Saturday, September 24, 2011

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02-20 03:45 PM
GC and LC Wage is for FUTURE job offer and has nothing to do with what you earn now. However, massive difference can raise questions as to how you can justify such a big raise. Hope that the question does not rise.

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April 4th, 2005, 08:15 PM
i love those shots on your website absolutely amazing

Dual exposure is the obvious and best solution to extremes in lighting but it necessitates setting up a tripod etc.
However, quite often one's best landscapes are an opportunity that presents itself on the spur of the moment. Frequently in these cases the lighting may not fit comfortably into the dynamic range and/or - dare I say it - one's exposure may also be hasty and less than optimum. Dual conversion of a single RAW file is is a great help in this regard. Whilst never quite as good as two separate exposures, I get the impression that the raw converter can extract a remarkable amount of hidden information from a file where the range is not too extreme.
In analogue terms this would be equivalent to being able to develop a single negative image twice with different dilutions temperatures etc (that would be a neat trick). The resulting image may not be technically perfect but may work perfectly in terms of aesthetics.


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06-25 11:44 AM
Couple of options
1. Don't file your I-485 till you return from India
2. Receipts notices usually depend on type of visa category(EB) and the center which will be processing your case
3. Your husband can have I-485 notice and still get H1 stamped in India
I got my H1 stamped even when I had AP and EAD
4. You have 90% chance of getting receipt before Oct if you are in EB2
5. For travelling you must have AP before Oct unless you have valid H1( < 6 years)

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05-21 01:48 PM

Just want to find out the process to apply for interim EAD...I applied for EAD renewal on 8th of may and my EAD expires August 16th...i doubt i get my EAD before my current expires...i just want to find out whether i can apply for interim EAD or ??? if yes, what are the current procedures? I e-filed my EAD application and sent all documents to TSC...please help gurus.


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05-29 08:09 PM
Could you please clarify:
- what's the logic for not applying for 485 (when 140 is pending)? how can that save you any money?
- did you mean premium processing 140?

It saves you money because a I140 denial will result in 485 denial. You save the filing fee of 485.

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03-30 08:18 AM
Thank you guys for helping me.
Could you tell me please if it's ok to write where it's written "purpose of trip"........that I want to travel to visit my it ok with Uscis if I write that? Or what else should I write.
Thanks again!

Make sure its some sort of emergency given today's scenario.


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04-08 12:40 PM
Its time to file for my EAD. I was wondering what option people prefer most these days. Online or Paper?
Please vote.

Paper is at least $150 more (lawyer fee), but saves your visit to INS office for finger printing.

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11-08 10:56 AM

work for decent size company (1500 employees).i am the only non citizen/non gc holder

applied eb3 and stuck since 2003.gained masters in 2006

planning to apply to EB2 with different title .

my employer is requesting to apply eb2 for masters with 7 years of experience as requirement

in general if i look at DOL websites ,most positions requirements says masters plus 2 years like that

does that mean its guaranteed audit like that meaning do they question or is it possible

any experiences who ported are appreciated



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03-28 11:51 AM
how on earth do u expect ppl to knwo how USCIS functions..:eek:
wait and watch!

hey! why it is like that?? last month, feb 15 08, the processing date was July 31, 2007 and how come now updated mar. 15 and the processing date became june 08, 2007??? WHY?? my friend got her gc already, hers date was july 19...she got her gc!!so wats up with that!!Do you think they will send mine (july 22)?im so upset!pls reply soon!

January 15, 2008: from April 07.. it became July 19
February 15, 2008: from July 19... it became July 30
March 15, 2008: from July 30... it became JUNE 08, 2007???????????

Do you think it was just a typographical error that it must be August 08, 2007 instead of June???

this is the link to nebraska service center


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04-08 09:36 AM
Hmmm....strange good words does seems like working....its all started with good news, then it went to universities to a communities...sometimes the old words seems very very ever you try to make the dog's tail straight doesn't work..

Great knowledge and education has come to great use..hats off..


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09-03 05:26 PM
You loose your PD. BTW, please update your profile.

I think there's some nuance to this. You don't lose your PD if the company revokes your I-140, but you do lose your PD if USCIS revokes your I-140 due to fraud.

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02-18 01:33 PM
Hello bkn96! congratulations!

so, i am interested to know more about your self-employment status. so you saying that you actually worked for your own company when the 485 was adjudicated? so, they did not ask you any questions about that? no rfe? no raised eyebrows? that is cool! how was it? please share!

That is possible. It is like working with any other company. This not exactly self-employment, we (myself +my wife) have created own corporation with my wife has president and me as employee (Both of us have EAD). So then start working for that company. No need to inform USCIS, it is like working with any other company. Again i am still working in same or simlar job description per Labor/I140. It is verymuch legal and we are paying taxes too!!! .


