldiated due to your 485 approval, i dont know and you need to aks your lawyer about it.

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10-27 07:18 PM
I had started this thread some time back. And I thought to return back and update you guys what happened.

I called up the USCIS and changed the address about 4 days back.
They changed the address and immediately sent the 485 reciept notice to the new address. I recieved it today. Not sure if there was already notice being sent to my previous address and returned back to them.

But on the reciept notice mail it mentioned that they got this change of address notice and are sending the 485 reciept to the new address.

So finally it ended up that I got my reciept notice before my travel. I am relaxed now.

Update USCIS as soon as you change the address.


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07-18 01:22 AM
Today is a great day in IV history!

We filed our AOS last week (EB3 PD Jan 2007). My wife is currently pregnant and so she could not take all the vaccinations that are required in the medicals. She did the other required medicals though.

My question: Will this cause our applications to be denied? OR will they allow my wife to get the shots after our baby is born?

Anyone with experience please help.

Thanks in advance!

As long as you can submit your wife's pregnency certificate, you are OK. Besides, since your case will take at least 5 years to get the approval, you don't need to bother about RFEs.:-)


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06-05 10:40 PM
First of all after applying H1 extension you have a 240 day window when you wont be out of status even if your H1 expired ( as long as the extension is applied when the current was Valid). My H expired on Jan 29th and i applied on Jan 9th and the last 5 months i worked as usual without Visa or I-94 ( but in Status) ...

Don't worry at all - if by chance anyone reaches near 8 month/240 day finish line which is highly unlikely, pump in extra 1000 bucks and upgrade that to a Premium H and you must hear a decision within 15 days....

There are tons of options - even if Premium doesn't work still there are 2 more options ( of course within legal boundary )...

I applied for my H-1 extension in mid April and my current H-1 is valid till mid August. After reading about the waiting times in the posts above I am wondering what happens if I don't get the approval until mid August. Will I be out of status ?



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01-06 09:02 AM
February visa bulletin will be out this week any day.

What is the opinion of gurus who analysed that latest USCS numbers about dates? what do you predict?

I gave you RED for a misleading title for this thread. Be nice and clear.

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40, Harley+quinn+diamonds+

12-15 08:56 PM
I have a similar related question,

PD04,LC 10/06.
I am a 07 filer, got FP notice for Oct 07, got it done, got EADs and APs , renewed them twice. But what about finger printing. Do I need to get it done yearly, if so, I got no notice so far.

Please advise, thanks a lot in advance,.

In any case,
please keep writing to and under agenda. . (All, please keep this as your signature, that way we can get some more people register and write to him.. we need action.. )


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40, Harley+quinn+diamonds+

02-04 10:22 PM
Which messenger and can you point the url?

On the top navigation of this website, please click on the 'Messenger' link to enter the chat

girlfriend my Harley diamonds tattoo. diamonds tattoo. Jack+of+diamonds+tattoo


07-25 11:25 AM
I didn't find what I am looking for.

I already have a lawyer and the ONLY reason I want to file myself is because I am fed up in chasing lawyers, my company etc. They don't respond in time and anyways I am preparing all my documents my self and guiding lawyer also.

So, I am thinking to file myself.
You can download all the forms from the USCIS website.

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10-16 01:57 PM
B-1 is a visitor's visa with no immigration intent. H1-B is dual intent. This needs to be figured out on a case-ta-case basis by an experienced attorney.

04-18 10:21 AM
Hello Prasadn,
Could you please post what action have you taken in your wife's case? Your answer might help many people in similar situation.

Thanks in advance

10-28 12:11 PM
- Pre-approved labor dated 03/2004
- Filed 140 in 04/2007 and filed 485 in 08/2007. Got EADs as well
- RFE on 140 after 2 years waiting (in fact it was on the last day of 2nd year. In between, it was passed thru all the 4 centers and came back to same place where it was filed). Education mismatch and other stuff. Employer responded in 21 days
- 2nd RFE on 140 after 30 days - Education mismatch - Again responded
- There was no response even after 60 days, so we called and created a service request.
- Finally the 140 has been denied today. I did not get the notice yet. I'm thinking, it is because of Education mismatch

The labor was for 4years degree and I have 3 years degree + 1 year post graduate diploma with 8 years experience by the time filing 140. And I did my masters in US, but I got this after couple of months of I filed my 140.

Please advice what are options available for me.

USCIS used to accept 3=4, 60 page template evaluations - it is no longer the case. Second, your is SL, it always throws a doubt in legitimacy of job offer. Given the current sitiation, 2nd RFE is mainly on education because USCIS is not convinced with your 1st response. Your chances of success is slim (if you can prove the 3 +1 is in the same line of study) to none - Restart your GC. You are now paying the price for choosing the SL route.

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