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01-29 06:30 PM
Sam thing happened with my wife, USCIS denied her I131 saying they have already approved the 485 so no need for I131. My lawyer thinks that this was a mistake from USCIS and we applied for her I131 again.

Hope this helps.

I'm from Bangladesh and my PD is May 2006....EB3

I applied for my I485, I765 and I131 in July 2, 2007. Then me and my wife received the I765 approval in couple of months then the real drama began.
In October i received the letter about our i131 denial. The reason for the denial was approval of I485 (I485 approval news was mentioned in my i131 denial letter). My lawyer then told me to wait couple of months to receive my cards. I waited but didn't receive anything. The I called the USCIS and they told me that there is no update in the system and they requested me to go to the local immigration office to notify the matter. After visiting the local immigration office they asked me to write a status request letter to USCIS.

Me and lawyer already wrote 4 letters to USCIS requesting the status of my i485 as my i131 got denied. Finally one of the cases status for i131 showing online that you?re RFE has been received and case has been resumed; and the other one is still case denied. On the other hand the i485 for both mine and my wife's case still showing like it was showing six months ago..."received and pending"........

I?m totally confused in this present situation. USCIS never requested for any RFE against my i131, so why they put in the online status that the RFE has been received. All I did was requested for the I485 applications as they mentioned in my i131 denial letter that my i485 got approved??

Some help here will be highly appreciated??.thanks in advance

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12-21 01:51 PM
Have you contributed to the MILLION dollar drive? Please visit the funding thread!

Thanks for asking Pushkar. I did.

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04-21 02:45 PM
Try to be "truthful" in the "intent".

You are NOT loosing "anything" by filing a second LC at the new location. You keep your priority date, and PERM is fast and I-140 processing time is 4 months or so.

If they see a chance of "fraud" intention, USCIS may call you for interview and if they were able to interpret your intentions as fraud, it is going to be really costly.

Also you need full support from your employer, and might need to show that the offered "permanent position as mentioned in LC" exists at the time of 485 filing.


[QUOTE=fromnaija;335920]Yes, if you are sure of moving back to the job location specified in the Labor Certification you may not have to restart the process. If you know you will not move back, youand your employer will be commiting immigration fraud if a new LC is not applied.

what kind of evidence you need to provide to show the intention that you will move back to the original location!

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10-04 08:30 PM
Thanks for sharing.


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06-21 09:07 AM
Thanks Raj. No, I do qualify for EB-2 so I would not want to apply under EB-3, but I just don't know if the attorneys filed everything (e.g progressive experience letters) appropriately, if not, what happens? Hopefully an RFE.
If it instead got rejected, so would the I-1485 (AOS) application that depends on it right?

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04-26 05:41 PM
Only yesterday i called up to check for my mom, who will be coming to US from India. The CS rep clearly told me that she is allowed 2 X 50 lbs and 1 Carry on (18lbs) in her journey.


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08-21 03:23 PM
its good to see so many new members these days on the forum.


all new members , please dont forget to contribute some money to IV


we have this forum and all the lobbying efforts only due to the contributions made by members of IV. The work has to continue and we would need funds to extend this effort further. We are still not there yet in our efforts to get the law passed in the house.

members pls. prod your friends to join IV contribute money. Even a small contribution by many will go a long way in our efforts.

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07-17 11:13 AM
Hello All,

I want to start an interesting discussion - not sure whether a thread already exists or a similar discussion has already taken place.

We all know about the current state of the economy and current unfortunate unemployment rate. We all also know that majority jobs lost are in construction, manufacturing etc. We also know that some people (who have no other choice) are targetting legal EB community as if they are responsible for all this mess.

I want people to discuss the other things like DV Lottery, Chain Family Migration or any other popular programs from labor/unemployment point of view. Please no intent to discuss it from any other angle at all.

