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08-17 02:27 PM
HOW your answer relates to my question?

Think, deside and do and don't think again! But Review it.

..Maybe he thought he heard you say..

"Don't think, decide and do and don't think again! And don't review it. :)

Don't worry too much..worst case is to re-file ead & ap w/ newer fees.
He'll eventually get GC & will be driving a Lexas in Dallus, Texus ;).

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06-16 01:11 AM


WASHINGTON -- Senators Chuck Grassley and Dick Durbin today continued their quest to ensure that American workers are protected, and that companies who bring in foreign workers are complying with the law.

The Senators today sent a letter to Emilio Gonzalez, the director of the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, asking more questions about how the agency is addressing fraud and abuse in the H-1B visa program.

Earlier this month, the Senators sent letters to the top 9 foreign-owned companies to determine the companies' usage of H-1B visas. Today's letter comes on the heels of responses received from several of the foreign companies.

"From the responses we've received thus far, it?s evident that American workers are in the minority at these companies. I expect Citizenship and Immigration Services to take a hard look at their recruiting methods to make sure they are complying with the law," Grassley said. "We cannot just increase the annual allocation of visas without understanding how companies are using them."

"We've begun to question how many companies are complying with H-1B visa requirements," Durbin said. "I look forward to hearing back from Director Gonzalez on what the government is doing to enforce the law."

At this time, Grassley and Durbin will not be releasing the information received from the companies.

Here is a copy of the letter to Gonzalez.

June 13, 2007

The Honorable Emilio T. Gonzalez


U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services

20 Massachusetts Avenue, NW

Washington, DC 20529

Dear Director Gonzalez:

Recently, we asked the foreign-based companies who obtain the most H-1B visas to answer questions regarding their workforce, wages, recruitment efforts, and usage of H-1B visas in the United States. Our letters were intended to learn more about how some companies are using the H-1B visa program. We remain concerned that the H-1B and L visa programs are facilitating the displacement of Americans by cheaper foreign workers. We continue our effort to understand how the H-1B and L visa programs are being used by U.S. and foreign-based companies, and therefore request that you provide details related to these programs.

Under current law, H-1B-dependent employers are required to attest that they have not displaced comparable workers in the United States before hiring a foreign worker. They must also make a good faith effort to recruit Americans first.

The responses to our letters to foreign-based H-1B users have led us to question how many companies are currently defined as H-1B-dependent, and if these employers who depend on H-1B visa holders are being adequately monitored for compliance with H-1B program requirements. While we understand that the Department of Labor has primary jurisdiction over H-1B dependent employers, we would like to understand your agency?s role in ensuring compliance with laws regarding displacement and recruitment.

We have also become concerned about the use of L visas by companies who also use large numbers of H-1B visas. Many companies are allowed to bring in L visa workers through a Ablanket petition,@ which is approved by USCIS. While the blanket petition is meant to simplify the process, we fear that some foreign workers may be approved for visas by the Department of State without proper oversight by USCIS, which has primary responsibility for ensuring compliance with L visa program requirements.

In order to better understand the nature of the L visa program, we need to have access to better statistics. We would like to know how many L visas are approved each year, and what companies use the program. We would also like to know more about the use of the blanket petition for L visa holders, and USCIS=s ability to monitor individual visa holders who are allowed entry into the United States on a blanket petition.

Finally, we are concerned about the level of fraud monitoring of the H-1B and L visa programs. While we understand that the Fraud Detection and National Security unit is analyzing and writing an assessment of the H-1B program, we are concerned that abuse of both programs is not being addressed adequately. Given that the immigration bill before the Senate includes a provision to allow USCIS to divert special funds to other operations, we would like to know how many dollars have been used specifically for H-1B and L fraud efforts. We also seek more details about how these investigations are being handled within the Department.

Given these concerns, we respectfully ask that the following answers be provided to us by Wednesday, June 20, 2007.

H-1B Dependent Employers

$ Please explain the process of identifying employers as H-1B dependent employers pursuant to INA Section 212(n)(3).

$ How many companies are defined by USCIS to be AH-1B dependent@ employers?

$ How are these H-1B dependent employers being monitored, if at all, by USCIS?

Blanket L Visa Petitions

$ How many L visas have been approved each year since 2000?

$ Please provide lists of companies that have used the L visa program for each of the two most recently available years, and how many visas each company has obtained in each year.

