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03-03 12:29 PM
Hi everyone, I am seeking some help:

-My wife's Labor Certification was approved on Oct-09-2006
-Priority Date: April-30-2001

We did stay on H1B (wife) and H4 (me) in the US for about 9 years total, we did extend the H1B year by year once the initial 6year period ended (labor was still pending). We left the US on Dec-27-2007 and have been outside the US since. Now we have our new 5year Turist Visa B1/B2.

1st Question:

Can we still apply for next steps towards the GC based on that approved labor cert, even though more than 2 years have passed since it was approved? (I believe next steps are I-140 and 485, right?

If answer is YES, can we go premium processing?

IMPORTANT: One of the partners in the company which filed the labor for her did die about 3 years ago. It seems like a new partner came in but still one of the original partners and the one who was my wife's boss when she was working for the company is still there. We are a little concerned because when we first approached the guy at the company about 2 years ago (when we got the LC approval notice) he told us that they had to restructure the company because of the other partner's death and they decided to change the company's name (slightly) and start all over again. At that time he told us that original company didn't have strong balance sheets, bank balances or tax docs to support the I-140 and that he wasn't sure if the new partner would agreed to sign the petition. He told us to wait 1-2 years and see if he could do it.

When we got that response we decided to leave the country (didn't have other option) and stay outside the country for at least a year to have the option to come again thru H1B with another company. (We also had twin boys - americans - and it has helped us to be in our home country while they were small babies).

Now we want to return to the US but we would like to know if we still have a chance to apply for the I-140 with that company. Anybody has any insights about this? Does it matter that the company changed its original name, even though the person who signed the LC petition would be the same person who signs the I-140 petition?

In the worst case scenario that this guy won't help us signing the I-140, can we apply thru another company under the original approved LC? I guess that if it is possible, then it should be thru a company under similar industry, or located in same region and Job description should match the one in the LC.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and any insights would be greatly appreciated.

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02-20 10:37 AM
Thank you very much sir, I really Appriciate your help.

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03-31 03:08 PM
This isn't correct Ronnie. Your non-immigrant status does determine whether you are a Resident alien or a non-resident alien for tax purposes.
Classic example is that while you are on F1 /OPT you don't have to pay social security and medicare.

Immigration and Tax Filing are not at all related.

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06-10 07:56 PM
Well, at least someone will benefit out of this.

I hope this is a precursor to something more broader..


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11-23 08:59 AM
My sister was denied a visitor's visa in the summer of this year at Delhi:
1. She was told that they have a policy of denying visas to young unmarried women who are student.
2. She is currently a PhD student in India.
3. They did not ask any more question.

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03-07 03:01 PM
I am in the same boat. Filed EAD on DEC 10 2010 with TSC and still waiting. Contacted USCIS Customer Support and create Expedite Request last Friday. I was told that I will hear back in 5 days. Will post back if I hear anything.


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06-25 09:19 AM
My Company is asking me to sign a new 2 year contract with them to get employment verification letter required for I-485. Is this legal?

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12-13 12:35 PM
(a) How many EB visas will they increase in CIR?...
(b) Will they allow you to file I-485 before your visa number is available.
(c) How stable would be your job be in comming years
(d) What year of your H1 B are you in.

1) If you do not have a problem in H1b extension then.. new Perm Labor in 6 months... (a) I-140 in one month if premium ---- b) if they say no premium you have to wait, how long can't say)

1a) favourable ... 1b) -- ?????

2) If Eb numbers increase a) allow you to file I-485 to get EAD.
b) Eb num increases but no I-485 until date becomes current.

2a) will get you EAD, WIFE can get a job anywhere.. no travel problems and extensions.

2b -- opposite to 2a

3) Job at this company or Green Card. a) You want green card quicker as EB2 will move faster than EB3 even if USCIS don't allow you to file I-485 is

b) If dont care about the earlier issues and are happy to stick with the new job and feel you will be at this place then

Your decision....

I may be wrong but I need GC quicker


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03-26 12:45 AM
My information is 12 years old, but something you might want to check into. Back then Emirates would put you up in a downtown hotel if you wanted to break your journey. And you didn't have to get a Dubai visa if you were staying less than 24 hours.

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01-18 10:54 AM
You cannot become a Canadian Citizen, just because you are on H1 in the US. The only advantage is you can apply for Permanent Residency from the US, which is much faster than applying from India. Once, you get your Green Card, you still should maintain residency in Canda, before you apply for Citizenship.

Ria, You can apply for Canadian Permanent Residency by urself. You dont need to hire people to do it. I did it by myself, and it is very easy.


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12-13 02:58 PM
Relax guys dont gang up like that - maybe he believes in himself and will actually fight for his rights unlike many here on IV!
dyekek12 - as you can obviously see from above, there are a lot of frustrated souls out here. You are in the wrong forum to pose such q's - this place is filled with a lot of socially challenged tech grads who sit on their asses the whole day tracking bureacracies and complaining like village bellies & then do nothing about it. Your q is best answered by a college counselor or dept head. Pick a school with a good program and see what their grads are doing. Most grads will happily answer q's for you honestly. There are plenty of websites to do your research on - but approaching it as an eb3/eb2 gateway is bad. All of them are screwed up.

