Friday, September 9, 2011

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07-15 05:19 PM
I have my original I94 from when I entered on F-1. And now I have the I-94 attached to my H-1B. Which one do I hand in?

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03-08 06:44 AM
Filed online on Dec 20 for both me and my wife. Send additional docs in 1 week. EAD and AP approved on Feb 23. Nebraska center. Only sad thing is EAD and AP are not in one card. I got EAD approved for 2 years, but AP for only 1 year in paper form.

Can anyone offer suggestion if I should call USCIS why they did not give it in a single card. 'coz I thought they were supposed to issue both the EAD and AP in one card starting Feb 11. I applied for both together.

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09-07 08:14 PM
Well, first you need to learn basic English first. You should have written "Can we write in English?" rather than "Can we speak English?" as on these boards we write, we do not speak. And for your information, if any posts (In Hindi) are valuable, people of other nationalities will learn Hindi to gain knowledge out of those posts. So please don't worry much about other people writing in Hindi. I understand that you may be a born slave but do not impose your slavery attidue on others.

I dont see anything wrong in what EB3_SEP04 said.
He/she said "a lot south/east indian people don't speak/understand hindi".
Don't pick on trivial things to make your point across.

I personally believe that all posts should be written in English because that is a common language that unites us all. People speaking wide variety of language access this forum and it is imperative that language doesn't become another barrier. We already have enough class wars in the form of EB2/EB3, non-ROW/ROW, full-time/consulting, US masters/non-US masters etc..

mera dho paise! (translation: my 2 cents)

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11-14 08:01 PM
My RIR is rejected. My LC is still pending.
My lawyer says it is moved to TR queue

If My case is moved to TR queue, does it mean very significant delay in getting my LC? Because in such a case this is my breaking point.Ready to quit and give up after these years and years if pain

as it is clear from this post of yours, and reading your first post again, your LC conversion from regular LC to a RIR LC was rejected. does not mean your LC has been rejected and it definitely means that you do retain your PD.

while it is certainly painful for you, it definitely is not as bad as our reaction to your first post made it out to be...... so hang in there!!


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12-28 01:14 PM
Received H1b approval last week. I got it approved for only 1 year though. I sent all the originals along with self addressed fedex postage paid envelope . USCIS safely posted back using the same envelope. I also sent them transcripts attested by registar in sealed envelope. Thanks for all the forum members who answered my queries.

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08-03 07:29 PM
Consult a good lawyer without any further delay. If you are out of status then it's problem for GC also.


This is a really complicated case. You should consult a good attorney. The people in this forum are not lawyers. They just have some knowledge about immigration process and laws.

If I was in your place I will file for another H1B through Company B. There is a risk in this also as your current H1B extension is denied.

Stay in good terms with your current employer. Tell him once he is able to resolve the issue of H1B denial, you will come back to him. Also tell him once you get your EAD you will come back.

The problem is USCIS denied H1B extension due to non-compliance of rule in paying the employees, they can probably deny the 485 for the same reason.


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03-16 01:35 PM
Anybody??? Please help !!!!

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07-08 04:21 PM
Wonderful support. Thank you. So far we have over 850 viewings and have been rated 76 times and 23 comments. That has managed to push us to #6 in the News and Politics stories of the day. This morning we overtook a Ron Paul story. If you have not had a chance to check the video out, please rate it by clicking on the stars or leave a comment as that will push our position even further.

Thank you once again. My son is beginning to get quite optimistic that CNN might just pick this one :-)


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06-06 12:19 AM
take it all offff... is azzy tryin to seduce us?;D jk.... nice job sofar, very colorful.

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12-23 12:58 PM
You should be fine. I have been in the exact same situation did not have any problems excepting secondary inspection in which no questions were asked.


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03-12 11:22 AM
My 140 approval updated after 1 yr....

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10-06 05:23 AM
I am a July 2nd filer and I got my receipt notices, EADs and completed the FP too. I didnt get the AP yet but my wife's AP shows as approved. When I talked to an IO couple of days ago, she said my AP is approved but they didnt update the website. I called USCIS Customer Service today 3 to 4 (it seems they keep track of it) times and each gave me a different information. Sometimes they said they have Aug 17th as the receipt date but my receipt date is July 2nd(on the RN) and Aug 20th is the ND. So, I dont know what this Aug 17th date is and they say that is what they have in their systems as received date and I am still in the processing time. I am confused. According to my attorney, my wife's AP shudnt have been approved without my AP getting approved since I am the primary applicant.

Do I need to worry or just wait some more days? I am mainly worried that they have the wrong date as receipt date in their system and it might affect on future processing.

