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11-01 04:48 PM
Even i'm in the same situation. My employer does not let me to interact with the attorney and is sad in following up.
He is yet to apply for my PERM.

Even i'm curious to know if there is a way to track it other than employer/attorney creating a sub account. I'm dead sure they would not create one :(

Please let me know if you get to know.


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07-16 12:40 PM
I think the best way is to bring her back, because its Preferable to go to the same doctor
were you had done intial exams

Moreover to the best of my knowledge this cannot be done in india

I had to call my wife back for the same reason in May

hope this helps

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08-05 09:39 PM

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02-11 01:45 PM
Were you working on H1 when you sponsored your parents for graduation? Because i am working on my OPT and that fears me most when i think of sponsoring my parents, since OPT is nothing but simply a part of F1 visa


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10-15 10:42 PM
Very excellent, I have other grunge brushes, but these will come in handy.


Thanks no-tec :)

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02-12 05:55 PM
I guess most of us dont want to take the pain of "mailing the letters"

How abt someone obtains online authorization to mail letters on members behalf.
I mean members authorize mailing a letter on their behalf by IV.
Question is asked when they sign in... or login to the website!

snail mailed, signed letters are far more effective. straight from the horse's mouth, so please believe it.
it's 5 min and a few cents...tell me you can't do that (pain) again...?


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02-23 11:03 AM

We are in AOS pending status. I am on EAD.

After seeing the economy I am planning to send my wife to India. She is pregnant (2 months). Now I have job and in future if I get into any trouble with project Etc.. I need to pay the medical insurance and will have lot of financial issues.

How difficult is to bring new infant to US from India while our AOS is pending and apply 485. (Visitor visa Etc..)

Any suggestions.


Since you are not on H1 visa status anymore, child can not get H-4 visa to enter into USA. Your child must get immigrant visa as follow-to-join. Immigrant visa can be issued only when your PD is current. You will need to file I-824 with USCIS. (Link for I-824 (

Not legal advice.
US citizen of Indian origin

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03-17 04:22 PM
Some lenders do not lend to H1/EAD. So if the cheapest lender happens to not accept H1/EAD, then you did not get the cheapest rate.

In your case Wells Fargo happened to have the cheapest rate and they were also accepting H1.

I am on the look out for a loan currently. The guy with the cheapest rate (around 4.8%) does not give loans to H1/EAD folks. So I am forced to go with a guy who is accepting H1/EAD, but the rate is 5%.

When you shop around ask for rate quote and that time they won't ask your immigration status. If bank changes the rate based on your immi status, do not go with them.

I bought the house while I was on H1 4 years back (I am still using my H1 and I have an EAD now) and nobody asked me my imm status. I submitted the document at the time of doing paperwork but it did not change my rate. I got the best rate based on my credit from wells fargo.

good luck


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03-02 07:53 PM
I was in a similar situation, I got my I-94 renewed by went into the U.S - Mexico border near San Diego on 02/28/2009. It is the simplest way to get your new I-94 if you are near Mexico border.

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08-18 01:35 PM
Hi Everyone,

Have a question

My wife came to USA on H4 (2007), we have applied for H1 this year(2008)and is it approved (we did not received the petition yet). She has to travel back to india for a month from (Sep 08 - Mid Oct08). I am concerned about the issues/status when she enters back in USA. Her H4 is valid till Sep-2009.

1) Can she go back on H4 visa and return back with the same H4 visa. Will she be having any issues at the Immigartion officer at port of entry. If so, what type of questions she has to face?

2)After coming back, will her H1 have any issues ?

What would be the best thing to do .. I am really worried about this status issues.

Can any one of you pls let me know how to face this .


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02-14 06:17 PM
Not sure if I should be happy that there are lots of people in the same boat as me or be worried.
Anyways swen I take an appointment to go to the local INS office, is it ok if I go alone or does my wife need to come along as well?


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02-25 04:14 PM
has anyone heard about the following? don't quite know where it is originally coming from. it's from here (


When the alien beneficiary voluntarily departs from the employment in an hostile environment to get a new job, and the USCIS obtains an evidence, either before 180 days or after 180 days of filing of I-140 and I-485, the foreign worker may face a risk of denial or revocation of the petition, because of the evidence of such alien's intent not to work for the employer for the petitioned job, and the AC-21 rule is not available for alien beneficiaries with evidence of actively searching for new employment. In this case, foreign workers who had departed from the employment, not because of the layoff, or because of the alien's decision to change employment.

