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08-03 04:37 PM
Dear Registered OP,
I guess you have accidentally choose IV to post your issue,
the key word search "Frustation" on google might have drove you here,
not your mistake! try this website ( :D

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02-27 11:59 AM
Scratch my answer below...logiclife is right...pls consult a very good immigration lawyer (like sheila Murthy, Rajiv Khanna, Matthew Oh).

Hi all

I am a green card holder. I received my green card through an application filed by a former employer, and received it in September 2004. I got married in Arpil 2006, my wife is from my home country, she had been in the US previously on an F-1 status which has since ran out. She became pregnant soon after we were married. She came up to the US last September on a B visa. She was given 6 months stay on her I-94; and had the baby here in January of 2007. Her expiration date on the I-94 is in 3 weeks and she is going to leave (with the baby) to maintain good status standing.
I filed for her (I-130) last July. Our plan at this time is for her to go to grad school, apply for a new F-1 to come back here. We are presently waiting for a decsion on the grad school application from the school she applied to.
I hope this isnt too confusing, but can anyone offer any suggestions or help with our situation? In terms of what options are out there for my wife to be here with me if things dont work out with grad school/ F-1 visa? As I mentioned I did file for her, but as I am not a citizen it will take longer. Also our newborn baby is a US citizen as she was born here.
Thank you!!

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01-08 03:11 PM
it was in 2006 quota, got her h1 approval document in november, applied in november second week and by dec 2 week got her ssn.

She was on h4 for the past 3 years and converted to H1 in december officially( as she got her SSN)

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03-11 02:39 PM
Hi All,

EB3-ROW PD: June 6, 2005
AOS application sent: July 1, 2007
I switched employent on December 2007. I didn't transfer H1-B so I am using my EAD to work for the new company. I didn't file for AC21 because I was worried about RFE or other type of complications.

My H1-b visa and I94 expired on May 2008. I am planning to visit my homecountry and come back on AP. As I understand all I need normally is AP+ passport+ I485 receipt. However, I also read some forum members recommending that we carry recent pay stubs and an employment letter from our company. I also read some that folks were asked if they were still working for the same company. My honest answer would be "no". I left my GC sponsoring firm (A) and joined company (B). So I wouln't have letters or pay stubs from company A. Would that be a problem at the POE? If I run into an IO that prefers to scrutinize, I might get into trouble. This really worries me. Again I switched jobs and never filed for AC21. Would I be at fault for not reporting the job change?

Thanks a lot for all your support!!


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11-16 11:41 AM
I have a question about VISA stamping.
I had a valid H1B approval till 9th October 2010. I applied for I485 and I had valid Advance Parole expiring Sept 2010. My current visa stamping is expired. I am planning to go to India on vacation and returning in Dec 2009.
My question is
1. If I use my Advance Parole at port of entry to US with out getting my visa stamped in India, will I loose my H1B status?

2. If I don't loose my H1B status, I am planning to transfer my H1B in Feb 2010. Will there be any problem in H1B transfer.


If you enter US using your AP even for the same employer you will no longer have your H1B status valid, you an return back to H1B status only after a renewal. After entering US on AP you need to inform you employer. Your status after entering on AP makes you a Parolee.

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04-16 04:02 PM
Thanks for the quick response gurus. Would like to know if anyone else is in the same boat. Also because of this issue, my spouse is resigning her job and going out of US for a H4 stamp. Is there any way we can avoid it as it is a oversight issue?


I-140 has been denied in my case too. My case is fairly simple, My own labor- India EB3 June 2003. I-140 filed OCT2006 - RFE on ability to pay Nov 2007.
I-140 denied- March 2008. Lawyer says, no basis for denial, as everything is clear, getting paid more than the labor-certification. MTR to be filed soon.
I am not worried at all.

Hearing about a lot of denied I-140s- No basis.
My take: USCIS is overworked, and the quick way to get rid of the backlog- deny enmass.


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12-06 11:34 AM
When you mail the documents, make sure you notarized the application. If you have not done it will come back to you.

Sunil K

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04-07 10:20 AM
Ron's answer for "Leavng petitioning employer after the I485 approval?"


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02-19 07:40 PM
I want to Thank everyone for turning up for today's meeting, it was a good discussion and I am glad that we got to know each other better.

I am summarizing the things that we discussed and the "Next Steps" that we agreed upon.

These ideas can be applied to any region so any of you guys reading this, feel free to implement them for your region.

This is what we are planning to do in the next few days:

Publicize in any/all manner possible within the community to raise awareness about our problems and to persuade more people to join. i.e. place materials in grocery stores, temples, or in other high traffic areas

Always monitor the media for any shred of positive stories about legal immigrants and as we find them, send materials from to the specific reporter highlighting the problems that we are currenty facing.

Contact all of your respective Congressional representatives and request an In-person meeting in order for us to present our case. If meeting reqeust is denied take names of senior aides and send relevant materials and then follow up to check on progress as to what they are doing about it. Keep bugging them, that is the only way they will respond.

Spread the word to your friends who are still waiting to join us, ask them to contribute to the site or devote their time to this cause. I suggest each of us make a goal of sending an email to atleast 10 people in the next week.

