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03-09 02:08 PM
Priority date is the date on which a permanent labor certification was filed for a beneficiary and based on which an underlying I-140 petition is applied.

should be:

Priority date is defined in two ways -

a) For cases with a labor certification, the date on which a permanent labor certification was filed for a beneficiary and based on which an underlying I-140 petition is applied.


b) For cases without an underlying labor certification, the date on which the I-140 petition was applied for.

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04-26 02:31 PM
I?m in EB2 and My I-140 was approved September 2008 through Employer A. My priority date is March 2008. I moved to Employer B. My old Employer A will not revoke my I-140. He is ready to hire me again, If I want to go back. I am completing 5 years in January 2011.

It would be great if I get answer the below my Question:

1. Do I need to go back to my old employer A to apply my I-485. If yes is there any specific time period to go back to my old employer A.
2. If I stay with my current Employer B. will I get 6th extension and will my old priority date will be considered with new processs.
3. which one is best choice, like staying with employer B or going back to Employer A.

Thanks for your help.

If your first company is willing to take you back and you will be able to file 485, why do you want to start the process with emp b?

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Amortization Table

08-15 12:54 PM
Great.. please contribute to DC rally in anyway you can.

Great.. update ur profile with ur contribution

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mortgage amortization chart

05-03 09:17 PM
This looks pretty high. The total count for 2004 & 2005 is 140K for India. Already the backlog center is having 300K applications out of which some 40%(guess) would be for India.


straight line amortization schedule. amortization table example.

amortization table example.

09-09 05:23 PM
can you show me a single post in IV that states that they have travelled after applying for AP, and come back with an AP. May be I missed it.

the rule states that you have to be present in the country when you apply for AP. It does not say anything on where you need to be when it is approved. There are many cases where the applicant left the US to have the document mailed or taken along with someone to the person out of the US. The applicants on return were not asked anything. It was business as usual.

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01-24 02:40 PM
Guys, sorry I do not understand the numbers very well. Assuming the same amount of spillover numbers for 2011, what will be the status of EB2 by December-2011??


Probably around April 2007. I was hoping it will clear till July 2007 but does not look like


straight line amortization schedule. amortization schedule

amortization schedule

07-20 07:47 AM
I agree to maverick. I have PD of feb 08 in EB2. I was having a permenent job but I decided to move back. The main points were uncentainity in GC process. Took a leads Job in worlds largest mutual fund company at bangalore as DBA.
Thing are working out great, since I can do what ever I want without worrying about any paprework.

All though I am really flustreted with bangalore traffic but you have to deal with it..

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09-15 03:49 PM
Everybody knows about legals and illegals. Will it gain any grounds for them to get big vote this november is important. The SKIL bill or any legal provisions in the CIR will not fetch even a single vote for them. In fact it MAY reduce the vote from anti immigrant groups if they add anything for legals.

So I strongly doubt either house or senate to include any provisions related to legal immigrants at this point. Nobody wants to take a chance at this juncture of election period. From politicians point of view, it is better for them to maintain status quo now rather than including something which might create a huge noise later during the election period.

So keep on talking about this. Nothing is going to happen till March 07. Even after march, we have to start with some new bills and start the work on educating the senators and others about legal immigration issues. At this point,I think we are back to square one and our hands are tied up till they decide to talk about legals.


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Depreciation Calculator iPhone

01-16 09:42 AM
can we just buy a vacation for the burger king (a.ka. steve king) and ask him to go to bahamas or cancun or somewhere.... so that we can pass the recapture bill....

Maybe we can offer him a horse ride to nowhere. He will get enough time to think about "cruelty to horses".:rolleyes:

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Depreciation Methods Compared

02-25 09:55 AM
I started talking to new employer about my joining and I requested for preparing PERM stuff before I join. This is the only this I want the new employer to do on behalf me before I join with him. The employer said Prevailing Wage determination takes 2 months. And the new employer mentioned that he can not do Prevailing Wage determination without joining. Is this right?


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bond amortization schedule.

03-09 07:01 PM
Just goes to show that reform is the only solution. There is no point waiting out for the Visa bulletins for the next 6-7 months...

But someone was mentioning that unusedvisas for the current year is "released" in the 4th quarter (July-Sep). May be something would come out of that...

In similar context I have a few questions...

The EB2 date is stuck at Jan 08,2003 for months now.I know about retrogression and all that. But can someone explain why the date is not moving? Is it because they ran out of numbers for EB2 for FY 06? (Like they do in H1 cases)
Also does anyone know why the EB2 visa numbers were dropped from 537 in FY05 to 145 in FY06? and why suddenly in 2006 they granted so many visas(6083 in FY06 vs 0 in FY05) to Schedule A workers (Nurses,Physical Therapist,Aliens with excep ability) ? was Schedule A category backlogged for all these years? I am just trying to get some things cleared about how the visa numbers are allocated.

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(Image: Table 2.

