Tuesday, September 13, 2011

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Valentino Rossi finished

06-15 10:09 PM

Here is my interview experience which I attendend at NYC district office on Apr 4th 2006.


If your case is in service center then I think initiating the service request is as good as taking infopass and going to local office. becasue even if you take infopass and go to local office you will only talk to the information officer on infopass counter which is as good as calling the customre service. But if your case is in the local office then I would suggest you to take infopass and go there. If you are lucky you will get to talk to DAO (immigration officer who would be handling your case) and you may be able to find more info.

I am not sure why my case was transfered for interview. But mine was future employment based labor substitution case so that might be the reason.

Any reason why your case was transferred to local office? Our PD is becoming current on July 1st do you recommend me taking an appointment and visiting the local office? please suggest.

Also, please elobrate the interview information you had, and what you carried for the interview.


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03-12 09:40 PM
I did not get a second finger printing notice (yet?). The 485 approval notice said that a biometric appt may be sent or the card will arrive. Just keeping my fingers crossed.

My first FP was done in Dec 2007

Congrats. Hope 2 get ur email and cards soon.

My first FP was done in Nov 2007. Its already 15mths and i was wondering they will ask for 2nd one now. But seeing your case, i think my case is normal. i have also read some other threads where ppl have not received 2nd FP even after 15mths.

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07-17 05:34 PM
Congratulations to IV and all it's members. Time to celebrate!

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09-09 06:22 AM
I believe it is safer to wait for AP to come through. Other option would be to file for H4 however you must have H1B for that I believe. It is always safer to file for H1B and H4 in parallel with EAD/AP as per my lawyer to be useful in these type of circumstances.


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Valentino Rossi of Ducati

01-07 04:07 PM
Thank you all for your repiles. I have asked my wife to talk to their lawyer directly.

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11 Follow Rossi to Ducati

01-14 03:28 PM
Today me and my wife got our CPO emails. Mine was filed in Eb3 and my wife's was in Eb2. I got my approved though my wife.

I've been in US for 10 years... now i've two things to do

1. Wonder was it really worth this wait.
2. Move to the citizen line.

thanks IV, for all the support.

I'll not be going anywhere..My life has been on IV for all these years and now i don't know what to do because I've been addicted to come to IV every hour of my life these past years. I still remember pressing F5 during the july fiasco bulletin.


Congrates! This may be useful information for you: check it out (http://immigrationvoice.org/wiki/index.php/US_Life_After_GC)


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MotoGP rider Ducati Team,

09-26 02:08 PM
I think you are already late. You should have done all you can, like meeting the senator, writing to uscis, infopass appt, as soon as you PD was current. Now the Visa numbers are over for the FY 2010. You may get lucky in October when new visa number are available. Hope this helps.

This is disheartening...

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Valentino Rossi no grazie

12-13 12:58 PM
That was my thought process too. If the immigration systems is corrected then I believe EB3 and EB2 will become current. Then it does not make a difference. Even late 90's the retrogression was there for both Eb2 and Eb3. IN 1999 they opened up for Y2K and then again retrogressed in 2001-2002 I believe. But again after that it was all current till the current retrogression.

Given the gross uncertainity about retrogression and GC, I would not give undue importance to the GC timeline factor. Eventually job / skills are more important than the distant GC.

I was in a similar situation a few months back. I abandoned my GC process with my former employer for a new and much more promising job. I am yet to start the GC process with the new employer. For me JOB was the deciding factor.

My reasoning was simple:

In the current scenario with a broken immigration system if we are to maintain our sanity and move on in our careers he, we have to stop thinking that GC is above everything. Work on it as much as you can, but do not trade it in for good career moves.

Do what you feel is best for you and what you can make peace with. My 2 cents..


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Valentino Rossi ducati 1198sp

08-29 02:53 PM
................Also, Online MBA's, M.S and other programs are not accredited by their respective boards anyway, meaning it?s a good 1 1/2 to 2 years of FULL TIME graduate school to get ahead of the line.

I did a little research I think that depends on the University and not in the type of master degree (on campus, online). There are some well known Universities that offer Online Master degrees like SMU, Michigan, Harvard, Illinois accredited by their respective boads.

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12-08 03:51 PM

I filed my I-140 and 485 concurrently using substitue labor by June'07. Still my I-140 is pending. Recently again I filed my Labor with the same company(No change in the compary ). it got approved last week. I am going to apply for new I-140. Can I port the previous PD?



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valentino rossi ducati team.

02-20 03:45 PM
GC and LC Wage is for FUTURE job offer and has nothing to do with what you earn now. However, massive difference can raise questions as to how you can justify such a big raise. Hope that the question does not rise.

