Sunday, September 11, 2011

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Apple iphone4 theme wallpaper

01-14 01:43 PM
Enjoy the freedom..congrats!!

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02-13 05:46 PM
Legal Immigrants - Speak up!
Immigration Voice is your voice
Find your voice with Immigration Voice
A Time To Act - don't just sit and wait for GC
Get Involved - Its Your Life!
Boond boond sey banta saagar - Join IV and be heard!

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04-17 08:24 AM
I have a friend whose PERM is pending since Dec'2005. But it's not as bad as yours, 10 month is....

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02-27 11:53 AM
pozycjonowanie (


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05-11 06:22 PM
Can I go to India and after the cleanace can I get the visa stamped in india?

If its cleared, they will issue the stamping here itself. If they deny it here, in India also they will deny.

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Wallpaper for iPhone4

06-01 06:33 PM
No, you cannot file for I-485 unless your PD is current. This is as per the current law.

Now, if comprehensive immigration bill passes and it has provision to allow filing of 485, then you can file 485 even if your PD is not current. It may take time for all that to materialize. You are looking at a minimum of 6 months for such a change to be actually in place where USCIS would allow you to file 485 and that is assuming that all goes well.

As to your priority date transfer, yes, with approved 140 and labor, if you go to another employer who starts your greencard from scratch, then you can use the priority date of your current GC process and "PORT IT" to your new GC process. You will, however, need to keep the 140 and labor alive at your old job if you are beyond the 6th year of H1 in order to obtain an H1 transfer or extension with new employer. So if you are already done with your initial 6 year term, then you will need co-operation of your current employer to prevent him from withdrawing your current labor and 140 - atleast until 365 days have passed with new PERM labor or atleast until your PERM and 140 is approved with new GC process.


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The comparison iPhone 4 vs

03-09 04:11 PM
What is FOIA?

Dear members,
If you have received letters from USCIS asking for $5K for your FOIA request, Please fax a copy of that letter to Immigration Voice.
We want to collect those letters and proceed with some big effort on this issue. It is thus important that we have lots of such letters from members.
Time is short and we need letters in the next couple of days if possible.

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09-25 03:37 PM
My wife is in h4 now and received the EAD. I also received it, everybody is saying if she uses her EAD her H4 will be invalid. Is that a good or bad thing? What about she lost her job after three months? what will be her status? also is we travel using the AP what will be her status? or it doesn't matter as long you have the EAD and AP......


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07-04 06:08 AM

I have Green card. I was wondering if owning a Gun legally can have any implications in getting citizenship later.

I found that in California, where I live, it is legal for non-citizens to own a gun.

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11-14 02:40 PM
Lawyer told me that I cannot contest. They screwed it up some thing
there is always some way...
pls quote the exact sentences of your rejection letter here. we need to know a reason for your rejection.
ask your lawyer or find out exactly what they screwed up.

also let us know
- is your lawyer a company lawyer or your lawyer
- what is the status of your company--- big/small/ many h1b/ what about others in your company on LC applications..etc
- did the comapny do ads? do you have the material or copy of everything that was sent?
- is your company making profits. how many employees?
- eb2 or eb3
- has anyone been rejected before in your company?
- how much time do you have on h1b


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08-07 09:14 PM
Infopass should be able to get you NC info. It just depends on the IO officer there.
I had Infopass appointment at San Jose yesterday and the IO officer was very sweet. She told me my NC status.

Nebraska is not actively processing India EB2 cases.
Texas - we have no idea what they are processing on .RD/ND//PD.. God knows.. Its random most probably.

Ideally, if NC has been pending for more than 6 months they should not from approving 485. Again this is luck. !!

Hope this helps..

I had an infopass appointment at San Francisco today to inquire about my name check. I am a July 2007 485 filer. PD March 2006, I140 - May 2006, 485 RD- July 27, 2007 and ND- Aug 27, 2007.

The agent said that they dont hold cases for name check any more since April 2008 and cannot tell what is the status of the name check. I also inquired about my 485 case and she said pointing to the Notice Date of my 485 not the Receipt DATE, that currently Nebraska is processing Aug 10th cases.

I wanted to know from you whether there is any other way to get the info about name check and whether the processing is based on Reciept date or notice date?

Any idea?



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Wallpaper for iPhone4

03-20 12:47 PM
Hi Everyone,

Our Immigration status is EAD and my wife is pregnant,
We are very happy with the news..

