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08-20 02:42 PM
just remember to carefully preserve all payslips, email communications, and all other docs from this period. If and when you file for GC, you MAY need these docs.

But, otherwise, your case is straightforward. As long as you send the H1 transfer to CIS before you are terminated/resign from B, you status will continue uninterrupted... So you are ok.

Fortunately, the situation has improved now. I just got to know from the USCIS site that my H1B transfer to Company B has been approved (Current Status: Approval notice sent.). So I think, I may now be able to directly transfer my Visa from Company B to C. However, I came to know that my current employer (B) takes a long time to hand over the approval notice to the employee (about a month). I don't think Company C can wait that long for initiating the new H1B transfer. Also, the termination deadline of August end from Company B still remains, which means that I have to transfer to C before end of this month.

1. If getting the approval notice from B gets delayed, can I use the receipt from B to transfer my visa to C ?

2. If not, is there any other alternative I can go with ?

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10-26 10:54 AM
I am also one of those, who received the EAD while the online case status reads as "Case Received and Pending"

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about justin selenagomez

06-03 02:05 PM
The question that was asked was - is Statistics a STEM discipline. That cannot be answered from that page even though it looks so. For e.g if I choose the Mathematics Major, it only lists the occupation that requires a Math Major and not the disciplines under Math. For e.g. one one of the occupation is Natural Sciences Managers which is an occupation and not exactly a discipline.

sta?tis?tics (stə-tĭs'tĭks)

(used with a sing. verb) The mathematics of the collection, organization, and interpretation of numerical data, especially the analysis of population characteristics by inference from sampling.
(used with a pl. verb) Numerical data.

I would be astounded if statistics is not considered a STEM major. The only way to know for sure beyond this forum is to check with a lawyer.

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07-16 10:30 AM

I was laid off few weeks ago and my I-485 is pending for over 180 days. I have a potential offer from a company and I was planning to port my I-140 using AC21. My GC sponsoring employer had listed the position requiring Masters degree and my I-140 says EB2 as someone mentioned in the previous post.

The new offer that I am getting may not require Masters degree but it may require BS+6 years of experience. Will this be considered EB2 port ? I am not sure about this because this position requires BS +5 , which can also be considered as Eb2. As I am on timeline (my dates will be current as per Aug bulletin) I want to have job offer in hand so I cannot be picky about the position requirement at this time.


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11-29 03:28 PM
senorita..raj here...

here comes the answers for your responses...

1) Since I wont be coming back to US as of now, what if I do not get my H1 visa stamped. Can I use my approval(I-797)in the present consulting firm's name, for getting H1b stamped through any other company in future.

You need pay stubs of working firm to get the stamping. If you are working presently ..u will ahve some pay stubs and you can use it and get stamped.

2) I understand that stamping is needed only for reentering US. What if i just get the stamping done and still do not come back. In that case, can I still transfer my stamped H1B to any other company without working at all for the consulting firm whose stamp I have on my passport.

If you live out side US for more than 360 days , then u r H1b is invalid. In order to return again you should apply under the H1b cap.

Hope this helps....

It is not true. H1 is valid until its validity date.

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03-25 06:43 PM
no it is SUSTAIN act. Not Strive. SUSTAIN only has H1 visa increase... So it will ensure that retrogression and backlogs are sustained... :)


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06-01 06:16 PM
It is illegal.
It will be great if someone can send me any reference to confirm that it is illegal..

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Justin Bieber and Seelna Gomez

03-26 11:10 PM
I was reading up on gift tax. Normally, it is the donor (the person giving the gift) that pays the gift tax (if at all.)

What if your family (who lives outside the USA, and does not have greencard/citizenship) sends you some money, in excess of $12k.
Now, they don't file US taxes, so they don't pay any gift tax.

And this is not declared as an income in your income tax statement.

Do we have to pay any kind of gift tax or anything on it?
Do we have to declare it anywhere?


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07-12 01:34 AM
"We continue to pay for Your Social Security
But the presidency gives illegals over legals more priority"

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Anders ?stberg
June 16th, 2005, 09:29 AM
These look fine on my editing PC but are too dark on my work PC...'s it look where you're at? :)

Also, the second picture is uncropped from the camera, I kind of like the frame
the background creates, but do you think it should be cropped tighter? ( (


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01-25 08:42 PM
With democrats in disarray, they would be even afraid of saying the 3 letter word CIR. nothing this year, an election year, so let's start thinking about 2011!. isn't this sad :( 2011 again it will be viewed too late for CIR, because in 2012 they have to face presidential election and incumbent president would be preparing for 2nd term. And again there will be a promise for CIR and 2013 will be a fresh year, 2014 will be a mid-term election year, 2015 will be too late for the term as they have to face presidential elections in 2016. Cycle repeats...after 5 cycles (i.e. 20 years) we all will get GC or kicked out of queue by issuing rfe/memo or totally frustrated and gone back to our home country or we might be still waiting in line for CIR to rescue us.

