Sunday, September 25, 2011

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Fall Leaf Tattoos middot;

05-30 04:48 PM
Please do send the fax to all senators, if you have not send the webfax to all senators, please do so now

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Chestnut Leaf tattoo

09-12 02:18 PM
Real Life :

A friend of mine who went to India's premier institution - IIT in India and then to IIM worked for one of the fortune 100 companies here in the US.
He got married and decided to move to UK because his equally qualified spouse being on a dependent Visa could not work due to the obsolete rules.
Both husband and wife are well on thier way to permanent residency in UK.

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leaf tattoo. donelson

06-24 08:29 AM
You are worrying about nothing. Have fun and enjoy life

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09-14 02:42 PM

Sorry for your situation & I would suggest you better contact an experienced lawyer...who can advice you closely and assist you in this situation.


Thankyou! That's what I intend to do. We need to wait till we get the denial notice and then plan on MTR/Apeal. I am planning to consult more than one lawyer just to be safe. I just wanted to see if any of the forum members came across similar case.


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Diora Baird maple leaf tattoo

07-05 04:25 PM
This has been discussed, we can't help.

It takes time for people to come on same page.

Lot of lawyers have conference calls with their clients - discuss what "their clients" must do.

One good thing is a lot of our members under the IV umbrella have the zeal to do something. Looking at the Munnabhai threads etc...

It is a matter of time before we get organized. IV core is working hard on various aspects.

Before anyone does anything under the IV umbrella - please contact sertasheep or pappu or macaca.

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10-18 06:04 PM
For them

immigration = "amnesty"


Oh yeah. We still have to fight Anti-immigrants even after we obtain naturalization.


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Tags: ass fan-leaf girl tattoo

07-11 11:40 AM
There are legitimate ways to deal with such business situations. Its called "Fair buiness practices", something that many employers, especially the "Desi" ones may not have heard.

They should find an average amount of time a person spends on bench. Let's say the average time is 1 month out of year.

Then, they should recaliberate the salary to what would be worth 11 months of salary and set it up that way. Just like you count vacation pay and other benefits like health insurance, etc as "Cost of hiring/retaining".

No one stays on bench forever, but every once in a while, there are 2 weeks here and 3 weeks there when you are between projects or simply, moving from location A to location B. You cannot work while you are moving in your U-Haul truck. But then, if the employer were to pay for every single bench(non productive time), then its not hard to figure out how to fund that bench salary. They can fund it by cutting the wages across the board by 5-10%. Just like they fund vacation period. Vacation is also non-productive, unbillable time like bench period. But 2-weeks paid vacation is pretty standard in most jobs. Such non-productive times are accounted as "Cost" of hiring/retaining employees besides the salaries and other benefits like health insurance.

But like I said, honor-system and fair business practise is something many employers of this class of "Synergy employers" havent heard of. Employees, if participating in an unholy alliance, really shouldnt be responsible, coz they dont call the shots of how the businesses are run. The employer has to have more grey-matter in his head to work out a legal way of running business where non-productive times and benches are inevitable.

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leaf tattoos Feathers tattoos

10-24 12:19 PM
Haha... I got there on the highwind.

If you land at exactly the right spot.. you can land on the dock, get out and booyah... the scene is all yours.


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Marijuana Leaf Tattoo.

01-17 01:40 PM
Yes Interfiling is just for that, no matter how the labor cert was used, when that EB3 I140 was approved it was all valid. Now you are only porting the PD from that approved EB3 I140.

If you are to file I485, have your attorney write up a letter explaining how you are eligible for filing I-485 based on interfiling your EB2 I-140. Also the letter need to be in bright colored sheet to differentiate from other B/W docs and application.

Now a days USCIS automatically approves I-485 based on the earlier PD. Since in your case you don't have a I-485 you are not being benefited by it. I have read in IV that people getting GC based on their previous EB3 I-140 PD(with PD being current), if they happen to have another EB2 I-140.

Good luck

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09-30 04:33 PM
I cracked up reading the post. I never really understood why they call us losers and locusts.


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leaf tattoo� in the title.