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06-22 09:26 PM
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06-22 10:01 AM
There are not enough numbers in the house to pass CIR. It may be pushed in Senate for political reasons and may pass easily, but there's no such hope -whatsoever- in the House.
If CIR is to ever pass, 2009 is the best year.

So, there's no hope of passing in what could the best possible year for CIR! Am I the only one to whom it all sounds very ominous?


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06-14 02:57 PM
Refer this:
Case Study: Upgrade from EB3 to EB2 (

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03-19 09:46 PM
I think you need to talk to the CPA for tax and not lawyer....

This came from a real estate lawyer... usually they know what they are talking about. But you are right, wont be a bad idea to run this by a CPA


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Munna Bhai
11-14 09:56 AM
Assume one uses AC21 on EAD. Now, when there's an Employment Verification RFE for I485, is it possible to submit a letter from an employer B even though one was working with employer A at the time of the receipt of RFE?

The reason I ask is, when using AC21, a lot of companies might not be willing to provide a EVL which has the same responsibilities as the ones listed on the Labor cert. So, can I submit the offer letter from say my friend's company saying that my joining date will be sometime in the near future? (GC is for future employment) Would this provoke USCIS to call me for a I485 interview?


Yes, you can. With EAD you can even become CEO of any company but for EVL, you can submit offer letter from future-employer but remember once you get green card, you need to work for this "future-employer" for 6 months.

Hope this helps.

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06-15 01:53 PM
can you guys suggest how to proceed with my cases... where i am totally screwed up.
When I started to work in usa I was working for an employer in NJ after an year I got a better job offer and started to work for another employer(for whom I have been working for last 2 years).
Last Month I applied for my I140 with current employer work experience letter and co-worker letter (of my ex-employer in NJ). Now that I have an RFE for my I140 requesting me to send employer experience letter of my ex-employer. When I called up my ex-employer he was rude to me and firmly denied to provide any letter and hanged up the phone. Due to this RFE I am not able to proceed with my I485. Please let me know how to proceed...Thanking you all in advance.
Call him and say that by law he has to give otherwise you will reply to RFE from USCIS stating the reason"ex-employer not giving the employement letter" with full details of the company.

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01-28 09:46 AM
I can understand the amount of anxiety and stress you must be undergoing... Especially with EB3 future in near term looking bleak. I sometimes feel its is kind of very unfair for people in EB3 boat. Try EB3 -> EB2

As they taught in survival school.. improvise.. improvise with what ever you have. Instead of looking at VB and feeling dismayed start looking around you.. tools you have the means you have.

When it happens it happens... do whatever you can do and leave the rest to take its course. Don't worry about things you don't have control on.

Life goes on...

PS: Ignore any smartA replies... they just aggravate you sense of feeling bad.

I am an optimist. A hopeful person. I like to and want to see the positive side of things. However, the current political climate and economic state of the nation makes me skeptical.

Much has been said and (not) done so far about immigration reform. The murphy's law half of my brain is starting to get queasy. I've been in this mess for 6 years now and dread the doomsday scenario that immigration reform doesn't go through this year. If it does not, I think we're all completely effed up for the next 3-4 years, at least until after the next elections. I hope to be wrong on this, by a long shot.

My question to some of you is - what will you do if skilled reform doesn't happen this year?

My career has been stagnating, rotting away almost. I've been working on a startup idea in my spare time for a while now. Of course, these sort of ventures need time and full-time effort to take-off. I have often entertained the thought of leaving my job, returning back to India, or finding some way, by hook or crook, of doing my own thing, and reviving my career. Having lived here, first as a grad student, and now as a wage slave, for the past 9 years, returning is not an easy option. If reform does not happen, I don't see anything but darkness for a pretty long time.

What will you do?

02-19 07:12 PM
thanks guys for making the effort to understand my situation.

I now need a couple of clarifications:

Pune_guy, you are spot on in your interpretation that it would be a hard sell for an eb-2 application with the current employer.

So now, if i do change a job, i would have to use my ead and hence i would have to join as an engineer(because my understanding is, even though my current role is business development, my gc application is for an engineer role and hence any new job based on ead would have to be that of an engineer).

Is that understanding correct? - yes.

Further, the new eb-2 application from my would-be employer would be for an engineer position - why? Your new eb2 application is altogether a new application. So even if currently you are with a company as engineer, they can file a new eb2 as business development. Because, this is application for future job, not your current job.

Are my assumptions correct?

Thanks much

check above -

11-14 02:17 PM
Got notification from lawyer that my RIR for LC got rejected. It is pending in Phily BEC with a PD of Oct 2003.

What does this mean? Kiss my LC good bye? Please explian

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