These forms of migration bring a lot of uneducated (or less educated), unskilled (or low skilled) population/labor into the country which contribute higher for the unemployment rate (for both numerator and denomenator - rate = # unemployed/# total).
example: suppose in a hypothetical community of 10000000, 300000 are unemployed. They have 3% of unemployement rate.
Supposed 30K unskilled (or low skilled) labor is added (which neither creates jobs nor are employed). Now if they are added, the rate becomes 330000/10030000 or ~ 3.3%

This can be bad example but it was just to put a point forward.

Are there any statistics (again?) available about the effect of DV, chain family migration or any such program in the last 10-15 years towards the unemployment rate today? A lot of unskilled (or low skilled) labor was added to the economy which was OK during upward economy but cannot sustain at all in down economy like this.



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06-01 08:01 PM
I just happened to see a copy of my labor approval. My current salary is less than the salary mentioned in labor approval. Do you know whether it is legally valid?. My salary is as per the LCA for H1.

its fine. Your salary should match the LCA salary. The LC salary is for 'future job'. the only place it might come into play is if your employer is very small, and there are ability-to-pay issues (here, if your current salary matches LC salary then its easier to say that employer has ability to pay).

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02-16 08:39 AM
Hi Everyone,

I will be laid off from an american company by the end of Feb 2009. I spoke to my previous desi employee as my H1b with his company is still valid and he din't revoked it until now

But he agrees to let me join his company but at the same time he worried about few things

Q1) I was with him for 6 months of 2008 and moved to an American Company so the total pay in the W2 for year 2008 is less than LCA amount.
Would that be a problem as i din't work with him for an entire year in which case it is bound to be less than LCA amount..
Mind you i'm looking at the Yearly wage if you look at month wise it is much higher than mentioned in LCA.

Would that be of any problem to both me and employeer.

Q2) He also said that when somebody re hires any one , the employeer is liable to pay back wages for the period of time he was out.

It sounds illogical atleast to me because he didn't terminate me from the job it was me who quit the job and transferred my H1b on a good note , but there is no official document saying i quit the job or he terminated me ....

I would appreciate if some could throw some light on this ....

My future is relied on these issues



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Beautiful Dragon Tattoo Design

11-15 09:39 AM
Simply and bluntly put

IV is we. If you are not there , there is no IV. We are in agony and pain. Let us scream so loud that even deafs may lend their ears.

What is at stake is you career. We have every thing to loose by doing nothing. I know, I have lost a whole lot. Probably I were better off moving to India after my MBA. I might have been doing much better there. But I am at the point where I cannot let got without trying. Have you reached that point yet?

Here is my personal story, if you think you can do better here without the Green Card. Think again! I have been slogging in this mess since 1999, even though I have world class qualifications (Full time MBA from a top US school, several years of work experience, PMP and marching toward CFA). All this are futile , if I don't have that stupid work permit with out any strings attached (Green Card)

Yes I do have EAD. But it is full of restriction. At least let us work together to remove that restriction..

I don't want any freaking loosers. Loosing is their nature. I want winners to work with me. Are you the one?

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Chinese dragon tattoo Red Good

06-03 02:17 PM

I am not refuting that statistics is a discipline within Mathematics. Just that that particular DOL web page doesn't give the list of disciplines considered as STEM.

The disciplines are in the right hand column on that page.

I think what you are looking for is information classified by degree name. That level of detail is not available.


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(Flaming dragon : Back Tattoo)

11-14 07:44 PM
My RIR is rejected. My LC is still pending.
My lawyer says it is moved to TR queue

If My case is moved to TR queue, does it mean very significant delay in getting my LC? Because in such a case this is my breaking point.Ready to quit and give up after these years and years if pain

It happened to me 3 years ago. They moved a bunch of LCs (from my company and also other companies in that region) from RIR to TR stating "unstable market" reasons. If your company has a freeze on hiring or a lot of lay-offs then it might happen. As USCIS claim to process all LCs by Sep 2007, you might want to wait till that and then decide on a future course of action. Or if you don't have a lot of wiggle room in your H1 then you can try the PERM route and atleast get your I-140 cleared.