$ Since USCIS has primary jurisdiction over blanket petitions and visa policies, what role has been delegated to the Department of State and how is your agency ensuring that aliens under the blanket petition are being properly screened before entering the U.S.?

$ What role, if any, does USCIS play in monitoring the approval of L visas covered by blanket petitions?

$ Please provide an explanation of USCIS=s ability to track individual L visa holders who are allowed entry into the United States on visas covered by a blanket petition.

Investigations of Fraud and Abuse

$ Annually, what has been the total amount of funds deposited into the Fraud Prevention and Detection Account under INA Section 286(v) since it was established? Of this amount, what amount has been provided to the Department of Homeland Security under 286(v)(2)(B)?

$ How have the funds provided pursuant to 286(v)(2)(B) been used in FY2005, FY2006, and thus far in FY2007? How many funds have not been expended in a given year?

$ How does USCIS plan to spend the remaining funds left in FY2007?

$ How many total fraud and abuse referrals have been sent to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) in the last two years? How many of these referrals, to your knowledge, have been pursued? How many referrals, to your knowledge, are pending? Please provide any further details about specific cases or referrals to ICE that may be helpful to understanding the process within the Department.

$ Please provide examples of recent investigative referrals to ICE dealing with H-1B or L visas. Please explain any referrals in the last two years that have not been pursued or that have been closed, and provide information on how many are currently pending.

While we anticipate your concerns about providing such information to us by Wednesday, June 20th, we must stress the fact that the U.S. Senate is considering comprehensive legislation that would change immigration policies for years to come. The H-1B and L visa programs must be better understood before further action is taken on this bill. We appreciate your cooperation in providing us with input in the next week.

Please contact XXXXXXXX if you have any questions regarding this matter. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.


Charles E. Grassley Richard J. Durbin

United States Senator United States Senator

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05-12 09:48 AM
if you go to India and your application is cleared when you are there, you must return to the consulate who approved your application to get your visa stamped.

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07-17 05:43 PM
Thanks To You All It Would Not Have Been Possible Without Your Support!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Actually, it wouldn't have been possible without donations from members on the board as well.

There is MUCH more to do and fight for.

Please donate!


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emo love quotes and sayings

03-27 10:16 AM
As i can work only 240 days from my I94 expiry date, i can't work after July 2010
so am planning to go to India to attend the embassy as soon as possible.

Thanks in Advance,

240 days only in case of Pending. Do not stay over 180 days.

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07-18 09:47 AM
this window of opportunity to file 485 till August 17th will provide some interim benefits to most of us but we are destined to see long long wait before 485 approval. So I suggest we keep doing our efforts to get achieve other goals like recapture of unused visa number and things of that nature. We need a course of action to raise our voice which could include interaction with congresswoman, rally, letters from Hitech industry leaders and other things of this nature. I am hoping Core will come up with a plan soon.


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08-04 01:37 PM
Please refer to the detailed note on SS update after GC:

Good info..

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11-28 06:09 PM
I filed my AP renewal online, I used my discover to pay my dues.

I did not submit any paperwork, I got an RFE just for photographs.

Most important thing for AP-renewal according to my experience is photographs.

I hope this helps, message me if you have any additional questions.


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Emo guys are Sweeter than

11-24 01:08 AM
Hey all, I have PayPal Account and i have 200$ in that account, now what happen i wanna transfer in my indian bank account.. What the procedure i have to follow.. Please suggest me right way.

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01-07 04:07 PM
Thank you all for your repiles. I have asked my wife to talk to their lawyer directly.


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12-28 02:27 PM
We are watching the processing date from Dec. 14 till yesterday. We did call them. You can see my thread for this matter. They talk about Nov. Date till recently. All of a sudden they come up with this with old date. see the link (http://

Why did u give a negative marking for that?

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05-25 03:43 PM
Apply for AP - 350 bucks. If you application is valid - you will get it.
Do this before trying to figure out using more money if your application is active. That may result in raising alarms and ultimately may be bad for your application. No one can penalize you for applying for EAD AP.
Once your husband is back here ask him to reapply for EAD and you send in your application too. If that comes you are all set no need to refile H1B but keep it just in case because of your special case.
All the best!