Such adverse evidence can also haunt after the foreign workers obtaining the Green Card as the law allows the USCIS to initiate the Green Card revocation proceeding before the immigration courts under the law that the USCIS can revoke a Green Card, should they belatedly find and establish such adverse evidence after the approval of a Green Card, which should have formed a basis for the adjudicator to deny the I-485 applications had the adjudicator known the facts and evidence.

The issues here involve in most cases hostile employers or other third parties who possess such evidence, and offer to the USCIS to hurt such foreign workers. Usually such denial or revocation is preceded by the USCIS' initiation of a notice of intent to deny or revoke (NOID or NOIR) when such action is taken before the Green Card is approved, but when a revocation proceeding is initiated after the green card approval, they file revocation proceeding before an immigrant court as such alien is entitled to a hearing and decision by an immigrant judge.

u sound like a desperate desi BS.


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09-12 01:46 PM
I did tell the first CS that it was more than 90 days and to the second I/O ,I mentioned that it was July 2nd.She asked me whether the checks were cashed and I said no. Then she asked for my full name , dob and ssn and gave me the receipts info. I/O was very patient and verified my address to make sure everything was right.
The receipts start with LIN (Nebraska)

Thanks tnite. Enjoy!!!

I am July2 filer at NSC....based on LUD, I suspect, it has gone to TSC and no information ever since....

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04-24 02:18 PM
Finally, My I-485 got approved.
RD: MARCH 2007
Thank you All!!



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05-17 04:41 PM
Practically not much.

If FP is for EAD, one is likely to get EAD soon with fingerprints.

If FP is for GC, it usually gets OK in 2-10 days and then there will be a soft LUD. GC application remains in pending state for Priority Date, Processing Date and Name Check (now there is NC override of six months).

FP is not a bottleneck, except for few cases - they have not received FP notices for the past 8-10 months.

It is expected that Priority Date and Processing Date will be cause of delays

so my pd is current now september 2005 row , my rd is july 2nd 2007 , i had not receive fingerprint notice yet but last week i took infopass and io shedule for 28 th may 2008 ,
after may 28 2008 , after taking fingerprint for my i 485 what do you think they will process my case straight forward ?

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05-12 04:16 PM
A friend at my workplace is current and is waiting .... I know atleast 3 cases at my workplace who are current in May bulletin and waiting


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01-09 07:40 PM
Can some body help with the below Questions?

1 . After getting Divorce in USA do we need to update the INS(is it Mandatory) to take away the wife from my Green card Process?
2. Planning to get remarried in India , while sending my new wife for H4 stamping , Is divorce doc alone is sufficient and if do not update the INS on my divorce , while my new wife goes to H4 stamping will that take care of evrything?

Please reply


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09-29 06:36 AM
Singhsa & Smisachu,

Thank you for sharing your experiences.

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10-15 09:42 PM
Thank you.

I also am thinking same. But since I had medical RFE, I am not expecting any more RFE at this point. Looking at my PD, it wouldbe another year or 2 in best case scenario to pickup the file and get over it. So if can get a break of 2-3 months between jobs,it would save me alot of tension and worry.

and if officer wanted EVL, he would had added a clause in my recent RFE.No point in going back to my file and saying. oh!! let me ask him EVL now that he is done with medicals. And if he does that it would be atleast an year or 2 if not later.

But then again, nobody can predict USCIS, but atleast I can be happy that I thought thru it and probability is very very slim of me getting hit by a bus on an intersection.

02-14 03:58 PM
We want widespread support from all Physicians.
If you are a resident, fellow, preparing for USMLE, practicing, j1 waiver everyone, please join the IV Physicians group. We need a lot of support for this bill.

Please spread the message and get your organizations to participate actively in this campaign.

Please post you pledge for support on this thread

01-05 07:59 AM
Here are the statistics on the contributions so far on Immigration Voice.

We have collected more than $5,000 in just 2 days. We have an initial target of $100,000. We can definitely achieve this if we can get 1000 members contributing $100 each to meet this target.

In that page we also have a section on how the funds are being overseen.

All, do not think that others will do the contribution. We need your contributions now to start lobbying!!!

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