As for me, I did just that and am in a much better position in my new company (in both, what I do and how much I earn). I am not suggesting you do the same thing but am just letting you know that there is always a way around this misery. Just dont get dejected; do a lot of thinking; talk to your friends/well wishers/family and then decide.
Just my 2 cents...

Good Luck!

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03-11 04:28 PM
The answer to that question would be "no". Would the IO be satisfied with the job description of the new job? Would he ask if I filed AC21? I don't want to sound paranoid, but it would be great if there was anyone on these forums that was in a similar situation and was asked that question...

You do sound paranoid.

When the law doesnot require tht a person file AC21 when changing jobs and yet you are not satisfied. That is PARANOID.

People are going to give their personal experience. If you are not satisfied then get legal advise from a lawyer.

All Immigraton Officers will not ask the same questions nor react the same way for similar answers.


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01-01 05:59 AM
But the way its worded now, it means no benefit for people who have no master's or Ph.D from US accredited university.

And you have to have 3 year experience to top it. From the wording, it means probably before you filed you I-140, you need to have 3 years of experience in relevant field.
So, there is no hope to people who are waiting for H1 visas to start working before Oct,2006 ? ( too much time ..!)

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04-17 03:54 PM
Don't worry. You are not alone. I will give you company. Mine is stuck in PERM
since OCt 2005. Not 10 months yet, but almost there...


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06-25 10:15 PM
Hi. I came from the Philippines and signed a contract for a 3-year obligation as a PT here in the US. My employer paid my recruiter (agency) fees to get me here. In the whole process, I did not shell out anything except for my airfare and other minor fees. However, my recruiter made this written contract saying that if I breach it, I have to pay all the expenses, as in literally all of it regardless of how long I already worked within the three-year period. I just feel that I am being held by my employer since I am planning to move to another company that would better give me the chance to have a green card to a place where I really like to live. Is it really legal that a recruiter make a copy of a contract/bond for the employer and the recruit to sign on it and for me to be responsible to pay all of the fees should I breach the contract? Is there any law/article that prohibits this practice?

I highly appreciate your warm assistance.


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Dragon tribal - ack tattoo by

02-05 04:06 PM
hello all,

i will really really appreciate your posts..

its been 23rd day..H1B renewal..New Delhi..still waiting for PP..i got no slip ..no warning to wait ..nothing..

But now i think its not stuck due to PIMS..it could be anything ?? some admin processing ? some security check ? some name check ??

How do we differentiate what are our passports held up for..COULD THIS BE CALLED 221(g)..i read in forums..221g can take forever ??


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02-01 01:27 PM
Here is what I would do..
1. Pay off your debts..
2. Collect 6 months of paycheck equivalent money in CDs.
3. Buy life insurance.
4. contribute to 401K if employer offers a match.
5. Start children's education fund (4o3b?)
6. Buy some gold may be 5-10% of savings.
7. Invest in US based large cap consistent dividend yielding stocks > 4% yield (example:- PFE & T).
8. Invest in an index fund with exposure to global economies with low expense ratio.
9. Invest in your health (gym membership or equipment etc..)
10. Buy some real estate if you can afford.

01-10 04:05 PM
I got I-140 RFE (EB2) regarding my education to prove the Bachelor degree I have is equivalent to US Bachelor degree. I have 3 years bachelor degree they are saying US Bachelor degree is 4 years.

My Lawyer is still working on it. I dont have say more than this that my freaking company is slow, unprofessional, irresponsible and typical exploiting consulting company.

My company qualifies for one of the company to be blacklisted. (There are lot of other incidents not only this I-140 RFE delay) :-)

02-06 04:44 PM
I don't think an employer can force you to repay the green card costs if you leave them as soon as you get it. That is illegal and against the law to make a foreign national pay for the costs of green card sponsorship!

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