Sunday, September 11, 2011

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07-27 12:49 PM
The correct answer would be differed on the basis of your current status.
Are you currently H1 holder or H4 holder?

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06-16 01:22 AM

Chat User : My husband is on H1B and is about to file for his I-485.
I am currently on an F-1 visa. Do I have to convert to H-4 to file for I-485
with my husband, or can I file while being on F-1? Please advise.

Attorney Murthy : A person can file the I-485 while still in F-1 status, but unlike the H1B/H-4 or L-1/L-2 which are dual intent, the F-1 is a pure nonimmigrant status. This means that, upon the I-485 filing, one is no longer considered to be in F-1 status, but converts to an adjustment applicant, eligible for the EAD and AP, etc.

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09-14 03:56 PM
WOW - 6 to 7 congress men attending the rally- TOOOOOOOO GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD.

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09-11 10:30 AM
So, is MS + 2 the safest way to go? Also, what is the min. salary requirement that DOL accepts if a job requires MS + 2 (say in CA).


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05-18 07:16 PM
Good job! However, like I and some other people on this forum have mentioned before, there is the need to de-emphasize our course as an Indian course. We know the majority of people in the GC process are of Indian or Chinese origin but we should recognize we need an all-inclusive approach to this struggle.

I clicked on the link and the headline read "Indian immigrants in US raise voices" While I understand that this might have come from the reporters who put togther the news, it is important that the members of IV at the forefront of this campaign and indeed all members on this forum, portray our course as as a high-skilled immigrant course and NOT an Indian or Chinese course.

Just something to think about!

Great work IV core team! EB immigration will be benefited by the work done by IV core team sooner or later. Keep it up!!

One will wonder that Indian Government will do something as the India and her economy are benefited by EB immigration big time in last decade. In the global economy the overseas workers are the greatest strength India has and as usual they are completely ignoring the problems faced by EB immigrants in the USA.

Just a thought,

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03-18 11:45 AM
I am on H1 (8th year - not using EAD which I have) right now and a citizen friend of mine wants me to be involved with his website company. Business would involve subscription based access to website. He has hinted that one thing he is willing to consider is awarding me some percentage share in the company in return for my services as his website is not yet profitable.
If I would like to take that, what is the way to go?
1. Specifically, can someone tell me what I should do - LLC, something else...?
2. How would I pay myself from this without breaking H1-B laws?
3. If tomorrow I wanna close this company as I dont want to keep it for any reason, is there anything I need to be concerned with? Or it's as easy to close as a simple status update, call, etc?



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08-15 01:50 PM
Couldn't resist opening a new thread and sharing this with fellow IVians.

We got our green cards today. It is actually green (in the back).

Another announcement is that I recently relocated to northern Mississippi. Would like to join up with other state chapter members. I am willing to coordinate with the group in Memphis TN.

Thanks IV. I and my spouse benefited a lot from the July 2007VB and the work IV did concerning it. So, I will do more than just stick around but continue to be active as usual. The system is still broken and we will have to work to fix it.

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04-12 06:54 PM
Nice thoughts Harvinder,
But this exactly what we tried to do through the recent campaign on admin fixes..

Hi singhsa3,
Campaign on admin fixes was targeted towards White house and USCIS. I am talking about putting our point in from of big Software industries and them approaching Congress.


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12-28 10:07 AM
I have three friends waiting for I - 140 approval whose date are between Feb 16 - 22, 2007 and all are still waiting for approvals. online status show case pending. And dates in NSC shows April 6, 2007.

This is not the first time. It's so frustrating . Well, that's USCIS for you.

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03-27 10:29 AM
There are more than 100,000 emails and more than 40,000 paper letters coming to Obama every day. I doubt, if all get acknowledged after somone reads them. Some sort of filtering process has to handle that task. With security I meant, checking on originating IP addresses against their watch-lists, certain words in the text, etc. As per reports, Obams is given some 10 letters (may be some emails) everyday to read.

You are probably right. Sending junk emails is no use.