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gp ducati team Valentino

02-08 12:53 PM
If its been more than 180 days since your 140 was approved, can you not use AC21 to move to a new job (similar). even if the old company revokes the 140, you will get RFE/NOID and you can reply back in specified time.

correct me if i am wrong.


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3: Valentino Rossi from

08-06 12:17 PM
Where you moved from NSC to TSC or did you file at TSC?

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10-09 04:21 PM
members wanted..


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01-27 03:39 PM

Idiot, why are you creating a thread for each company. you could have mentioned Home Depot, Catterpillar and pfizer in the same thread.

Before creating a thread, you should think that you are eating space and band width of a site which is run by a non - profitable organization.

I think you may be venting your anger on some spam bot. If you didnt notice the name of the blogger is LayoffBlog which is also the name of a website with this information.

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09-16 05:17 PM
If you are genuine: Don?t do it. It will affect your GC.

If you are losers guild member using Indian name to post: Leave this forum immediately. I am tired of fake posts. I personally believe Riakapoor and ar7165 are fake.

Thanks for the advice. Excuse me how could you say that riakapoor is a fake? I am not active in IV but that doesn't mean I am fake.


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valentino rossi ducati team.

08-08 04:27 PM
You are correct. There shuld be a job offer from sponsoring company at the time of applying for AOS. I guess the question is what if the person is not working at all ( No pay stubs from any company ). In this case the candidate will be out of status? There might be cases where people might come on bench or not having a project etc...

You are correct! Question is not about 180 days limit.. it was about paystubs and job itself. If there is no paystub for extended period, its more than "in status" issue. From employer perspective, Its a voilation, not paying a sponsored Ailen. From employee perspective, this may generate hickups when IO ask to produce proof of salary and taxes during adjudication of 485 if total pay does not add up to statutory minimum for H1B.

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Ducati Team#39;s Italian

08-31 11:54 AM
I think we all should VOTE in this poll.

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01-07 09:11 AM
I have done paid consultation with murthy office on this matter. As per them, one can continue to work on H1B even after returning on AP. One can also do H1B transfer to a different employer. Ofcourse, your exiting 797 should be valid while you are doing this. One can find this surprising, even after you "use EAD" you can ask for reinstatement of H1B status by filing H1 extension but one has to leave the country and apply for H1B stamp and enter on H1 to reinstate H1B status in this case.

06-12 05:42 PM
First of all, make sure you double check everything I say here with an immigration lawyer. I am not an immigration lawyer and my knowledge is based on forums like these.

You still have another 2 months before you begin the last year of your initial 6-year H1 term.

If you new employer is willing to do H1, then FILE H1 as soon as possible. You will get a 3 year H1 term with your new employer based on your current 140 that is approved(with your current employer). The thing is - beyond the 6th year, you can get 3 year extensions of H1 if your 140 is approved(with someone, anyone, it doesnt have to be your employer at that time). Now, if you quit your current employer and go with new one and you end up getting only 1 year H1 with the new employer(in case if you cannot somehow use your current approved 140 to get a 3 year H1), then its still ok. But have your new employer start the new GC's labor right away. That way, you will have 365 days passed when your 6 year term is over in Aug 2007, making you eligible for 7th year of H1. This is very important.

Yes, if your old employer is going to withdraw your labor and 140, then your new employer will have to start GC from scratch. That begins with PERM labor. If you file under EB2, I think you can still transfer your priority date from your old EB3 labor and 140 to new EB2 process. (however, better make sure from a lawyer).
you seems to be pretty knowledgeble. Here is My case....
I just got my 45-days letters today and my H1-B will expired on May 2007 for the 6 years.

What should I do?
Question 1
Can I change my lawyer? cuz my lawyer is lame. and I am going to apply for my 7-years since I been waiting for 45-days letter more than 2 years since Feb 2004!!!!

Question 2
Can I change my company and relocate to another state and still keep the current GC application going? I assume my old company will still approve and sign anything that they can help. They are pretty generous.


06-14 03:47 PM
very useful link... even I didn't get why they mentioned foreign consular processing... what exactly that mean ? I also have question
I am working with my employer from 2005 to till date. My green card was filed in EB3 cateogory with in 2007 and priority date is March 2005. Before I started working for my currently I have worked for more than 5+ years in India with real experience from companies like IBM, Knabay. My employer is ready to file my GC in EB2 category considering those experience as my current experience with him doesn't get considered if for EB2 Bachlors + 5 + years. I have BE in Computer Science + total 10 years of experience. As I hear mixed review for the same that porting between EB3 to EB2 with same employer... I am considering option to change employer but my question is. I have my I-140 approved thru current employer but my I-485 application hasn't been filed. What if my current employer revoke my I-140 can I still use the same priority date.... Please advice/help.

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