Meet with other resources and networking groups that are sympathetic to our plight (i.e. Indian CEO's council,, Indian ambassadaor in DC etc.... ) and ask for their support.

One of the strategic point that was discussed was about the McCain-Kennedy immigration bill and I along with some of the other members am of the opinion that this bill is such a behemoth and contains some radical; provisions on illegal immigration which may eventually hurt it and it may even die.

Since some of the relief measure that we are seeking are part of this bill, if it dies we will be hurt as well. We think we need to work with Quinn-Gillespie to strategize about how we can insert (if possible) provisions related to legal immigration to a bill that has a very good chance of passing. i.e. the PACE bill by Senator Pete Domenici - we need to put pressure on him, flood his office with our emails/faxes and also at the same time talk to our lobbyists to insert our provisions in his bill as it is almost guaranteed to pass.

That is all from me for now. We plan to take action and meet again soon.

Anyone with other ideas, suggestions is welcome to post them and we can incorporate them as well.

Thanks Everybody for your support and time.

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04-11 09:05 PM
always efiled, never went for finger printing..follow my previous posts for more updates.


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12-12 12:56 PM
If the reason for the denial is the company financial situation and not been audited, I dont know how EB3 will solve the problem. Are you already being paid the amount they specified in the LC?
I think you should consult an independant attorney and get an opinion rather than trusting your company's lawyer.

My PERM was applied in Nov 2007 and 140 in early- mid 2008.
It was applied under EB2 category (Masters Degree). Currently, I'm on the 5th yr of my H1. My 6th year starts in Feb 2009.

Had received an RFE to which we responded but it still got denied. The main reason being the company has a loss and the books are not audited.

My lawyer suggested that we appeal the deinal and start a new PERM in EB3 category.

Are these my only option to make sure I can renew my H1 after the 6th year? Any suggestions?

I'm confused and scared at the same time. Not sure what to do..
please suggest me all the options available to me.


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10-20 10:40 PM
Oh shut up, you have a *beep* load of posts. :crazy:


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04-17 05:51 PM

I'm in the same situation as Sahil.

Was told by my company's HR that a certain percentage of PERM applications are pulled for audit. Now having enough staff available to audit, means months and months of wait. For that reason, my application of late September 05 can take a year while someone who applied in December can take only two months.

I'm soooo not surprised....

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Female clown. Gustavo Lopez

03-23 03:06 PM
If your new I-797 came with a new I-94 attached at the bottom, you should be fine. Usually, if you renew H1-B past the expiration date, you are classified under "Consular Approval" and therefore must get H1B stamped into your passport the next time you leave and want to enter the US.


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07-16 10:26 PM
Well,I'm sure that the well versed senators and congressmen will be aware of these facts, and you are only losing you own credibility with them.

I would not spend time in correcting them. Apparently they are our enemy no.1, wanting to make huge reductions in legal immigration. By correcting them, you would be essentially making them strong, not weak. Why are we strengthening the credibility of our enemies?


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02-11 10:28 AM
i lostmy legal in 2002 (b2). during 2003 i won gc lottery . we did al paper work till last lawyer toll me dont go couse deportation. In 2005 my employer apply gc for me (em3) In April 2006 I-140 we waiting for priority date..
My question to you .. my lottery case priority date can be use for my eb3 case?
If you won a GC lottery, which many of us didn't, what is the problem. Didn't GC lottery supposed to get you a GC? Why did you need your employer to sponsor you again if you already won a GC lottery? We are puzzled.


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04-17 12:31 AM

I am new to this group. I have a question regarding my PERM case.
MY PERM case is pending in DOL from last 10 months. I find this very

Anybody heard about such a long pending case?
Are there any suggestion for following up on my PERM case?

Any advise will be useful.


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Tattoo Joker

10-26 01:02 AM
guys can someone please let me know what is meant by lud.

my fringerprinting was done 2 days ago and received ead no ap yet.

i have seen posts saying online status of i485 been adjusted to lud after
finger printing done.i donot see any changes online for i485 after finger printing.

i highly appreciate if someone let me know what is lud

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09-16 02:56 PM

Well...This is called "Heights" or "Crossing the limits". Now come on...a friend who has helped u a lot in the past, but cannot(or will not) make it to DC for whatever reasons, u r gonna cut ur relationship with him??? Either u r mean or u dont respect ur friend's decision. Different ppl have different perspectives and one shud respect that rather than cutting off valuable relationships by being narrow minded and expect others to follow what he/she is doing. Else they'll be loners all their lives.

10-23 03:50 PM
If you get laid off, find a company at a rate that will meet your minimum LCA wages requirement for H1B (W2) or EAD (I will approximate the wages mentioned in labor document). I think you have 30 days of buffer, but I will find something right away.

There is a chance that i might get laid off. I have a pending I485 filed on July 2. My I-140 was approved in June 06. Would like to know if i get laid off within how many days do i have to find a job.

really need to know this based on the market situation.

10-15 11:38 AM
If 1099 is not accepted by client & need FEIN (for corp-to-corp) then one can get a FEIN as sole priprietor. is there any additional requirements for this viz. liability insurance.. or anything else.
please let me know if anyone did this to do independent contracting & not building a company (LLC,scorp..)
would like to know more about FEIN & based on that independent contracting on EAD. Pros & Cons along with procedure as well..


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