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09-05 05:18 PM
EB3 India se pehle EB3 ROW ka number aye ga ... maybe even before EB2 I :D

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12-12 04:06 PM
Refile as what lawyer says, get new H1. That will give you some breathing room. If you see that current financial problem may jeopardize the new GC process as well, then you should switch over.

I assume this lawyer is hired by the company. So he will never advise you to make a move. It is you who have to look at all the options and see if it makes sense.


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07-06 10:28 AM
I thought that Kaiser was only for Western States. Is it there for other places also?

A little peek into Kaiser's website will help you a long way in answering your basic questions...

Here is the info. about their locations,

Here is their website, where you can do "SEARCH" before you ask any kind of basic questions,

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07-16 08:33 AM

Why would notification be necessary? Isn't an I-9 form (w/ EAD as proof of work permit) being present at the employer's location sufficient?

I haven't heard of any employer "notifying" USCIS about an employee's EAD status!


It is an error on USCIS part, may be because you (or your spouse's employer) have not notified the USCIS about your spouse using the EAD for employment.


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04-09 02:36 PM
Guys and Gals,
I heard this from immigrant coworkers in my company (Consulting company with 1000+ consultants in USA, 15000+ all over the world), I?m hearing that employees are forced to us EAD instead of renewing H1B visa. Funny part here is, they did not pay for filing I485, all expenses including medical were paid by the employee.

Now they say that they will reimburse EAD filing expense and trying to force employees to use EAD once H1B expires.


Is this legal?
Is it a common practice?

Assuming it?s legal and employees have no other choice other than using EAD, I?ve couple more questions.

If for some reason, I485 is denied and you challenge the decision using MTR, will you still be legal status if the MTR process takes several months?

Is there a limit on how many times you can challenge USCIS decision? If they reject your application 10 times and you know the reason they rejected each time is incorrect, do you get to challenge them if you have enough evidence that your application was rejected incorrectly?

Thanks for your time.

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09-20 11:26 PM
Thanks for the info. how about areas like simivalley, santa clarita, do you get houses for 300 to 350 and

And also around bay area- san roman, liver moore are they good neighbourhood. Also which has more jobs in datawarehousing is it LA or bayarea.

House prices in California have fallen significantly this year. However, they are still out of reach for most of the first time buyers. Simi Valley and Santa Clarita are nice places to live but still quite expensive. You may be able to find a townhouse for the range that you have mentioned. Please browse and run some searches by cities to get an idea.

Remember, it's very difficult to get a loan nowadays. The lender will now check how much you really make. The general rule for qualifying a loan is that you need to make at least 1/3rd per year of the house that you are buying. For example: if you make $50K a year, you can qualify for a mortgage up to $50K*3=$150K and not more than that.

Good luck on your search.


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03-22 08:17 AM
don't know where I should put my request. My husband is on H1B visa ...and I was on H4 .I went India but my H4 was rejected. I don't know what to USCIS also going to reject my husband H1B .. please help

what's the reason for rejection?

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12-28 02:27 PM
We are watching the processing date from Dec. 14 till yesterday. We did call them. You can see my thread for this matter. They talk about Nov. Date till recently. All of a sudden they come up with this with old date. see the link (http://

Why did u give a negative marking for that?

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01-21 10:48 AM
This rumour sounds like its straight out of timesofindia :p;)

09-14 03:45 PM
The interview with Jay about the rally just started.

03-18 01:23 AM
I recently started an LLC here. I looked into several options and learned that LLC is the best way to go if you are a foreign national. I'm working on my H1B and do hold a valid EAD.
Anyone can incorporate an LLC regardless of your immigration status. As an LLC member, you are liable to file for you own tax returns on the profits and any salary drawn from the company. However, the members can choose to file taxes as a corporation as well. The most important part in incorporating a business is to form an Operating Agreement and getting square with IRS by getting the employer Identification number(EIN) so that you can file taxes. None of the banks will let you open a business account with them if you do not have an EIN which is also called as Federal Tax ID number.
You can find a lot of information on the web on this subject. I can shoot you the online service I used in a private message if you are interested. BTW, we formed the LLC in DE and operating from NJ.

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