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07-30 01:30 PM
We need much more info to help out.

1. What is immigration status currently? She can file for a I-485 if her labor has been approved. If she is on H4, then there is nothing she can do.

2. Is she a dependent on her husbands I-485? If so, then she dosen't need to file 1-485 again, she can get her EAD.


Hi all,
One of my friend is separated (not divorced) from her husband.
can she file 485 by herself. Does she needs anything latest doc from her husband. She does have all the copies of his documents.
She is thinking she can work if she gets EAD. She does not have anybody here are back home except her mom. Please suggest a solution

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07-30 01:14 PM

I guess timing really matters......and you were at the right place at the right time....

I have got my case approved as well. I also received my GC cards. Thanks for all the info and Best of Luck,

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04-21 12:37 PM

I went to infopass today. Last time when I went infopass in Oct 08, I was told that my namecheck is pending. I wanted to see whether any progress has been made on that,so took an infopass. When I asked the IO about the status of my namecheck, I was told that one namecheck is clear but the other is pending. I specifically asked her to look by my A # as I thought she might be referring to dependants namecheck status. But she replied back stating that there could be multiple namechecks for an individual and it is not unusual for some individuals to have three, four namechecks. And in my case as one of them is clear, they probably will go with cleared one.

Now I am confused. Can there be multiple namechecks initiated at around the same timeframe? I was told both the namechecks were initiated in 07.

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04-14 09:50 AM
You know these reporting back, reistating the status, etc takes lots of effort, money and time. I hate this kind of things. Why the hell we should pay for somebody's mistake?

On a side note:
If someone returns this kind of mistake-GC, then what will happen to the visa number? Will it get reclaimed and reused or go wasted?

The person I know who got GC before the PD was current, debated for sometime asked his lawyer etc... but it was whoever's mistake, they have got to honor it... he decided to keep the GC act dumb and njoy life.:D.. by the way even if you get a GC when PD is current they reserve the right to revoke... check with lawyer and decide for yourself !!!


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03-27 09:31 AM
I agree about your comment on guest workers. But h1bs are also human beings. Rather than treating them like car imported from Japan treat them humane. Don't just think of h1bs as a number. There is a human being behind them. Its not easy to just uproot everything you have since last 10yrs and move back to where you came. This is not a treatment for a "guest".

Also how humane is this for a country touting horn of human rights all over the world (read Tibet/China)?

I agree and share your views on how someone should treat a guest, etc. But I just stated facts.

Regarding open letter to Obama mentioned above, I agree with it one hundred percent. Focus of the letter should be (i) workers are highly educated, (ii) they are legally working and paying taxes, (iii) they are approved for GC, and are simply waiting for completing work on adjustment of their status, (iv) administrative inefficiency. Remember when one files for AOS, a visa is supposed to be already available for you (although due to USCIS bungling that has not been the case).

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02-13 03:56 PM

Need a little advice. We (my husband and I) filed our 485 on July 2 under EB-3and have received AP, EAD, FP etc. Our PD date (July 7, 2001) got current in the March bulletin:). I wanted to check if there is way to find out if our cases have been adjudicated and are ready for approval as and when a visa # is allocated in March.


You guys deserve it after waiting for so long. The only way to check if the case has been adjudicated or not is to keep checking the LUDS, if it changes see what the status says. After being patient for so many years, if you are feeling a little impatient now call USCIS and check the status.


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10-20 10:40 PM
Oh shut up, you have a *beep* load of posts. :crazy:

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03-09 08:19 PM
does anyone have stats on what the double dipped usage trend has been? not sure if the latest stats from uscis reveals that.


nicki minaj cd 2010. October 26, 2010 - Posted by

October 26, 2010 - Posted by

06-15 04:31 PM
see the reply
Any reason why your case was transferred to local office? Our PD is becoming current on July 1st do you recommend me taking an appointment and visiting the local office? please suggest.

Also, please elobrate the interview information you had, and what you carried for the interview.


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02-06 09:49 AM
What number do you call?



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Last Night Nicki Minaj went

10-06 05:23 AM
I am a July 2nd filer and I got my receipt notices, EADs and completed the FP too. I didnt get the AP yet but my wife's AP shows as approved. When I talked to an IO couple of days ago, she said my AP is approved but they didnt update the website. I called USCIS Customer Service today 3 to 4 (it seems they keep track of it) times and each gave me a different information. Sometimes they said they have Aug 17th as the receipt date but my receipt date is July 2nd(on the RN) and Aug 20th is the ND. So, I dont know what this Aug 17th date is and they say that is what they have in their systems as received date and I am still in the processing time. I am confused. According to my attorney, my wife's AP shudnt have been approved without my AP getting approved since I am the primary applicant.

Do I need to worry or just wait some more days? I am mainly worried that they have the wrong date as receipt date in their system and it might affect on future processing.

Thank you for any kind of input.


I am also in the same situation like you. My wife got AP and mine is still pending. Please let me know if you get yours approved.

Thank you.

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06-12 02:38 PM
I agree....but still think that however logical it seems it hard for ppl to follow it. I still think this fearmongering is so deep rooted that a majority of folks will just flood CIS with inquries and senator letters ets.. (the reason being...the other person is doing it and i dont want to be left behind) Same like the "Run to the Bank" ...

that eventually. .the CIS will resort to the best option they have....

They will start issueing RFE for majority of cases... thus pushing processing by 60 days (remember no SR for 60 days after RFE reson received).

USCIS have already adjucated a lot of cases. They will not issue RFE's left and right.
They issued a lot of green card's without RFE's last year


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06-23 12:58 PM
Yeah I saw on the Visa Bulletin that EB3 is really backed up. Kind of upsetting because I am sure that not too many people from my country are working in my field.

