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04-23 11:00 AM
Wow top marks on the help there Templarian.
i got the SDL library etc now, and im on my way to getting started :P
this pixel drawing is a bit crazy though lol.

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03-27 12:49 AM

I had applied for the H1 Extension in Sep 2009 and it went to Security Check. My Visa and I94 expired in Nov 2009. Recently, H1b transfer has been applied, and got the I129 approval but EOS(I94) has been rejected by saying that

" An Extension of Stay(EOS) mayn't be approved for an appllicant who failed to maintain his/her previously accorded status or where such status expired before the application or petition was filed( see CFR 214.1(c)(4) and 248.1(b))".

New employer says that i can't work for him till I94 accepts. So he is suggesting me togo India and get Visa stamped.

As i can work only 240 days from my I94 expiry date, i can't work after July 2010
so am planning to go to India to attend the embassy as soon as possible.

Some are saying that i am no supposed to stay here as I94 expired but when i says to my employer he says that you can stay and work as long as the current extension decision is pending. so i am scared about it. could you plz help me out on this.

Am also wondering that is there any chances of gettinga Visa rejected in India as my extension is in pending or they are going to keep in hold till my security
clearance is done. I am in fix what to do??.

Any help is appreciated.

Thanks in Advance,

Your I-94 expired and I-94 extension got denied. In that case you can not stay as you are accumulating the illegal presence. I am not sure when you are saying I94 rejected, what is the decision pending. If its not rejected and you got only RFE, you can stay still get the final decision.

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02-11 12:21 PM
My online I-140 status shows the case cannot be found. The receipt date for my i-140 is current. What should I do? Anybody seen this issue.

Lot of applications filed during July 2007 fiasco had the same issues, eventually the online system got synced over a period of time. If you have a hard copy of the notice with you, don't worry about the online system - it is out of date sometime. For your personal satisfaction, Call USCIS to find out whether the case is really in their internal system.

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12-03 04:09 PM
With due respect to Prashanthi, I don't think the OP aged out of his I-485. Since his parent submitted their and his I-485 in 2007 (that is before he turned 21), his application is protected under CSPA. In fact with respect to EB, once the I-485 is submitted and then the PD retrogresses, the child's age is locked in and the application will be approved whenever the PD becomes current again.

See page 3 of this document:

Visa Availability Date Regression
If a visa availability date regresses, and an alien has already filed a Form I-485 based on an approved Form I-130 or Form I-140, the Service should retain the Form I-485 and note the visa availability date at the time the Form I-485 was filed. Once the visa number again becomes available for that preference category, determine whether the beneficiary is a “child” using the visa availability date marked on the Form I-485. If, however, an alien has not filed a Form I-485 prior to the visa availability date regressing, and then files a Form I-485 when the visa availability date again becomes current, the alien’s “age” should be determined using the subsequent visa availability date.

It's risky for the OP to go out of the US while his application is pending. However, it can be done if he has advance parole. He will have to return each year to renew his AP. If this is a risk you are willing to take, you could go but be aware of this.


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05-15 12:27 PM
Since yesterday after reading June bulletin, it seems that we are loosing "focus" one is asking what discussions are going on CIR shdeuled on May 14?

Correct me if I am wrong!!

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08-22 11:25 AM
i APPLIED ON 7th July...
NO news

I applied on 7th July too - Receipt Date - 8th July - Notice Date - 9th July, 2008.

Paper-filed through my firm's lawyer - nothing so far!

Tried calling USCIS a few times - don't know whom to beleive - once, I was told an IO has not been assigned to my case. The other two times, they said, they're processing cases filed before April 2008 and I'll have to wait another 82-90 days!!!

Which doesn't sound true - coz' I know friends who filed in June/Jul - who got their approvals.

So, I'm compelled to logically arrive at one conclusion - USCIS is in a mess...through and through!!!

It's like the BLACK HOLE - No one knows what goes on in there - once, your app is in - only a miracle can get it out...

Sorry - just venting my frustrations...think I should go jog and drain myself silly...!!! :mad:


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10-05 01:26 PM

which serivce center are your applications pending with?

I am a July 2nd filer and I got my receipt notices, EADs and completed the FP too. I didnt get the AP yet but my wife's AP shows as approved. When I talked to an IO couple of days ago, she said my AP is approved but they didnt update the website. I called USCIS Customer Service today 3 to 4 (it seems they keep track of it) times and each gave me a different information. Sometimes they said they have Aug 17th as the receipt date but my receipt date is July 2nd(on the RN) and Aug 20th is the ND. So, I dont know what this Aug 17th date is and they say that is what they have in their systems as received date and I am still in the processing time. I am confused. According to my attorney, my wife's AP shudnt have been approved without my AP getting approved since I am the primary applicant.

Do I need to worry or just wait some more days? I am mainly worried that they have the wrong date as receipt date in their system and it might affect on future processing.

Thank you for any kind of input.

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03-26 12:16 PM
no, it is not the same position. the two positins have 2 different classifications and requirements. the first position (I have LC certified for) is a financial analyst which requires a bachelor degree. the second position is a senior financial analyst (for which LC was denied) which requires a masters degree and it is supervisory position. I asked my employer to request masters + 2 years experience for the senior position but lawyer said that my experience was acquired while working for the employer (while I was working as a financial analyst) so that experience can not count toward the senior position. this was a genuine promotion and not just to apply for EB2.

any feedback is appreciated.

