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01-21 12:22 PM
ya advisable to get it done in india so that we get for 10 yrs,

Also one more question, does any one know how many days before passport expiry can we apply for renewal?

Is it 1 yr or can we renew even before 1 yr...

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07-27 12:57 PM
You can't write 01/01/1995. In that case your check will be invalidated. Check expires after 180 days. :D :D

But you are correct for RD :)

I did not think of this. Otherwise I would have written the date in all the forms as 01/01/1995 to make the visa number available to me...:D

You may write any day, month and year in the forms. USCIS will have the time stamp when a package was actually received.

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01-03 04:37 PM
Yes, we should not restrict the contribution by $20 minimum.

When there are more than 6000+ registered members without contributing, for sure there will be several members who may think in future ( its my hope) to contribute in small steps before they get ready to contribute in big way.

Atleast it is my hope. I dont know what those registered members are waiting for. May be they want president Bush to become a member of core IV team. Even then, I dont think they will take a penny out from their wallet if they dont have the right attitude and desire to work as a team.

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01-10 09:49 AM
Thanks for the information. As suggested, I sent two PP size photos along with the docs.


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12-10 12:40 PM
I have a question regarding the 180 day rule. I am a July 2nd filer, got EAD and AP. I-140 approved long time back in '06. So, I will be meeting the 180 day rule and I-140 approved criteria in jan/08.
My H1 expires in 12/08. In case I transfer my H1 to a new co. sometime next year, will I have to restart my GC process again? or will AC-21 kick in and the process will continue as is with me just waiting for GC and PD becoming current etc. Thanks

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11-10 02:50 PM

I think they are doing it across in NY.
This is really stupid. Most of the people will not have valid stamping on an expiring passport.

San Francisco was fine. They gave me for 10 years in January.

Don't know what their policy now.

Hi friends,
My brother in NJ got his new passport at NY Indian consulate (since old one was expiring soon). They gave new passport which was valid for only one year - saying that they need valid unexpired visa-stamp to give 10 year validity passport.
They said that they will NOT accept
- valid unexpired EAD
- valid unexpired AP
- valid 485 receipt
- even valid unexpired H1 approval notice (my brother still has H1 in addition to AP)
...Now it is so absurd that, even if my bro went for visa stamping (which he isn't planning), he will not probably be issued 3 yr visa as passport is valid for very short duration. A chicken and egg problem.
In addition why do Indian consulate worry about our visa status for determining passport validity duration ? If they do care then at least they must accept the legal documents (ead/ap/485 receipt/h1 approval notice) to make a decision.

I will appreciate if anyone has a solution to this problem. All answers appreciated.

I am so sad (and mad) that lawmakers of our country are still haunting us while we are away from our country and trying to contribute to its progress.


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08-15 01:34 PM
Absolutely right, how otherwise do you explain that they issued card production for people with PD's in 2004, (Dates not current in June) on July 2nd and in an hour and then said the visas are unavailable.

NO FIFO whatsoever.

They just saved themselves by retracting the VB of JULY, or else they would have faced lawsuits, and investigation which would have shown all irregularities and fraud.

If they can't follow FIFO in issuing receipt notices, which is the first and most basic step, then we should not expect them to follow FIFO for the rest of the steps.

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08-15 12:54 PM
your description is pretty vague. please provide more details of the precise job description in the labor petition, and the occupational classification code in the application.

Hello GCGreen,

My labor mentions System Analyst (Oracle EBS). And I am looking for a job with similar title, but with different skills (Java/J2EE). I can have the same occupational classification code not a problem about that.

Hope this information is ample for you to give me some advice.


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05-25 08:05 AM
Called Kennedy's Office1

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07-24 12:04 AM
BEtter go with lawyer...$400 is not much and will save u headache later on dur to name mismatches.


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03-26 11:34 AM
Thanks Kingkon. I heard the appeal takes no more than a year. but DOL in Atlanta keeps telling my HR manager that they are backlogged. I am not sure what to do.

I had my EB2 LC rejected and the reason that DOL gave was they were not able to contact the employer and/or employer did not respond to their correspondence. Lawyer gave me two option to refile (I will lose PD) or appeal. This was in 2005 when PERM had just started and the lawyers said they did not know how long the appeal process takes in PERM since it was new system. To cut the story short I received the approved LC within 45days of appeal, but my case was a simple one I think. Your case it a bit different but in no case an appeal should take 1.5 years at least in PERM.

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06-02 09:18 PM
Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics....

Is Statistics included in "Mathematics"? It is clear that Engineering, Technology and Science cover a lot of majors.

Does anyone have a list of majors included or any other information on this issue?


I posted the list sometime ago. Do a search for "list of stem disciplines" on the forums.


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07-23 05:16 PM
I'm in a similar predicament as well. I'm on EAD and 485 is pending, can I claim unemployment benefits?

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12-13 04:05 PM
I'm thinking about pursuing maser degree of Biostatistics.
I heard the job market demand is high and
most jobs require master degree at least.

As a research assistance, biostatistician, research analyst..

Could I apply as EB2 ?
Am I qualifed?

To your question:
Yes, You can apply under EB2 with Masters degree.

But do your own research on pursuing masters. It will take alteast 2+ years to complete and land on a job. The GC process and Economy might swing back or forth without your control.


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02-19 08:54 PM

Thanks for the update. This surely will inspire many more. You guys form a Brilliant Team. Good luck.


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05-24 09:27 PM
Aman, Shilpa, et al, keep it up.

I mailed the writer, Jenny Johnson at, and she has said they will issue a correction in the paper. (Just so that no one else sends a duplicate email to her).

(My mail)
Hello Ms. Johnson,

In your article on greencard backlog, the name of the non-profit organization has been incorrectly mentioned. The correct name is Immigration Voice, and not Immigrant Voice.

(Her mail)
My apologies for misstating the group's name. We will issue a correction in the paper.


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42 Indian Gods Lords

02-06 09:47 PM
i would say give some peace of mind to your employer first you flirt with him that you will go to labor department. he will pay you and give you want u want with a smile. try it


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11-11 11:49 AM
Thank you for the post. It is really helpful. May I know if the new job should be >=50% different from the current job (EB3) offer? Or it doesn?t matter because of the MS requirement?

Thank you

It should be greater than 50% different if you wish to use the previous position's experience.

Here is how it happened in my case

Company 1 - 2yrs exp

Company 2 position 1 - 3 yrs exp

Company 2 position 2 - 0.5 yrs exp (I was able to only reclaim the 2yrs exp gained at company 1 but that along with my existing MS degree was enough for filing for EB2. In company 2 both position 1 and position 2 are similar so I could not use those 3 yrs for my EB2).

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01-18 02:39 PM
All the best....Floridans....hope you will write the letters this weekend without fail..We need to do this simple thing to show our strength.

10-02 04:08 PM
Hi gchopeful

Sorry to hear about denial
Was your case @ NSC/TSC ? EB2 or EB3 ?

Mine is A2P RFE as well from TSC !

Thank you

06-15 06:05 PM
I am on F1 -OPT and my husband wants to apply for EAD...we are totally confused..i ma talking to my present compnay lawyers and my husbands compnay lawyers, they said it should be OK.... But i am not convinced.... they say there is alwys arisk involved..but it is a chance that we have to take.... i will keep you posted when i make a decision..lot of my frinds are in teh same will tell you about otehr facts which i come across

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