Regardless, my position is that of a Financial Services Auditor. The position requirements state that a Master's degree is preferred but a Bachelor's is acceptable if one meets the credit hour requirements to sit for the CPA exam (150 hours).

I heard that EB2 category placement depends on the position requirements not on my actual degree, which is a BS in Accounting and Finance (Double Major, exceeding 150 credit hours). Using that information is there any way that I could be placed in EB2? I got the job with a lesser degree because I was able to demonstrate exceptional ability.

As far as the bonus thing goes, I was trying to address the "renumeration" requirement for EB2. My company is one of the top in the field globally. I reason that if one receives bonuses for being one of the top performers in that company then it should be "exceptional ability."

Lastly I would meet the Professional licensing - CPA/CFA - and professional organization membership - AICPA and other State orgs.

I would speak to my company attorney about this, but I want to get the facts straight. I can see that to save myself a headache I might as well get married to a US citizen.

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February 15th, 2004, 05:29 PM
I have a Sony DSC F717. I got it to photograph model trains, so it is almost lways in macro mode. Frequently, the image blurs toawrds the back, even when set at the highest F-stop. The subject is usially about 5-12 inches away from the camera, depending on the model I am photographing. The models are about an inch high and up to 10 inches long.

I suspect a wide angle lense should help this, but sony has two available for their 58MM bezel. Am i right on this? Basically i want close up on full manual with
as good a depth of fied as possible. Here are the choises:;sid=C5ukSQtNKAGkcEti_UiuQkRd1gcWOHL-Dh0=?CategoryName=dcc_DIAccessories_DILensesandFil ters_Lenses&Dept=dcc&TemplateName=item%2fsy_item_b&ProductSKU=VCLMHG07A

This one costs $150, includes two peice glass.;sid=C5ukSQtNKAGkcEti_UiuQkRd1gcWOHL-Dh0=?CategoryName=dcc_DIAccessories_DILensesandFil ters_Lenses&Dept=dcc&TemplateName=item%2fsy_item_b&ProductSKU=VCLHG0758

This one is $400, and is a three peice glass.

Both have the same .7x magnification. Wich one should I get?


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02-27 08:09 AM
Right, the problem is: I do travel a lot and that makes a part time job difficult to find....

Other thing, the 6 months, is counted from the receipt date or the approval date?

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08-14 05:18 PM
Thank you all.

Today I called USCIS and the CSR (Customer Service Representative) said, to receipt applications USCIS might take 90 days. And he said I am lucky to get my receipts!!! (I filed on July 2nd!) My wife's receipts will be sent once they enter her application and validate it. He cannot track my wife's application status based on my receipt number. It looks like USCIS needs good DBAs to design and normalize their tables and Data base!!

I'll wait, and will check with my lawyer to see if they can verify with the cashed check.



makeup October 26, 2010 - Posted by nicki minaj cd 2010. NEW MUSIC � NICKI MINAJ FEAT


07-09 04:23 PM
Gave it 5 star, and posted a comment.

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30, September 2010Album

08-10 12:00 PM
A person holding H-4 can attend college in the U.S. In fact, some colleges offer in-state tuition for H-4 students. Check Brooklyn College for instance. INA does not specifically disallow from attending college of H-4 nor H-1 and colleges are aware of this. So if your wife is doing this only because she would like to pursue degree, I would suggest she explores the options and if possible remains on H-4, which is a dual intent status.

Best Wishes,

true, but she will not be able to work while on H4. She will also not be able to apply for any internships or work on campus.

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08-16 11:09 AM
Most IO in India are not aware of "AP"...They ask if you have a GC , H1B ,F1 or tourist visa. Here's what we and our friends have done and it works..

Make a copy of AP and highlight the sentence where it mentions that "this person is allowed to travel....blah blah...". Paper clip the original AP along with it . The IO will cautiosly compare the original to the duplicate.And tell them that you are in the Final stage of GC process...

They have only few mins to look over all your docs...(PP, AP, you might as well help them by highlighting what exactly he needs to see.

04-03 06:59 PM
Have had unfortunate turn of events and need your guidance.

I had a valid approved h1 petition and i-94 for 2005 through company A.
Company filed for extension of h1 in 2007 and received approved h1 and i-94 valid till 2010. Did not travel out of the country at that time.

Filed for AOS 485, EAD, AP in 2007. Traveled and entered US using AP in 2008.

USCIS did inquiry and has revoked 2005 h1 because of incorrect LCA filing by the company. They have also said that because of incorrect LCA filing, I am in violation of h1 status. Attorneys have advised that USCIS will retroactive hold me as 'out-of-status' but not unlawful present as I was working in good faith based on an approved petition and unexpired i-94s.

The 2007 h1 was also filed in similar fashion as the 2005 h1.
Although USCIS has not revoked current 2007-2010 h1, there is a possibility of that happening. The 485 might be denied in that case.

The only option is to get on h4 by applying from consulate in India.
Since I will be now answering yes to question 38 (have you violated terms of US visa, or unlawful present..?) I have also shown as intent to immigrate based on my 485 filing.

I want to know my chances of getting an h4 approved.

You need to add more clarity to bold words... For instance, if your work location in LCA was New York and you worked in San Francisco - Man you are in trouble..... Please post what was incorrect on the LCA and also fill in the profile, if you want the folks to consider responding to your query. My 2 cents.

04-12 08:18 PM
This is correct. Only your attorney will get the RFE.

That is incorrect. USCIS would send a copy of RFE to you as well.

My wife got a medical RFE and I'm looking at the letter from USCIS as I type.

Yes, We did sign the lawyer form. Lawyer first got a copy and informed us. He also told us that we would be getting one. And we got one.

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