Thursday, September 15, 2011

justin bieber concert 2011

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Smart is producing the concert

08-08 04:21 PM
I'll be there and will try to bring friends.

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justin bieber singapore

08-14 12:11 PM
That is a relief...

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Justin Bieber Fever in

03-12 11:50 AM
I have updated my profile..IV has been a source of strength in my Journey..i wish good things happen at USCIS and hard working legal immigrants like us get the GC quickly

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Justin Bieber Egged at Concert

07-28 01:36 AM
Currently my labor and 1-140 has been approved. But i havent been able to apply for I-485 due to retrogression. Hence if i change my job now and re-apply for labor will i continue to get extentions?

Also can anyone advice me that for a PERM application the pre-application i.e advertisements and stuff takes how long before i can actually apply for the labor. Also in Perm How long does one have to do the pre-application (advertisments etc)?

Can someone please help?
U will get a 3 year H1-B with the new employer.
i donot have experience with PERM. From what i know it varies from state to state. typically 6 months, may be longer or shorter.


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Justin Bieber concert Sydney

Munna Bhai
02-08 11:32 AM

My thread had wrong title and that created more problem, hope this title makes sense and please feel free to share your experience.

I know the following, I worked very hard for the current company and they pay me the way they pay any immigrant. Atlast got my I-140 approved and now I would like to go ahead with available options and at any cost I will protect I-140 from being revoked.

If I-140 is not revoked:
a)One can extend H1b through any company for 3-years.
b)One can get PD ported.

If I-140 is revoked:
a)It is a grey area but commen-sense says that one is out-of-status.

How to protect I-140 being revoked:

a)Transfer the case to your own attorney?? See that employer or employer's attorney has not much say on your case file??
b)Give some valid reason to current employer until your I-140 from other company is approved.

Or any other thoughts???

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Justin Bieber concert tickets

12-19 11:36 AM
These articles are nothing new. Given the current state of affairs, its only to be expected because people like you and me are actually displacing some jobs whether we admit it or not.
However, what these folks don't seem to get is that outsourcing is a much bigger culprit. And so go after the business owners who outsource to keep businesses profitable and not target a handful of legal immigrants. And legal immigrants are not responsible for the housing mess! Go after the loan defaulters. Catch the greedy banks who dished out bad loans!!

The unemployment numbers are very high and its spoiling people's holiday season and also their moods. A lot of American citizens don't have a choice to work anywhere else. That clouds their judgement and makes them irrational.Please try to understand the opposite point of view and just ignore these articles instead of starting threads on IV.

If you think you displaced some americans, please give back their jobs and leave the country.:rolleyes:. Your GC status need not stop you from doing so.


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concert Justin+ieber+tour

05-22 09:22 AM

I do understand core members have fulltime job I mentioned earlier I volunteer to do some research in this subject.

However I don't want re-invent the wheel and I was expecting a very simple answers and pointers on the subject

for example, if someone had spent time on this, they could simply answer yes and provide some links etc where I get more answers.

as I write I am googling on this subject and will provide my findings

between, guys we are all in a same boat we should work collective to get out of this mess

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Justin Bieber 2011 Tour - Page

05-31 09:10 AM
Thank you for contributing!!!!

:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D


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justin bieber concert 2011.

10-15 07:47 AM
You are correct Chandu !.
My manager suggested me to read this book. Actually he refered this book for one of the middle eastern issues.
Even though the company is not fully satisfied with Outsource team performance, still they want to stick to it some time beacuse of low budget and cutdown time. Outsourced company has offered 24x7 development which will attract most US companies.
I think time will come soon that we are going to have and fight for early US citizenship for GC holders!

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Justin Bieber Israel Concert

12-19 10:10 AM
This is Pat B 's broken record. He has lost all his credibility during all these years of immigrant bashing. He can write as many of them but other than red necks, no one is impressed. He is 71 years old and in couple years he will be gone. Old age brings some mental issues with it.


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justin bieber in concert 2011

03-04 11:36 AM
The answer could be
"I have unrestricted employment authorization that allows me to work for any US employer just like green card holder" [example]

Employment can ask for valid employment authorization, but not for kind of employment authorization.

U.S. Department of Labor - Find It By Topic - Equal Employment Opportunity - Immigration (
[From the link]
The Immigration and Nationality Act ( prohibits employers (when hiring, discharging, or recruiting or referring for a fee) from discriminating because of national origin against U.S. citizens, U.S. nationals, and authorized aliens or discriminating because of citizenship status against U.S. citizens, U.S. nationals, and the following classes of a aliens with work authorization: permanent residents, temporary residents (that is, individuals who have gone through the legalization program), refugees, and asylees.

Not a legal advice.
US citizen of Indian origin

Well - we all know this but if the question is "Do you have a Green Card? Yes or No ?" if you give the above answer, you have not provided a specific answer.

If you notice - job sites like dice etc... have drop downs that make you choose your work authorization (GC, EAD, H1b .....) and your work authorization is automatically visible there.

