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07-17 06:27 PM
Sorry I am posting this on multiple threads (because there are so many!)

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05-17 06:27 PM
You should have a I-94 when she came back here in the US. Did she misplace it? The I-94 when she came back should be enough for the RFE. The old ones don't matter for I-485.

She has the second I-94.

I am submitting that, but the RFE said to submit all the documents proving the status from entry till the time we have submitted our I 485 documents

As per your comments, second I-94 is good enough, if that is the case. we are cool, but I would confirm that with attorney and post the details here. so that it would be helpful for others.

Thanks for your reply.


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06-19 10:22 AM
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But what about all the good stuff that comes with owning a home? Aren't homeowners benefiting from the security and independence of owning. Not really. The research shows that when you control for things like childbirth and income, the difference in contentment vanishes.

"I don't see any strong evidence that homeowners are any happier than renters," says Bucchianeri, whose 600-woman study is under review for publication in the Journal of Urban Economics. "On the other hand, they consistently report a higher level of pain ? or what you might call negative feelings ? connected to their home, and that's after controlling for all kinds of demographic characteristics, their financial situation, how many children they have and so on."

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08-14 07:30 PM
I was also in limbo whether to apply AP now or no. My current AP is valid till Mid Jan 2009 And I am travelling india in Oct and will be back on 1st week on Nov. I decided not to apply AP now and will be applying renewal in mid Nov. Applied only EAD renewal.
But my H1 extension approval is still pending. Not sure it will get approved by 1st week of Oct. If I happen to use the current AP do they give i-94 only till Jan 09 ( i.e my AP validity) or for 1 year ?


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03-16 08:52 AM
Can I work for the same employer as a contractor (1099)
I dont want to be on payrorle with the company for whom i work

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06-20 03:02 PM
I have EB2 i-140 approved with PD Dec. 05. I am planning to change the employer.. was just waiting to see if CIR gonna help.. but looks like its not. If I change job now, I will have to do labor, i140 once again!! might be able to maintain PD. .. my question is... I believe that in Octo. 06, new quota for GC will be available. What are the guesses that the PD will become current (at least for Eb2 India) in Octo 06?? Some educated guesses are highly appreciated.

The answer to your first question is yes. You can change employers without any impact, by using AC 21 provisions.

Regarding the second question: EB2 India is going to take a long time to come to 2005 PD. I would say, atleast another three years.


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06-06 02:58 PM
Are there any specific links for complaining to these agencies?

See the 4th message in the thread.

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08-21 01:54 PM
I received an RFE from USCIS 10 days after the date on the letter and need to respond in 33 days.
I came to US through Company A in June 2007 and was with them until Dec 2006. This Company A had applied for my labor and I140 and both of them were approved through them. I joined Company B in Jan of 2007(change of H1) and was with them until April of 2007. I joined Company C in April 2007(change of H1) and been with them since. Company C would not do my GC.

During the July 2007 fiasco, Company A agreed to give me an offer letter that I submitted with my 485 application and my attorney (a good reputed one) mentioned in the application that I was working for company C.

I got an RFE now stating that I did not send my sealed medical exam which I had done and we have a scan of what was sent. They also want ?a current letter of employment attesting to your offer of proposed employment. This letter should be written on the company?s official letterhead and cite the date you will begin working, whether the position is temporary or permanent , a description of the position, a description of the position that you currently hold for the company (if any), and offered salary?

Is this RFE bad? What might have triggered this RFW? Now my attorney suggests that since I had filed 485 through company A and I did not really invoke AC21 that I should give a new offer letter from Company A (they are willing to give one). My question is if I do that will there be further questions? The company I work for is a bigger one and Company A is really a body shopper, so I want to go with the letter from the current company. Also since it more than 2 years since I applied for 485 can I say I invoked AC 21? When can I disassociate myself from company A as I do not want to lose my current job.
I would like the attorneys or the members valuable help. Please do offer your opinions. Thank you all in advance.

The RFE is not unusual, they are sending RFE's on all pending I-485 applications in an attempt to pre-process the applications and have them ready before the priority date becomes available.

Even though the beneficiary does not have to be working for the GC sponsoring company and the offer of employment can be a future offer, i always advice my clients to work for the sponsoring employer, if possible, otherwise the USCIS might raise the issue of the validity of the job offer, they have done this in the past. I also always advice clients to do AC-21 whenever they can, rather than depend on future employment.

It is difficult to predict what the Officers decision will be and what factors he will look at, and your attorney is not wrong in his response, however if you were my client i would advice you to use AC-21. The USCIS has not indicated that AC-21 has to be invoked as soon as you join the new employer, no deadline for invoking AC-21. However, you should have a GC sponsor at all times to keep your GC alive. In your case, company A was your sponsor until the time that company C has agreed to be your sponsor and invoke AC-21.

It is also good to invoke AC-21 because at the time of filing for citizenship they will see if you worked for your sponsoring employer for at least 6 months after getting the GC and if you did not, they will ask why dint you.


