Sunday, September 25, 2011

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05-19 11:28 AM
Senate discussing High skilled immigration... log on to the live commentary thread to know more...

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Fallen Angel Wallpaper

09-30 04:33 PM
I cracked up reading the post. I never really understood why they call us losers and locusts.

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10-31 09:24 AM
I am planning to shift employers and I have a question:

Company A applied for my green card and I have an approved I-140, passed the 6 month mark and now planning to shift jobs on EAD. I have an offer from Company B with a condition that my offer would be permanent upon approval of my green card. I cannot work for company B till I physically have my GC. In the mean time can I work for Company C ( in a completely different field) till my GC gets approved without any issues?

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10-02 08:21 AM
I Filed a case with NJ DOL and the outcome was pretty fast. It took 4 months to completely resolve the case. I spoke to DOL People yesterday and they said I will get all my money back.

In your case go ahead and file a case with DOL. Once you file the case you will get a letter from DOL acknowledging your case. May be you can use this ack letter to send it to INS if any query arises.

Before you even file a case tell your exemployer to pay all your money or else tell them that you will file case with DOL, INS. Still if they dont care then,,, go ahead and file the case....



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10-26 06:20 PM
waiting ...

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08-16 10:00 AM
Why dont you put a counter in the excel sheet based on the pending cases, will know how many people are in line to get approval.
I observed this repeatedly, a gmail user "prakashnetmkt" has been deleting all data repeatedly and I believe intentionally. I have reverted back to the old revision again.

I have modified some permissions, so now you do have to login to be able to edit. Still it is easy to mess up the data if you want t

Link below:


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12-12 10:41 AM
Prashanthi was there on chat for 30 min and as no one turned up to ask questions she left. She will be available for chat every Thursday at 9.30 PM EST.

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07-20 04:52 PM
I thought as per the new memo it is advisable to extend your non-immigrant status even if you have filed your AOS and work on EAD.

I know many people who were on H4 and started working as soon as they filed AOS and got EAD's, now in this case there I-94 issued for H4 is still valid.
When their spouse extended their H1B's, they did also extend the H4 petition to get new I-94's.


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04-26 09:41 AM
Guys, I made a silly mistake - I reversed first name and last name values - realized after submitting the form.

Should I put in a covering letter about the mistake with supporting docs.. or just let it pass through.. I'm worried that they might reject my application and I'll have to file again ( no refund !!! :( )

Any suggestions please ?

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11-12 02:54 PM
It is only for those people who are changing visa types, not for renewal stampings.


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09-22 07:26 PM
I don't get it - where are the rest of the 2468 members?

Can we send out a blast (through Pappu) to everyone on this forum?

Our need will be felt much more strongly is ALL of us participate - right guys? I'm kind of shocked that the number is only 32!!!!

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Fallen Angel. March 1, 2009

12-18 09:55 AM

My wife need to travel to india urgently. Our visa/I94 expired in Oct. We already applied 485 and is pending.

1) Will there be any issue at airpot as I94 is expired.A xerox copy of 485 receipt is sufficient.
2) Does she need to travel any path in this case( I heard thru London is issue if visa is expired.France/Amsterdam Etcc..)

Thanks in advance.

Do you have EAD and AP?


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07-25 12:06 PM
Thanks a lot for the help and useful information.

I can get all letters (of employment etc) from my employer. That is not an issue.

But do I need any other docuuments for I-140/labor etc., other than I-140 receipt number ?

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04-27 01:08 PM
Maybe you should combine his/her statement with body language. Did the IO raise the eyebrows, smirk, frown etc and word-smith the statement. Was it 'pre-adjudicated' (past tense) or 'will be pre-adjudicated' (future tense) or something else. 'pre-adjudicated under review', first half is contradicting the second half of the statement. 'Pre-adjudicated' could mean everything is clear and waiting for a visa number. 'Under review' could mean something else...additional review ?

Kidding apart, Your guess is as good as mine. Do not tie yourself up in knots. It is such a black box, you've been around these forums, nobody knows for sure, anybody can hazard a guess.


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08-03 05:15 PM
As per my attorney, the first case is correct.

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07-18 11:41 PM
Hi Folks
My EB2 will be current next month per VB. I just moved to a new place and did an online address change. I changed my address in Master DB as well as pending petitions.My questions in regard to this are :
<> I created an online USCIS ID and noticed there was a soft-update on my petition - meaning the update date itself changed but the status of petition is the same. "Under review". Just wanted to confirm if my address change online , caused the soft-update or USCIS opened my application ?
<> Last time , I changed my address online it immediately give me EMail alerts as well as a plain auto generated hard copy letter in zerox, from them informing me of the same. This time there are no alerts , nothing. How do I know what address USCIS have on file for me.
My online profile won't show current address - just an application online to change the same.
Any insights will help

call up the 1-800 number and ask the service center to update your record once more, that should be good enough. Tell the customer rep that you did not get a confirmation of the address change, so are concerned. If that does not work you can always take an INFOPASS appointment and there they'll ensure that your records are correct.


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03-14 03:27 PM
I read at Ron Gotcher's website that Admin fix cannot recapture unused visa #s (for that one needs a congressional mandate).. Is this correct? Can someone from IV team who has had contact with legal community comment on this?

At the same time, I think IV campaign to bring the visa recapture and other LEGAL immigration issues to the forefront is laudable. At the minimum, we have ~ 20k letters out there detailing our problems..

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01-05 02:57 PM
he doesn't wanna switch his job. So I don't think he would buy-in this idea of yours. But porting his EB3 PD to EB2 would be the smartest move as the retrogressing is really really killing all of us.

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03-13 02:21 PM
Both Graham and Schumer agree that they want to do this bipartisan. Graham wants one more Republican to support the bill. If not, he wouldn't back it. This is a known fact and even Schumer is well aware of it.

If health care passes through reconciliation, then getting that one crucial Republican vote would become that much difficult. In other words, Immigration bill would never see the light this year.

It tells me, although Graham is in it, he is not really in it... He wants to take the credit for bipartisanship but not the responsibility for making it happen. And that is the reason for one more Republican support.

08-04 10:07 AM
Hey, great example and at a good time.

This is the second major area that needs a great improvement (first being the legislative changes to increase visa numbers somehow). I can't tell, which one of these two issues is more important.

Now that PD is current for a large number of EB2s, you will see approvals coming randomly (not in order of PDs or RDs); largely due to inefficiency of USCIS. They simply dont have enough resources or mechanism to utilize current resources to deal with what they are dealing with. And so, we come across issues like these. It is unfortunate and sad that things at USCIS are running worse than any government office in third world countries.

Regardless, I am glad to see one more example of "Gandhigiri at work". At least he got his GC.

06-08 10:33 AM
Yes, they take all copies - SSN, I797, passport everytime the license has to be renewed. More frustrating thing is they only issue a paper license which is valid only for 30 days and the card is mailed in 3-4 weeks from Tallahassee (State capital) after they perform immigration & background check. This paper license can't be used for ID purposes.

The 30-day paper license thing has been there since 2002, when I first applied. The "Temporary" label came I think about one and a half to two years back.

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