03-24 07:48 PM
If you are not sure if you will have a job till October 1st, 2009, you can ask your employer/lawyer to file your H1 under visa to be issued abroad category and NOT file a H1 Change of Status petition. In this case, your H1 status wont start until you go out of the country and re-enter after getting H1 visa stamped at a US consulate in your home country. This way, even if you get laid off, you can continue to stay and work here until you have a valid OPT and a job irrespective of whether your H1 is approved/revoked. But the drawback here is that, if you end up still being employed then you wont be able to start work on H1 till you re-enter with the H1 stamp. Hope this helps....
This is a very good alternative that you have suggested. Does this mean that i can have my full 12+17 months of my OPT, and my H1 will only start when i do the stamping in India. But in that case i would need to have the same employer at the time i enter correct? Also what if i want to change my employer after i have my H1 stamped while coming inside the country?
Thanks in advance.

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07-29 02:35 PM
Spillover from Family to Employment will occur for FY 2010-2011. Not for September.

Family spillover for 2009-10 is approximately 10500, and is already allocated.

We wouldn't know this number until DOS publishes Immigration Statistics for 2010.

You are right. He said end of year for spillover from family. So I understood as September,
I also asked how many visas a left. He said only about 9 thousand for EB2 in total. They approved a lot this month. Next month more approvals will happen. For EB3 India he said only a couple of hundred are available till end of September.


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Texture and Leaf Tattoos

09-22 02:11 PM
Hi All,

Im planning to port my EB3 to EB2 and need your help.

My EB3 PD is Nov 2007. I have my I-140 approved too. This all was sponsored by my empoloyer. I have over 8 years of experience and I have Masters degree in Computers. Now my questions are:

1. How do I start my EB2 process? (if this is possible)
2. What do my employer needs to do to help me on this?
The reason why they did EB3 was because my designation didnt require a Masters. Do they have to promote me or create a new designation to do this? My company almost stopped sponsoring EB's an year back.
3. What will happen to my EB3 process if I am starting EB2.
4. How expensive will be the whole process? I guess I will have to take the expense for Labor and I-140 from my pocket.

Thanks in advance.

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Comments: Tattooed this on

04-27 01:05 PM
The antis regularly say that unathorized immigrants get a range of public benefits but don't pay any taxes. Not so. They're paying $8.4 billion a year in sales taxes and $1.2 billion in income taxes. And they don't get most public benefits. They get public schools for their kids and emergency rooms can't turn them away. That's pretty much it. In the mean time, a company that earned $14 billion in profits last year paid zero taxes.

More... (

$1.5 Billion in income taxes, is the amount the 64,000 new H1bs pay every year and I assume a similar or larger sales tax.

Ok lets average $11 billion into 22 million illegals - A whopping contribution of $50 per head in income tax per year

I'm not even thinking of the remaining 500,000+ people in the legal employment immigration queue


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four leaf clover tattoos

04-07 08:07 PM
just get in line there in the Rose Garden, right behind Al-Maliki as he explains why everything is going kaboooom in Iraq, and in front of Bernanke as he explains why everything is going kaboooom in the economy. When its your turn do tell the president about the inefficiency of the USCIS.

man this is funny...I thought the last line should read while my life goes kaboooom....

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11-05 08:16 AM
Please read the editorial from today's WSJ by John Boehner. We should adjust our thinking to this reality and try to eat the elephant one bite at a time. Trying to swallow anything all at once is certainly not John Boehner's idea of legislation.

================================================== =====
I grew up in a small house on a hill in Cincinnati, Ohio, with 11 brothers and sisters. My dad ran a bar, Andy's Caf?, that my grandfather Andrew Boehner opened in 1938. We didn't have much but were thankful for what we had. And we didn't think much about Washington.

That changed when I got involved with a small business, which I eventually built into a successful enterprise. I saw firsthand how government throws obstacles in the way of job-creation and stifles our prosperity. It prompted me to get involved in my government, and eventually took me to Congress.

Millions of Americans have had a similar experience. They look at Washington and see an arrogance of power. They see a Congress that doesn't listen, that is ruled by leaders who seem out of touch and dismissive, even disdainful, of the anger that Americans feel toward their government and the challenges they face in an economy struggling to create jobs.

The political landscape has been permanently reshaped over the past two years. Overreaching by elected officials?in the form of pork-laden "stimulus" spending, permanent bailouts, and policies that force responsible taxpayers to subsidize irresponsible behavior?has awakened something deep in our national character. This has led to a surge of activism by citizens demanding smaller, more accountable government and a repudiation of Washington in Tuesday's elections.

Tired of politicians who refuse to listen, Americans who previously were not involved or minimally involved in the political process are now helping to drive it. While their backgrounds are as diverse as the country itself, their message to Washington is the same: Government leaders are servants of the people; the people are not servants of their government.