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05-25 03:29 PM
Does anyone have recent experience with the Chicago office of Consulate of India for passport renewal. How long does it take? 2 weeks, 3 weeks, more than 3 weeks.

I renewed my passport at Chicago in 2003 it took just one week. I felt they are much better than the central government offices in India.

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03-15 02:57 PM
So employer has to inform USCIS about EAD use. But in this case (and termination) the actual H1b cancellation is USCIS decision ?
(The pdf does not state what action USCIS will take)

Incorrect, again!

Employer is not required to inform about EAD usage. On the contrary, Employer has to inform about discontinuation of H-1B for that employee. That will absolve employer H-1B employer for any condition or payment for wages for conditions such as unproductive time (aka bench).

There is no regulation that requires employer to inform USCIS when employment (and I-9) is filled due to EAD, Green Card, or US citizenship.

Not a legal advice.
US citizen of Indian origin


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01-25 02:10 PM
perlin circles :thumb:

I also loved the snowflake formation.

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08-16 12:29 PM
yes it will be funny if any of Exceed employee working in backlog center is also affcted by backlog of his labor application there.

If there are any, they must have talked to some one and got it approved by now, because there is no order in approvals any way... :)


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03-21 08:02 AM
Does anybody have more comments on this case?

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10-01 08:43 PM
I don't know why the guy brought up sarah palin when discussing joe biden. is it a must that something should be said about her for every gaffee that joe makes?remember how the congressman was sent packing after the macaca comment. why no outcry on this 7-11 comment? double standard?


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March 4th, 2010, 11:55 AM
Just saw how old this post was!! Sorry

I-94 expired [Archive] - Immigration Voice

View Full Version : I-94 expired

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01-28 05:34 PM
How can we be sure unless we ask them?

Deepak Chopra is a medical doctor, so pretty sure he would have used EB immigration.. you think he was family based?

Sabeer Bhatia is from BITS.. he studied here.. so I guess that would have been F1 first then started working here.

I am not sure if Deepak Chopra and other above are EB immigrants. I was asking for examples of people from EB immigrants community.


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09-15 01:14 PM
with your pd of oct should be fine. i can see your pd becoming current in the next 3-4 months.....again i am speculating, you can never predict what dos/uscis may do?????

hi is there any hope for eb-2 india?since its has retrogressed,can we expect any forward movement in the next few months?is there any chance of further retrogression?are there too many cases coming out of back log centres?
my case r got cleared from backlog centre few months back and i-140 recently approved,my pd is oct 2002 eb-2.iam so unlucky for the past so many yrs ,now that its approved i dont have a chance to apply for 485 as dates there any hope in the next few months for a forward movement?by 2007 oct eb-2 will it be able to reach atleast 2003 end or 2004 begining?

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12-26 11:37 AM
Good question. SKIL bill will not only help person of person from advance degree in the USA. It has lot of other provisions, which can substaintially reduce a deadly retrogression like, Depondents are not going to count in numeric cap, Master and higher degree from USA will not count in cap (Many master degree holders are in EB3), There are lot of provisions. You can study SKIL bill and realize how good it is.

Pappu - thanks for the quick reply.

The reason I asked - I got the impression that IV is for the "highly qualified" people. I know "highly qualified" is a subjective term. I did 3 yrs bachelors in commerce from India. I was not sure if I am "highly qualified" or not. Reading through a forum I came to know about the SKIL bill - which I don't think is for guys with my qualification.

Is IV only pursuing SKIL bill or are there any other bills that would benefits people like me? If there are, then where can I read about those provisions? I want to browse though them and want to see if it would help my case.

Thanks again for your help.

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10-11 02:17 PM
There is no problem here.

In the case 485 denial, if the applicant has a H-1b, then the applicant will continue to be in status via the H-1b. If the spouse had given up h-4 status by using EAD, then the spouse will have to activate the h-4 visa back.

If the 485 is rejected and the rejection is not by mistake, then the chances of getting back into the 485 queue and getting an approval are very slim. If the 485 is rejected by mistake, then it may be possible to stay on even without a H-4 while the mistake is being corrected.

Example: Back in 2000 my friend's 485 was approved, but his wife's approval did not show up. After waiting paitently for a few months, he initiated an enquiry and discovered that there was an RFE in his wife's case and the good lawyer did not respond to the RFE resulting in denial of her case. She was out of status at this point, but it was not a problem. The case was reopened by the lawyer and she went back to 485 status and her case was approved 4 years later.

In short, there is not much documentation or knowledge on the possible options after 485 denial. Mainly because 485 rejection is extremely rare. I would not worry about it. Go ahead and use your EAD if you have to.

08-13 11:15 AM
If we want to read sports related news we can go to news sites. People should refrain from creating such threads which are completely unrelated to IV.

08-14 03:14 PM
If it was received but no checks cashed yet, I would re-file.

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