Thank you for any kind of input.


I am also in the same situation like you. My wife got AP and mine is still pending. Please let me know if you get yours approved.

Thank you.


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06-15 10:52 PM
Thanks for the reply.

But i filed GC 6 times i had three approved I 140's with different priority dates.
I missed filing my 485 couple times.


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07-13 10:13 AM
I don't know if you guys are aware of this or not. In 1994 when US hosted the Soccer World cup, An Uruguyan player was granted direct Citizenship as US wanted to feild a respectable fight in front of their home crowds.


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05-21 05:33 PM
thank you for giving me confidence...did u do e-file?

It's a Paper filing..

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05-29 08:17 PM
It saves you money because a I140 denial will result in 485 denial. You save the filing fee of 485.

Hi kaisersose
can you please take a few mins and send web faxes?
for tonight we are trying to reach a goal of 2750 faxes......

your efforts will be highly appreciated

thank you


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07-26 09:37 AM
The Link is not working.

Actually I am going to apply EAD for future purpose. In near future i am not going to change my current employer. If i continue to work with same employer after getting EAD, Will i be on H1B or EAD status?


What you have asked is for someone to explain the Bible to you since you only know who Jesus is :D

Anyways, I will be happy to educate you. Send me your phone no. (if you want) to and I will call you and answer your questions.

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09-22 06:06 PM
I don't think that would be okay as you would then be jumping the hoop of I-140. I think we should just stay with the modest request of "filing 485" without visa number availability.

even if we can file for 485, the only possible way to move is by using AC-21 provisions, correct?

Also, when using AC-21 provisions to shift the job, do we need to ensure that the job description and responsibilities are similar to the previous job?


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08-22 11:04 AM
Did you efile or paper-file? Most of the E-filed applications are taking ~90 days to get to Card Production Ordered (CPO) status. Mine took exactly ninety days.

08-06 12:12 PM
Yeah, why not? As long as Legals ALSO get green cards!

On The Washington Post today:

A Less Ambitious Approach to Immigration

By Arlen Specter
Monday, August 6, 2007; Page A17

The charge of amnesty defeated comprehensive immigration reform in the Senate this summer. It is too important, and there has been too much legislative investment, not to try again. The time to do so is now.

Certainly the government should implement the provisions it has already enacted to improve border security and crack down on employers who knowingly hire illegal immigrants. But the important additions on those subjects contained in the bill defeated in June will not be enacted without also dealing with the 12 million-plus undocumented immigrants and the guest worker program.

So let's take a fresh look and try a narrower approach.

There is a consensus in Congress on most objectives and many remedies for immigration reform: more border patrols, additional fencing, drones and some form of a guest worker program. Modern technological advances provide foolproof identification so employers can -- justifiably -- be severely sanctioned if they don't verify IDs and act to eliminate the magnet attracting illegals to penetrate the border. Yet Congress is unlikely to appropriate $3 billion for border security without dealing simultaneously with the illegal immigrants already here.

The main objective in legalizing the 12 million was to eliminate their fugitive status, allowing them to live in the United States without fear of being detected and deported or being abused by unscrupulous employers. We should consider a revised status for those 12 million people. Let them hold the status of those with green cards -- without the automatic path to citizenship that was the core component of critics' argument that reform efforts were really amnesty. Give these people the company of their spouses and minor children and consider other indicators of citizenship short of the right to vote (which was always the dealbreaker).

This approach may be attacked as creating an "underclass" inconsistent with American values, which have always been to give refuge to the "huddled masses." But such a compromise is clearly better than leaving these people a fugitive class. People with a lesser status are frequently referred to as second-class citizens. Congress has adamantly refused to make the 12 million people already here full citizens, but isn't it better for them to at least be secure aliens than hunted and exploited?

Giving these people green-card status leaves open the opportunity for them to return to their native lands and seek citizenship through regular channels. Or, after our borders are secured and tough employer sanctions have been put in place, Congress can revisit the issue and possibly find a more hospitable America.

Some of the other refinements of the defeated bill can await another day and the regular process of Judiciary Committee hearings and markups. Changing the law on family unification with a point system can also be considered later. Now, perhaps, we could add green cards for highly skilled workers and tinker at the edges of immigration law, providing we don't get bogged down in endless debate and defeated cloture motions.

It would be refreshing if Congress, and the country, could come together in a bipartisan way to at least partially solve one of the big domestic issues of the day.

The writer, a senator from Pennsylvania, is the ranking Republican on the Senate Judiciary Committee.

05-03 08:10 AM
nk2006, Thanks for poiting that out. I have stopped thinking beyond I140 :)

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