View Full Image

David Klein

The members of the 112th Congress must heed this message if there is to be any hope of repairing the shattered bonds of trust between the American people and their elected leaders. And that begins with the speaker of the House, who as leader of the institution must lead by example.

Accordingly, there are several steps I believe the next speaker should be prepared to take immediately. Among them:

? No earmarks. Earmarks have become a symbol of a broken Washington, and an entire lobbying industry has been created around them. The speaker of the House shouldn't use the power of the office to raid the federal Treasury for pork-barrel projects. To the contrary, the speaker should be an advocate for ending the current earmark process, and should adhere to a personal no-earmarks policy that stands as an example for all members of Congress to follow.

I have maintained a no-earmarks policy throughout my time of service in Congress. I believe the House must adopt a moratorium on all earmarks as a signal of our commitment to ending business as usual in the spending process.

? Let Americans read bills before they are brought to a vote. The speaker of the House should not allow any bill to come to a vote that has not been posted publicly online for at least three days. Members of Congress and the American people must have the opportunity to read it.

Similarly, the speaker should insist that every bill include a clause citing where in the Constitution Congress is given the power to pass it. Bills that can't pass this test shouldn't get a vote. House Republicans' new governing agenda, "A Pledge to America," calls for the speaker to implement such reforms immediately.

? No more "comprehensive" bills. The next speaker should put an end to so-called comprehensive bills with thousands of pages of legislative text that make it easy to hide spending projects and job-killing policies. President Obama's massive "stimulus" and health-care bills, written behind closed doors with minimal public scrutiny, were the last straw for many Americans. The American people are not well-served by "comprehensive," and they are rightly suspicious of the adjective.

? No more bills written behind closed doors in the speaker's office. Bills should be written by legislators in committee in plain public view. Issues should be advanced one at a time, and the speaker should place an emphasis on smaller, more focused legislation that is properly scrutinized, constitutionally sound, and consistent with Americans' demand for a less-costly, less-intrusive government.

The speaker of the House, like all members of Congress, is a servant of the American people. The individual entrusted with that high honor and responsibility should act accordingly. A speaker's mission should not be to consolidate power in the speaker's office, but rather to ensure that elected officials uphold their oath to defend the Constitution and the American people we serve. If a speaker carries out that mission successfully, the result should be legislation that better reflects the considerable challenges we face as a nation.

The American people deserve a majority in Congress that listens to the people, focuses on their priorities and honors their demands for smaller, more accountable government. Accountability starts at the top, in the office of the speaker.

Mr. Boehner, a congressman representing Ohio's Eighth District since 1991, is the House Republican leader.


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Four Leaf Clover Tattoos: 4

02-21 04:17 PM

I was working for Company A from 2000 to 2004. Company A applied for my GC in 2002. However, the company was not doing well until I left it. It was not paying me the salary which came out in PW. Company A continued with my GC processing and I filed for I140 and 485 last year in June. Now received the following RFE for I140:

Please submit documentary evidence that you, the petitioning employer, have the financial
ability to pay the wage/salary you offered the beneficiary. This evidence must show that you
have this financial capability on the date you fied the ETA with the Department of Labor and
cover up until the visa is issued. The petitioner may submit evidence that their net income is
equal to or greater than the proffered wage, evidence that the petitioner's net current assets
are equal to or greater than the proffered wage, or evidence that the petitioner not only is
employing the beneficiary but also has paid or is currently paying the proffered wage. The
service wil also consider copies of audited annual reports of the employer, or copies of
audited financial statements of the employer. Evidence is needed for 2002-2003.

Does anyone have some idea how to get the audited financial statements or audited annual reports?. I know that the company never had any audited reports. I had submitted the bank statements of the company and the tax returns with my I140. However, it seems that they want the audited reports. The company was not doing well in 2002/2003. However, it is doing well now. So any input will be highly appreciated.

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10-24 06:38 PM
I have called the IRS for this scenario and the IRS rule is that the dependent has to be present in US for at least 180 days. Also they need to have an ITIN applied for (you can also apply for ITIN while filing your taxes).

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Fearne Cotton has a , ahem #39;fern#39; leaf tattoo climbing up her torso

01-12 04:48 AM

I have the same exact question before I actually go for the stamping. I hope somebody has some kind of info on this one.

05-18 09:25 PM
Welcome to our news member Selvaela..

Good job Samcam...keep up the good work :)

08-31 08:35 AM
I need some references of good consulting companies that have direct vending relationships with big companies. I will be looking out for contracting jobs since my current contract will come to an end soon and dont want to be on bench.

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