Thursday, September 15, 2011

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10-24 12:19 PM

I have a baby in US. We have applied for birth certificate and ssn. we plan to travel to india in December. I plan to apply for US passport once i receive DOB and ssn certificates. I have following Q's -

If baby has to travel to india, do i need PIO or OCI?
What is difference b/w two?
Can i simultanesously apply for PIO/OCI along with US passport?
What documents would I need to apply PIO/OCI along and US passport?
How long does everything take?


u can only apply PIO....US passport takes 8-9 days in regular but since u plan to travel in december, u can expedite by paying some extra fee....then apply PIO in indian consulate

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03-27 01:40 AM
Just an idea, if emails or letters doesn't reach Obama...may be IV should consider an open letter to Obama,Congress and Senate by buying space in major news papers
and suggesting the obvious economic benefits(buying homes, home renovations, buying durable goods etc) of speeding legal immigration.

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03-18 12:33 PM
You have an EAD, so you can file the incorporation or founding of the company yourself. You do not need a partner. As for formation and dissolution fees for the business entity of your choice, you would need to research that by your state.

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03-20 03:56 PM


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05-31 04:58 PM
Now is the time to take action.

Thank you. If you could be so kind to keep encourgaing people to contribute and then post in the funding thread.
we need $ for lobbying.

Thank you

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05-01 01:33 PM
I thought even though you are a Indian Citizen, if you are already working in US, you can go to the Canada and apply from US Embassy in Vancouver or in Toronto. The wait times are really short, you can get an appoinment in less than 2 weeks.

1. It could be a H1 extension revalidation
2. H4 to h1 Visa stamping.

I have heard folks do it before. I have not done it myself, so cannot vouch for it though.

THis may be a cheaper alternative than going to India.


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05-16 09:56 AM
Left voice mails

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10-20 10:08 PM
correct...and holy crap u have a lot of posts!


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03-28 10:01 AM
Great for us...aren't are Indian PHD's in the US are as scholarly and motivated as before? lol To think that there are left over visas in this category beats me ! :D

Having a PhD alone doesn't put you in EB1. Everything depends on the job requirement. You can have a PhD and still be in EB3 if the job that you are working doesn't require an advanced degree.

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03-26 01:05 PM
in Coming may bulletin EB2 will go upto July 2004


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03-26 11:10 PM
I was reading up on gift tax. Normally, it is the donor (the person giving the gift) that pays the gift tax (if at all.)

What if your family (who lives outside the USA, and does not have greencard/citizenship) sends you some money, in excess of $12k.
Now, they don't file US taxes, so they don't pay any gift tax.

And this is not declared as an income in your income tax statement.

Do we have to pay any kind of gift tax or anything on it?
Do we have to declare it anywhere?

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Blog Feeds
02-28 09:10 AM
Silicon Valley Immigration Lawyer Blog Has Just Posted the Following:

The Federal government is about to start knocking on the doors of employers, demanding to see I-9 records and more. The Wall Street Journal reported that more than 1,000 audit notices ( EYWORDS=miriam+jordan), or notices of inspection, are to be sent out by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), part of the Department of Homeland Security, within the next few days. These "audit notices" are actually subpoenas, requiring employers to present original I-9 employment verification forms and payroll documentation. An employer is usually required to produce this documentation within three days. A sample I-9 subpoena is below.

Sample I-9 Subpoena (2-2011) (

The second page of this subpoena shows that ICE demands more than I-9 forms. They request records of all employees hired within the past three years, copies of the documents the employee provided when completing the I-9, detailed information about independent contractors, any Social Security no-match letters, and detailed payroll filings.

Employers should realize that these I-9 audits can target any employer, of any size and in any sector, whether or not the employer has H-1B (, L-1 ( workers, or sponsors foreign nationals for employment-based green cards ( As all employers must complete I-9's for new hires and maintain payroll records, all employers should be prepared for an audit. Fines for uncorrected technical and substantive errors on the I-9 forms range from $110 to $1,100. If an employer had technical or substantive errors on their I-9 forms, they might not necessarily realize this and could be exposing themselves to substantial fines.

These audits come as ICE has created an Employment Compliance Inspection Center. The Head of ICE recently explained that this new center would "address a need to conduct audits even of the largest employers with a very large number of employees." ( EYWORDS=I-9+audit)The center is supposed to be staffed with specialists to pore over I-9 employee files of targeted companies. A ( s:BRsSWNtzAz8:yIl2AUoC8zA) s ( s:BRsSWNtzAz8:qj6IDK7rITs) s:BRsSWNtzAz8:V_sGLiPBpWU ( s:BRsSWNtzAz8:V_sGLiPBpWU) A ( s:BRsSWNtzAz8:7Q72WNTAKBA)

More... (


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09-26 12:22 PM
How long does it take to get EAD card by post after Finger printing is done?