There is lot of possibility for us to be in India during due date, based on few important events in family.
We would like to know.. if baby is born in India then what possibilities are there for us to bring baby along with us?
(if mother stays in India for couple of more months)

can baby also get Green Card when we (parents) are allotted green card?

All your advices are always appreciated.

Thanks & Regards,

Note: Admins if required, please close this thread and redirect to any existing ones, as i could not find one I have posted a new thread.

Firstly, Congratulations!!

If you have the baby in India, the baby cannot come to the US till your PD becomes current. Till then you cannot add any dependents to yr 485. Given that yr priority date is EB3 2007, that might be a long long time. It's a huge risk to take.

The other alternative is for you to switch back to H1, so you can get the baby here on h4. I'm not sure what that will do to yr 485 though.


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on the Apple iPhone 4.

03-29 02:21 PM
Thanks for the Reply.I did send.

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03-19 01:51 AM
That law is unconstitutional. INA doesnt say that everyone born in United States is a citizen. Even the Constitution says that. To deny birth-right citizenship to anyone (children of legal or illegal residents) would require constitutional amendment.

Constitutional amendment is not a joke. This bill is a rhetorical statement, not an intent to legislate it.

Good observation, although I totally support this clause to oppose automatic citizenship.


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01-18 02:35 AM
This is an wonderful opportunity to help your self.

Please participate and show your support.

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iPhone 4 Backgrounds

03-31 03:00 PM
Thanks all for your help and great inputs. IV has helped me a lot.

I wish you all the best ...



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08-20 03:58 PM
once and for all.. the adjudicators dont answer calls. its just cust service people...who are contractors. so if u dont call them.. all they will be doing is sitting around doing nothing.

I fully agree.

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09-25 02:58 PM
Yes she can work on EAD and obviously then her H4 goes to invalid status.And you can be on H1-B..


If spouse apply for Social Security card, will she lose her H4 status. Or the status changes after she starts using the EAD for work.

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01-27 03:41 PM
I think you may be venting your anger on some spam bot. If you didnt notice the name of the blogger is LayoffBlog which is also the name of a website with this information.

Good catch. I missed it. Thanks for pointing.

08-10 09:55 AM
I am an EB3 applicant with PD of Sep 2004. I have an EAD but I haven't used it yet. I am still on H1-B.

I have 12 years of experience and a masters degree and given the hopeless EB3 backlog, I have been looking for other suitable employment opportunities (EB2) for the past few weeks.

I have a few questions for the IV members who have switched to new employers and have successfully ported EB3 to EB2:

1. Should I use my EAD and invoke AC21 to transfer to a new employer or should I ask them to file H1-B transfer.

2. How soon is it reasonable to ask the prospective employer to file EB2 labor? I do not want to blow up an opportunity being unreassonable.

In my mind, I am thinking about asking the employer to file for EB2 labor and use my EAD to start working. This is under the assumption that asking an employer to do H1-B transfer and also file EB2 labor might be too much to ask (expense wise) .

Any suggestions/ advice appreciated.

11-25 09:04 AM,1125.shtm

The Detroit Free Press quotes Senate Majority Leader Reid "On immigration, there's been an agreement between [Mr.] Obama and [Mr.] McCain to move forward on that. ... We'll do that"; and "We've got McCain and we've got a few others. I don't expect much of a fight at all." A report in The Cherry Hill Courier Post quotes a spokesman for the Senate Majority Leader "[Mr. Reid] plans to take up immigration reform but is still working with the new administration on timing ... House leaders also have promised to consider measures." As to when comprehensive immigration reform will come up before Congress, Immigration Daily has learnt that it will come to the floor early in 2009 though it is not currently planned for Mr. Obama's first 100 days. The Cherry Hill Courier Post quotes Sen. Menendez "If lawmakers don't consider the issue early, it could 'slide into midterms' -- the 2010 election -- and again become a contentious campaign issue. This is one of those issues that needs to be done early on."

Sen. Menendez and Rep. Gutierrez are on the warpath for early passage of CIR in the 111th Congress. Sen. Menendez had the courage to singlehandedly block a five year extension of E-Verify, and will doubtless push for a significant immigration benefits downpayment before March 6th when E-Verify is set to expire. Rep. Gutierrez and the House Hispanic caucus successfully blocked immigration benefits legislation in the 110th Congress to ensure continued support for CIR. The election results have strenghthened the hand of CIR supporters in Congress. We believe that Sen. Menendez and Rep. Gutierrez are on the right track, and urge immigration advocates to support their efforts.

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