07-15 11:36 PM
Do you guys see any issues if I-94 is expired but I-485 application is pending and the petitioner is working on EAD? Any thoughts will be appreciated. Thanks,


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Table 2 Amortization Schedule

09-14 04:37 PM
I was really glad to hear the IV ad and also Jay's interview. Many people in New Jersey listen to this station so, lets hope that a lot of people got this message.


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loan amortization schedule

08-26 02:47 PM
Thanks for the info bluez. I think i will stick with my AOS.


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04-03 08:30 PM
Today I received denial notice from USCIS. The reason for denial is that "THE RFE RESPONSE WAS RECEIVED LATELY, HENCE DENIED". The last date for reception of RFE response was on 22nd March 2009 & They claim that they received it on 23rd March 2009. 22nd March was Sunday & more over we have proof from FEDEX deliver report that it was delivered by morning 10:30 AM on 20th March 2009.

I believe this is error from USCIS. My attorney did call Customer Care and spoke to them & they said to send letter with proof, they will forward it to USCIS & they said there is no guarantee that they will again open the case by themselves.

We did immediately sent letter with proof of FEDEX delivery report and as well as RESPONSE to RFE & we made sure that it will be delivered by monday April 6th 2009.

My attorney suggested the following:

We will wait atleast 2 weeks for to see whether they consider their mistake and open the case or ask us to open MTR with immediate effect
IF they don't in two weeks, we will appeal for the denial
Once MTR/appeal is open, we can prove it's their mistake & there is always good chance
Once the status changes to MTR/appeal, then you can either apply for fresh H1B from other employer on premium process or live to your country it's your choice.

Now my question to you all is, whatever he is saying is this correct? I am worried about becoming illegal. I don't WANT TO BE HERE ILLEGALLY. I WOULD RATHER GO BACK TO MY COUNTRY THAN BEING HERE ILLEGALLY & FACE PROBLEMS.. PLEASE DO GUIDE ME

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Straight Line Depreciation

02-02 12:56 AM
dude, I believe the above proposed law is tailored beautifully for illegal immigrants. It mentions about continuous presence but no word on 'legal' continuous presence! Also seems like the 'criminal offense' in US doesnt take into account the very first one, the act of entering illegally!


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02-02 07:53 AM
If you are working in a arbitrary job in a location different from where TVU is (which indicates you never attended classes in TVU) , you are in serious trouble. Your best bet in that case is to quietly leave US ASAP or change your status to H1/H4 if possible.

In any case, stop working immediately and talk to an attorney.

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07-11 10:34 PM
Hi Guys,
Based on some recommendations, I have put together the enclosed pamplet.
I am NOT suggesting that this is the pamplet we should use but it could be a starting point. We need to generate more ideas like this to keep momentum going.

Take a look at it and make suggestions

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Ann Ruben
06-22 12:10 PM
There are really two questions here. First, are you eligible for unemployment compensation? And second, will applying for unemployment compensation adversely impact your application for adjustment of status to lawful permanent resident?

The answer to the first question is controlled by the law of the particular state in which you worked and/or reside. In theory, to be eligible one must have worked long enough that an adequate amount of UC insurance was paid into the UC system, AND one must be willing and ABLE to accept new employment. The law varies from state to state with respect to whether someone in your situation qualifies as "ABLE" to accept new employment.

As to the second question, (assuming your I-140 has been approved and your I-485 has been pending for more than 180 days) under the INA, when your PD is reached and your I-485 is adjudicated, you are required to have the intention to take up an offer of permanent full time employment in the same or similar occupation for which your LC was granted. This is a prospective requirement, and your employment status prior to the actual grant of AOS is relevant only to the extent that it supports or undercuts your ability to prove that you have an appropriate offer of full time employment which you intend to take up. There is no requirement that you be employed while you are waiting for your priority date to become current and your I-485 to be adjudicated. However, being unemployed or employed in an entirely unrelated occupation could trigger USCIS to perform a more searching inquiry into the bona fides of the prospective AC21 qualifying job offer and your intention to accept it.

To the best of my knowledge, USCIS is not notified when an AOS applicant applies for UC. Similarly, I am not aware of any cases where an UC claim triggered an RFE. Nevertheless, it would be prudent to act on the assumption that USCIS is aware of UC claims and be well prepared to prove one's intention to take up a bona fide offer of AC 21 qualifying employment once your PD is reached.

09-05 10:13 PM
Nice new footer too dan. I likes.....

02-18 03:24 PM
You guys deserve it after waiting for so long. The only way to check if the case has been adjudicated or not is to keep checking the LUDS, if it changes see what the status says. After being patient for so many years, if you are feeling a little impatient now call USCIS and check the status.

I am fairly new to this community and not familiar with acronyms.
Can someone kindly explain what LUD is ?
My PD is now current as well and want to find out how to track my case.
Thanks for everyone's collective support. :D

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