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11-06 07:46 AM
My Mother in law flew with them, and her experience was good.
How old are your folks? Sometimes, this may sound a bit cheesy, but getting wheelchair always helps. What that does is, it guarantees your folks will be at the correct gates, at right times.
I got her a wheelchair, and she had a smooth transition.....
hope that helps...

Thanks for the response, they are 57 and 53 years and healthy, will it make sense to request for a wheelchair? Maybe we can request for one of them :)


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01-09 03:43 PM
"I suppose this year's quota for EB3 India is not yet used (as small it may seem). My guess is, when EB3 processing begins, it should get your collegues out in 6 to 9 months from now."

EB3 quota is like a spoon of rice from a bag of basmati :))

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12-21 02:11 PM

I have a PhD, almost 4 years research experience. About 10 scientific publications.

hi miguy.........
Regarding your I-140 approval notice, if you can get your case # from your lawyer, I guess you can request for a copy of I-140 approval notice from USCIS. Try to get your case #/receipt number. In my case, I got the I-140 approval letter from USCIS. What I know is that USCIS sent a copy to your address as well as to your lawyer. Did you change your address after applying for I-140? The approval notice cannot be forwarded to a new address.



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07-29 01:39 PM

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09-17 11:27 AM
Few things to remember
1. It is good for us if EB1 remains current for India and ROW - chance of some visa numbers trickling down.

2. The H1B cap is still 65,000 + 20,000 + some extra for non profit and a sizeable portion of this is Indians meaning other nationalities are not applying in large numbers. What this means is that the whole 45,000 EB1 and 45,000 EB2 will likely not get used from 2008-9 (by that ROW EB3 ROW will start becoming close to current and people from ROW will not try to find a way to apply for EB2 like they are doing now).

3. People will try to port their EB3 date to EB2 and some will meet success but others might fail. This will be particularly true for Indians.

Put all this together, I think any Indian who applied for GC in Eb2 or 3 post 2004 will probably have to wait the same amount of time in either category, maybe a year less in EB2. Given that you are anyway going to have to wait 7-8 years minimum, one year more or less does not make any difference.

I think people from India with post 2004 Pri dates should
a) Actively work for some meaningful legislative change, contact all your friends and make them aware of this problem, please do not just sit there and hope for a change

b) Make solid backup plans, whatever they might be - consider UK, Australia, Canada, Singapore as backups. Learn as much as you can in your present job and change jobs if you feel you are stagnating. Do not keep your career in limbo for GC when the earliest you will get it is after 7-8 years. Imagine this - if you are 25 now, you will be in your mid-thirties doing the same job if you wait for your GC.

c) Save, save, save - I cannot reiterate this, basically do not spend a dollar more than you need to. Buy a full efficient cheap car, rent a place (house prices are stagnating) etc. Do your due dilligence and post new ideas here.

d) Find a way to lobby to get back your SSN and Medicare taxes - Indian govt. is making noises about this, use your connections to make the noise louder.

e) Last but not the least, If married and planning to start family, do not wait until they change law to ban birth right citizenship :).

Use this thread to post new ideas.

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06-19 05:52 PM
I have not recieved my FP notices either. Last time I checked they are still being sent.

I have the online status and the receipt number. Would that me enough ?


03-17 11:40 PM
My LCA was approved in July 2007.

My lawyer sent the I-14 application to USCIS in January 2008 before the 180 day period but my employer dated the USCIS fee check as 2005.

The USCIS returned the application asking us to re-send the application with a new check.

My lawyer sent the application again with a new check but by the time this application reached USCIS the 180 day period was over and USCIS returned the application again stating that my 180 period is over and they cannot accept the I-140 application now.

I am in the process of filing a fresh Labor Cert again. I guess now I will get a priority date of July 2008 and therefore I am losing 1 whole year in this process.

Is there a way out and will USCIS accept my application? The bad part here is the first application sent was before time but the check date was wrong.

All suggestions are highly appreciated.

03-28 02:39 PM
until today my I485 was 60 days outside the processing times.
Now it is not.
I had previously inquired (service request) what's up, I was told by phone they cannot even process SR because they are more than 60 days behind published dates.

Things that caused Nebraska to move back:

Transfers from Texas Service Center
180 day name check rule
Some categories moving forward in VB, and they had not been doing pre-adjudication.
They are trying to make processing dates reflect reality (and reduce service requests)

The only logical thing was to move the processing date back, if only to reduce the service requests coming in.

I don't know if they still have to process my SR, it was raised when 60 days behind, but now it is only about 34 days behind.

This is some sign of some LIMITED attempt to process as FIFO for receipt date.

hi there! but what if mine's rcpt date is july 21? the last processing time was July 30, 2007??? my friend who has a rcpt date of July 19 got her gc already. Do you think they already finished processing the cases from July 20-July 30?? cause its been a month and they should finish it before they moved back because it's just 10 freakin days! right? last january 2008 they processed from april 2007-June 19 (my friend had hers already).. im so upset

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