May be those are two different position. But both are same occupational classification as per SOC/ONET. The employer can not request BS and MS for same occupational class. Conventionaly, the senior/supervisor level will be achived by experience in the occupation not by education.


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03-28 06:03 PM
I agree that you guys should push for an ammendment that one should be able to file 485 and join the queue and get the derivative benefits once 140 is approved. If we get that alone it is better than nothing.
However let me put it to you guys that without the green card in hand, living in limbo land albeit with some mobility is no fun either. Isn't that sort of what the illegals have now at their own labour level. We will be 2nd class citizens to be discarded at a fire brand politician's whim and fancy.If that wait is many years it will not be good. Further those applying later and later will eventually end up with inordinate waits leaving them the choice of waiting for decades like in some family based categories.
I am only saying this since it was stated that this should be the number one priority. The absolute number one priority for all of us should be to quicken the time to a GREEN CARD.


If we're able to make every category current, then this amendment for filing I-485 will be moot. But then again our goals will have to tempered with ground reality. While we're fighting very hard against the hard country limit, there is no guarantee that it will be revoked. In the house-senate conference again, we cannot be sure that all of the exemptions like the ones for Dependents, STEM will not be stripped. So there is a very high chance that priority dates are not going to become current. So with that in mind, we need to make sure that atleast our life during the time that we're waiting for GC is much easier.

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02-27 08:12 AM
from approval date


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November 14th, 2007, 08:50 AM
HI Keith,

Having shot 10's of thousands of pics on my cameras, I can tell you that I have formatted each of my CF cards only once, when I bought them. I've never had to reformat them for any reason. As Mats said, be careful not to pull them out of the camera when it's writing and you should have no problems.

There are many sensor cleaning threads here, but I'll echo the blower advice. The less you touch the sensor, the better off you are. I use an oilless diaphragm air compressor (for airbrush use, ~$100). It gives higher pressure air than a bulb blower, and has no propellants or oil in it that could end up on the camera. Most 'real' camera stores have sensor cleaning pads & solution these days. I too have used cotton swabs, and they will work, provided you don't leave any cotton fibers behind, which are a worse problem than the dust.

Good luck & have fun!

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02-24 12:27 PM
Thank you chanduv23. Your response clarified and gave the information on what I'm looking for.


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07-26 09:57 AM
I recently got my Eb2 India Employment based I-485 approved. I am going to file my spouse's I-485 soon and was wondering what address I should send the forms to.

The direct filing address says
USCIS Chicago Lockbox

For U.S. Postal Service (USPS) deliveries:

PO Box 805887
Chicago, IL 60680-4120

For Express mail and courier deliveries:

Attn: FBAS
131 South Dearborn, 3rd Floor
Chicago, IL 60603-5517

However my attorney says we need to send it to the Nebraska Service Centre as my application was filed and approved there.

So should my lawyer send it to the Chicago lock box or NSC? Please let me know if you have personally done this recently after the addresses changes

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02-07 10:53 AM


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01-18 10:37 AM

This not correct. if you are on H visa in USA, you can definitely apply for Canadian Landed Immigration. In order to maintain your immigration in Canada, you have to stay atleast 2 years in Canada in a 5 year period.
Moreover, in order to fulfill your citizenship requirement, you have to be physically present in Canada for atleast 3 years.

I hope this helps.

A Canadian Citizen.


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07-27 09:11 AM
Good idea. I would suggest that you also add to your search. It doesn't seem to be showing any pages from that site


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11-06 07:21 AM
My Mother in law flew with them, and her experience was good.
How old are your folks? Sometimes, this may sound a bit cheesy, but getting wheelchair always helps. What that does is, it guarantees your folks will be at the correct gates, at right times.
I got her a wheelchair, and she had a smooth transition.....
hope that helps...

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06-23 02:37 PM
White House Says Immigration Reform Unlikely in ?09 - Roll Call (

I thought this was obvious!

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06-23 10:31 AM
Thanks for the reply arkanand,

I talked to multiple doctor's and they said that the reason why the test is NOT done again is that they know it is going to be positive (so why do it). Instead they go to the 2nd step (Chest X Ray).

They also mentioned that for documentation purpose if you have to get it done, just go for it. So, looks like i will be going for getting the test done 3rd time like arkanand. I too just want to finish this paper work and get done with.

I tried getting the documentation from a NY Hospital where I was working in 1998. They sent the doctor the Radiology report mentioning the X Ray was clear. I don't see any size indications of the PPD testing. I either have to get back to them to send me the PPD size after testing or forget it and go for a test. So, I think I am going to get the test done. Luckily, I don't have to get the X Rays done as I just got one done in Jan 2009 (and the civil surgeon wanted the copy of those reports).

Conclusion:- What I learnt from this experience is that try to keep as much paper work of tests that have been done, so that when needed you can show it to the doctor and NOT get un-needed testing done plus is saved us hazzles of time/money/insurance to get these tests done.

04-20 02:41 PM
6 months

10-03 12:12 PM
Weird is cool in my book =)

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