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03-06 01:38 PM
Both the points are very reasonable. Lets try to send letters.


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01-20 05:22 PM
My wife is the primary on the insurance and I am the dependent. My employer does not offer insurance. It is a consulting co. I checked with him; he said there were not enough people to go with Group policy and people have to find Individual Insurance. So COBRA may be the only option if something changes with her job.

In that case, your wife is eligible for COBRA. See eligibility guidelines (Q3: Who is entitled to benefits under COBRA?) here: FAQs For Employees About COBRA Continuation Health Coverage (

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07-11 10:57 AM
Hi Folks,

Just thought I'd share with the group, I recently received my I-140 approval. I did it premium processing through the Nebraska service center (I think) and the application was approved in 3 days (!) - submitted 06/25, premium processing fee check cashed 06/26, approval 06/29.

Now if only they had premium processing for I-485s ! (I was impacted by this recent visa bulletin thing unfortunately ... my PD was current in June but now I have to wait till Oct to file I-485 ... sigh).

- GS


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07-09 02:24 PM
OK. Thanks for your advise. I guess I can not do much about this. I'll try to butter him up to get what he promised. We'll see. Thanks.

Don't let your emotions cloud your judgment.

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10-06 01:15 PM
USCIS has always been unpredictable. Stupid USCIS approved Mohammed Atta's VISA extension after he shoved the whole airplane in World Trade Tower. So all of us know, what USCIS is capable of doing. I would go to an extent that you can even remain unemployed after 180 days of I-485. You do not even have the burden to be employed all the time.

Once again....I am talking about what law says.

USCIS is recently rejecting strait forward EAD/AC21 cases...and u think if they RFE all ur paystubs and see a period of McDonald's employment...they will not deny the 485....
U will be lucky if they dont!!!!

With a weak economy ...and layoffs..bias against would be immigrants is going to be even more pronounced...Hard times are ahead...


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03-26 08:03 PM
Have you gone out of the country and came back to USA on H1B visa after that ?
If so, you are safe. Status is checked from the last lawful entry into US ( entry using AP does not help).

I never heard this? Any references to confirm this?

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09-24 01:25 PM
Source OH law firm (

No one should be surprised by the Los Angeles Times report that the USCIS is "considering" but not yet decided fee increases. As we reported earlier, the State Department is already seeking OMB approval for its consular and embassy services fee increase. Report says that the USCIS recorded a short fall of $118 million this fiscal year. One of the key reasons for the fund problem is cited reduced number of new case filings. Since the USCIS relies on the fee-income for its finance, it presents a problem. Another reason which is not discussed in the report may include its need for money to support ongoing reengineering project named business transformation program. This program is primarily funded by the premium processing service fee fund. Obviously, the PPS fund is suffering as well, particularly considering a drastic decrease of new employment-based cases. Another reason the report cited is need to funds to deal with potential increase in workload which are likely generated by the Comprehensive Immigration Reform, should the CIR be successfully enacted next year. However, this reason for fee increase may be considered too premature, considering the fact that the CIR may not be accomplished even in 2010. The most probable year for a successful CIR legislation is currently considered year 2011. Let's see what happens.

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08-16 06:05 AM
I would like to share my experience with the immigration officer in India.
Way back in 2000 when I landed in India, the IE went thru my passport and asked me if I had overstayed my stay in US. (US Visa had expired for over a year my current H1 papers were in my travel bag which had to be checked in because the European Lufthansa staff thought the bag was too big to be used as a carry in). Anyways, I did not have the papers to show and I requested the office to let me go to the baggage claim area to retrieve my papers. I don't know why he was suspicious and he said and I paraphrase "I am going to impound your passport, If I don't see those papers as you have overstayed your visa".

to be continued.....

09-15 06:23 PM
How about making it standard format. That will make it easy for admins/reporters to sum it up. For e.g. millions of dollars per year paid as taxes by people stuck in GC queue will make a good impact. And so would the average amount of years a person has to wait to get GC. So format could be

1) Name
2) Picture(s)
3) Average Tax paid per year
4) Years in US
5) Years waited for GC
6) Number of US citizen kids (with age)
7) --Optional-- Approximate amount paid to USCIS (H1b fee x number of times ported/extended + Labor cost + I140 Cost + I485 cost + Repeated EAD/AP cost) -- I myself have over 7 H1b stamps, two labors, one I-140 , 2 I-485 and 4 EAD/AP.
8) Personal Story (nothing more captures the attention of reporters than a dramatic story) dealing with USCIS (then INS)

Feel free to improve on it.

06-20 04:15 AM
I would like to know if we can travel on AP without a I485 notice, do they ask for it at POE??

Our attorney never told us that he did not receive my I485 notice till date!! we filed in July and he received one of the notice in Oct 2007. He is telling me now when I about to fly in a months time. He has also asked me apply for the renewal of AP & EAD, he has asked me attach the biometric notice instead of I485 notice and my husbands I485 notice.

Can anyone who has traveled on AP without a I485 notice share their experience. Any suggestions are welcome...


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