Along with election cycle there will be economic cycles. When cycle-of-politics favors the CIR, cycle-of-economy unfavors CIR and vice versa. Instead of reading pages and pages of news and blogs simply read it as 'CIR will never happen'.

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09-21 09:31 AM
With US Govt. bailing out all banks from their debt, the house price will not fall so fast anymore. The reason is - banks are in not hurry anymore to sell the short sell or foreclosure properties because the losses are taken over by government. Normal house price will not compete with short sale/foreclousers anymore. This is what happened in 1989 too. This will stabilize the prices in coming months once congress makes the RTC a law.


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06-20 02:28 PM
I would like to know if we can travel on AP without a I485 notice, do they ask for it at POE??

Our attorney never told us that he did not receive my I485 notice till date!! we filed in July and he received one of the notice in Oct 2007. He is telling me now when I about to fly in a months time. He has also asked me apply for the renewal of AP & EAD, he has asked me attach the biometric notice instead of I485 notice and my husbands I485 notice.

Can anyone who has traveled on AP without a I485 notice share their experience. Any suggestions are welcome...


You can travel on H-1 without I-485 receipt according to new USCIS rule but for travel on AP you still need the receipt for 485.

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July 15th, 2004, 11:13 AM
Awesome shot! Nice work. :cool:


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03-31 01:16 PM
Not all L1 is bad
Not all H1B is bad
Not all consulting companies are bad

So why are we behaving like crabs?
Think from a perspecive of a legit L1 visa holder too

To anti Immigrants even your greencard is bad.
He will be happy if your greencard is made painful
Will you rejoice then?

What Sen is doing is looking at everything in black and white. He is making all L1 as bad. He shoud be suggesting fixes in L1 like giving more power to L1s to complain and protecting them if they complain. he should be making punishment tougher for fraud. But he is targetting the whole via and you are feeling happy about it. Just because you are not an L1 visa holder some of us are happy. Tommow if he does it to all EAD holders will you be happy?

Forget this Crab’s a crap story written by one idiot followed by other idiots only when its adding value for their argument.

If not all, most of the L1 are abusive. I know a company paying 30K for L1. They no longer take H1B and lay off H1 people whoever was already working with them.

But how are they are going scot-free...all the expenses are billed to the client but shown as benefit to the employee.

So the client is losing , the employee is losing.

But I am not supporting this whatever is reported.

When they came for the communists,
I remained silent;
I was not a communist.

When they locked up the social democrats,
I remained silent;
I was not a social democrat.

When they came for the trade unionists,
I did not speak out;
I was not a trade unionist.

When they came for the Jews,
I remained silent;
I wasn't a Jew.

When they came for me,
there was no one left to speak out.

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12-25 10:55 AM
I have printed the banners (they will go up on all the Indian stores that I can find).

I have sent out an email to all my friends who are on work permits.

Great Idea!
I'm thinking of printing some and leaving it in local worship places mostly visited by immigrants(in my case its a hindu temple)


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08-06 02:20 PM

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04-10 02:58 PM
The sorting for priority date is not working right.
For e.g. it is first displaying Apr-00, then all Apr-01, then Apr-02 and so on. Then it displays Aug-00, then Aug-01 and so on.
It is doing alphabetical sorting.
It needs to sort by date or the month-year combination.

Its getting better!

hairstyles thought they were Selena selena gomez justin bieber vanity fair photo booth. +gomez+vanity+fair+photo+


07-27 09:10 AM
Very helpful man, thanks.

and yes, it would be helpful to have this somewhere in a prominent spot on IV..

07-28 09:40 AM
I just filed for my I-140 in EB2 and I am from India. I would like to know what happens in these circumstances

1, I get laid off from my company before the Approval of my I-140

2, I get laid off after the Approval and before I can file my 485( Is there a window of certain days that make a difference afte the approval even if I cannot file my 485)

At this point I have a good relationship with my employer and I don't see a reason they will cancel or revoke anything that has been filed for me.

Thanks in advance for your replies.

01-18 11:13 AM
Cool. Thanks for your replies. One more question. Are you guys currently in US and have applied 485. How do i use Canadian citizenship and 485 pending to maximize my opportunities in us and also have Canadian citizenship as a backup?


King37 sent you a PM

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