This is not a good advice. Whether or not the GC application is active (not abandoned) depends on the action taken by the primary applicant. USCIS may have the file as active, and may approve EAD --- that does not mean that the legally the application is not abandoned. If and when USCIS starts working on the application and issues RFE, etc., to clarify status of the applicant at various times, they may decide that the application was abandoned. If the poster worked on the EAD based on the abandoned GC application, then it is likely that USCIS will consider her to be out-of-status from the time she had no basis for EAD, which may mean a long illegal presence, triggering 10 years or permanent ban, etc.

The right thing for the OP to do is to consult an immigration attorney who will be able to determine whether the application may have been abandoned or not.


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12-24 11:50 AM
Before July fiasco by USCIS, I was used to check websites for info on immigration issues.
During the July fiasco IV is the only website which was updating with more confidence.
Later it became a addiction to check IV morning and evening.


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06-18 11:25 PM
Part 2 application type
I use EB3 , which one should I check? a ?
my wife file with me, which one should she check? b?

part 3 processing information
were you inspected by a US immigration officer? yes or no

what does the "inspected" mean?


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07-03 05:30 PM
Who told you that you can not return when H1 transfer is pending? As long as H1B with company B was filed prior to canceling H1 from company A and H1B from company B is a bonafide job that assures H1b status, you can enter with the receipt notice itself, no need to wait for approval.

If you have to know, my company lawyer when my then H1B was currrent but expiring in a few days and extension of H1B was pending. My proposed travel was for a week-long conference in Canada.

You might have had a different experience and these forums are for sharing our experiences to help each other :)

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Love emos, many

07-28 02:08 PM
Hi Everyone,
My I140 which has been approved for more than 4 years now was transferred from Texas to Nebraska.

Trying to find the method in USCIS madness - has this happened to anyone else also and any reason why they might suddenly have decided to do this?

One reason I can think of is my 485s are in NE so maybe they are trying to consolidate all information in one file??

Appreciate peoples inputs.


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emo cartoons in love. emo i

01-03 11:12 AM
I think we should give an option for more than $100 too i.e. a blank field with a validation that it cannot be less than 20$. Also instructions should be given on how to cancel the monthly subscription. Also it should be agreed by the patrcipant that he won't ask for money back and in case he does that we should be putting rules around it such as administrative fees. This would make sure that the fees IV pays to paypal for transactions is taken care of.

My suggestions , doesn' mean that these needs to be implemented , also all those who sign of monthly with proven monthly of minimun 50$ should only be allowed to get into members only forum threads etc etc...again $50 is an example....

girlfriend Posted in:Emo Love in love emo. Love Emo Black White Graphic

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07-17 04:27 PM
I am pretty sure these are people have come here to disrupt the forum or else who does not know about Sheila Murthy. It is just my observation that earlier all the questions were related to genuine issues and were answered as best as members knew. Recently a lot of people have joined in who have brought in negative energy, are abusive, are doubting IV, trying to create doubts in others minds, come to have fun or joke around, trying to prove that IV is a free for all forum and they can say what they want to say. All this was never there earlier. I think administrators should look into the same. IV is there to answer immigration problems and issues. People blame lawyers for not updating their websites or not informing clients unless an official news has come out but when IV came out with announcements before the news is official - all the new comers have done is mud slinging IV.

Be thankful there is a IV.

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07-27 12:45 PM
If NSC had put all applications from July 2nd to July 17th on hold.
Did they open and timestamp it ? for received date ??????

If they did not , then I may be lucky.
Because my package had signatures and all other dates of June 29th . The day when we were planning to ship the package, but for july fiasco.

Do you guys think ? they might see this and enter it as received date ?

05-25 11:03 PM
This is simply great.


10-05 05:01 PM
getting rejected in EB2 does not impact your case for EB3 (they might look up that older file and see that it was rejected because of education qualification for EB2, but does qualify for EB3).
You will probably get an RFE at I-140 time. USCIS will either reject this case, in which case you will lose this complete GC process and need to restart from scratch (so you'll lose maybe 1 years worth of place in the queue). Or they might ask you to accept this in EB3, in which case you dont lose your LC and the PD that goes with it.

If it is certain that he/she is not eligible for EB2, why should apply in EB2 and get denied. It is better to apply in EB3 to get it approved. The best option is apply in EB3 now. After few years (once he got 5 year exp), apply new LC and 140 with EB2 and transfer the PD. That will be the wise decision. In the current situation, it is funny to talk about EB2 and EB3 for a persion with PD 2007, particularly Indian orgin.

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