Monster, careerbuilder and some job sites do the right thing by asking "Are you authorized to work for any employer? or do you need sponership" - which makes sense to ask. An employer always has a choice to sponsor or not because additional costs are associated.

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The Justin Bieber Concert Tour

11-04 09:23 AM
A little over a months time, I received a letter saying that the typo on my last name has been corrected. I could confirm that since the mailing address had all the correct details.

Hence, I guess, their typo correction system is a bit slow but it works!



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Justin Bieber concert Sydney

02-13 03:41 PM

Need a little advice. We (my husband and I) filed our 485 on July 2 under EB-3and have received AP, EAD, FP etc. Our PD date (July 7, 2001) got current in the March bulletin:). I wanted to check if there is way to find out if our cases have been adjudicated and are ready for approval as and when a visa # is allocated in March.


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dresses justin bieber concert

06-29 05:14 PM
Hi Martin,
Thanks for the reply i too was looking an answer for this question.As it is partly answered my question i am posting the remaining question of mine.Sorry for posting in thread not created by me.

If i apply for H1 Extension and Travel outside US and While returning back if i enter with my Visa which is valid only till Nov 2009 and do not have H1 Extension Approval document in my hand what should i need to do.Do i need to travel outside the country again after getting my H1 Extension approval and before my H1B Visa Expires. What is the solution for this scenario.

I think you'll find the answer in the FAQs on my website. I say there:

"You can travel while the extension is pending, however there could be some complications if you return on an old, unexpired, visa after the extension has been approved. If you don't show the extension approval notice (maybe because you didn't know the case was approved before you returned), you will get just the old expiration date on your new I-94. This will then be the operative end date, not the extension date. This is because CIS has a "last action" rule, whereby the last status they give you is what governs. In this situation, the last action would be your admission until the visa and date.

If you travel before your visa has expired, and you have an extension approval, you should show both the old, unexpired, visa and the extension approval, to the immigration officer and you should get the extension end date on your new I-94."


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09-05 03:44 PM
The CIR includes increases in legal immigration. If the dems take the house, then the house alongwith the already pro-immigrant senate will pass big increases in immigration (family and eb). If i was a republican, i would try to pass CIR after the november elections and before the new congress in January, when he party still has some control. If the dems solve the immigration issue in the next congress when they have the reins, the hispanic vote will heavily tilt democratic for a long time to come.

Well if the Republicans want those hispanic votes why dont they
pass the CIR right away? Why they have to wait until the mid term?

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justin bieber concert tickets.

03-11 03:56 PM
When you enter first time the IO @ POE will take you to a separate room (not for a interogation, but a routine process which they follow) ................ so keep all answers ready as what you will say if they ask (I am sure in todays date they will ask) are you with same employer, do you have a job, do you have recent paystubs and so on.

All I can suggest is do not fumble with words there rather than just be confident in what you speak and if he asks for documents what will you do then.


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Related Youtube Justin Bieber:

09-07 09:59 AM
you also should note that the writer does not talk about NRE / FCNR accounts at all. The interest income from these accounts has been declared completely exempt (no matter how much) from income tax. So on one hand you have accounts which are completely exempt and on the other (NRO) you are going to tax more???

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house justin bieber uk concert

04-01 12:11 AM
Company A in my case has not revoked my H1B, it's still in valid status. I had been to India too & I came back with same VISA on MARCH 12 2009. I have mentioned in the post also.
"snathan", can you tell me what are the options for me now in this situation?

I believe you should be able to go back to your employer A and work with him as you still have valid visa with him. But check with attorney.

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justin bieber in concert 2011

07-17 07:45 PM
I think if they did not get the interview already, they will need to wait until the dates become current again. If they have interview scheduled in July, they can go a head and attend the interview and get the GC.

While today's development is great news for folks in the 485/AOS cue, what happens with people in CP? With the opening of the floodgates, I am unsure when visas will be available to CP cases who were scheduled for interviews in Aug and beyond. I am a great supporter of today's victory, but I am unsure where CP cases stand now? Another 4 year wait?

12-20 08:45 PM
Undocumented amount 33% taken out from monthly compensation then pay roll tax withhold amount went to federal, state tax, social tax and Medicare.

My point is how can employer deduct tax with is not shown on pay slip.

What would be take home for 100k base? He should deposit $8333/pm not $5835/pm then pay roll processing department will deduct appropriate amount not he deducts 33% then sends to pay roll.
I am sorry to hear this, and I hope your friend is able to get out of the mess. I have heard of something similar, although the logistics were slightly different in that case, from a friend. Unfortunately, such things happen.

03-25 02:48 PM
When I traveled to Hyd, my luggage went missing. They found that the connecting flt to JFK didn't deliver the bags to Emirates. I got that after 2 days. But they gave me $50 at Hyd and also amount equivalent 2 2nd AC train tickets to my District. They have really good shops at Dubai airport.

One of my friends took a tourist Visa and went to visit Dubai on this return trip to US. He was sent to additional screening at JFK after seeing Dubai visa in his PP. No problems at the end. This is just an info.

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